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Kevin heffernan
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I can tell from your font that you can't afford it.

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We have to work out a legal issue with Fox on the first film, but assuming that goes well, we're ready. We wrote the script and they like the script. It will be a wild one. We cannot wait to grow mustaches again.

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It will get you laid meow.

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We wrote an outline, but keep getting too high to write it.

Honestly, we're going to write it this Fall. I promise.

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Jay was in Mexico. Went to a whorehouse. Couldn't get it up. Whores laughed at his Roto Lagarto.

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Paul Schneider and Olivia Munn are trying to have a baby, but Paul is shooting blanks. But we find out that his sperm used to be good, because he used to donate sperm to a sperm bank years ago when he needed extra money for his wife's ring. When he goes back to get his last good sample, they've already sold it to another couple. So he puts together a team of his pals to stage a sperm bank heist. It's Oceans 11...with Sperm.

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I drank 2 bottles and Eric drank 2 and a half. Afterwards, we went into a dark trailer and laid on the ground and shivered. Later on, I shat a sparrow.

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When Club Dread was playing in Times Square, Heffernan went into the bathroom to take a shit. A fan asked me and Lemme where Farva was. So we took the fan into the bathroom and the fan started throwing Farva quotes at him while he was shitting. Heffernan was to speak.

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You mean Shenanigans? You're talking about Shenanigans, right?