Update: I am shooting all weekend. I won't be able to respond as much during the day, but will checking in at night.

UPDATED PICS - Shot these on set today showing some love just for Reddit

Skin Diamond: http://i.imgur.com/VMKBd.jpg
Skin Diamond: http://i.imgur.com/a9Kd4.jpg
Skin Diamond: http://i.imgur.com/U2C94.jpg

Lexi Belle: http://i.imgur.com/cSwDZ.jpg
Lexi Belle: http://i.imgur.com/G4HAv.jpg
Lexi Belle: http://i.imgur.com/WiTgH.jpg
Lexi Belle: http://i.imgur.com/uH2MN.jpg
Lexi Belle: http://i.imgur.com/NpBHv.jpg

Hi everyone. First let me introduce myself. My name is Kevin Moore and for roughly 12 years I have created adult movies for a living.

I am going to be very honest with you all, this is my first post on reddit, so go easy on me.

I am not exactly sure the best way to prove who I say I am, but here is some background links.

portfolio site (outdated): www.kevinmooreonline.com (NSFW)

twitter: www.twitter.com/kevinm00re
facebook: www.facebook.com/kevinmooreonline
Google+: https://plus.google.com/u/0/112452047098160282638/

Here is a screenshot of my twitter feed saying hello to Reddit: http://i.imgur.com/jVx89.jpg

Note: My twitter is set to private due to both Vice and LAPD using twitter to located adult shoots that do not have film permits.

Some photos of me (NSFW):
Me: http://i.imgur.com/FEzmm.jpg
Shooting: http://i.imgur.com/rDIoo.jpg
Shooting: http://i.imgur.com/bxIl4.jpg
Keri Sable & I: http://i.imgur.com/WsUXH.jpg
Rebeca Linares: http://i.imgur.com/dt9ln.jpg
Adjusting Jenny Hendrix: http://i.imgur.com/m9szV.jpg
Me with John Stagliano, John Leslie and Joey Silvera: http://i.imgur.com/naf4P.jpg
With Brianna Love and Belladonna: http://i.imgur.com/YiDah.jpg
Me with Lexi Belle: http://i.imgur.com/fpIOW.jpg

What exactly do I do? I shoot both stills and video, as well as edit for a living. I have also performed in many scenes. I am lucky enough to now be an Evil Angel director and be part of that upper tier.

What is your background? I am 40 years old and did not make the plunge full time into doing this until 2000. Prior to that I grew up in Western Massachusetts. I was a UNIX SysAdmin for the UMASS campus in Amherst, where I was very active in the 90's running a series of Quake Servers and Counter Strike Servers called Yoda's Barn. I was also active on the SomethingAwful Forums (username: darkpriest) and the Offtopic Forums (username: dv8). Though my life is fairly hectic now, I will always be very much into and a fan of video games.

Somewhat ironically this earlier comment on Reddit references a thread I have done on SA talking about my time in the industry: http://www.reddit.com/r/IAmA/comments/di6sy/as_requested_i_used_to_shoot_porn_ama/c10ee59

How exactly did you get into this? I can partially thank Mitt Romey. Somewhat long story, but let me explain... I used to work an adult shop when I was 18 and always had an interest in porn and sex. That began my first insight into the industry from a video stores perspective. I learned a little bit about the business, however it wasn't until the mid 90's that I began really pursing it. I was very lucky to be at a major college (UMASS) right when the Internet was really starting to blossom. I jumped head first into it and when a company called iBill began allowing third party processing for credit card payments, I tried to start an amateur adult site around my girlfriend at the time. I did this out of my dorm room.

I eventually moved into a full time career at UMASS working as a junior SysAdmin, but on the side still ran my amateur sites. I also began attending CES and would slip away to the adult section and try to make inroads to people there from all the various companies that produce adult movies. I also began shooting female performers while they were on tour at strip clubs in the New England area. I would shoot photos of them at the club for various little magazines like Xcitement or whomever would buy them.

Mitt Romney became the Governor of Massachusetts and he gut funding to public education. Since UMASS was a state school, it had major budget cuts. In order to save people from layoffs, the union worked out a deal where employees could take a voluntary layoff, which included a small package to take care of you. I knew that my life was at a crossroads. I could stay at Umass and weather the storm or I could take a huge risk and due the voluntary layoff, use that money to relocate to LA and pursue shooting adult full time. I chose the layoff and moved to LA.

My initial time in LA was at first very rough. Luckily I had made some good contacts by this point, but it is an expensive city to live in. I had gotten a gig at the trade publication for the adult industry (AVN) doing photos of events, tradeshows and performers on tour. I had a chance meeting with Joey Silvera, who is somewhat an icon in the industry. He was a long time performer in the 70's and 80's. He was now a producer/director at Evil Angel. Joey and I kind of hit it off. His assistant the time quit and he needed another assistant. He asked me if I wanted to do it and I started working for him. That really began the day to day shooting and working in the trenches.

I learned so much from Joey and I spent many years working for him. From Joey I met John Leslie and Rocco Siffredi and John Stagliano and began working at times for all of them. Eventually, after many years of working under them, I began to branch out on my own. I started shooting stills and movies for a wide variety of companies and the rest they say is history. Eventually I was offered by John Stagliano the chance to direct at Evil Angel and now I do that, while also producing content for other companies. My list of credits include: Evil Angel, Hustler, Jules Jordan, Brazzers, Smash, Pink Visual, Reality Junkies, Sweetheart Video, Sweetsinner Video and the list goes on.

What do you shoot with? For photos I used to be a Nikon guy, do or die. However, when I first saw the Canon MarkII I realized that this might change things. It was a small financial burden, but I dropped all my Nikon gear and glass and reinvested in all Canon gear. I was using the MarkII heavily, but now use two MarkIII's and recently picked up the 1DX. I shoot both stills and video with these cameras. I no longer use video cameras. Prior to shooting with the DSLR's, I was using a solid state Sony EX3 camera. It is still a great video camera, but the quality you can get out of the current DSLR's is amazing. I use a wide variety of after market products to make shooting easier with DSRL's.

Why do you do this? That is a complicated question and if I were to get insightful I am sure it has to do somewhat with my upbringing and also my outlook. I was raised in a very serious irish catholic household. Sex was a massive taboo, however I never viewed girls as "icky" even at a very young age. The problem was that for a long time I couldn't come to terms with the way I was raised versus how I felt. It caused me incredible internal conflict and as Alec Baldwin once put it, being irish catholic is guilt upon crushing guilt.

What I now know as an adult is that I feel very strongly that adults should be allowed to express themselves sexually with other consenting adults. Repression is a terrible thing. Porn to me is escapism entertainment. It is like people watching "professional" wrestling. Everyone knows its fake, yet people still love it Just like horror movies and other forms of entertainment it allows people to escape the stress of their life and for 15 minutes live out some sexual fantasy they probably will never experience. Sex isn't always rainbows and butterflies. Sometimes we use it to explore our own turmoil. I fully understand that it is not for everyone and not everyone views it the same as I.

I realize this might have been extremely long, I appreciate you taking the time to read it and would love to answer any and all questions.

Some links of my work. The following is NWS.

My August Movie: http://i.imgur.com/SIVgr.jpg
My spandex/leggings series: http://i.imgur.com/VOnrp.jpg
Gia Dimarco: http://i.imgur.com/sc2BD.jpg
Riley Reid: http://i.imgur.com/4X9Is.jpg
Remy: http://i.imgur.com/cofIs.jpg
Shoot I did for Walking Dead: http://i.imgur.com/SJWj2.jpg

Link to my Evil Angel trailers: http://evilangelvideo.com/director/Kevin_Moore/titles

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showstopping1294 karma

Any chance I can send you some Honey Lube (natural lube in bear bottle) and you could use it in a scene - to help a 2 young redditor owned company?

Love your work..BTW, will you be at AVN this year?

Update: Thanks Reddit community. I was so thankful after seeing the red envelope at 5am on Bacon Reader this am, I just drove to a place with free wifi to thank everyone! (no interwebs as just moved)

kevinmoore1021 karma

Yes, I am always at AVN. Sure I would love to check out your lube. Feel free to email me: [email protected]

cheesefrog580 karma

Have tubes put a dent in your business at all?

kevinmoore768 karma

Huge dent in the business. It is pretty much how Napster effected the music industry. While there are lots of torrents as well, tube sites fulfill that instant gratification that consumers seek when looking for adult content. Since the US Government isn't going to really come after them for copyright violation due to the nature of the content, these sites are able to post massive amounts of videos that they don't own.

[deleted]328 karma

I see you grabbing Lexi's ass in one of the pics, how was it?

kevinmoore578 karma

I've done scenes with her. She is very lovely.

sandstormdc5222 karma


kevinmoore318 karma

No. The condom ordinance is not being enforced yet, because they have no way to enforce it. The current issue is that while shooting porn is completely legal in California the city of LA requires you to have a film permit. So the LAPD is always on the hunt for non permitted shoots.

hobbsarelie8370 karma

Aren't you worried about STD's?

kevinmoore174 karma

We as an industry have a set rule of requiring a panel of tests every 28 to 30 days. There is no law that a test is required, just the industry put this practice into place.

I'm not going to pretend it never happens. Certainly it does on occasion happen, but it is not frequent. Obviously the big concern is HIV, but that hasn't happened on the straight side of the industry since the incident with Darren James in 2004.

HIV testing is getting far more precise and faster detection. The reality is the chances of getting HIV from regular vaginal sex is extremely rare and not something I would even be worried about. I have a better chance of getting killed driving on the 405.

Instead it is more so weird things you have to worry about like Staph Infections or UTI's. Nothing deadly, just painful.

k1koman222 karma

Does it piss you off when male performers cannot get "wood"?

kevinmoore347 karma

Yes. Very much so. It ruins your day and can cost lots of money out of pocket. Everyone is relying on them. They can't perform then the day is lost. That is a ton of wasted money.

JJadziaDax170 karma

Is that a big problem (frequency wise)?

kevinmoore325 karma

Not usually, but it depends on the kind of budgets you have and what caliber of male talent you can hire. The best male performers cost a decent amount, but your paying for nearly a guaranteed solid performance by having them.

dongfeihung288 karma

How hard is it for a young man to get a shot in this business? I have a very photogenic dick, and I'm no stranger to 90-minute hard ons, multiple orgasms, or strangers walking through the background despite not actually being directly involved in the sex I'm having. I'm pretty sure I was actually born for this, in fact. I've just never had any clue where to start.

kevinmoore15 karma

Are you in LA? If you were in a roomful of guys could you drop your pants take your dick out and get hard and climax?

At the end of the day that is what a set is like. While there is one girl in front of you, your surrounded by tons of dudes who are part of the crew.

Also how would you handle working with a girl that possibly doesn't like you?

amalgamas207 karma

Out of all the girls you've worked with who do you think enjoys performing their scenes the most?

kevinmoore390 karma

Jenna Haze during the heigh of her career was incredible. Rebeca Linares, Rachel Starr, Jada Stevens, Gia DiMarco and Asa Akira all really get into their scenes. It is completely genuine.

lady_friend242 karma

From a womans point of view, I really enjoy Asa Akira's movies because of how genuine she seems. For me there are two things that totally turn me off in porn, a woman who looks bored, and a guy who keeps his socks on.

kevinmoore403 karma

I hate socks too. I scream about them on set.


Have you shagged Ms. Linares? She's one of my favorite performers. Quite the hardworking lass, isn't she?

kevinmoore258 karma

I've been lucky to do several scenes with all the girls I mentioned including Rebeca.

FX2000200 karma

What's Lexi Belle like in real life?

kevinmoore315 karma

Adorable and very sweet easy going chick.

kilo4fun58 karma

Yet she hates "male talent." She regularly mocks on twitter male talent falling for her.

kevinmoore103 karma

Well... it is bad for the scene and makes her job far more difficult.

ltjfan513182 karma

Ever filmed anything that disgusted you? If so, what?

kevinmoore490 karma

I am not a big fan of group sex. I'm slightly germaphobic and once shot this huge orgy for this really big movie. It was all the top performers, about 25 of them having sex in the middle of august and the scene went on for hours and hours. After it was over I went outside and threw up.

raskoln1kov168 karma

lol please elaborate on the scene... perhaps the name i got to see this

kevinmoore308 karma

The orgy scene in Fashonistas 2. It featured Sasha Grey in her first scene and included Belladonna, Manuel Ferrara, Erik Everhard, Sandra Romain, Adrianna Nicole, Annette Swartz, Flower Tucci and even more then I can remember. There was so much kinetic energy that after hours of shooting this I think I was so amped out of my mind that my body didn't know how to handle the sensory overload.

penfield215 karma

Whoa whoa whoa...so you shot Sasha Grey's first scene? Pret-ty cool, man. Did you have a feeling at the time that she was going to get big?

kevinmoore256 karma

She surprised me for sure when she started her scene with Rocco Siffredi and told him to punch her... I remember thinking to myself "did I just hear her really say that?"

ucfgavin182 karma

do you ever meet a girl that wants to get into porn and lol in your head about how unattractive she is?

kevinmoore233 karma

Lots of new perspective female performers stream into LA on a weekly basis. It would be nearly impossible to shoot them all. There are more now then ever. In my situation I'm so after quality over quantity. I tend to shoot the same tier of girls over and over.

ucfgavin103 karma

do you find that lesser established photographers will take whatever they can get?

kevinmoore156 karma

Sure... there are low end shooters who will shoot whomever in order to save money or simply to churn out mediocre product.

Idontknowcomputer180 karma

If you could travel in time and have sex with one person that has ever lived, who it would it be and why?

kevinmoore209 karma

Wow... great question. I need to think on this one...

radialgt75169 karma

Do you ever film gay porn. I know it's not your typical shoot but I'm sure sometimes offers just come through. It's not like it's remarkably different.

This isn't really a question but a quick search shows that you have quite the nice hammer.

kevinmoore302 karma

The two industries are very separate. Gay performers aren't as comfortable around straight shooters. It is better to have gay shooters do the job. You would think it isn't that different, but it is.

w18yt3ln168 karma

Do you think your line of work has had an affect on your love life? By love, I don't mean sex. I mean has it affected long-term relationships? If so, has it been good or bad? Do you think your line of work has given you insight into human sexuality? Do you consider yourself a ladies man (and if so, were you one prior to getting into the industry)? Etc.

kevinmoore335 karma

It is extremely difficult to have a relationship and do this for a living. In all seriousness if I wanted a long term relationship I would probably need to exit the industry. I have tried in the past and at first they are always understanding, but it eventually becomes an issue. I understand why, but I just don't view sex in generally the same way as others. I am not convinced that people are truly monogamous. I think in people's heads monogamy is perfect concept, but we often want or desire others no matter what.

I would say my line of work has more so given my insight into how complex sexuality really is. It has so many layers to it and that is somewhat fascinating to me. It is not as simple as something bad happened to this person, so that is why they are into this or into that.

I'm certainly no "ladies man". That made me chuckle. I've had my luck and certainly my fair share of rejections. I am far too neurotic to be anything like that.


How do I participate in a Bukkake?

kevinmoore214 karma

Fly to Japan? It isn't something very often shot here in the states anymore. Very rare now.


The Cum On Her Face, Tampa Bukkake, Brandon Iron stuff isn't shot in the states still? There are a ton of blow bangs/ bukkake scenes.. Guess you would know better than I though..

kevinmoore109 karma

Brandon Iron hasn't lived in the US for a couple years.

MrCynicalMan135 karma

Yout mentioned you performed as well, was that planned, or were you "filling in" for someone at the time, or just got aroused and joined in?

kevinmoore227 karma

I mentioned Joey Silvera in my main post. Joey really pushed me to try it. His reasoning is you can't be a good shooter, if you don't understand what performers mentally have to endure. He was 100% right. You learn so much about yourself and it really helps you direct the talent much more effectively.

MrCynicalMan145 karma

heheh "pushed you into it"

Is viagra and other drugs like that common in the industry?

kevinmoore153 karma

Certainly ED drugs are a factor, but it is not something out in the open. Usually we can tell when someone takes them because there face is very flushed and red. The problem with ED drugs is often it can cause problems for the pop shot. It tends to inhibit this.

Another thing sometimes used is a precursor to ED pills. It is called Caverject and it is something you can actually inject into the tip or shaft of the penis. However, it is not designed for frequent use and because of that can cause problems down the road.

[deleted]134 karma

Kevin Moore, as in Ex-Dream Theater keyboardist?

kevinmoore102 karma

HAHA... I wonder if he knows...

Fistopher_Robbin129 karma

I apologize if this is a dumb question. In a lot of movies, the set is often in a really nice expensive house. Who owns these houses? What's the process involved in finding a set?

kevinmoore112 karma

Great question. We use the same location agencies that mainstream uses. Basically homeowner of the super nice house decides they want to make extra money and rent their house out. They contact location agency and list their house for rent for shooting. The agent in turn asks if they will allow adult. Some homeowners will and some won't.

I then book the house through the agent and pay typically an hourly or full day rate to use their house as a location to shoot at.

[deleted]129 karma

How many of the stars have you had sexy time with?

kevinmoore208 karma

I've probably done about 100 scenes... maybe more. You also tend to "date" or socialize with the people you work with. I feel weird giving it an exact number, but a decent amount I guess would be the answer.

PleaseScratchMyBalls122 karma

Ever get sprayed with jizz, while on set?

kevinmoore205 karma

haha.. no. It is usually aimed towards the female talent. They would have to literally turn around and aim for me or the pop shot would need to be the "magic bullet" pop shot.

ucfgavin118 karma

Do you ever use a stunt cock?

kevinmoore109 karma

Not really... obviously shoot all the established male performers in the business as well.

you_lose_116 karma

After you shoot a video, do you always have to to "jerk one out"?

kevinmoore206 karma

No... there is so much work that goes into shooting a scene that it doesn't really even cross my mind. Your more focused on the job at hand.

Penroze109 karma

How profitable is a typical movie? How much money did you make last year?

kevinmoore147 karma

Profit can greatly depend on who is making it and how it is being sold. Also profit of what... the first month of release or the life of a movie or the life of a membership site?

Some movies could yield a very small profit maybe 10 to 15%, while other movies that catch on for whatever reason could easily make a 50% profit.

I personally make in the low six figure range. What people often don't understand is I run a small business. I am a freelancer. So that means I have to cover all my equipment myself, taxes take up a decent chunk of change - it is not cheap doing business in California or LA and then insurance I have to keep. I would be well off if I didn't have any of those expenses.

Alcohooligan98 karma

Ever have to send a girl home because she's too ugly?

kevinmoore193 karma

I know who I am shooting before hand. The only reason a girl might get sent home if she suddenly has a tattoo that is new and not accounted for or has radically changed her look, like her hair. Also if she has any kind of bruising, that can cause a girl to be sent home.

GodofRock1352 karma

Are new tattoos bad or a health risk?

kevinmoore105 karma

Not bad, it is just that you could be shooting a specific piece of content that might be geared towards the girl not having them. If she suddenly shows up with a giant tattoo then she can't really do the scene.

billiexjeen95 karma

Have you ever worked with James Deen?

kevinmoore95 karma

Many many times...

pjkeb88 karma

Have you ever jacked off to one of your own videos?

kevinmoore245 karma

Many many times

k1koman84 karma

Are you willing to shoot transgender or gay films?

kevinmoore123 karma

I have shot TS content... I worked for Joey for years. He is the king of the TS genre.

retsim84 karma


kevinmoore149 karma

In terms of size it would be guys like Mandingo, Lex Steele, Shane Diesel.

Veract78 karma

I have but one question...

What do you feel about condoms in porn?

kevinmoore344 karma

I think they ruin the fantasy. Just like if you saw wires on a stuntman in a movie.

Suddenly_Something75 karma

Is Gianna Michaels really that intimidating? I feel like SHE fucks YOU and not vice versa, no matter who you are.

kevinmoore13 karma

Yes, Gianna has a very strong personality. She is tall and has a very "tom boy" vibe to her.

Frajer74 karma

At some point does even porn become mundane?

kevinmoore102 karma

I mean I guess it can. I think its obvious I really enjoy what I do for a living, but I understand outside my little bubble it is very strange to the regular world. I guess for me the mundane parts are the daily conversations I have the most people would be embarrassed over. I would say it is more about it just becoming "normal" rather then mundane. I have to get my blood drawn every 28 days. That seems strange to most people, but after doing it for nearly 10 years I don't even think about it anymore.

Ty_lerrr70 karma


kevinmoore198 karma

Yes I have shot and worked with Tori many times.

Your going to hate me but right now I can't recall a really funny or hysterical moment on set. I tend to be kind of serious when I am working so sometimes I get pissed if people goof off too much.

Weird is relative, but I would say I think it is really weird when parents drop their kids off on set or come to set to see them.

radialgt7568 karma

I've seen some "ropes" that were just insane. Are they all natural? If not what is the fake jizz made out of?

kevinmoore147 karma

Peter North is often the king of the large pop shot. At the end of the day it is pretty much all genetic. However, things like Zinc due seem to increase the volume, but not really the force behind it.

Fake cumshots - ie Cumshot Surprise - is made from baking soda mix. Pina Colda wasmore so in the past. For photos the cleanser Citaphil is also used.

radialgt7561 karma

While I doubt anyone would shit on making a great living and love it at the same time how does your family feel about it?
It is what it is. Entertainment. But I'm sure every family has a few people that just don't approve.

Not that "cousin Jill's" opinion changes anything.

kevinmoore107 karma

I am not very close to my family. I don't have a bad relationship with them, but I just don't have anything in common. Before I used to feel bad for that. I just eventually realized I am more own person and we can agree to disagree. Certainly it is not viewed well, but I don't do drugs. I don't even consume alcohol. My only vice is my strong interest in sex. It certainly doesn't help mend fences, because it is somewhat this elephant in the room.