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This sort of thing made me mad. Though to be honest, I'm pretty sure you would've been fired either way. Here's my view on it. Say you did nothing, did exactly what you were supposed to, you all stayed in your zone like you were supposed to. You saw what was happening, and didn't move. The story gets out that there were lifeguards in view that stood around and did nothing to save the man? Especially if he had died? There would've been an uproar in that community, and the company most likely would've fired you or let you go for some nondescript reason.

Really, you guys got the shitty end of the stick, you did the right thing, and possibly saved someone's life. And then get punished for it. Hopefully everything works out for you guys. I completely understand why the others quit.

Seeing as this is an AMA, I should ask you...Did you ever have an overprotective parent get angry at you from keeping their kid out of harms way?

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I have but one question...

What do you feel about condoms in porn?

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yeah, sorry, should've specified

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I heard ECMO does something that makes it slowly toxic to your body. Where you coherent at all on ECMO?