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Uh.. this actually sounds like a major impediment to life. You sound like you could easily damage (if you haven't already) the tips of your fingers.

If you accidentally put your hand on a large flat ferrous surface (like say a refrigerator), aren't you going to cause some trauma to your fingers when you try to move your hand?

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They wouldn't even let you in the same room as an MRI. You aren't allowed to have any ferrous materials in the same room as one and they ask you several times. You should also obviously be very afraid of an NMR.

The only thing you should be worried about is not being able to have an MRI unless your implants are removed.

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I think that's perfectly reasonable. Wikipedia manages to survive with seeing all edits all the time.

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Describe the best sex you've ever had with a client.

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Any interesting stories of fraud you can tell us about?