Hi, I'm Phil Rosenthal the creator, executive producer, writer, and host of “Somebody Feel Phil,” Netflix’s most popular food and travel show, which recently premiered its fifth season in May 2022. This series combines my love of food and travel with laughter and friends. This is my second travel food series, the first, “I’ll Have What Phil’s Having.” This PBS documentary series, received two Taste Awards and won the 2016 James Beard Award for “Best Television Program, on Location.”   And now I've expanded my love of humor, food, and human connection by launching my very first podcast “Naked Lunch,” in May 2022, which is live on Stitcher, SiriusXM’s mobile app, Pandora, and all major podcast listening platforms. Featuring world-renowned guests, this show is “an informal meeting of wits, minds and hearts” over lunch from some of my favorite eateries around Los Angeles. 

And coming soon, I'm releasing my highly anticipated book SOMEBODY FEED PHIL: THE BOOK on October 18, 2022. As the companion cookbook to my Netflix show, this is the ultimate collection of must-have and requested recipes, never-before-heard stories, behind-the-scenes photos, and more from the first four seasons of the show.   And if you didn't know, I also created the sitcom “Everybody Loves Raymond”. I was the showrunner and executive producer for all nine years of the show, which ended in 2005. The show was nominated for over 70 Emmy Awards, and won 15, including two for “Best Comedy Series” in 2003 and 2005. I even won the 2002 Writers Guild Award for “Excellence in Television Writing”.   Also in October 2020, I launched Somebody Feed the People, an initiative of the Rosenthal Family Foundation that supports organizations making an impact and building community through food. This inclusive and non-partisan initiative partners with organizations across the U.S. that address food access and insecurity, support chefs and restaurant workers, create employment pathways, and strengthen the health of our food systems.   I live in Los Angeles with his wife, actress Monica Horan (who played Amy on “Everybody Loves Raymond”), our two kids and our dog Murray. If you'd like even more information, you can find it at:!

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Nanteitandaro162 karma

Hey Phil, huge fan.

What i like most about your show is not just your infectious enthusiasm for good food, but the way in which your explore the culture and history of any given destination.

Do you do some of that research? How does your team pick a destination?


Pinchus121159 karma

I do a lot of research, which anyone can do on their phone. We pick destinations by food, culture and if we feel there is enough to film for a week.

Awndymate148 karma

Did you ever get Larry to Ethiopia?

Pinchus121223 karma

No. I couldn't even get him to my house.

werksquan118 karma

I love your PHILosophy for travel, food and meeting people!

Has there ever been something that you have eaten that you didn't like, but had to solider on because the camera was rolling or the chef who made it was sitting next to you?

Pinchus121242 karma

The thousand year old egg in Hong Kong, it's not really a thousand years old, it just tastes like it.

Boring-Pudding70 karma

What's your favorite style of barbecue?

Pinchus121149 karma

I love Texas bbq!

TobiasFunkeFresh78 karma

Eastern NC folks in shambles

Pinchus121132 karma

Sorry. I actually haven't met a BBQ that I didn't like

erineestevenson68 karma

Monica had such a great bond with your dad. Any funny stories from their time together while you were away?

Pinchus121131 karma

They were all on the show. Their favorite story was having eggs for breakfast and all of them had double yolks, which my dad loved.

PropaneUrethra66 karma

What was your favorite of your acting performances on shows like 30 Rock and Curb?

Pinchus121115 karma

I loved doing Curb because you're free to make up your own dialogue, but I loved doing 30 Rock because their dialogue is terrific.

najing_ftw62 karma

You remind me of a non-snarky Bourdain. You ok with that?

Pinchus121135 karma

I'm fine with everything

mcm21560 karma

Phil! We love your show and your amazing, infectious positivity for life (and the food/travel ideas you give us). Have you always had such a positive attitude and approach to life, or was this something you built over time?

Pinchus121108 karma

I feel like I'm the luckiest guy you are ever going to meet. Over time that feeling has only grown.

0_0_anonymouse_0_059 karma

HUGE fan Phil, hi!!! At some point you have visited all of the major cities, where would you want to revisit/do a follow up because there was too much content to fit into one episode?

Pinchus121132 karma

Copenhagen, Florence, Tokyo, New York and LA.

Vega62a53 karma

Hey Phil! Your show is literal comfort food to my wife and I, especially in the last few years as we've been unable to travel.

What have you tried, either on or off the show, that you did not expect to enjoy but actually loved?

Pinchus12181 karma

I always expect to enjoy everything. I had an ant in Tokyo that tasted like lemon, which was a pleasant surprise.

jc282146 karma

What would be your perfect last meal? Cuisine, company, and location?

Pinchus121171 karma

It would be with my family and it would be childhood favorites. Pizza hot dogs, hamburgers, fried chicken, lots of chocolate and would finish with my moms matzo ball soup.

TobiasFunkeFresh45 karma

Favorite foodie celebrity you've spent time with and enjoyed a meal with?

Pinchus121110 karma

It would have to be Andrew Zimmern. We had dinner in Las Vegas and he brought his own caviar

littlebigman938 karma

First of all. My wife and I love your show. My one question….. how’s your mom and dad? We enjoy seeing your clips with them on the show.

Pinchus121163 karma

Not to bring the room down, but they passed

tfjgjt36 karma

I used to run restaurants in LA and now I’m back in my hometown of Boston running a fine dining restaurant. If you need a fixer for Boston, I’m your guy.

How do you choose your next round of cities?

Pinchus12172 karma

We basically are hitting all the places that I either love or have always wanted to go, in no particular order. We will get to Boston!

Meowkittyme36 karma

Hey Phil! I've been watching your show on Netflix and I'm so in love with your adorable little quirks and your joyous personality! How you celebrate food and friendship is so wholesome to watch!

My question is: how do you feel about being famous? Can you lead a normal life and do groceries without being recognised every few meters?

All the best from Germany

Pinchus121116 karma

I have the perfect level of fame. Once or twice a day somebody tells me they like the show and its always very nice. I wish that for everybody.

MidianDirenni32 karma

I have to ask, favorite food?

Pinchus12173 karma


maybe_little_pinch21 karma

Where has the best pizza?

I apologize in advance for starting world war III

Pinchus12156 karma

Los Angeles is becoming quite a great pizza town! Pizzana, Pizzeria Mozza, Pizzeria Sei, Pizzeria Bianco, Apollonia's Pizzeria....

Jakows26 karma

Hi Phil!

If you could have a dinner party with 5 guests (historical figure, celebrity, or icon) who would they be? And where would you host the meal?

Pinchus12163 karma

It would be in Venice Italy. Bruce Springsteen, Peter O'Toole, Groucho Marx, Woody Allen and Marilyn Monroe.

IllustriousWill601325 karma

What's your take on Lebanese food ?

Pinchus12133 karma

I love it!

waittilotisseesus21 karma

Phil! Love your show. It comes through that you truly make connections with the people in the communities you visit. Have you always been that comfortable meeting and talking to strangers?

Pinchus12134 karma

No. It took a little practice, but anyone can do it.

Cucoloris21 karma

What is the hardest part of making the show?

Pinchus12167 karma

Waiting for every new season!

AnotherDrunkCanadian17 karma

Phil! I was hoping you'd do an AMA.

I very much want to know - how are you doing??

The pandemic has been hard for everyone, and I figured for you especially. You love people, you love to travel, I imagine you must be feeling cooped up.

Big fan of your show and I hope you find your way to my new home - Tahiti.

Pinchus12128 karma

I am very well. I would love to come to Tahiti.

sporefin14 karma

My man Phil! I hope you enjoyed outside lands last weekend. What is your go-to restaurant in SF? Thanks buddy!

Pinchus12128 karma

Che Fico

structre4013 karma

I still to this day use the meditation method you did with a monk. Thank you for that!

What is your favorite Mexican food item?

Pinchus12126 karma

A breakfast burrito

MsMyPants12 karma

When traveling, do you prefer a window or aisle seat?

Pinchus12137 karma


Pinchus12131 karma

Can you guess why?

MsMyPants15 karma

A bladder issue, obviously?

Edit to add my wife and I are huge fans. She wants to be you when she grows up. But really, why aisle?

Pinchus12141 karma

You got it right. It is for the bathroom.

maybe_little_pinch11 karma

So people usually want to know about locations that have the all around best food, can do no wrong.

Have you been anywhere that was seemingly the opposite? Where nothing was particularly good (even if it wasn't all bad)?

Pinchus12129 karma

I've never been to such a place. I believe you can get a good meal anywhere.

Kefrif10 karma

Just been listening to James Burrows memoir (which is awesome btw), and as fellas in the same game, it strikes me that it’s both frenetic and rewarding job.

His book doesn’t talk much about times when he ended up “in the shit” and had to dig a bad episode or pilot episode out of a hole. Do you have any war stories from the trade that might add to what I’ve read in his book?

PS - Your Netflix show is awesome - you are genuinely enthused by the food and cultures and it’s incredibly infectious. More please, sir!

Pinchus12125 karma

All my war stories are in my book You're Lucky You're Funny: How Life Becomes a Sitcom.

intergalacticgrove8 karma

Favorite junk food?

Pinchus12117 karma

Potato chips!

boots3117 karma

If you could have 1 super power, what would it be?

Pinchus12117 karma

Never age!

d0gmatix5 karma

Phil - my wife and I love your show and we keep talking about how your episode made us fall in love with San Francisco all over again !!

My question - in your travels, did you ever feel that while at face value some cultures/cuisines are distinctly different, but upon peeling back layers they were very similar. If so - which cultures/foods/cuisines did you see that in?

Pinchus12110 karma

I see similarities in every culture.

TinaFayeDunaway3 karma

Hi Phil! Do you have any plans to write another sitcom/show? Can't wait to read your book!

Pinchus12113 karma

I do. I just don't know what that show is.

AndyP8-8 karma

If it came down to it.....would you eat your dog to survive?

Pinchus1219 karma