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I think this is a super difficult concept for people to understand. It is really easy to say "mental illness made them do it" when the cases of people whose behaviors are controlled and not just influenced by their mental illness are extremely rare.

I don't think people can come to terms with the fact that someone can sit down and think shooting up a school is a good idea or a solution to them, because they would never themselves make that choice.

Whereas many people make poor or unhealthy decisions all the time and rationalize them away. Getting people to understand the same kind of decision making is going on here is extremely difficult to do.

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I will piggyback on others saying you are not being involved enough in the setting.

An example of me experiencing this recently with a rather attractive, but shy/quiet seeming guy in one of my activity groups. I never approached him because he seemed to gravitate just to a couple people in the group. The other day I said fuck it and started talking to him. Turns out he is really bubbly, but doesn’t like to approach other. He always thinks people don’t like him (or find him ugly) as a result.

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There was an incident within the last few months where an unruly passenger (mentally ill IIRC) wanted to open the door during the flight. There was a picture from someone showing the line of people who were out of their seats to help subdue them. Far more than was needed.

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To be fair, they are horrible answers that people disagree with.

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I have experience with this as a healthcare provider. Report and document any and all harassment. If you do not personally write patient notes, make sure your charge nurse is documenting this in their chart. This is important not just for yourself, but for the other caregivers you work with. If Mr. Grabbyhands pinched your ass, he might do it to someone else instead.

Working in healthcare can be challenging in that harassment is very common, and often the response is “grow a thicker skin”. However, talk with your supervisors. Report early and often. Request assistance with problematic patients if you cannot be removed from their care. Call security.

And if it persists, or solutions aren’t offered, escalate up your chain of command. I had one case where the hospital helped me get a restraining order with a former patient who was stalking me.

But before anything happens I would definitely get in touch with your HR department and ask what your hospital policies are. More than likely you have something in place already to safeguard you.