Hi everyone,

We're looking to expand our volunteer moderation team.

General requirements:

  • Good professional communication skills
  • Age 18+
  • Experience moderating a subreddit OR successful completion of Mod Certification 101 and Mod Certification 201
  • Be excited about what we do here - connecting Reddit users with interesting people.

No, we don't get paid and the perks are nonexistent unless you consider giving tech support to your favorite celebrity a perk.

Apply here:


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victory-or-death157 karma

No pay no perks and no benefits, for moderating a huge subreddit on a site so rich it could collapse under its own value? Gee where do I sign up

cahaseler-14 karma

Yep, that about covers it. Link is at the bottom of the app. :)

garnteller15 karma

You forget about all the free abuse that’s flung at you from the butt hurt who can’t follow (or read) the rules. The perks just keep coming.

cahaseler4 karma

Oh yes, that's the best part!

iknowwhoyourmotheris119 karma

Fuck you clowns you're a multi billion dollar company.

KamovInOnUp28 karma

I don't keep up with it, but I don't think Reddit as a company has much to do with AMAs since Victoria got sacked.

I think it's mostly volunteer moderators running this place

cahaseler15 karma

Reddit does have employees who help coordinate and direct people wishing to do AMAs to the right places and giving them prep material. They're no longer involved in helping out with the execution of the AMAs themselves.

The subreddits themselves, like IAmA, have always been run by volunteers, with varying degrees of close communication with relevant admins.

Silvarian8 karma

Don't some companies literally pay Reddit to do AMAs?

cahaseler14 karma

For promotional AMAs that want to be listed in our sidebar we ask companies to donate $10 that covers the cost of our servers (like the one hosting mod apps). This comes out to about $500 a year and none of it has ever been used to compensate mods.

Reddit Inc has been known to sell promotional advertising spots for AMAs and they probably charge a bit more, but that doesn't affect our moderation nor do we even know about it.

cahaseler15 karma

To be clear, Reddit is a multi-billion dollar company, us clowns are the ones donating free labor to the multi-billion dollar company.

Come help us?

EmergencySwitch49 karma

No the point being you deserve better. How much unpaid time do you all spend here and why don’t you get compensated for it?

How about you all unionize?

cahaseler13 karma

How much unpaid time do you all spend here

Probably 2-5 hours a week for the average moderator, but it varies. Sometimes it's a ton more like when we build custom websites to do mod applications.

why don’t you get compensated for it

We don't get compensated for it because Reddit chooses not to, and Reddit does fine as a company relying on volunteers.

How about you all unionize?

Because Reddit could find people to replace us in an hour or two, and I can't afford the legal case to fight something like that.

We do this because we get some value out of it, I enjoy guiding an interesting community, meeting cool people, and refining my technology and leadership skills in a volunteer role.

0x46464646467 karma

guiding what? you've commented 3 times on this sub in the past 2 months other than asking for new mods, it's not exactly and active member of the community.

cahaseler24 karma

Most of the moderation work doesn't involve public-facing comments. I also sometimes participate in the subreddit on different accounts since I don't always want a big green Moderator tag on my name when I'm asking people questions in AMAs.

Supersymm3try-25 karma

You know running different accounts is against the rules, reported to admins.

Supersymm3try-18 karma


cahaseler11 karma


CrowConscious24 karma

Can I sign up to help me push my own agenda?

cahaseler-10 karma

Not quite sure how you'd be able to do that really.

JohnQZoidberg13 karma

I heard somewhere that u / chooter would be a great AMA mod

cahaseler-5 karma

She's had an open invitation pending for like 7 years. :)

Tehsyr6 karma

Buuuuuuut, she was already doing a fantastic job before. If life has taught me anything, it's that you don't hook back up with your ex. It ended for a reason the first time, you do NOT need another reason added on. I'm a mod for the military subreddit. Sometimes I think of quitting for the fact we don't get paid, we get dealt a lot of verbal abuse, and it's a thankless job. But the mod team are really awesome people, and I help look over a sizeable subreddit, which balances it out.

Good luck trying to get her back. It's been seven years, don't hope any longer.

cahaseler8 karma

Oh don't worry, we don't expect her to come back, she's got a much better career these days. She's a great friend and knows she'd be welcome, but I certainly would never expect her to donate labor to the company that pulled that shit.

mart137310 karma

Reddit has it made when they’re a multibillion company with volunteers that have to apply through a selective process to perform moderator services for free on its website.

cahaseler3 karma

Amazing really.

frothewin7 karma

"Must be ideologically aligned with us"

cahaseler-6 karma

Not really, we have a reasonably diverse set of viewpoints on the team.

AlbinoAlex3 karma

What if I don’t have mod experience or do the certificates, but have done like 18 AMAs here?

cahaseler5 karma

No harm in applying... you do bring a unique perspective on what makes a good AMA.

c741 karma

if i sign up and eventually become top mod... and then decide to put the subreddit on private mode. will someone call me at work and ask me to turn it back on?

cahaseler1 karma

Last time we did that no one called me but the CEO did ask quite sternly.

Yosengi1 karma

Wait are there sub Reddit moderators that are getting paid?!?

cahaseler2 karma

Not that I'm aware of.

H3X1H3X0 karma

I have applied on the original post

Security_Chief_Odo3 karma


H3X1H3X1 karma

About how long till I hear back either way?

cahaseler6 karma

Probably a few weeks, we take time to review all the applications in detail and our mod team is spread around the world.

theesoundsmith0 karma

How does one complete the two certifications outlined above?

cahaseler2 karma

Start here and follow the content. It looks like they're currently not issuing formal certificates, but we're willing to accept a screenshot or whatever:


claireupvotes0 karma

Awesome news! Shot an application your way and am hoping for the best. I noticed there's not a specified number of mods you're looking for nor a strict cutoff for application time. Is there a rough estimate for when decisions made, or will it be rolling until you feel like your coverage/staffing is sufficient?

cahaseler9 karma

Our target is 6-8 mods to be selected, then about 5 of them will make it through our probationary period (usually some decide it's not for them). We'll keep the application open until we get around 50 applications, which is generally the ratio that produces 6-8 solid candidates. At that point, we'll begin discussion and vetting to narrow things down. A week or two after that, you'll hear from us.