Chloe Traicos - I'm an actress who plays Gloria Freeman on The Righteous Gemstones. In the most recent season I'm known for being Harmon's mother and the wife who was cruelly abandoned in the pet store,and whose son Harmon grows into Macauley Culkin's character who goes on to do some pretty bad things as the season progresses. Gloria has sparked a great deal of online discussion and theories about what happens to her and Harmon - And I'd love to answer any questions you all may have about the character and about being on the show.

Proof: Here's my proof! ( horrible picture but hopefully you can at least see its me)

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Diet_Coke31 karma

Who, in real life, is most like the character they portray?

GloriaFreeman65 karma

Ah good question. Funny because they're all such lovely people and nothing like the characters they play. Walton Goggins is kind and considerate as is Danny McBride and Gaven Wilde who plays Young Jesse is the kindest most well behaved kid you could meet.

Jimmeh13136 karma

Gaven Wilde simply nailed Danny McBride's mannerisms and voice. Hood to know he's a good kid too.

GloriaFreeman3 karma

Gaven is the best! Want to put him in every one of my movies!

zoltana126 karma

Hello, so nice to see you doing this AMA. Your character is to cute and I hope we get to see more of your story line. Was the pet store scene fun to film?

GloriaFreeman41 karma

That's so lovely. Thank you. The pet store scene was the best. I got to play with all the adorable kittens. Puppies were cute too but I'm a Cat Gal as Baby Billy would say.

sunflwryankee1 karma

Well then, meow meow, Gloria. You a cat woman. 😂 your character and the faces you make are too much!!! That look you give when BB tells you to get a helper in the pet store is priceless!!!

GloriaFreeman2 karma

Ha ha ha. Yes I am a cat woman. I know I'm so mad at him at that point and it was hard to do not speaking to him. I had to emote it all facially.

GloriaFreeman21 karma

Hi all I'm getting a lot of private messages asking me what else I'm in. For those of you into comedies - my latest movie Introducing Jodea is out now across all the main platforms.

( of course if you want to watch it for free it's here on Tubi


Thanks so much - appreciate the interest.

Electronic_Syndicate12 karma

Thanks for sharing and doing the AMA! It’s really cool getting my to hear your insights and behind the scenes stories. I hope you’ll be in season 3!

Keep on misbehavin’!

GloriaFreeman12 karma

Aww Love it! Thank you. You also keep misbehavin'

ErtGentskee17 karma

Awesome show. Is season 3 on the way, and are you gonna be in it?

GloriaFreeman40 karma

Thanks so much.

Season 3 is being shot right now but I'm not allowed to say anything about it. Danny McBride has given a few hints though.....

Codyh939 karma

I have been at the North Charleston coliseum all week working on their forklifts. I love seeing the build process, and everything going on. I have walked past a lot of the main characters. And have been desperate to say hi, but I know I have to stay professional and continue business as usual. It’s so hard for me.

GloriaFreeman11 karma

Aww well if you see me you know you can say hi. And I'm sure you could to everyone. They're all lovely

Codyh936 karma

I’ll tell them Gloria said it’s ok!

GloriaFreeman7 karma

😂😂 Ok..... Baby Billy might just say freak out and say " I thought I got rid of the f###ing space cadet"

Codyh933 karma

I didn’t end up seeing Walton, but if I did I would break professionalism to say hi! I ran into him downtown once, and he was having such a peaceful time sitting alone in a corner enjoying a beverage and reading a book. I decided to leave him be and just tell my friends I saw him. I mentioned it a few days later to Walton on IG when he posted a picture of himself at the place I saw him. He said, “next time, please come up and say hi.”, so now I have a free pass!

GloriaFreeman2 karma

He's a sweetheart.

Sympathy13 karma

Hi Chloe, thanks for doing this AMA! The Gemstone kids were certainly little demons on the show. Do you think Harmon was better off growing up without them?

GloriaFreeman19 karma

I do although I think Harmon has a few issues from his own due to his father abandoning him the way he did.

Aggravating-Abroad4411 karma

What was some of the funniest things from working on the show that you remember but wasn’t on the show for the fans to see? Example: times u guys sit around and talk. Thank u for doing this Q & A.

GloriaFreeman44 karma

You're welcome. Thank you for taking part. Well the funniest thing happened to me on my first day. It was the restaurant scene where Baby Billy tells Aimee Leigh he's sold the land. As you may remember my hair was up in one of these huge big 80's hairdos and covered in spray. One take David Gordon Greene wanted to get was of me standing beneath the hanging pot plant. I was to stand there and share a look with Walton. So I go there. We get the take. He calls cut and.... I can't move. My hair had STUCK to the bottom of the plant. So I don't know what to do cause I'm super nervous - it's my first day on set. So I ended up waving to some poor crew member and said " Um could you please help me.. I'm stuck"

meggershippers10 karma

What was your favorite scene to film?

GloriaFreeman20 karma

I loved the birthday party scene in Episode 1. I loved riding in on the back of the lawnmower. There was so much going on and watching the kids was just fantastic especially Judy throwing away all her gifts and Jesse throwing up. Hilarious

LewsCorner8 karma

What was it like to be back? Because the last time I saw you in the show was in the first season which was filmed way before this whole pandemic even hit.

GloriaFreeman10 karma

That's right. It was wonderful to be back. The cast are so welcoming and it was great that most of the same crew were there still. Just great to catch up with old friends.

frodoishobbit7 karma

Will you ever forgive Baby Billy? And how did it feel birthing Macaulay Culkin

GloriaFreeman13 karma

😂😂😂 to the birthing Macaulay Culkin. Actually as Chloe Traicos it feels very bizarre having the grown up Macauley ( who I grew up watching on Home Alone) as my son. And no I don't believe Gloria will forgive Baby Billy especially not after he goes and marries Toilet Baby Tiffany. That in Gloria's eyes is unforgivable. (Although to give Gloria credit at least she told Harmon his dad had become a cat rather than feed him poison against his father)

jmedjudo7 karma

Did you get to bring home any souvenirs from shooting?

GloriaFreeman15 karma

Yup. Got my Pickle In the Mouth mask which I love and always wear to the dentist. .... Hmmm don't know if I can attack a pic to this comment... Attach not attack.... #Gloriaisaf###ngspacecadet

jmedjudo5 karma

That's awesome! Thanks for the reply, the story line of Billy, Gloria, and Harmon was really moving. Ya'll really captured something emotionally with those scenes. Especially being a darker, more serious plot in a show that I would consider in the comedy genre (respectfully)

GloriaFreeman13 karma

Absolutely. It is very dark and I actually broke down crying when we shot the scene of Jeremy as Harmon running outside the store looking for his dad.

jmedjudo7 karma

That scene gave me goose bumps

GloriaFreeman10 karma

It was very hard. Jeremy is an amazing little actor.

pheesh_man6 karma

Are you a cat girl or a dog girl? Some People might think they're both, but you got to be one or the other. That's just a fact.

GloriaFreeman10 karma

Ha ha ha.Definitely a cat girl. I mean I love both but cats are just special.

nortonanthologie4 karma

Can you share a mcbride approved hint about season 3?

Also did you guys know whodunnit all along for season 2 ?

youre great on the show!!!

GloriaFreeman7 karma

Thank you so much. I really don't know anything as I only see the scripts of the episodes I'm in.... So I had no idea with Season 2 as I only got to see my episode. Of course when watching I suspected Harmon...

fradigit3 karma

From one Chloe to another, how often do people misspell your name and why do they love to spell it Chole?

GloriaFreeman3 karma

Ha ha ha ha ha!! I know right? And are you ever asked if it's spelled with a K?

fradigit1 karma

Some people spell it with K, I don't mind that since it's phonetically correct. I just can't stand Chole.

GloriaFreeman4 karma

I know it drives me crazy... it doesn't even sound out Chloe. 😂😂

mc_scoots3 karma

I was on a conference call and introduced a new team member named Chloe. Later on in the day, a client from the call said it was so nice to meet me and "Cauli." She never ever lived that down. The worst part is that it was in an email... they actually typed out Cauli.

fradigit1 karma

I haven't seen that spelled out before but I've heard people pronounce it that way for sure. I think the worst one was the vowels were like your example but soft CH noise so it sounded like Shlaui. Makes me wince remembering that one. And that's after I introduce myself verbally too.

GloriaFreeman2 karma

Oh yes I've been called Shiloh before..... No idea how they got that from C.H. L.O.E.,... blows my mind.

GloriaFreeman1 karma

Oh that's hilarious. I think I've been called everything from Kerry to Cleo...Cleo's another one I get called a lot.

Atticus13542 karma

Who's your favorite actor to work with and why is it Adam DeVine?

GloriaFreeman2 karma

Lol.... I haven't had any scenes with Adam actually. Walton is the best - I've had the most scenes with him and Jeremy who plays Harmon is an absolute sweetheart as is Gaven Wilde who plays Young Jesse

ichoosejif1 karma

Have you seen Eastbound and Down?

GloriaFreeman1 karma

I haven't' but it's in my queue. Just been so busy lately. Got a lot of TV to catch up on.

CardiologistSmart4211 karma

It's so great to be part of this AMA, my first ever! Apologies for being bit late to the party. :D Chloe, I am a relative newcomer to your blossoming fandom, so I will ask a couple of newbie questions. Feel free to ignore them if they've already been answered.

Righteous Gemstones Questions: When did you guys realize that it was a hit? Or did you know going into things that it was going to blow up?

Q: More fun to meet in person, John, Walton or Danny, or Eric Roberts?? I think it's Eric. :P

Introducing Jodea Q: Easily one of my favorite bits of your movie and simply :finger kiss: hilarious, bits of Introducing Jodea is the car window gag, especially the Scientologist one. That one got me. Where did you come up with it? A life observation turned funny or an intentional crack at all the people that one can encounter in L.A?

Q: So far in your career, what do you think the most important moment has been and why? What do you think it will be before the lime light fades?

Thanks for your time!!!

Ruby <3

GloriaFreeman1 karma

Ruby thank you so much for your kind words. With the Gemstones I knew once I saw my script that it was going to be good -but it's hard to know as TV audiences - just never know what will work and what won't.

Haven't met Eric Roberts but John Goodman is a sweetheart - a perfect gentleman. Danny is the best so much fun and Walton is just wonderful and so kind and considerate ( nothing like Baby Billy lol)

Thank you so much for watching Introducing Jodea and I'm so glad it made you laugh. Yes a lot of it is based on bad experiences I've had ( although I've yet to be escorted out by security) that I"ve exaggerated for the sake of comedy. Every actress gets told she's not pretty enough and stuff like that - I decided to use it in the film.

The most important moment in my career was definitely the moment I looked at my Gemstones audition that had been shot on my husband's phone and looked terrible... and decided - to get it shot properly even if it meant spending money. It was a Sunday night - I didn't know if any of the audition places would be open. The second one I contacted was. I headed over. Reshot the audition. Told my agent to trash the first one... and within 48 hours I had the role. Never would have happened had I gone with the first one

As for future moments... I have no idea... I just take what comes. I never thought I'd be in a TV show as I was always told I had the wrong look for TV - yet I got cast in Gemstones.... life is full of unexpected surprises and I just want to keep doing what I do... acting and writing.

Thanks again for your lovely comments. I really appreciate it.