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Hey Shlomo.... To be honest nobody talked about religion on set although I think I was the only Jew. The only time religion came up was when we wrapped shooting the day before Good Friday and everyone hugged each other and wished one another Happy Easter and I was like......Chag Sameach it's also Pesach!

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Ah good question. Funny because they're all such lovely people and nothing like the characters they play. Walton Goggins is kind and considerate as is Danny McBride and Gaven Wilde who plays Young Jesse is the kindest most well behaved kid you could meet.

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2023 not sure on the exact dates yet.

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You're welcome. Thank you for taking part. Well the funniest thing happened to me on my first day. It was the restaurant scene where Baby Billy tells Aimee Leigh he's sold the land. As you may remember my hair was up in one of these huge big 80's hairdos and covered in spray. One take David Gordon Greene wanted to get was of me standing beneath the hanging pot plant. I was to stand there and share a look with Walton. So I go there. We get the take. He calls cut and.... I can't move. My hair had STUCK to the bottom of the plant. So I don't know what to do cause I'm super nervous - it's my first day on set. So I ended up waving to some poor crew member and said " Um could you please help me.. I'm stuck"

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That's so lovely. Thank you. The pet store scene was the best. I got to play with all the adorable kittens. Puppies were cute too but I'm a Cat Gal as Baby Billy would say.