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fradigit38 karma

You said your family members get to the top of the waiting list since you donated. How does that work for this chain? Wouldn't their family members still donate so that their loved ones would be put at the top of the list, before you came into the picture?

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Before the game is released, do you know if all the puzzles have solutions? Has there ever been a puzzle you made that was unsolvable?

fradigit3 karma

From one Chloe to another, how often do people misspell your name and why do they love to spell it Chole?

fradigit1 karma

Some people spell it with K, I don't mind that since it's phonetically correct. I just can't stand Chole.

fradigit1 karma

I haven't seen that spelled out before but I've heard people pronounce it that way for sure. I think the worst one was the vowels were like your example but soft CH noise so it sounded like Shlaui. Makes me wince remembering that one. And that's after I introduce myself verbally too.