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FatNerdGuy396 karma

Is Peter Dinklage as awesome as he seems?

Edit Please note Heavy_Metal_Thunder is posting spoilers in popular comments and has done so beneath mine. Just a warning.

Amiacharia480 karma

Without a doubt

notnotabear354 karma

Was it difficult to learn your Dothraki lines? How long did it take to learn the correct pronunciation?

Amiacharia352 karma

I got used to it, it's a fun language and I'm sure being multilingual helped! Some buts were harder than others, in general you just repeat it and make it make sense to you. Hopefully it was ok!

Vallombrosa278 karma

I heard a few actresses had problems with misinformation about the explicitness of the series - did you have any such problems?

Amiacharia523 karma

Nope I had my dothraki leathers on all the time- Irri didn't have to put out;)

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Amiacharia488 karma

Yes, he's a big friendly giant

dml180283241 karma

  • Did you have any idea that GoT would explode into what it has become?

  • Have you read the books? If so were you expecting more from your character and were you let down about the series portrayal of her?

  • Do people recognize you and say "It is known" like you have never heard it before and they are the first person to say it to you?

Just wanted you to know that I think they show is amazing and you are very beautiful. I am also a lady.

Amiacharia254 karma

I didn't expect it to become so massive, and world wide too- it is fantastic that people love it do much! Really honoured to have been a part of it!

I've read the first two. It's an adaptation so I didn't expect anything, the books were a great source to have in addition to the script? I wasn't disappointed at all, got to be in some awesome scenes:)

And I'm glad you like the show, and being a lady is great;)

twin_me232 karma

I just want to say that when you say "She's not a princess, she's a khaleesi!" that line was delivered absolutely perfectly.

Amiacharia278 karma

thanks, yeah Irri was pissed off that day huh?

facismbunny227 karma

Does Emilia Clarke glow in real life, or is that just on my television?

Amiacharia331 karma

She glows:)

GameOfThroneExtra199 karma

Hey Amrita! I was on the set as an extra for a few scenes in Renly's camp.

What would you say is the strangest thing to occur on set?

Amiacharia333 karma

.... Imaginary dragons;)?

Kodacorn194 karma

Which of the actors on set is most like their GOT character and why? Likewise, who is least like their character?

Amiacharia425 karma

I worked with the dothraki storyline lot so that's what I have to go on! Harry is nothing like Viserys- he's the nicest person! Emilia is similar to Dany in terms of she's as strong and determined as her:)

jack-hoff138 karma

Who nagged you into doing an AMA?

Amiacharia202 karma

Fellow Scandinavian @JonasRJakobsen on twitter

fermilevel126 karma

I was wondering how close are you with the rest of the characters? Game of Thrones gives an impression that it has a very large cast, and it wouldn't surprise me if someone never had a chance to talk to others even though they are on the same tv show.

Amiacharia241 karma

I haven't met a lot of the cast that are in the other storylines- we film different locations too so I guess you get close to the people you work most with, and acquainted with the ones you don't see much of at events/ in makeup or off set

alleni116 karma

Was the set where they shot the Dothraki scenes hard to work in? It looks incredibly hot and stuffy on the show, but I guess that's purposeful.

Amiacharia151 karma

It is. I like the heat so it wasn't too bad for me, but around lunchtime it could get pretty woozy

inb4viral113 karma

What would you like us to know about you apart from you playing Irri in GoT?

Amiacharia146 karma

I love action films

NaamSiYes108 karma

Did you originally audition for Irri or did you want to play someone else?

Amiacharia176 karma

I was put up for shae initially, then asked back for Irri . I didn't know about GoT before my agent got me the meetings.

pejorate107 karma

Who is your favourite person you've worked with on GoT? :)

Amiacharia145 karma

Laura pradelska. We've become really good friends:) she's great

meftical100 karma

Are you a reader of the books? Were many actors reading the series?

Amiacharia122 karma


flifcat93 karma

Do you find yourself saying "It is Known" constantly?

Amiacharia172 karma

No not really, though it's a nice saying. Would make a good tattoo

HermyKermy83 karma

I feel like I should start watching this show.

Amiacharia219 karma

Yes. Start now

JenJaxon77 karma

Is it true your character was killed off because you couldn't get a work visa to continue working on GoT?

Amiacharia102 karma

No. See above

geneticlemon74 karma

I thought you were so wonderful as Irri -- I'm really going to miss your character. She had such a great relationship with Daenarys. I was a little disappointed to see her role end so early in the storyline.

What was it like filming on location in Ireland and Italy? Which did you prefer? And did you spend a lot of time with Emilia and Roxanne off set to get to know each other?

Amiacharia99 karma

Thanks! Im glad you liked iiri! I liked Croatia the most:) we had coffee and walks, but it was long days, most of our time was on location

Pair-O_Docks72 karma

How much of the future story are cast members informed on? Are they encouraged or discouraged (or forbidden) from reading ahead in the books to understand their characters full story arc?

Amiacharia90 karma

Think it's up to each individual actor and whatever helps them best with their character

Eritrean_Redditor53 karma

What was your favorite scene to either be a part of or watch? Also, was there an actor that stood out for you? Whether for niceness, improvised lines, facial expressions, etc. Thanks for the ama.

Amiacharia106 karma

My favourite scene to do was the rakharo death scene. My favourite scene to watch that I was at was the one when Khal Drogo rips a tongue out

Amiacharia100 karma

Harry Lloyd stood out because of all the above points, and an amazing portrayal of Viserys

Radicalhit42 karma

Nepali Auncha? (Do you understand Nepalese?).

Also great job at portraying Irri. I take responsibility for how short your role lasted. Once you start liking a character in the game of thrones, they're doomed to death Im afraid.

Amiacharia50 karma

Unfortunately I have forgotten my nepali though I lived there as a kid.

Haha, well, better killed by love than hate

baggyizzle39 karma

What are you're thoughts/suggestions for the recent news that Games has been the most 'pirated' show...

Amiacharia56 karma

It's a popular show. Shame it's pirated a lot, but that happens

HandsomeDynamite31 karma

Have you read the books? Who is your favorite character?

Amiacharia106 karma


skynolongerblue31 karma

How was it working with Emilia Clarke and Jason Momoa? From the interviews, it seems like there was a lot of camaraderie on set.

Amiacharia42 karma

It was a lot of fun, there was lots of joking and people got on really well. They are both really lovely people and I learnt a lot watching them work

redmachined31 karma

The costumes you wear look pretty complicated, with a lot of different materials and layers. Are they rather complicated to put on, or do they just look complicated and they're just toss on and go like regular clothes? Also, how long does it take to get your hair and makeup right for shooting, and were there any specific challenges or differences to accommodate for the setting (Red Wastes scenes, etc)?

Amiacharia52 karma

It's not too complicated, they are really well made and I got used to mine fast. For me about 20mins/ 30 mins in each. My hair was died a bit darker and I didn't have a tan the first season so I was darkened with makeup. Lots of dust and pretend cracked lips for red waste

grey_sky27 karma

I just want to say that this show has the best cast of any book -> television show ever! The characters look almost exactly like how they are described as in the book (Except older but I believe it makes a better story). Even Jon Snow (Kit Harington) looks a bit like Ned Stark (Sean Bean) sticking with the lore. Maisie Williams portrayal of Arya is over the top excellent and don't get me started on Peter Dinklage (We can all attest to his greatness).

I only have a few questions:

How did you get cast for your role?

What was your favorite scene to shoot?

Why did they kill of Irri?!?

Ps. You did a great job of portraying Irri!

Amiacharia32 karma

thanks for your support! I've answered all these above in the thread;)

afterdarks23 karma

Thanks for doing an AMAA! What brought you to Reddit? I have to say all the Dothraki parts were my favourites and I have a LOT of questions!

  1. Did you read the books to learn about them or did the directors on set tell you? I heard a lot of the actors haven't read the books so they didn't find out the futures of their characters.

  2. What, from an actors perspective, goes into making a TV show on such a grand scale? As in, how many people are on set? What are the shooting periods like? How long does it go from paper to rehearsals to actually being filmed?

  3. What was it like getting the role, did you know that it'd be such a huge success not only commercially but critically? What's it like to have been part of something so huge/such a fan-favourite?

  4. How on earth can I get work on Game of Thrones!? I'd love to be a runner or something, just to experience it would be incredible.

Amiacharia34 karma

there's a character breakdown, and the is direction obviously, but I also felt I had freedom to create my own take on Irri

We get the scripts, come in and do a line up, the director directs,a nd we shoot it from various angles, change what needs changing and shoot til it's in the can, It's amazing being on something at such a large scale- the sheer amount of people and machinery that goes into it, not to mention animals!!! Is amazing and a very humbling experience to be part of. It's immense work and there are so many people making it all happen in every corner.

marierantoinette21 karma

I haven't read the books, but I watch the show religiously. I wanted Irri and Dany to get together. I thought they had such a sweet friendship! Would you have been opposed to that relationship developing?

How do you feel about the female characters on the show? I feel like GoT has some of the strongest portrayals of women on television right now, and they really make the show worth watching. I think it's hard to find female characters who are as complicated and nuanced as those on GoT.

Do you watch the show yourself? If so, favorite character(s)?

Lastly, what's your dream role?

Thank you so much for doing an AMA! <3

Amiacharia48 karma

They did have a lovely friendship, but I think that makes it even more apparent how strong Dany is when she loses so many people close to her. I love the female characters on the show, again they are strong individuals and a lot of them challenge what is expected of them. They are all so different too, I agree it's a show that really does have detailed and strong portrayals- not just the women but the characters in general. My favourite character is Joffrey and Tyrion.

My dream role is a super villan;)

Jaymesned19 karma

Did you know the fate of your character when you took the part in GoT?

Amiacharia40 karma

No. I didn't even know there would be a season 2 til it was confirmed

JBaraus17 karma

How hard was it getting the dragons to do what they were told on screen? Do they respond to commands? (other than the Dothraki equivalent of 'sick em')

Amiacharia37 karma

You just beat them and threaten to starve them

SwampFox2211 karma

Have you read the books? And if so were you surprised by this season's script? It would have seemed like you had some job security, but that all changed.

Amiacharia21 karma

It's the way it rolls, I knew I would be in season 2, but no one had said anything about season 3, so it's not like I had expectations of doing it forever ;)

ciaran0367 karma

Did you spend any of your time filming scenes in Northern Ireland, or was filming for you confined to the more exotic locations? :P

Also, is the show doing well financially, despite record numbers of people pirating the show?

Here in the UK, there is no legal way to watch Game of Thrones using on-demand online services, as it's not available on any television catch-up service or on Netflix or anything, so the only option is the rather pricey DVD edition... do you know if HBO has any plans to more widely broadcast Game of Thrones? In the UK, Game of Thrones only airs on Sky Atlantic, which is rather inconvenient because the only TV in my household that has Sky installed is the main living room. And to be honest, Game of Thrones I wouldn't exactly describe as family entertainment...


Amiacharia12 karma

I loved northern Ireland apart from how cold it was, but Irish is my favourite accents ( along with southern American ), and the people there are lovely. I also filmed in Malta and Croatia I'm not sure what the plan is for broadcast- I have the DVDs myself since I don't have sky either.

InfernoAcid4 karma

Did you ever imagine yourself to be where you are right now? What would your ideal career look like in the future?

Amiacharia13 karma

No, but I always aspired to be in a grant show. Though I thought I'd end up more in theatre. My ideal career... Well, I'm hooked on the hunger games trilogy, so I'd love to be in that! Otherwise, I'd love to do strong independent films, and massive action movies:) I also love book adaptations if they are done well. I loved the Kite Runner, and if they do a thousand splendid suns, I would be hounding them for a role!