barbehque66 karma

Hello Scott and Mark. First and foremost, thank you for the Space Quest series, it was the first bonding experience I had with my older brother and has always held a special place in my heart along with Monkey Island and both helped shape my sense of humor as an adult and cement my love for point and click games.

My Question: have either of you ever talked to the other big names in point and click games to collaborate on something together? People like Tim Schafer,Ron Gilbert,Roberta Williams,Al Lowe, Doug TenNapel? I imagine you seven could bring back point and click gaming and make the best game ever.

Also, here is a painting my girlfriend did for my for Christmas two years ago, I hope you like it as much as I do.

Finally, this is still one of the funniest things I've ever seen.

SpaceQuestGuy40 karma

Thanks for the compliment on SQ!

We've talked Ken, Roberta, Al, Josh, and Josh Mandel quite recently.

Sykotik61 karma

I just want to say thanks. As a kid I loved the Space Quest Series and you folks brought me many hours of solid entertainment. Thanks for doing a great job and good luck with SpaceVenture.

SpaceQuestGuy27 karma

Thank you for your support!

SpaceQuestGuy49 karma

Hey, Everybody, ready to go for it?

tomimt45 karma

This has to be asked: If this Kickstarter doesn't make it, what are you continuation plans?

SpaceQuestGuy41 karma

We have other fundraising plans. We'er still hoping for the best! But Paypal etc is one of our plan B's.

SpaceQuestGuy33 karma

MC (Mark Crowe): We have a "Plan B" bit don;t want to speak to that as our current KS is our main priority.

BeShaMo38 karma

Just to clarify, wilcofever is Mark Crowe, SpaceQuestGuy is Scott Murphy.

SpaceQuestGuy26 karma


MachEnergy36 karma

Gary Owens is a god. I don't have a question about this. Just a fact.

SpaceQuestGuy32 karma

You are right! He's a great talent as well as human!

SpaceQuestGuy35 karma

Have you heard our new character Cluck Y'egger speak yet? :)

pedestrianhomocide33 karma

What are your thoughts on the Space Quest Fan sequels like: SQ Incinerations or Vohaul Strikes Back. Have you played them?

SpaceQuestGuy38 karma

We're VERY flattered by them. To have fans so devoted is very cool!

ohbowz29 karma

Will the Two Guys from Andromeda be in the New Space Venture game? If so, will we be able to visit their home planet?

SpaceQuestGuy43 karma

Yes, we will!!

FredOPT28 karma

Also, as a french canadian, your games were the reason why i opened a french-english dictionnary. Now shut up and take my money!

SpaceQuestGuy27 karma

Yes sir! Hail Canada!

anaximandus27 karma

I am glad you are back together, despite the Alabama Sanctity of Marriage Amendment.

SpaceQuestGuy24 karma


SexArson27 karma

First off - Space Quest has always been one of my favorite games. So, a couple of questions -

1) Do you think that the amount of developers from the glory days of adventure gaming coming back into the fold via Kickstarter will breathe some new life into the genre as a whole? And is there a future for publishers taking up the mantle, or do you think Kickstarter is going to be the way to go for this genre for a while?

2) What is your favorite memory from your time at Sierra?

3) If this goes well, is there a possible future for our favorite spacefaring Janitor? (Like there is for Larry Laffer)

Thanks guys! And looking forward to following Spaceventure's progress!

SpaceQuestGuy29 karma

Thanks. 1. Yes,I think the community of developers reemerging is a great thing! 2. Shipping any of the Space Quests, getting sleep and reacquainting myself with my family. 3. Space quest is tied up by Activision. We're never saying never though.

ConfusionSmash24 karma

I just want to preface with SQIV being in my favourite top 5 games ever. Not just adventure game, but games in general. It makes it into my top 10 favourite 'things made from matter' too.

I'd read you guys were basically strong armed into removing the parser interface from SQIV in favour of the point an click interface that Kings Quest had adopted. How much more work did this create? Where any puzzles changed/removed? How do you think it affected the overall quality of the game?

SpaceQuestGuy35 karma


And you are correct. it caused us a lot of work. the main loss was so much great text that would have been available depending on what people weird things typed. I miss that. It's why we're working on a hybrid UI. Mostly point and click for redundant tasks but some parser interaction in some instances.

mstein0424 karma

Where did you guys get the inspiration for such a great character like, Roger Wilco?

SpaceQuestGuy37 karma

Roger was the antithesis of all other game characters of the time. Everyone else was noble, doing good deeds for princesses. Roger wanted none of that. It was more like me. Not as much Mark , but we like d the idea.

chriscana23 karma

Was there ever talk of doing a SQ Video-based gama aka phantasmagoria since Sierra spent big $ on the video studio and was doing some Gabriel Knight stuff there - and you were both fans of cheap low budget sci fi movies.

SpaceQuestGuy32 karma

No, we never got much financing, much less advertising except in the in house magazine. Besides, Space Quest was better in that more 'retro' look anyway.

plotnik22 karma

I'll never forget the impression SQ2 made on me a lot of time ago. I could not believe that computer can do it. Deep in my heart still feeling that SQ2 is the best game ever made :-)

SpaceQuestGuy21 karma

Thank you. We're very proud if it!

RKBarn21 karma

The old Sierra Quest games, and the Space Quest series in particular, really set the stage of what I would become in my life. It was because of those games that I wanted to become a programmer. I had all the InterAction magazines and, before that, the Sierra Newsletters...I read those things over and over and over as I was growing up (even up to last year, when I lost all those magazines in a flood at my house). I am now 30 years old, a software engineer, and a father to a 9 month old son. I am so excited for him to get old enough so I can show him the adventures of Roger Wilco.

No question for you guys. Just wanted to say Thank You for putting in all the hard hours at Sierra. I know it wasn't all fun and games to you back then, but you made a tremendous impact in my life, and I greatly appreciate it.

I can't wait to see what you have for us as we adventure with Ace Hardway!

SpaceQuestGuy21 karma


amedeus21 karma

So exactly how many times HAVE you guys been sued? Counting times Sierra's been sued over your games. And was there ever something you ultimately got sued over that was just so worth it?

SpaceQuestGuy28 karma

We got a cease and desist from Toyr-R-Us but otherwise, Everyone else was cool. We did have a talk with Eveready (and duracell because our lawyer was an idiot) but things worked out. there were a lot of urban legends about the litigation issues that weren't true

JohnnyCastaway15 karma

You forgot about Radio Shock, erm, Shack. :-D

SpaceQuestGuy22 karma

We never really went to court which is what happens when yo ge sued. We got letters though. Most people were cool though.

r4mtha20 karma

I totally grew up playing Sierra games; Space Quest IV in particular holds a special place in my heart. Thanks for all the hyperbolic hyperboles and keep up the good work!

SpaceQuestGuy17 karma

Thank you, and you're welcome! Thanks for being here!

SonGohanTW20 karma

Which one of you do I have to kick in the space balls for creating that homing beacon puzzle in Space Quest 6 at the end of Polysorbate LX?

You evil, evil person!

SpaceQuestGuy23 karma

Josh Mandel! :)

professorhazard20 karma

Dear Guys From Andromeda: I grew up on your Space Quest games and consider you two to be personal role models of mine. It broke my heart when you two split and the news that you're back together now made me feel like a kid again. Space Quest III was the best parser game ever, and Space Quest IV was a masterpiece of time travel. I don't have a question; I just wanted you to know how much you mean to me. If I had ten thousand dollars to spare I'd throw it at your kickstarter without a moment of regret.

P.S. If you make another Space Quest game based on reuniting the Two Guys, I always thought "The Search for Scott" would be a great parody on Star Trek III's title.

SpaceQuestGuy18 karma

Thanks! I appreciate that!

JoeyTheLipsFagan20 karma

Has your approach to creating adventure games changed with the advancement in graphics and speed of computing? What can you do now that you wanted to, but couldn't, do during the first Space Quest games?

SpaceQuestGuy27 karma

We have better tools for starters. Mark can do SO much more with Graphics and we have cool 3D rendering we didn't have before and can animated. Lots to look forward to!

ErruhGnomeSane20 karma

First of all, thank you guys for teaching me how to spell the word "computer", among many other wonderful things you did for my childhood!

  1. I remember every time I played Space Quest 3 I would eat so much fast food that I would vomit. Every. Time. What was your favorite little "easter egg" from the series?

  2. The story behind Astro Chicken, can we have it? What inspired the game?


SpaceQuestGuy20 karma

I liked the player being able to urinate behind Droid-B-Us in SQ1 EGA as well as Neil's European Vacation in SQ4.

oughtobe19 karma

Can you guys please explain your falling out once and for all? What was it even about? Was this falling out before Dynamix or was that a separate falling out?

SpaceQuestGuy26 karma

We've explained it many times. Mark and I were burned out. Mark was starting a family, had two new babies and wanted to leave the Oakhurst area. The communication on that was poor. It took few years for us to get back in touch and realize where we'd screwed up in that regard. Once we talked it took us 15 minutes to understand and get it behind us. Then the old gears clicked back in place. We NEVER ha a problem when were were working together. We realized how lucky we'd been.

magnoliafly19 karma

Who writes the narrator dialog or is it a combined effort? I think that is what I enjoyed most about the SQ series was how funny the narrator was.

Really excited about the voice actors you have lined up! I pledged. Crossing all possible body parts that this happens.

SpaceQuestGuy20 karma

I write the bulk of the narrator dialogue but Mark and I do everything as a team.

e1ven18 karma

If you had it to do over again, What changes might you have made to the existing Space Quest games?

SpaceQuestGuy27 karma

We'd have made better save pints so when a player died they didn;t have to play back from so far. More hints as well.

But, some things about the game are classic and we'd leave a lot even if somethings were flawed.

Rawlo23418 karma

So, when will you guys be colliding with the milky way?

SpaceQuestGuy23 karma

Way before you guys on Earth! Actually, we'll be dodging.

SpaceQuestGuy18 karma

We have to call it a session, folks. Thank you all so much for being here and asking so many good questions. Sorry we couldn't answer everything. It would take another 12 hours or so, I'm guessing. :)


Thank you all VERY MUCH for your support. We have the best fans we could ever hope for!

tomimt17 karma

Are you planning to do a new series with SpaceVenture or is it going to be just a game to get you started?

SpaceQuestGuy33 karma

SpaceVenture is a game to get our studio started. We want to expand our range of titles and genres.

SkyeFlayme17 karma

I found that in the first 4 Space Quest games there were references to other science fiction works, but they remained fairly subtle (with some obvious exceptions of course). The later two games (which I understand occurred under different working circumstances) I found took a more direct, almost "spoof-like" approach. What kind of feel can we expect from SpaceVenture?

SpaceQuestGuy21 karma

More direct spoofing! Nothing's safe!

Fehnor17 karma

I don't have to secretly blame you for awkward moments of failed sarcasm anymore. Now I can blame you publicly.

It's my understanding that Roger Wilco will not be present in this new game. Do you have any information to share on our new hero?

SpaceQuestGuy36 karma

No Roger Wilco. We don;t own the rights. Post ken Williams-Sierra sold all the IP off. Greed...

tragic-waste-of-skin16 karma

What happened to Space Quest 7? You teased us with an awesome trailer and then nothing.

SpaceQuestGuy20 karma

SQ7 was meant to be but they wanted it to be something like an FPS with Roger running, etc. then the company changed it's 'business model' and away it went. It was for the better that it got cancelled it wouldn;t have been a REAL Space Quest.

ryan25116 karma

Did Sierra ever make you remove anything from a game, or change it?

Were you ever asked to remove a puzzle for being too hard? Or, the opposite - make the game harder? (hint books!)

SpaceQuestGuy27 karma

We had to remove "The Empire Sucks" from the wing of a Tie Fighter in SQ3. Ken was afraid Lucas would sue us.

e1ven16 karma

Given that Space Quest featured arcade sequences extensively (to the delight of some, the chagrin of others), how do you feel about the rise of the Action/Adventure genre - You often see games now that have EXTENSIVE characterization, plot, even inventory puzzles, but also platforming, shooting, or other non-traditional AG elements?

Is this a good way to expand the genre, a corruption of something pure, or something altogether different?

SpaceQuestGuy17 karma

We recognize that people who play adventure games are not necessarily arcade lovers. We learned that the hard way, it wasn't pure adventure gaming but then other people DID like them. We have decided to have arcades sequences but to also have adventure/intellectual solutions around those point so as to not penalize them. that wasn't fair to adv game purists. but we still like em'.

feedchicken15 karma

Have you ever thought about expanding any of your future planned games into other media such as short animated webseries or comics?

SpaceQuestGuy19 karma

We've considered it. that's something that will come in the future though. Right now, it's all about the game.

captainxenu15 karma

Have you guys played any games made by people in the AGS (Adventure Game Studio) community? If so, which ones?

SpaceQuestGuy13 karma

No, we haven't. Not because we're ungrateful, but it's our baby and it's tough to see someone else work on it. Plus, I'm always afraid of unconscious plagerism. We appreciate the hell out of the work they do though, and after SpaceVenture is done I've promised them I'd give them a look.

Don_C14 karma

Ace is a real 180degree from previous protagonists, and online with something like Hector. Will the general public find him as "lovable" as the old characters?

SpaceQuestGuy15 karma

Oh yes, Ace will be lovable. Lots of personality. He looks a little gruff but he has heart. We believe you'll love him - and Rooter!

e1ven13 karma

Tell me more about Ace - Is his a Roger Wilco Expy, or does he have a whole unique personality? He seems gruffer, less wishy-washy, but I'd love to hear your thoughts! ;)

SpaceQuestGuy18 karma

Ace has a much more can-do attitude. He's a private contractor with a actual dreams and ambition. Still he does muck around in the sludge, so to speak.

ihabtom13 karma

Didn't know about this! Please, take my $15.

SpaceQuestGuy15 karma

Will do! Thank you! And thanks for being here!

Frogacuda13 karma

Do you still play adventure games? Which of the upcoming adventure games are you most looking forward to?

SpaceQuestGuy18 karma

There are some good games coming out but when you're doing a Kickstarter campaign and designing a new game time is at a premium and we can't afford to play, sadly. You really get tied up and fried. We've messed around with Mechanarium though

JTMTL12 karma

You Guys Rock!! LOved those games. I WILL BUY YOUR NEW GAME. Given all the improvements and advancements in gaming, Space Quest was incredibly entertaining even by todays standards.

SpaceQuestGuy11 karma

Thank you, and thank you for being here!

e1ven12 karma

Do you think that Adventure Games have become less popular over time, or is it that they've stayed about the same, but other games have become More popular?

SpaceQuestGuy21 karma

They went downhill when FPS's came out but many never gave up their desire for adventures, hence so many fan based games. Now with Kickstarter it's evident how much people want them back,so I'd say they're way more popular now.

mhaley8212 karma

Hi. Mark. Hi, Scott. I don't really have a question. I just wanted to stop by and say hi. Well, I do have a question, actually. Which type of liquor will you be busting out if this Kickstarter is a success?

SpaceQuestGuy10 karma

Some our fine Keronian Ale from Sound Brewery! (Yet to be brewed though.)

sibane12 karma

Have you played any recent point 'n clicks (Gemini Rue, Ben There, Dan That!, new Sam & Max, Back to the Future, Tales of Monkey Island)? Any favorites?

What about other genres?

And old games?

I guess what I really want is: Give us a comprehensive report on your relationship with video games.

SpaceQuestGuy23 karma

I played the first two Monkey Islands and loved them. 3 wasn't so good. A comprehensive report of our relationship with video games? We mate with them!

BrianBlackout12 karma

How do you feel about the revamped versions of some point n click adventure games out there, like the Monkey Island series? Is that something you would ever like to see done to the Space Quest series down the road?

SpaceQuestGuy17 karma

No. I want the old space quest left the way they were made. I hated SQ1 VGA. Let classics be. IMO

tomimt12 karma

You initially said you've considered a female protagonist, but you went to the direction of male character in the end. Would a game with multiple playable characters be possible?

SpaceQuestGuy18 karma

es, we did. there will still be female representation in the game. we can promise you that. We've learned we can't please everyone. Many more people seemed to want the main character to be male, but look out for some twists!

ImASoftwareEngineer11 karma

I loved your games growing up. I borrowed SQ4 from a friend as a teen and loved every moment. I also found the floppy version of SQ5 at a toy store at the time and was super excited that it worked on my old ass Compaq all-in-one running Tabworks. If you can afford to in the future, would you buy back the Space Quest IP? Also, are you planning for awesome death sequences in your new game? Hope you guys get the rest of the funding done soon! You got my pledge already for sure :)

SpaceQuestGuy17 karma

Yes, we would, but it's not for sale at the moment.

SpaceQuestGuy6 karma

Thank you for your support!

mrkenallen11 karma

How certain are you that there is a renewed demand for adventure games?

SpaceQuestGuy17 karma

Look at how much money is being raised on Kickstarter, not to mention the fan reaction in social media. the emails never stopped coming in even during Generation X-Box.

SpaceQuestGuy11 karma

Just have to let you all know we hate to have to do it but we have to stop in 15 minutes (top of this hour) - 3 Eastern time. It's been three hours almost. More things to do. You guys are great! Thank you!

[deleted]11 karma

Besides Sci-Fi (Not that I don't love Sci-fi!), have you ever considered making an adventure game in different genres, and if so which?

SpaceQuestGuy7 karma

Yes, we hope to make a Hello Kitty style game. ;)

FlSHSTlCK10 karma

Space Quest is one of my favorite series of all time. I lived and breathed Sierra when I was a kid. I vaguely remember a question about you two acquiring the SQ license from the current holder. Is there any optimism for that actually happening? I can't wait to play SpaceVenture, but would kill for a new SQ game. Thanks!

SpaceQuestGuy8 karma

Thanks! Not looking good now. We're still trying though.

DeathDeli10 karma

How did you guys come across the famous voice actors for the spaceventure? Did you approach them? Or did they approach you? Have they played space quest before, or did they seem generally interested in the project?

SpaceQuestGuy10 karma

Chris Pope, our Pr and social media guy represents all of those people except Gary Owens. That's his real business. He's also a Space Quest fanatic which led him in our direction,

odnarb198610 karma

For those lucky enough to attend the cast party in Oakhurst, anything you can tell us about where you're having it? Maybe the old Sierra building? wink, wink

SpaceQuestGuy7 karma

The Sierra buildings are all filled up with tenants, so, sorry!

pedasn9 karma

what franchises do you guys intend to make references and jokes about. for me, the greates SciFi hits in the last 20 years were still Star Trek, Battlestar Galactica, Star Wars, Terminator Chronicles, FireFly,....some surprises like Children of Men and District 9 .... there were lot of terrible "astroid towards earth" movies and so on, avatar or independence day, tron, ...

what did you guys like or dislike?

SpaceQuestGuy9 karma

Everything's open for parody, both the good and the bad. It's just fun to do and people like us doing it.

magnoliafly9 karma

Firstly, let me say thank you so much for making the best games in the universe! I grew up on Space Quest and loved every one. I purchased the compilation both for myself and my Dad when it came out.

What do you think Roger Wilco is up to now?

SpaceQuestGuy10 karma

Thanks for the kind words! Roger is sadly being covered in mold and mildew in the IP basement of a big publisher who won't let us have him back. Uncool. man, uncool!

dzell9 karma

I love Space Quest. It was my second adventure game (series) after I found King's Quest. I hope this succeeds!

SpaceQuestGuy11 karma

Thank you!

varkatope9 karma

Will the game actually be called SpaceVenture or is that just the placeholder title I assumed it was? I think you can probably do better.

Also, I love you guys. Just sayin'.

SpaceQuestGuy8 karma

SpaceVenture will be the title and it will have a subtitle as well.

pedestrianhomocide8 karma

What's the hardest obstacle you've had to overcome during the development process of the Space Quest series? Going over budget? Disputes between publisher? Stuff like that.

SpaceQuestGuy7 karma

Meeting deadlines that weren't adequate for a good game development cycle, really, but that's corporate life, sadly. Meeting earnings projections.

NeedsRiotJuice8 karma

Are you still here? I got all 6 Space Quests in about '98 and played them all in a row. You guys are the reason I learned to use computers!! Just have to say thanks for the laughs.

SpaceQuestGuy9 karma

Thanks, and thanks for being here!

ilovedonuts8 karma

GUYS GUYS. You're awesome.
Will you offer walk throughs for your new game? will they use the ruby glasses or highlighters?
Space quest 2 taught me to touch type quickly. Also, I hated that one puzzle with the plant that would kill you if you touched its tentacles while walking. That was the worst part of the game.

SpaceQuestGuy9 karma

Thanks! Not planning to supply walk-thrus. People will be posting them on the internet soon enough. Yes the plant was a cruel puzzle Very sorry for that!

trippingwalrus8 karma

Dear Sirs,

Just wanted to say thank you. SQ1 was the first game I ever played ever. (On my Tandy). And ever since then I have been hooked.

Can you explain why there were such huge plot differences between SQ5 and 6? I honestly would have preferred if the events that happened in 5 (Roger being captain of a garbage scow, etc) remained and 6 went off from that, not him being back as a janitor again. (Also was not a fan of the narrator in 6 or the voice actor for Roger).

Other than that I have to say that SQ4 is my favorite of the series.

SpaceQuestGuy6 karma

Thanks for the kind words! Mark and I didn't work on them together. That's the best answer I have.

Sliferjam6 karma

I'm sorry that I won't be able to chip in anything to help get your game funded but I sincerely wish you good luck and hope you guys get all of the funding you need and deserve.

SpaceQuestGuy8 karma

Thanks. We understand how rough the financial climate is. Take care!