Scott Murphy (video game designer)

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is an American video game designer, programmer, and writer who developed several adventure games, mostly for Sierra On-Line. He is best known for creating the Space Quest series, mostly with his fellow "Guy from Andromeda", Mark Crowe.

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SpaceQuestGuy49 karma

Hey, Everybody, ready to go for it?

SpaceQuestGuy43 karma

Yes, we will!!

SpaceQuestGuy41 karma

We have other fundraising plans. We'er still hoping for the best! But Paypal etc is one of our plan B's.

SpaceQuestGuy40 karma

Thanks for the compliment on SQ!

We've talked Ken, Roberta, Al, Josh, and Josh Mandel quite recently.

SpaceQuestGuy38 karma

We're VERY flattered by them. To have fans so devoted is very cool!

SpaceQuestGuy37 karma

Roger was the antithesis of all other game characters of the time. Everyone else was noble, doing good deeds for princesses. Roger wanted none of that. It was more like me. Not as much Mark , but we like d the idea.

SpaceQuestGuy36 karma

No Roger Wilco. We don;t own the rights. Post ken Williams-Sierra sold all the IP off. Greed...

SpaceQuestGuy35 karma


And you are correct. it caused us a lot of work. the main loss was so much great text that would have been available depending on what people weird things typed. I miss that. It's why we're working on a hybrid UI. Mostly point and click for redundant tasks but some parser interaction in some instances.

SpaceQuestGuy35 karma

Have you heard our new character Cluck Y'egger speak yet? :)

SpaceQuestGuy33 karma

SpaceVenture is a game to get our studio started. We want to expand our range of titles and genres.