Thanks for all the questions, everyone! I'll check back tomorrow and see about answering some more stuff! I guess I can do that, right?


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pastanazgul400 karma

I was TBWP as a pre-release about a month before it came out, before all the hype hit and anyone knew anything about it. We didn't know what it was, or even that it was a feature film.

By god that scared the shit out of me. At one point a car squealed their tires outside and every person in the room screamed.

Thank you for that moment. :)

edsanchez403 karma

You're welcome!

Yeah, that was the way the film was meant to be seen, without knowing what the hell it was. Kind of ruined it that it got so damn big!

pastanazgul139 karma

I'm in mild shock that you responded to one of my comments. This is the coolest thing that's happened to me all day. :)

edsanchez244 karma

I'm in mild shock that you guys are asking me questions!

pastanazgul174 karma

You do realize you at the very least re-popularized, if not straight out created one of the most compelling genres in modern horror right?

edsanchez192 karma

Yes, we definitely popularized it. There were a few before us but we really blew it up, didn't we!

ah_ha259 karma

Mr. Sanchez no questions here! I just want to say that I'm from Pakistan and as you can imagine only more mainstream stuff like Desperate Housewives is easily available here through TV and that too is a fairly recent development... But we get HBO and a few months back I was just channel surfing while having dinner and this weird film caught my eye and I just kept watching and watching and I forgot about eating and in about half an hour I was watching through my fingers. You, sir, have given me one of the best film experiences I've ever had.

edsanchez217 karma

Very sweet! That's the way the film was meant to be watched! On a TV by yourself.

funfungiguy96 karma

If you had to fight a dinosaur to the death in a Dinosaur Death Match using only primitive weapons and not allowed to set traps, what's the biggest dinosaur you think you win against? You don't have to name a specific dinosaur, just give us a size reference.

edsanchez71 karma

That's a tough one. The smaller ones are faster. Big ones can just squash you.

edsanchez107 karma

So...I guess those really little ones that attacked those rich people on that island in Jurassic 2 or 3?

funfungiguy58 karma

This is a pretty good choice... I don't know what ones you're talking about but I'll get my dinosaur wranglers to research it and get me one. I typically say I'd go for something chicken-sized. I figure it could do some damage to my genitals with it's talons, but if I can grab hold of it and beat it on the ground a bit, I might have a chance.

Also it's nice to see someone famous that still has a normal sized ego. A lot of celebrities have played Dinosaur Death Match and some of those guys have gotten so used to having Hollywood and their agents and their publicists blowing so much hot air up their asses you'd be amazed at what they think they can kill.

edsanchez71 karma

Chicken-sized seems right to me. Anything bigger would probably kill me.

prisonpassion90 karma

Did bickering among the actors cause any major set backs? Did it make their quarreling in the film more realistic?

edsanchez176 karma

They fought A LOT! We had to cut 75% out of the film and still had too much.

It did cause some turmoil among the actors. Both guys were annoyed at Heather. She was being really bossy. I told her to tone it down a bit.

Isitreallyalive89 karma

Did you have any weird/unexplained happenings happen to you or your crew while you were shooting TBWP? If so please elaborate .

edsanchez177 karma

Not really. It was creepy as hell out there in those woods, though.

edsanchez241 karma

And I think I had to take a dump out there at one time, in the middle of the night, with no TP!

funfungiguy341 karma

Nobody leaves the woods with both socks on!

edsanchez142 karma


LunaRosa75 karma

Why do you think you haven't been able to emulate your success of Blair Witch Project?

Also did you go to Montgomery College?

edsanchez152 karma

I think it's because BLAIR was just a once in a lifetime kind of event. I'm very proud to have been a part of it but I knew we'd never have that kind of success again.

edsanchez82 karma

I did go to Montgomery College Rockville campus - 87-90. It was a great place to learn.

funfungiguy33 karma

I gotta say Blair Witch went over my head. I'd forgotten the part where the witch makes you face the wall in the legend so after the conclusion of the film I turned to my now wife and said "I don't get it. Whats so scary that that dude's looking at?

I will say I loved the shaky cam. In fact any movie with a shaky cam is a good movie. I hear it makes some people motion sick, but to me it feels like you're more there in the activity of the characters with them.

edsanchez87 karma

You definitely had to pay attention to get the end.

If you like shaky cam, check out my film SEVENTH MOON on NETFLIX. Very shaky.

Hazza3259 karma

Did you get a lot of backlash from Wiccans or other similar groups of TBWP? And did you think that the blair witch sequel took away from the series, in my opinion it was a cheap horror film compared to the thriller/suspense horror first movie which was very well done.

edsanchez95 karma

We did get some backlash from the Wiccans. I remember some woman calling me and yelling at me on a radio show. She said our film made witches look bad.

The sequel just didn't work as a BLAIR film in my opinion. It didn't exist in the same universe as the first one.

blznbongos103 karma

Yes, I want to further add to Hazza's second question concerning the Blair Witch Project. What compelled you to write the sequel's storyline as it is far-cry from its predecessor?

edsanchez36 karma

We had nothing to do with the story of II. We actually told the studio that we didn't like the story and that's about the time that they stopped asking us for our opinions!

HijinxandShenanigans51 karma

Just wanted to start off by saying that The Blair Witch Project will always been one of my top favourite horror movies, so thank you for that! My questions stem from an article I read which claimed your choices in direction included giving the actors directions to a rendezvous that they frequently got lost trying to find, giving them less and less food and supplies every day and intentionally freaking them out by making noises as they walked and at night around their tent.

So, if this is true, what made you add this other element to the filming? Did you ever think you were going too far? And do you believe the movie would have turned out different without this experience?

edsanchez74 karma


Yes, we did lead the actors around the woods with notes and a GPS unit. And we did feed them less and less, especially at the end.

I think the film would've been completely different if we hadn't done that. Wouldn't have felt as spontaneous.

a34erd46 karma

Hey Eduardo,

I'm a film student and a huge fan! I loved Blair Witch, especially the trickery in your ad campaign, pretty brilliant.

Some close friends and I got together this summer and filmed our first ever feature film, The Sigil, based slightly on the first-person horror genre you inspired.

The film blends first person camera work with classical third person cinematography, and tells the story of a girl who travels to CA to find out how her big brother really died. We just got into our first festival, the LA Fear and Fantasy Festival and it's premiering next week!

It would mean so much to us if you could watch the trailer and give us your thoughts. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RWfMhRgi_hw

Comments from other redditors would also be awesome!

Good luck with whatever you are working on next, can't wait to see it. Thanks!!

EDIT: Hey everyone, thanks for all the support! Great to hear we've already got people interested in seeing the film. A bunch of people asked about an online screening, so if you'd like to see the film AND also help a bunch of film kids achieve their dreams :) you should check out our indiegogo campaign: http://www.indiegogo.com/TheSigil

For $5 you can get a digital download of the film and that money will help us submit to more festivals where our chances of getting film bought up for distribution are higher than anywhere else!

Thanks in advance, you guys are the best!

edsanchez52 karma

I'll check it out!

preguica8845 karma

Do you still keep in contact with the blair with actors?

edsanchez146 karma

Yes! Mike, Josh and I are good friends.

Heather is my FB friend!

lmnopqrs1143 karma

I couldn't sleep with my lights off for almost 2 months due to The Blair Witch Project :( How does that make you feel? (loved it though :D)

edsanchez63 karma

I'm kind of torn, actually. I liked that it scared you but then again, I feel bad. Glad you loved it.

funfungiguy20 karma

My wife is still terrified of it. I'm the dude that said it went over my head and you recommended the other shaky cam movie. My wife watched it on our 2nd date in her college dorm room. She had seem it before and I had to beg her to watch it with me, because at first she wanted no part of seeing it twice.

I think that maybe part of the reason it went over my head was because it was the second date and I was preoccupied with not blowing it, and I recall I had to fart pretty bad.

Also, hows it feel to know that you and the guy that made The Mummy are the only two director's to make a movie that led to a couple going out on a third date (one that wasn't awkward as fuck) and wound up marrying and having three kids together. Because I think my wife and I silently agreed that we'll hang out twice and if everything goes well we'll go on a date. And those two "hang out" meetings were pretty awkward but the BWP and The Mummy pulled some strings for me, bro.

edsanchez31 karma

Congrats! I'm sure you we were concerned with other things on that second date!

Not the best way to pay attention to a movie, I agree.

inkypinkyblinkyclyde42 karma

I was just talking with a friend yesterday about how BWP made me almost throw up in my seat at the theater (so do 1st person shooters). That said, I loved the final scene.

edsanchez124 karma

It was never meant to be seen in a movie theater. We thought it would go to video or get an HBO deal or something. We never even dreamed it would be on the big screen.

Made me sick, too.

jonesofalltrades35 karma


edsanchez72 karma

You know, I've had some major disappointments with the films that came after BLAIR, so I just learned to be thankful to even be making films. The big difference between BLAIR and now is that I'm married and have three kids so I look at life completely differently. It has really added depth to my films. I think.

gazzawhite32 karma

  • How much did the actors of the Blair Witch Project know about the scenes in advance? In particular, when did Heather and Mike know that Josh was going to go missing?

  • Did you get any amusing hatemail from people who thought that The Blair Witch Project was real?

  • Do you plan on making another movie in the Blair Witch Project series?

Thanks for doing this AMA! I am a huge fan of The Blair Witch Project, if you hadn't noticed.

edsanchez59 karma


Actors knew some of the scenes but not the whole story. And they actually thought MIKE was going to disappear! Dan and I made the call to pull Josh out while we were shooting!

Never got hate mail, but some people STILL think it's real. Or maybe they're pulling my leg!

I would love to make another BLAIR movie. We've been talking to LIONS GATE but nothing concrete to report - yet!

Mr_Weiss27 karma

Hey I go to UCF!

edsanchez34 karma

So did I! Back when it was just a little baby school!

jonesofalltrades25 karma


edsanchez25 karma

I've always wanted to have TORTOISE do a score for me. Just turned out that they had a hole in their schedule and I had a film they wanted to score!

It all depends on the individual making the film. Sometimes music is crucial, like if you have a scene that you know is going to have a certain song or piece of music in it. You plan the scene around the music.

Mostly I wait until I'm done and then start getting ideas. Sometimes I write with certain music playing.

woll_clark23 karma


edsanchez35 karma

Holy moly!

  1. no regrets. We cut it the way we wanted to. Yes, people hate it or love it. That's just the way it is.

  2. Not really. I just hate when people just hate it to be funny.

  3. Dan Karcher is in charge of ELLYKEDWARD.com. Very talented dude.

  4. I'm sure Dan has more stuff up his sleeve!

  5. BLAIR III is being talked about, but no real progress yet. Maybe this year, maybe never.

  6. I'll tell Dan to get his ass back there and entertain you guys! He'll love that you've missed him.

Schnaps16 karma

Hi! I have heard a lot of different stories about the ending on BWP and what really happened. What was really going on? And congratulations for making the only movie I have ever found genuinly scary :)

edsanchez54 karma


What was really going on?

No one really knows, but I do know that Mike was under some kind of influence. Why wouldn't he turn to Heather's screams?

ltjrocks7715 karma

While filming the Blair Witch did you think it was going to be as successful as it was?

edsanchez35 karma

No way. We thought it was a cool idea but never even dared dream it would be so huge. We hoped for a video deal and just enough money to make another film.

ObamasInPajamas13 karma

Do you believe the Point of view camera/documentary style film should be used more?

edsanchez31 karma

I only think it should be used when the idea makes sense.

Like I just did another POV film that is about BIGFOOT. We thought it was a perfect subject for that kind of film. Hopefully, you all will agree.

orcadus12 karma

What you have to say for those who are trying to become Film Directors themselves? Any recommendations?

edsanchez21 karma

Just keep making films, no matter what. Unless you actually suck. You'll know after a few films.

And then get the films out there! Let people see them, love them, tear them apart! The pain will make you a better filmmaker.

cogneuro11 karma

Thanks for doing the AMA!

-How was the advertisement campaign for TBWP developed and were you directly involved with it?

-What was your reaction to the initial debate that happened after the film was released on whether or not the events in the film actually happened?

edsanchez23 karma

Thanks for joining me!

The campaign was developed mostly out of necessity, at least before we got bought by ARTISAN. I built a website because that's all we could afford!

Once we got out there, a lot of talented people got on board to help us out, but we were still involved.

We never thought that the film should've been released as a real event. We never thought ARTISAN would do it that way, but they did!

cogneuro15 karma

We never thought that the film should've been released as a real event. We never thought ARTISAN would do it that way, but they did!

Wow! The first and arguably best Internet viral marketing campaign was not planned from the very beginning of film production? That genuinely shocks me. It's such a major part of the film's legend.

edsanchez19 karma

It's just the stuff of legend. We had no money, and people were asking about it, so we decided to make a site. I was the only one that had built sites before, so I did it!

And that's how it all began...

tylerfarr9 karma

What are some of your favorite movies that you have not been involved with?

edsanchez32 karma


RealLionheart8 karma

Hi Eduardo. Congrats on Lovely Molly, it looks awesome. What was your initial plan for The Blair Witch Project after you finished it? Were you planning to tour it around festivals or pitch it to a distributor? What did you do to get Artisan's attention?

I'm curious how an independent filmmaker markets themself successfully when it's so hard for them to get attention.

edsanchez18 karma


BLAIR got into SUNDANCE in 1999 and the rest is history.

Indie filmmakers have to push their film wherever they can. Try to get into festivals - ANY festivals are better than NO festivals. But know when to give it up and start your next one. You'll know the time.

BicMegaLight7 karma

Eduardo, Thanks for doing this AMA all the way from rainy rainy Ireland. Just a few quick questions if you could answer them they'd really help me with my thesis.

  1. How important do you think the internet/viral campaign was in the success of the Blair Witch Project what aspects of it worked best? 2.What overall impacts if any has the Blair Witch Project had on the way small budget films are marketed?
  2. What was your favourite Blair witch project fan site or report about the film?

Apologies if im asking questions you must've been asked a million times before.


edsanchez11 karma

The internet and campaign were vital to the success of the film. It wouldn't have happened without those elements.

Impact - well, I guess we inspired people to just get off their asses and do it! Promote the film by any means necessary!

Favorite story was the parody cartoon in MAD magazine. Seeing me as a cartoon character was incredible!

LastCowboy7 karma

What sparked your interest into film making?

Any directors that you are particularly fond of and have influence you and/or your work?

Name one movie you think everyone should see?

What did you eat for breakfast today?

Any tip for an aspiring film maker/writer that you wish you knew when you were starting out?

edsanchez21 karma

I always loved to go to the movies with my Cuban dad. He didn't speak English so we'd end up seeing terrible Spanish-dubbed films in a ratty theater but I loved going with him.

Then STAR WARS came along and changed my life!

So many directors have influenced me - but I owe mostly SPIELBERG and LUCAS for getting me interested in this crazy game.

edsanchez27 karma

One movie everyone should see - LOVELY MOLLY! Coming to the US on May 18, Canada in June 1!

Had to put that in there, guys. Sorry.

One movie - that's a tough one. Really tough.

edsanchez22 karma

I had some cereal and half a brownie.

BlackMeddle6 karma

Recently, a lot of these type of "found footage" films (Cloverfield, Chronicle, etc) have been getting really popular. Do you feel as if you had a hand in this with doing BLAIR? Furthermore, do you have one you really liked?

Also, what did you think of Blair Witch 2?

edsanchez19 karma

I think BLAIR inspired some of those early films, but who knows now. It's been 13 years!


edsanchez12 karma

Read above for my thoughts on BLAIR II.

Filmitforme5 karma

Loved Blair Witch, and it made my dad a bit jumpy.

What is your honest opinion of Book of Shadows ? How would the franchise panned out if you guys had continued to work on it?

edsanchez30 karma


BOS was a good film, but I don't think it had ANYTHING to do with our film. I think it was a mistake to call it BW2.

Our plan was to go back a few hundred years and tell the Elly Kedward story. She's the woman that was killed by the township of BLAIR and later became known as the BLAIR WITCH! That would've been damn cool.

pastanazgul5 karma

Please tell me there's a chance of this happening.

edsanchez18 karma

Perhaps. I need another huge hit and then maybe LIONS GATE will beg me to do it!

edsanchez19 karma

Is your dad still jumpy?

Filmitforme10 karma

Haha no and he denies that the film scared him...but to this day I remember haha and I always will hahaha

edsanchez22 karma

My dad just wondered why the kids cussed so much!

tylerfarr5 karma

lovely molly looks amazing and ive heard some great reviews. why was this a movie you wanted to make?

edsanchez26 karma

Always wanted to make a film like EXORCIST. So I kind of made my own version, but with no exorcism, and much more sex, cussing and nudity!

BattleWizzard5 karma

I'm looking for a gringo by the name of Eduardo Sanchez.

edsanchez3 karma

That was hilarious. Loved that little cameo.

Pantheonofoak3 karma

Did you want to kick that map into the fucking river too?

edsanchez5 karma


MeatyOchre3 karma

Were Heather's boogers real, or SFX?
Sure looked real to me.
I know you were on a tight budget and all, but couldn't you give her a Kleenex or something?

edsanchez3 karma

Real boogers.