Eduardo Sánchez

most famous for co-directing and writing the 1999 psychological horror The Blair Witch Project with Daniel Myrick

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You're welcome!

Yeah, that was the way the film was meant to be seen, without knowing what the hell it was. Kind of ruined it that it got so damn big!

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I'm in mild shock that you guys are asking me questions!

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And I think I had to take a dump out there at one time, in the middle of the night, with no TP!

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Very sweet! That's the way the film was meant to be watched! On a TV by yourself.

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Yes, we definitely popularized it. There were a few before us but we really blew it up, didn't we!

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Not really. It was creepy as hell out there in those woods, though.

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They fought A LOT! We had to cut 75% out of the film and still had too much.

It did cause some turmoil among the actors. Both guys were annoyed at Heather. She was being really bossy. I told her to tone it down a bit.

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I think it's because BLAIR was just a once in a lifetime kind of event. I'm very proud to have been a part of it but I knew we'd never have that kind of success again.

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Yes! Mike, Josh and I are good friends.

Heather is my FB friend!

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