Hey! I was with Mr Gass for a spell...thus the "MrsKGass". Engaged. I flew back to Ohio to visit friends and was going to accompany my mom to the doctor's after finding out her cancer returned. So, not even 24hrs after being back in Ohio, Mr Gass texted me, told me "It wan't working" and that was the end! Weeeeeee! Met while he was touring with his side band Trainwreck. Was only technically paparazzi'd once, by TMZ. Handled it by walking quickly past the guy with the camera. Life changed for better by experiencing things most "normal" people never get to do. Changed for the worse by making me totally not believe in this bullshit emotion "love". Did attend many a red carpet/premier...treated great! Currently not dating...see previous answer. Also, tho...after giving everything up to move to start a new life...ya know, starting over with nothing really sucks ass. http://imgur.com/G8Wbv http://imgur.com/CLA1p http://imgur.com/L7lXC

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Would you say it was not the greatest relationship in the world, but just a tribute?

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'Twas the best relationship I have ever had with a celebrity.

MoederPoeder479 karma

I think you didn't really get the reference here...

[deleted]364 karma

I did get the reference. But I answered the question that was asked. I didn't know I was supposed to start spouting off lyrics, I honestly thought it was a real attempt from you to gain knowledge, worded cleverly.

sorry4partying615 karma

Do you think you still would've been attracted to him if he wasn't famous?

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What attracted me initially was the musical genius of the man. If it were possible for me to know of him without him having been famous, I honestly believe so. I'm really not a shallow person who loves based on appearance. I love the mind. I love having a connection with someone. Looks really don't matter a whole lot to me. If you'd seen some of my exes, you'd understand.

tophat_jones241 karma

I'm really not a shallow person who loves based on appearance.

That is fairly obvious...

[deleted]37 karma

Oh... c'mon now, don't... don't do that now, no, c'mon man..

kal0029458 karma

Can you provide a picture of you holding a sign saying something along the lines of "reddit, april 29, 2012, MrsKGass" with your face in the picture obviously. Just for better proof

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geoper379 karma

nice to see someone who understands the importance of proof.

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kal002929 karma

Hi to you too! Thanks.

[deleted]44 karma

Not a problem!

[deleted]86 karma

I certainly can! AND I WILL!!!

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In all honesty, they really are both great people. I wouldn't have traded my time with them for anything. The first time I met Jack he offered me a chicken burrito from El Pollo Loco, haha. Really both very nice, Kyle and I still talk every day, and we still visit...just not near the same as it was. But seriously, neither are self-obsessed or high on their own horses.

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He broke off your engagement out of the blue over text and you still talk every day?

I don't know if I could speak to a person again if they did that to me...

tortugas194 karma

I bet you would if it was KG.

[deleted]110 karma

I know I would. Relationship or not, you put in your time with the Rage Kage.

[deleted]30 karma

If Lee, could be, with me, and KG...

Luxieee69 karma

Right after finding out your moms cancer returned!?

doubleyoshi155 karma

Pulling a Gingrich.

ohgodwhatthe104 karma

Man Kyle really gingriched the OP

buckykat37 karma

I want this to be a word

[deleted]13 karma


Gingrich Verb/Adjective, the act of abandoning your extremely sick wife on her hospital bed while you fuck the shit out of your mistress, whom you later marry and cheat on with a third woman. Coined after serial adulterer/giant hypocrite Republican Newt Gingrich.

Person 1: Man, did you hear that Larry Gingriched his wife Cindy?

Person 2: Wait, you mean he cheated on her, married the mistress, then cheated on the mistress with a third woman?

Person 1: Yup. And poor Cindy was dying from brain cancer, too!

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To shreds you say? Oh, dear.

[deleted]87 karma

Kyle and I still talk every day

every day ??? I don't even talk to my mom that often.

[deleted]258 karma

I talk to my mom everyday, maybe you should connect with her more.

iaintjesus289 karma

But I've never even MET your mom. I'd call her if I knew her though. If she's as cool as you talking to her would be fun.

[deleted]62 karma

Can't help you with that one. You should meet her. She's b'dass.

puaCurveBall60 karma

Wait, you talk to your ex every day?

I don't talk to ANYONE everyday let alone exes... how does that work?

[deleted]83 karma

I'm chatty.

estragonsboot330 karma

is he as ripped as he looks, or does he only work out his glamour muscles?

[deleted]359 karma

No way, that physique is ALL HIM!

dafragsta227 karma

Was it from all the cock pushups?

confusedwithenglish43 karma

I was going to ask how many he could do.

[deleted]71 karma

Only one.

[deleted]297 karma

HEY I HAVE TO MAKE FOODSTUFFS FOR MY KIDLETS! I will hop back on soon as I can!!!

lol_u_so_kawaii60 karma

I want too.

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whoa this is weird I was just watching the D documentary where Kyle says you are the best girlfriend he ever had. There is a part in that documentary where Kyle is talking to a bunch of people after a Trainwreck show and he is saying how he does Tenacious D just for the money (I think he calls it the 'money gig') and Trainwreck is where he has his fun. Is this true?

[deleted]280 karma

Huh. I was totally unaware of this documentary. In fact, I would be greatly surprised if I were the girlfriend he were referencing. But, Kyle has almost always had side projects...both for the love of music, and for keeping busy while Jack was busy. But if you feel like visiting youtube...check out marty schwartz kyle gass. I can guarantee that he is talking about me in this video.

throway38920487157 karma

Oh really!?! Is this not you at 2.26 in this video? Sorry if I am mistaken http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TZTaKAx-A3k

[deleted]354 karma

(But at least now I think I know where the boxes of red hair dye came from that was returned to me amongst my other possessions.)

throway38920487295 karma

wow now I feel like a total dick, I am sorry I'll just disappear back into the internet now

[deleted]229 karma

Honest question...not dickish at all!

[deleted]208 karma

Haha yeah...as I suspected...so not me.

throway38920487115 karma

Yikes I am terribly sorry, seems Kyle has a thing for Redheads!

[deleted]364 karma

Kyle has a thing for females. :)

krobs12123 karma

So do quite a lot of males. :f

dlefnemulb_rima236 karma

and the award for the most awkward AMA goes to...

gutspuken215 karma

...Woody Harrelson, for his prom date-rape question! Congradulations Woody. Sorry, Kyle Gass' Ex, you were so close!

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i hope your mom is ok

[deleted]152 karma

She's much better now. Thanks!!!

Frajer233 karma

Did Kyle ever feel like a sidekick that you know of? Was he jealous at all of Jack?

[deleted]410 karma

Absolutely, he has insecurity issues. However Jack really does, too. I have only seen them perform once, a small (maybe 6 song?) set before the That Dog show at the Troubadour and they were both total bundles of nerves. And quite honestly that trait really endeared them to me.

TheMeatball246 karma

That's really funny. I mean, I understand that most people, even bigtime musicians, get nervous. It's understandable. Tenacious D is all about the over-the-top confidence, so it's funny to imagine them getting nervous then going out there and singing about how they're the greatest band ever and whatnot.

Loneytunes143 karma

How much you wanna bet that started as a way to alleviate nerves? If they go out and suck it's funny that they are claiming to be the best.

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It saddens me to read that KG wasn't man enough to break up with you in person, did it via TEXT MESSAGE, and furthermore did so right when you were helping your mom with her cancer return. That's a super shitty, especially since you were engaged to him. What a bitch KG is.

Having said that, even though I no longer respect KG as a person, I will still listen the D all the time. (And by all the time, I mean occasionally.)

deemo144 karma

What was the reasoning for "it wasn't working"? That's some bad grammar I just did there.

[deleted]405 karma

"he wasn't happy". That's what I got. However, through some therapy sessions and serious conversations, it seems he wants the security of a relationship with the freedom of no relationship. I'm too old-fashioned for such a notion.

koolaidface108 karma

Your responses are quite refreshing compared to the other non-celebrity who supposedly dated a celebrity. Thanks for doing this.

Shey167 karma


[deleted]16 karma

At least it wasn't for some really stupid reason or completely unexplained.

ladorne132 karma

What were some of the things that "normal" people don't get to do, but you did?

[deleted]253 karma

Attend Red Carpets, get VIP access to shows, and I went to the Oscar gifting yay! Blows my mind that celebrities...the very people who can honestly afford luxuries, get these things shoved down their throats.

nimeisel125 karma

After experiencing what it is like to be with a famous man, would you chose to be a celebrity?

[deleted]207 karma

Yowza. I really don't know. I have experienced how crazy it is, just by proxy...and it's fun, a real adrenaline rush when people recognize you. But I really liked the fact that I was a behind-the-sceen-er, and could disappear into the crowd at any given moment. I honestly don't think I can answer that question right now, as it would probably involve a pro/con list and some serious serious soul-searching.


Wow this is super awesome. How often does he practice guitar?

[deleted]180 karma

Almost everyday, seriously. There are various guitars strewn about his house, along with some recorders and flutes. When the mood strikes...he plays.

PissBlasta146 karma

So, it really is Kyle playing flute on the new album?

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FranklinFox109 karma

What was he like in bed?

[deleted]294 karma

AMAA. That one's not going to get many details, save the fact that he's one of three men who've given me an orgasm. I'm a pretty tough safe to crack. He did it. :)

mynameispeter96 karma

How did you and Kage meet? Also thank you for doing this AAMA.

[deleted]281 karma

You are most welcome! I had been a fan of the D for ages. I found out Kyle was going to be at my favorite local bar with his band Trainwreck (now defunct). I went. I saw. I conquered. Temporarily.

bkdrummer70 karma

Did you ever meet any other cool/a-hole celebs through him? Stories?

[deleted]157 karma

Through Kyle I met Jack, of course. Umm...Dave Grohl! Val Kilmer! Danny McBride!

[deleted]167 karma

Oh, Val was on the set of The Roadie video shoot. He is campaigning against Betty White. Apparently, Betty White is a crack whore and used her drug money to buy off the Grammy judges and got the award he should have received, and apparently she was also fellating the judges backstage. Total heresay.

bkdrummer37 karma

...and what? That doesn't make any sense at all... but who knows...

[deleted]116 karma

He was simply trying to convince me to join the Anti-Betty-White side with him. Sorry if it doesn't make sense...I never claimed to understand. I am simply reiterating.

bkdrummer55 karma

Dave Grohl is my absolute man-crush. I have heard that he is super chill as well... REALLY REALLY jealous of that one! Thanks for the answer!

[deleted]38 karma

I aim to please!

PissBlasta29 karma

AND LEE!! You can't forget Lee! You did meet Lee, right?

Edit: LEE!

[deleted]58 karma

Yeah, I did meet Lee. Aka JR. He was the lead singer of Trainwreck.

getzall20 karma

What is Danny like? It's really hard for me to shake him as Kenny Powers.

[deleted]36 karma

Danny is awesome. I first met him at the Eastbound and Down series premier, then a few days later he was at the Roadie video shoot. He plays the part of the roadie, and it is too funny.

ElAvestruz55 karma

I don't have a question. I just wanted to tell you you're very pretty. runs away giggling

[deleted]39 karma

I think you are adorable. Just for the running away giggling bit.

rand0ml3tt3rs51 karma

Do you want to give a bit of a slap to that red haired chick?

[deleted]119 karma

No. Pretty certain she was pre-me. Even if she was during my time with Kyle...I sure wouldn't blame her. I am sure she knew as much about me as I knew about her. (Sorry, was answering and cooking simultaneously. The food was awesome, I think we know where my attention was lacking.)

kempo66650 karma

Did he mind sucking on toes?

xMalnutrition29 karma

Now you're talking double team.

Ohgodwhatisthisidont43 karma

What was his pad like? Swanky or normal?

[deleted]91 karma

He lived in an apartment forever...just bought a house towards the end of our relationship. The house is truly a compound...house, carriage house, tiny little shack house, garage, garage with an apartment over it. Nice! But being from Ohio, I have seen nicer property at a much lower price that the $850,000 he paid. However...no ocean beach in Ohio.

Griffay36 karma

Are you living in Ohio now? Was it a difficult adjustment to go back to life after dating him?


[deleted]76 karma

Back in Ohio...and yes, very hard.

Griffay18 karma

I'm in Ohio too, and my red is bottle too, so hey that's awesome! Might I ask what big city you're in/near?

[deleted]39 karma


Siriuslypro11 karma

A fellow toledo resident?!

[deleted]21 karma

Not technically Toledo...but I say close enough! I grew up in Toledo...it will forever be my home. :)

TxDank9335 karma

Did you ever go to any hollywood/LA area mansion parties, and or go too Jack Blacks home ? If so please describe ?

edit: Thanks and No problem! I could just imagine rolling up to some insanely rich producers all glass home with his ferrari and bentley parked in the driveway .

[deleted]77 karma

I went to an awesome New Year's party at a mansion that was all glass. It was incredible. I never went to Jack's house, and I am sad about that. But he lives quite a drive away from Kyle, and the time I lived out there Jack was still pretty busy filming and wasn't home very often. I know that's not very descriptive. Sorry. :(

spurton35 karma

This will probably get buried but... I think I met you when Train Wreck played in Bakersfield CA about 5 years ago. I remember you because you hung out with my wife a bit at the bar. She was pregnant with my son and Kyle signed her belly "lil Kyle". Not sure if you remember that or not.

[deleted]13 karma

I cannot remember that, as I didn't know them five years ago. This is only year three.

[deleted]33 karma

Where do you find these celebrities?!

[deleted]47 karma

Haha...they're around! I used to attend horror conventions like a fiend and met so many "famous" people through those. I met Kyle in Toledo at my favorite bar. Kyle and Jack had somewhat of an Ohio connection already established, though, through John Spiker, John Konesky, and Nate Rothacker.

lnternetToughGuy29 karma

You're far to hot for him. Shit claim.

[deleted]21 karma

Wow, that was pretty sweet from the InternetToughGuy...!

[deleted]21 karma

I actually must do things NOT in front of my computer, now. Thanks to all of you who enjoyed me, and who helped me to enjoy this experience. Those of you who were dicks...suck my ass, it smells. (And no, my ass does not smell. It's GG Allin, scum fuck.)

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[deleted]9 karma

Did you have any terrible encounters with his fans?

[deleted]7 karma

Hello! Thank you for doing such a complete, courteous and well done AMA. What was it like being at these red-carpet events? Did you and the other "normal" people kind-of wallflower it, and let the celebrities have the show, or was it like a relaxed, normal event once you inside? What sort of free stuff do they really give famous people? And as someone dealing with the ending of a 4-year relationship I thought would end in marriage... how the heck do you go back to feeling OK? Thanks again for the AMA, you are very pretty!