Hey reddit my name's Sam Mackay, I was in the opening scene of GOT episode 4 Season 2 (the one with the helmet) No idea if this will be of any interest to anyone as I'm no huge name or anything but hey...if ya pop a question my way I'll do my best to give an answer! Hope you're enjoying the second series as much as I am!


update: it's 4am here and I'm up for rehearsals for something else at 7.15! Gonna catch some sleep, having far too much fun, I will absolutely return to answer any questions you may have in the morning and in my breaks .Stay awesome Reddit and thanks to those who've already commented!

new update: back from rehearsals and overwhelmed by the amount of questions and comments, sorry for the late replies but I shall crack on and do my best to answer as many as possible thanks for giving a shizbit...you guys are aaaaalright

latest update: Just wanted to offer a healthy portion of thank you to all those who contributed to this AMA,if there are any late comers I'll still do my best to answer any stray questions. I had an excessive amount of fun as well as being warmed to the cockles by much of your kind rhetoric. Hope to report back again at sometime if it's of any interest. Thanks again. Sam

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wasteddan220 karma

Are you afraid of being type-casted as the "fart guy"?

Loved that scene by the way.

uncalled4aggression164 karma

To be honest I'm just waiting for a sequel to "Thunderpants" I'm pretty sure that there's heavy demand for it.

p.s thank you I'm genuinely really glad you enjoyed it.

skyblue9070 karma

Would you rather play Terrance or Philip if they ever made a live-action movie?

uncalled4aggression45 karma

First of all I'd need to know it was going to be done in good taste, then I'd toss the directors salad in order to ensure I could play both.

Spartapug175 karma

Was the fart directed at you or just your general direction?

uncalled4aggression301 karma

When David Fynn farts...it's in all our directions

Swaha73 karma

Also, does your father smell of elderberries?

uncalled4aggression31 karma

No but I saw a shrubbery once

Jakob817889 karma

a nice one? with a little fence?

uncalled4aggression15 karma


Shabe94 karma

Since you were on set and all, what sort of baby gift did you get for Melisandre and that thing that crawled out of her womb? Did all the knights pitch in for a diaper genie or something?

uncalled4aggression364 karma

5 therapy sessions and a Pilates DVD

junkington62 karma

I like you.

uncalled4aggression16 karma

I am like you

blobbohen90 karma

Please describe how you got into character for this. Did you draw on your past experiences by means of method acting? Did you reflect on famous historical figures from the past and how they coped with their gas-based plights? How many takes had to be done before the scene was truly performed to the satisfaction of the director? Was George R.R. Martin on site to give his perspective of how the scene should be done?

Inquiring minds desire to know, good sir.

uncalled4aggression156 karma

Sir Blob life was hard in the weeks leading to the shoot, in truth I was regretting requesting my dear friend to coax me into surprise subjections of pungent gas from his rancid buttocks at any given time...there were times I wondered if it was all worth it but I'm told practise makes perfect and that seemed like sound advice. I think it's safe to say when I came to set I felt prepared. What I hadn't catered for was the large portions of chili con carne on offer to the actors back at our trailers. It was a dark and nauseating 7 hours shooting a scene alongside that kind of warm wafting stench, but I made it and am stronger for it. George wasn't there but if he was...I'm pretty sure he'd have said, "wait a minute...I didn't write this?"

good day sir

ianfw617145 karma

I think you mean "Ser"

uncalled4aggression134 karma

have an up vote for presumably reading the books or just seeing a cast list somewhere!

blobbohen41 karma

Your extraordinary response places you in the annals of acting history on a level equal to or greater than Marlon Brando. I thank you and fully endorse you for the part of Smaug in the upcoming Hobbit movie, not only for the voice but for the physical playing of the character as well.

uncalled4aggression65 karma

I fully endorse you for a career in casting major movies...give me a message when you get to the top and help a man out!

grothsauce79 karma

A homeless lady pooped at me in san francisco. We're practically brothers!!!

uncalled4aggression242 karma

I'm afraid such tussles with others secretions have no baring on our racial makeup but I hope you did the honorable thing and married that lady

jerry11151 karma

What are the chances you survived the ensuing battle?

uncalled4aggression153 karma

with 5 of ours dead to every one of theirs I'm going to say pretty frickin' slim!

TheMasque50 karma

Your armour was really cool and intricate, about as awesome as the kings guard armour. Why was yours so good when the dude who farted on you looked like a pestilent nights watch guy?

uncalled4aggression135 karma

Spoiler To be honest he needed to be easily recognisable for the next shot where he's seen with his guts hanging out. (Hence his helmet being on the floor) To lie to you it's because they thought I was so badass I deserved a cloak.

TheMasque36 karma

Did it feel good to wear it? Also how much did they pay you?

uncalled4aggression131 karma

Hell yeh it felt awesome. It was my TV debut having spent most of my time in theatre and you can't help but feel the grandeur, especially with a sword at your hip. I couldn't reveal the payment but the Lannisters are stingier than they give themselves credit for, good thing HBO covered it.

uncalled4aggression79 karma

mind you I will add after 7 hours striding through wet mud and horse cack up to your shins that cloak became ridiculously sodden and therefore heavy, at that point you start to feel more like a disgruntled geriatric!

melancholymelon21 karma

horse cack you say?well i know where your from. Where in northern ireland was it shot?

uncalled4aggression16 karma

About 15minutes just outside belfast, HBO shot a vast amount in the surrounding countryside...it's epic I tells ya!

challengereality49 karma

Sam (may I call you Sam? I feel we're at that stage in our friendship), you are really frikkin funny. I thoroughly enjoyed reading this, and am living vicariously through you right now.

So, what's next for ya, career-wise? You mentioned you were primarily a stage actor, do you want to do more film/tv? Also, how did you end up getting cast in the first place?

uncalled4aggression55 karma

But of course,call me whatever the heck you want we're practically family. Well in between acting jobs I also actually dance and am writing this from a corner of rehearsal for the Britains got talent finals as we speak (don't worry-not as an act,I'm backing for some of the "performers")

Im pretty tired so if you can start living my life physically for the next hour or so I'd really appreciate it! Glad you enjoyed the AMA

Tasty-Kitties45 karma

Proof please.

uncalled4aggression77 karma

The scent of that fart was like a mixture of turgid disease ridden baboon and "the dudes" sandals...only I would know that...seriously though how do I go about verification?

FirstLongTimeTime27 karma

Simple. Take a photo of your mugshot holding up a sign saying something along the lines of "(blah) (blah) (blah) REDDIT 4/23/2012"

uncalled4aggression151 karma

here ya go proof


You have a beautifully shaped nose.

uncalled4aggression50 karma

it is a crooked and dank place

SirFappleton18 karma

I demand posts in /r/gonewild or gtfo

uncalled4aggression5 karma

Me too...oh wait...you...you mean...you want to jangle your wangle stick over... I'm gonna move on to the next question and just take this as a hormone induced compliment.

sniffles_snort11 karma

Are you British? (24/4/2012)

uncalled4aggression82 karma


Cdeco37 karma

One of the best AMA's I have ever read! Thanks for doing it!

uncalled4aggression50 karma

Charmed,glad to be of service,hopefully one day I'll return with more wonderful flatulant or film related fun

rena198735 karma


rena198712 karma

sorry for that:(

uncalled4aggression58 karma

Hey never apologise for farting, for every fart brings a smile to a childs face somewhere

rena198710 karma

HA!HA!HA! My girl is 4 so yeah farts are awesome to her:) your comment definitely just gave me a huge one C:

uncalled4aggression79 karma

I recommend a cold shower

ImNotABabyPanda34 karma

Had you ever been more turned on?

uncalled4aggression129 karma

the cod piece came in handy

jeh239833 karma

Why were you talking about Renly's private life? How did you know that he prefers the company of men?

uncalled4aggression77 karma

From our point of view it was one of those jibes between friends poking fun at a figurehead who rumours were abound about not that there was any significant proof yet to back it up. Hearsay suggested they were often with each other and Renly was a bit wet in our eyes so the natural progression from two laddish lowly guards was that they must be "gayers" . Valid question though considering the point in time we were at with the previous episode

peon4717 karma

But what were the two characters discussing? You just seemed to be naming famous knights.

My flatmate and I speculated that you were putting together a "Fantasy Football Team" for the Kingsguard.

ahhwell9 karma

Seemed to me they were discussing who would win in a one on one fight.

uncalled4aggression14 karma

We have a winner! Give yourself a pat and then see what it leads to

The_Rat_Cook30 karma

How does it feel to be a dirty Lannister?

uncalled4aggression204 karma

I must admit reading the books I felt really conflicted wanting to be anything but a snidy Lannister but damn...you're right I felt dirty in that chest plate...good dirty. Dirty like a nun who just got caught on pornhub by Sister Geraldine....but Geraldine tells her to keep watching

MaliciousH20 karma

I look at it this way... the Lannister's foot troops seems somewhat human now! Chances are most of them rather be with some tavern whore back in Lannisport than hacking at some wolves, even though he might of hated wolves.

uncalled4aggression36 karma

Absolutely, to be frank we were two guards way down the pecking order who were always given the shitty jobs...watching the horses,tending to the long drops etc which is why Rennick frequently pulled such tricks on me. The prick

creepy_cousin24 karma

How did you go about being cast into the role?

uncalled4aggression131 karma

it was a 97 man Royal Rumble and the runner up got the part

little-snot-goblin24 karma

You're cute. Well done.

uncalled4aggression68 karma

You're snotty and I don't hate you for it one bit

seantree42023 karma

What it like to have your face eaten by a direwolf?

uncalled4aggression56 karma

how do you know I got eaten?

turtlemouse21 karma

If you had your choice of the lot, which Game of Thrones character would you choose to fart on you next?

uncalled4aggression214 karma

I'd say Cersei but I'd be worried about receiving a little deposit of Jaime love porridge on my boots...too much?

Frajer20 karma

What is Peter Dinklage like?

uncalled4aggression195 karma

Unfortunately he wasn't on set when I was there but for the sake of this AMA I'm going to put it out there that I caught him wrestling a bear with his bare hands and let's just say he now owns a lovely new rug

German_Jerky20 karma


uncalled4aggression13 karma

What these guys said...our wolf was entirely CGI we just had some dude chucking a bit of furry material about...horrifying stuff

NewDrekSilver15 karma

Which major characters did you get to meet? I'd imagine Robb Stark, any others?

uncalled4aggression41 karma

pretty much just Robb in the back of the car back from set. Nice bloke, chilled out, had been sitting waiting to go on set for a good 4 hours. Maisie Williams was apparently about but they seemed to keep the younger actors away until definitely needed. Can't remember for the life of me who but we were told there was a band who were big fans of the show who came on set to watch us while we filmed it but can't remember for the life of me who it was, if I remember I'll say...It was the weekend of the Music awards in Belfast so was busy about!

Dantastic1215 karma

Did you take anything as a keepsake?

uncalled4aggression73 karma

I was desperate to nick anything to be honest but someone literally stripped all the stuff off of me back in the trailer...this is no way near as sexy as it sounds

Iamien13 karma

were they at least of your gender of preference?

uncalled4aggression17 karma

There were two of them one male one female and after they were done with me I was left alone in my trailer feeling confused,vunerable and robbed of all dignity. It was then that I discovered the tools I need to play Keith Chegwin in his surely impending biopic

iorgfeflkd12 karma

What the fuck was with that smoke demon birthing scene?

uncalled4aggression48 karma

a large side portion of evil

Luckrider11 karma

I can't believe nobody has asked you this yet: Have you watched the show previous to being cast for the "Being Farted At" role? Have you read the books?

I must admit, I just re-watched the opening a few times, and even tried to catch a glimpse of your face under the helmet, but it is a bit hard with the way they open.

uncalled4aggression42 karma

I know I was a little gutted with the helmet situation and there was some mixed decisions as to wether to keep it or not between costume and directors but cant complain, was still awesome and hey, it made sense to my character to have it on while it was peeing it down?! (Rennick was sat drenched through like a soggy dog)

I'd seen some of the first series and really enjoyed it and knew most of my friends were massive fans of the show so once I got the part I then sat down with the books to read up until the part we were in so I had a feel for what was going on and the background info as well as watching the full series and loved both. Needless to say I was giddy as heck flying over to film it!

arodmoney10 karma

How many takes did it take you?

uncalled4aggression30 karma

honestly not a clue it was such a fun and surreal experience,we were on set for 7 hours with various complications including keeping the fire under the rain machines etc they shot it lots of times from different angles within that evening and chopped and changed between takes for the final edit. We then had to go in and do some voice dubbing as I believe the rain interfered with the mics a bit.

greatwood8 karma

In the coming Zombie Apocalypse, who will you team up with and what would your weapons be?

uncalled4aggression62 karma

ah s**t is this really happening?...erm I guess I'd team up with my best mate Noah, sure I could come up with a comedy answer but really and truly who else would I trust to have my back (plus he's mixed race so according to the movies I'd have a better survival rate with him about) weapon wise David Fynn's anus (the other actor in the scene) a USAS (pre-nerf on BF3) and some bad ass one liners.

colmos7 karma

Was watching this exact scene when I saw your AMA Kewl armor

uncalled4aggression18 karma

marvellous timing, hope you enjoyed

kragmoor6 karma

so is mellisandres vagina this "night" thing everyone is on about, you the dark terrifying thing

uncalled4aggression84 karma

lets just say it's not just winter that is coming. ahhh yehhh

Tojb6 karma

How did you get a part on GoT?

uncalled4aggression14 karma

I guess I should answer one of these seriously, I have an acting agent who receives a break down from casting directors telling him what type of person they are looking for. He then decides who of his clients he wishes to send for that role. He sends them our headshot/picture and CV and they decide if they want to see us or not. Then if they do they arrange a time for an audition and send through the necessary sides/script (in this case the scene I was a part of) . Upon arriving we usually have a short chat before performing the scene with them or another actor/actress and they record it, possibly giving direction to see how you cope with what they throw at you . They then send the video to the director and decide who to recall and so it repeats until they decide that they have who they want and make a formal offer. In this instance however I did one audition in which I actually played the gassier of the pair and then upon receiving the offer I had been switched to the other part. Think that pretty much covers it.

Good Day

InfernalWedgie6 karma

I must admit, I marveled at the power of your flatus during the opening scene. The sound editors captured it perfectly. So exactly where did they place the microphones when you were filming?

uncalled4aggression45 karma

afraid you appear to have mis-read the title Mr Wedgie, I was but a victim of that dreadful draft

Jjikda5 karma

That was one of my favourite openings, nicely done.

uncalled4aggression16 karma

That's awesome to hear I can't begin to tell you what a pleasure it was to be a part of and glad it was enjoyed by someone with impeccably good taste in sophisticated humour!

ciaran0364 karma

Are you on set in Northern Ireland? If so, how are you finding NI?

uncalled4aggression8 karma

Had a wonderful time in N.I, we filmed it the end of last year just before the MTV EMA weekend. Was a real buzz about the place at the time and managed to fit in a good ol Northern Irish knees up with some of the friendliest folk I've encountered. A great band playing traditional tunes to a chorus of perfectly intoxicated pub dwellers. Left with a cheshire smile and spirits higher than Miley Cyrus in Amsterdam. Cracking

pHyR34 karma

How did it smell?

uncalled4aggression16 karma

Like the putrid wishes of hells under-carriage

_lastly_4 karma

I love how you speak! The vernacular reminds me of reading Trainspotting.

High five!

uncalled4aggression5 karma

right back atcha

Mental_octo3 karma

Would you be involved in other episodes?

uncalled4aggression30 karma

Unfortunately not,perhaps if enough people write to George requesting more of the fart victims story he'll get onto writing a new book on him...any suggestions for a title?


Not even as another extra? I always assumed they just recycled the extras.

uncalled4aggression22 karma

Well excuuuuuse me Ser! I'll have you know I was no extra!ha but seroiously the extras are re-used.It would be bit hard to buy into the story if actors with lines kept popping up as different characters from various houses though!

TheBIGSUMO3 karma


uncalled4aggression12 karma

Ha afraid not though that is pretty much exactly the process they will have gone through.... prup "no" ...pwwwwwwwwwwwp..."no" ...sssssss... "absolutely not" "Bffff" "ha, no" ....hhhhhh "jeez someone needs to do some buttock clenches I could barely even hear that one".... BrrrrPah "GOT IT!"

worst_grammar_ever3 karma

Who farted on you? I haven't seen this episode yet.

uncalled4aggression33 karma

Ghandi but it had nothing to do with this episode.

Godfodder3 karma

I love AMA's like this. Just love them.

uncalled4aggression3 karma

why thank you, you and me both!

sporkasaurus3 karma

Is this going to be your story for dinner parties from now on?

uncalled4aggression17 karma

I'm somewhat hoping this won't be the last work I ever do!And I insist on trying to live life with more interesting stories than being parped at on telly, maybe I'm hoping for too much!

foxlockbox2 karma

So how long did it tak to operate your guts back in? Did Robb hold your shoulder during it?

uncalled4aggression24 karma

Robb was a bit of an arsehole about the whole thing to be honest, I told him he needed to put his pet down or at least get a leash...he farted and departed.

jizzabellektw2 karma

Is there a chance you will be given a larger role depending on your popularity on this AMA?

Also; will you be in any more and/or bigger roles in the near future?

uncalled4aggression3 karma

if only! Plenty of auditions on the horizon for more roles in other productions and shows it's just all about patience and working hard to earn that golden opportunity!