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I was drunk once and... yeah, lost 1/2 of my friends and I'm sure removed from timeline by the rest.

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You said above you only had 2 VIP rooms. Yet here you said there were 3 people each with their own VIP room.

Please explain.

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Why do people who buy luxury cars and live in areas with snow never put snow tires on their cars?

Having a very fancy car that lacks traction at all seems like putting the cart before the horse.

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Are there any key visual differences between the victim and the suspect's floors beyond unit numbers? Different welcome mats, paint color, carpet, etc....

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Why has Godaddy made managing domains, it's core business, convoluted to achieve?

Go to the homepage, login, click my products, quicksearch for domain name to edit, hit launch, click through a page nagging about upcoming expirations, have to research for the domain because the expiration notice interrupted the workflow, click manage, pause for a second to determine if what you want to edit is in the zone file or if it is a special record that GoDaddy has decided is too important to be allowed in the normal zonefile editor, make changes, go back to the special record area as apparently you were wrong about it being a "special" record type' and then finally make the changes.

I'm working on convincing my company to move. Editing dns entries should me a one-minute affair(3 steps or so), not a three-minute affair with 7-8 steps.

Most customers thankfully use my companies nameservers, for those with complex dns though, you guys make it unnecessarily complicated.