My brothers and I are 23 years old. We don't just have similar physical characteristics, we also have very similar personalities, HOWEVER, we have very distinctive qualities as well. And to answer right now, the lady in the picture is my mom.

Here are other pictures of us, a younger picture. The order is Mike, Mitch, Matt in the first link. Mitch, Matt, Mike for the other

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midnightclimax448 karma

Mom's a fox, broski

Thediepend528 karma

we get that a lot T_T

your_nagging_aunt419 karma

Non identical triplet here, my army is not nearly as well maintained as yours

Thediepend246 karma

Trust me, the army we had was an every-man for himself kind of deal. We did a lot of growing up since then, I'm sure you have your own army. If not now, you will

I_Am_Jacques331 karma

I have a couple questions.

1) Have you ever taken the place of one of your brothers? (or vice versa)

2) How often do you all dress alike?

3) Ever consider doing a badass sketch comedy show/sitcom?


Thediepend406 karma

1) Yes, multiple times with classes during high school. Never in college though 2) We rarely dress alike, but when we do, it's usually out of mistake. Which happens a lot more often than we would like. We make sure that it doesn't happen by asking what each other is wearing sometimes. 3)We have done a commercial for Oster hair clippers lol. I've always wondered if we could ever amount to a comedy show, but never really looked for an opportunity.

and you're welcome!

DevouredxZombie270 karma

Has either one of your girlfriends mistaken one for the other & cause a sexy mistake?

Thediepend436 karma

never, even if any of our girlfriends did make a mistake like that, the three of us would never do anything that could cause potential problems.

DevouredxZombie183 karma

Question number 2. Is there the slightest bit of truth in a twin can maybe know what the other is thinking?

Thediepend434 karma

haha we have moments where we say the same exact thing at the same time quite frequently. I know that doesn't sound too impressive, but we say it in the same tone, same volume, and same length.

We also share the same dreams too. THis is rare though, it happened like 5 times within the last 3 years.

We cannot feel each others pain though, however, we can pick up on each others emotions and feelings almost instantly.

DevouredxZombie139 karma

That's crazy. Is it hard to know which one of you guys is which?

Thediepend252 karma

currently? A little bit (According to friends) But there are some differences. I am the most athletic brother, so I have a slightly bigger frame than the other 2. The youngest is the tallest by 1 cm... that's not too helpful. And the middle brother has a larger forehead from an accident he had when he was a baby.

SurpriseButtSexer307 karma

You say accident... i'm watching you

Thediepend223 karma

haha i truly was an accident. A photographer left the middle brother on a counter (while he was a baby) with no support and he ended up falling off the counter. It caused substantial injury to him, and actually reformed his head (since a baby's skull is not completely developed at that age)

Clovyn241 karma

Ever pull a time-traveler prank on someone? "I'm you from the future!" etc..

Thediepend674 karma

not a traveling prank but a teleport trick. We all used to work at the same job at once, and what ever a customer asked of us, we would have another on stand by to take care of the request (we were servers at a restaurant) we made a lot of tips that way.

trpv1226 karma

Have you ever mistaken one brother for the other? I would imagine it would be pretty easy to do, although on the other hand no one would know the differences between you better than you.

Thediepend440 karma

Honestly, I can tell them apart 50 yards away, while they are facing the opposite direction. It's not so much the physical difference that makes it easy to tell who is who (although you're right, it is easy for us) but the personality behind the way they present themselves shown physically... that sounds weird, but I hope you understand what I mean.

FridayNightSargin143 karma

How are you all different in terms of personality?

Thediepend546 karma

I am the more social triplet. I like to be around people and be more outgoing. I am much more aggressive than the other two. I tend to be the more vain triplet. I am also viewed more as a leader (not within the brother domain but more so in the outside environment). I am much more short tempered.

The middle triplet is more about constructive thought, he is the most intelligent out of the three of us ( Even though we are all pretty intelligent), he is much more laid back and goofier than the two of us. He is more serious in academics though. He also expresses his emotions and feelings much better. He is not a push over like the two of us could be. Also, he can befriend just about anyone because of his social skills

THe last triplet is the analytical thinker. He dissects any idea or thought. He is a lot more passive than the two of us. He asks why and not how. He used to be the shy one but that doesnt really apply anymore. He has a good heart and always looks at the best side of people. Among the brothers, he is the most logical and well spoken. He is also a people pleaser which has gotten him in trouble a few times

There is a lot more I can write about, but this is probably the most general list

manifest3r193 karma

This will probably get buried, but fellow triplet here!

I've only met one other sets of triplets where there were all guys, normally one is a male/female while the other two are the opposite gender. We were a natural set too, mom didn't take any fertility drugs or anything.

Thediepend11 karma

OH DANG! What's up fellow identical triplet?

TropicalDictator183 karma

Have any good stories to share?

Thediepend760 karma

Of course, I have oodles.

One of the best stories I have is when the three of us banded together after we were called racial slurs (We are half Chinese). It started off with me being ridiculed by a pair of douche bags which quickly escalated to physical assault. I was out numbered, but out of no where, I see my brother running to help me. He sucker punched one of the guys and pulled the other guy off of me. Then all of a sudden, our other brother jumps out from a crowd of onlookers and went for the guy who was punched. I regained myself and joined in.

Even though i was alone in the first place, my brothers came right away (which they found out through a friend). I have my own army, it's great.

your_nagging_aunt874 karma

Imagine what those dudes must have thought, beating you up, then getting sucker punched by you from behind. Then you jump out of a crowd and finish the fight.

Thediepend475 karma

We were trying to make them see double so they thought they were being attacked by six of the same people... that would have been a hoot.

derezzeduser190 karma

Upvotes for Fighting with Family and the word oodles.

Thediepend143 karma

well thank you, i appreciate that. Upvote for you too

ZK-ZZZ180 karma

Who's the evil one?

Thediepend774 karma

none of us are. Although, I am the original copy. They are the clones.

midnightclimax173 karma

Do you guys like graphic tees?

Thediepend210 karma

There was a time when we all had a problem... We are no longer into graphic tees needless to say.

catherinewhatisthis158 karma

proof? I love seeing pictures of multiples.

Thediepend151 karma

No problem, I will attach it as a link to the text box. One second

catherinewhatisthis427 karma

You guys are so super cute. Oh my ovaries.

Thediepend300 karma

I am sorry about your ovaries!

catherinewhatisthis221 karma

Please, don't be. :3

Thediepend137 karma

bahah okay then!

USMCsniper120 karma

kid in brown tshirt is most handsome

Thediepend131 karma

I will be sure to tell him that!

IAmIntergalactic116 karma

If offered the right price, would you three ever consider making a porno? What would that price be?

Thediepend169 karma sounds like you're part of the porn industry... but I would not shoot a porno with brothers. I couldn't.

IAmIntergalactic152 karma

Not even to the sounds of...1 million dollars?

Thediepend194 karma

nah, our values are worth much more than that.

maaaze33 karma

Much more? $5 million sound good?

Thediepend95 karma

meh, im sure it would be tempting if the opportunity was true, but i stick with a hard nah

Poppycorn102 karma

To your knowledge, how common is this?

Thediepend327 karma

in our case, we are 1 in 4 million. We are natural triplets, not fertility drugs or anything. The state we live in has a recorded 3 sets of identical triplets. WE are the oldest set

mishtram98 karma

I've always wondered this about identical twins (or in this case, triplets). Does it annoy you when we get your names confused?

Also, do you consider yourself better looking that the others, or exactly the same?

Thediepend163 karma

at first the three of us couldn't stand being called the wrong name. But that was while we were younger. Getting upset about being called the wrong name didn't help people tell us apart. It happens on a daily basis, by that, I mean about 5-10 times a day. We accept the fact that people cannot tell us apart and we really do not blame them. So we just politely reply with the correct name.

And we never consider ourselves more attractive than one another, although we do receive a lot of feedback pertaining to who is the most attractive. And it really depends on who says it, a lot of people like my more athletic body (in comparison to the others) while other people like my brothers' facial structure better or something.

hausehunter196 karma

You don't have to reveal your name(s)/identities but just curious if your parents gave you each completely different names or went the route of Harry, Larry, and Gary?

Thediepend208 karma

I was trying to avoid names but I will give them out. My name is Michael, the middle is Mitchell, and the right one is Matthew. So yes, we all have similar names and we dont appreciate it lol

Madrical78 karma

How do we know you're doing this AMA, and not one of your brothers? ಠ_ಠ

Thediepend139 karma

its all me. But if my brothers were answering, it would be the same answers

chrisq51878 karma

Were you in the same class as your brothers a lot growing up? How did the fact that you were all the same age affect your friendships with the other kids at school?

Thediepend163 karma

Yes, almost every class actually up until 6th grade. There have been a few times where we were forced to have separate home rooms (out of teacher's request) so no one would get confused. We were also forced to where name tags at one point.

Being the same age as each other really hasn't affected our friend-making skills. It actually brought more attention to us. We did have a lot of mutual friends, but we also had a lot of separate friends. Being the same age did have one negative affect though, we never had individual birthdays. It was always one massive party which didn't seem like a special day for the sake of individuality.

Flinkpamingoes66 karma

Were you raised in a Christian household?

Thediepend229 karma

yes and no. My father is Buddhist, my mother is Christian. All three of us chose Christianity as religious views. But we gained values through both religions

bed_head66 karma


Thediepend203 karma

We've switched classes multiple times in high school. Sometimes even taken test for one another. I was really good with some subjects, while the other two had their own perks in different subjects

how_lucky_can_u_get50 karma

whats the craziest story about you three doing/ being somewhere together?

Thediepend142 karma

The craziest story of us doing together was probably being called by some sort of agent, asking us if we wanted to do a commercial for Oster products. So we did a 38 second commercial that took us 2 days to film.

We were 8 years old and the other actors in the commercial was Ben Stein and the dirt-devil lady.

Deksloc43 karma

Are the other two on Reddit too?

Thediepend95 karma

they are. I'm sure they'll notice this in a couple minutes

[deleted]40 karma


Thediepend75 karma

I am the one on the left.

johnfactorial12 karma

What Halloween costumes have you guys done together? Please say Agent Smiths.

Thediepend24 karma

noooo that would be hilarious though. We once went as siamese triplets. no joke