I worked at a gentlemen's club upstairs in the brothel, it's all legal. No one except the girls I worked with know about it. Bad and good stories. The boss was horrible, I left because he was a cunt, called the girls fat and was just generally rude but once he left I went back. AMA

Edit: I'm going to sleep. It's 3am and I've been up for hours answering your question I can't keep up! Sorry if I missed you, I'll get back to them soon. But thankyou so much for them.

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I_Want_In_Too346 karma

Best question so far.

sgt_shizzles434 karma

20 bucks says it's something thoughtful and sobering like "holding me close like he doesn't care what I do" and we all feel really shitty about ourselves for the rest of the day.

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So i had a scenario I wanted to run by a woman of the night, and i just wanted your take on it:

*Requisites for lady of the night: *

-Must have some notable athletic ability, preferably in basketball

-Must have seen 'Forrest Gump' and 'Rudy' at least twice a piece, and must be able to recite the insightful janitor's quote from 'Rudy'.

Material Requirements: -A rental of a school gym for the night (Locker room included)

-Appropriate dress for aformentioned sport of expertise

-Necessary equipment for again aformentioned sport

-One full adidas track suit (Red)


2100 Hours (00:00):

You begin practicing your sport in the reserved gym, pacing yourself rigorously to have achieved both a physically and mentally exhausted state in roughly one hour. Ensure that the minimal amount of lighting is used in the gym to ensure an isolated, 'inspirational late night self-improvement' feel.

2200 Hours (01:00):

I walk in silently, standing just on the edge of the lighting. You don't notice me at first. I then walk into the light and say "No matter how hard you try, you'll never be able to go back and make that shot". You are noticeably startled, and for reasons unbenounced to me, your face gently fades to the edge of tears. I take steps closer and grab a ball immediately in front of me, bouncing it a few times, and looking over it's texture I appear to be pondering an intelligent statement. I begin shuttering and sharply toss the ball away from myself. After a small silence, I look up slowly and say something along the lines of "We can't change our past, but we can prepare for our future".

2210 Hours (01:10):

I begin furiously coaching you, screaming at the top of my lungs, forcing repeated sprints across the court, up the bleachers, at times yelling "THINK OF THEIR FACES! REMEMBER THEM!!??"

2300 Hours(02:00):

You are on the edge of cardiac arrest, having been refused rest, food, or water by me. Regardless of your exhaustion, you push on, but are becoming curious as to my silence for the last few minutes. You slowly stop running, and find that I have disappeared. As the throbbing of your heart and the heaving breaths begin to subside, you begin to hear a quiet sobbing from a non-lit bleacher.

2310 Hours(02:10):

Coming upon the doubled over pile of track suit seemingly embedded in the back row of the bleachers, I look up, face covered in tears. My eyes reflect a sadness and pain which you've never seen. I begin telling you about my failed basketball career, and how my past has haunted me from ever chasing my dreams. You comfort me and tell me you'd like to show me something.

2330 hours (02:30):

We enter the locker room, you direct my sorrow-ridden state of existence to a bench near the foot of your locker, and turn to meticulously position the light to navigate the combination of the lock. You open the locker, shattering the silence with a reverberating clack and creak of a metal door. Inside the locker is a solitary boombox. You press play. Europe's 'The Final Countdown' begins playing, and you proceed to recite the insightful Janitor's quote from Rudy. At first I am confused by the lack of continuity between your situation and that which the quote portrays, but shortly before the quote is finished, i yell "I MUST GO THIS ALONE", rip my track suit off revealing am undersized unitard, and sprint out of the building, never to be seen again.

2340 Hours (02:40)

You begin cleaning up, making sure to turn off all lights, put equipment away, and take special care to make sure the gym is locked up so I/You get the security deposit back for the rental.

So is this unreasonable? It's 3 hours of work tops, so I'd wonder what a a reasonable price would be...

Edit: Did i add being back by midnight is part of the deal?

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I can't believe I read through the whole thing. WHAT HAPPENED TO THE SEX SCENE?!

Paris2Amsterdam409 karma

Favorite cereal?

[deleted]481 karma

Cocoa pops

asstits382 karma

If I transferred some money with paypal, would you fist yourself while moaning: 'ahh reddit, give me upvotes, reddit ah, yes baby, cats baby, ahh'?

[deleted]417 karma

Hahahahaha. Yes... But I can't fist myself so i have to pass to the cats. Dammit.

lionghoulman367 karma

My brother told me that he fucked a hooker that snorted his cum off a coffee table. Is this something you ever experienced? Do you think he is lying to me? Can you prove it? He's an asshole.

[deleted]294 karma

Hahahahahhhahaha. Did he pay her to do it? I couldn't do that... But if he paid her he could be telling the truth.

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[deleted]655 karma

Got black out drunk and ended up there. I wanted to be a stripper but he put me in a room and gave me condoms etc and made me sign a contract. Woke up next morning with a card and a grand.

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[deleted]287 karma

Some drunk guy waited for me outside of work for hours. Then tried to take me home.

ekezzeke312 karma

Would you ever orgasm? If so how often?

[deleted]435 karma

By clit all the time. It doesn't take long. Not by penetration

ThrowCarp287 karma

What was your relationship with your father like?

[deleted]339 karma

He was never there for me when I was young. Broke up with mum and age 6. From then on I saw him once a week till I was 18. I love my dad.

furyfight276 karma

Have teens ever paid for sex?

[deleted]542 karma

Yes, I had an 18 year old from australia. He was real shy and awkward haha. But a lot of teenagers come in.

Joghobs254 karma

How much money total did you make doing this?

[deleted]400 karma

20+grand in a couple of months. Over rugby world cup was the best time.

NoctGent155 karma

man I really had to dig for the only reason I came here. I wish I could make that kind of money for fucking ugly old ladies. I'd do it in a snap

thesundeity250 karma

did you normally enjoy the sex you were having? or did it just feel like work most of the time?

[deleted]479 karma

If the guy is rude and has no respect for women the time goes super slow and I want to get out ASAP. But if he respects me and he's actually good? Well yeah it's enjoyable. Number one question I usually get from clients. And I usually just say I'm a sex addict and I do it for sex not money

iDiedYesterday231 karma

were the guys generally good looking or bad-looking? Any examples of what clients were like?

[deleted]487 karma

Ohhh god. Some were ugly but really nice. The attractive ones usually new they were hot and actually were douches.

skytro189 karma

Which ones did you prefer if you had to choose

[deleted]654 karma

My favorite was an I.T Asian guy. Super shy and awkward. I walked in and thought socially awkward penguin. He had to get the blanket perfect

looknow24 karma

You mentioned this guy a couple of times.. did you only see him once, or was he a regular? Was it that unusual for a client to be shy and awkward?

walsh303229 karma

Have you ever given a Z-job?

[deleted]100 karma

Sorry. A what?

Penroze220 karma

Describe the best sex you've ever had with a client.

[deleted]473 karma

The guy was Asian. He came up to me and spoke perfect English. From California and he massaged ME ! It's the little things that count

dexter675212 karma

If you had an infinite number of lego, what would you build?

Irish3150 karma

This guy asks the right questions.

upvoter222199 karma

What was the strangest thing any of your clients requested?

Where was this club? If it was located in a place where prostitution is normally illegal, how was this any different from a legal perspective?

[deleted]375 karma

To watch child porn while the guy fingers me.... And another wanted to fuck and ejaculate on my fake leather bag.

[deleted]222 karma

Oops and it's legal in my country. So we have security etc. it's just much more safe I think

PootinScootin112 karma

Sorry if I didn't catch it but what country are you from?

[deleted]329 karma

I didn't mention. New Zealand.

BrianBoyko186 karma

As a New Zealander, what are your opinions on the MMP system. Were you pleased/dissapointed/indifferent when you heard about the election result to retain the system?

kestert88 karma

Putting the second A in AMA.

Asmaedus181 karma

Whereabouts in New Zealand? My Dad used to run a Brothel in Auckland. He insists he was the best pimp in history. Treated the girls right and such.

[deleted]176 karma

Oh oh oh my turn to ask a question. Did your dad ever sleep with any o the girls? The boss was ******** Chow! And he owns the club. He's puttin one in Auckland apparently. He sleeps with all the girls.

imlikethatguyyouknew175 karma

Do you ever find yourself with an odd longing to go back to the job, besides the reason being money? I used to deliver pizza and the money was awful (Domino's is a shitty company, I don't know if they're in New Zealand) but I still miss the job itself. There was a certain thing about getting the product, finding the route, traveling it, then getting money and people being happy that they got their pizza that was just addicting.

[deleted]197 karma

Yes we have dominos. Yummm Anyway I ALWAYS think to myself that any other job I have, the money wont Even compare. But Yes, it's like a big family. The good over powers the bad. I've learned so much out of it and met so much people.

imlikethatguyyouknew181 karma

What was the biggest act of humanity that you saw while working?

Raven7761163 karma

About 12 inches.

Lochsexmonster571 karma

slow clap

no_numbers167 karma

What age were you when you started? Stopped? Now?

[deleted]286 karma

Started 18-19. Finished 19. I'm 19 now.

aseaofgreen115 karma

do most people only do this work for a short amount of time? or did you work with a lot of long-term prostitutes?

[deleted]275 karma

A Couple girls have been there for years. It's crazy. Some girls work then leave cause it fucks with your head. You need to be strong, people think its easy.

mlsweeney154 karma

For just straight-up sex, what is the record for shortest and longest time it took for the client to ejaculate?

[deleted]254 karma

shortest was- he hadn't undressed I got naked and he came. He was not all there though so it doesn't count. And some guys just don't finish and leave

DoubleR90203 karma

Well at least now I know I last longer than somebody out there!

[deleted]263 karma

Just keep telling yourself that. Haha nah someone always has it worse off don't worry. When it comes to sex I don't care how big your penis is, how long you last or any of that. No girl should care, as long as your got something else that out shines it. Like personality

wesoarr363 karma

Or shoe polish.

Stingetan407 karma

Or diamonds.

Lawrendene152 karma

Who had the smelliest penis you've ever encountered?

[deleted]410 karma

An Asian that just had a head. No shaft. It must be lost in pubes.

Edit: Oops. Thought you said smallest. They have to shower before and I make sure they wash it

ekezzeke151 karma

What was the most common position? What was the strangest position?

[deleted]155 karma

On top. And no strange positions that I had to do. Just normal

YusoStoopid147 karma

When did you lose your virginity? What country did this happen in? What's the oldest and youngest guy you did?

[deleted]368 karma

15 New Zealand. And youngest was 18 and oldest.... Oh god 70something. I only gave him hand job cause he couldn't get hard. He told me his life story in 3hours

Trackpad94162 karma

Did he have an interesting life?

[deleted]447 karma

It sounded real bullshit to me tbh.

RevDiesel127 karma

Did you ever have anyone come that had absolutely horrid body odor?

[deleted]321 karma

We have showers in the room, they HAVE to shower. I have one guy from the philippines and he had boils and zits head to toe on his body.. And I had to massage him.

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35wes121 karma

How did your family react to the situation?

[deleted]268 karma

They don't know.

clburton24120 karma

So, what are your GOOD stories? Any more BAD ones?

[deleted]314 karma

I had a 9hour job and got completely drunk with one client and he ended up so drunk we went back to his hotel (call out) and skateboarded, jumped on his bed, just danced the whole night. Was worth it. Some guys hold you down after the times up and keep on going till they finish. Some pull the condom off and try to keep going. Oh and some Asian tht didn't speak English txted the whole time. Lucky that lasted for a whole 4mins

In_Armor120 karma

How has this effected your normal sex life? DO you have a normal sex life? If you had a partner in the future, would you tell him/her?

Thanks for a great AMA!

[deleted]154 karma

I did while I was working but now I love it again. Before it felt like a job. I'm with my partner now and I don't think he can keep up. But I wouldn't know how to tell him

finewinereview119 karma

What would, in your opinion, be the nastiest thing you'd do for cash? Any decent stories from your colleagues? Did you bang your boss? Who was the best guy you spent time with?

[deleted]260 karma

I have my boundaries. So I don't actually no how far I'd go. Depending what it is and for how much. Even kissing, fingering me, and oral on me is $100+. Other girl workers use toys, do anal, shit on people, all fetishes. But most are on p and need to support their family and drug life. I got heaps of clients so I didn't need extra money. And the first night when I was drunk and vulnerable he told me I had to demonstrate how "good" I am.

An the best guy was the guy I spent 9 hours with and didn't have sex or anything. Just drunk and ate

1nfid3l265 karma

0.o how much did 9 hours of not-fucking cost him?

[deleted]203 karma

Over 2grand. Alot over it. Cause I kept persuading him to do bi doubles.

wikked_1101 karma

What are bi doubles? I mean... in this context (of not having sex!), what does bi doubles mean.

[deleted]173 karma

You get two girls of your choice and they can do stuff with each other aswell as do stuff to you.

[deleted]64 karma

Alot over 2grand. I was persuading him to bring other girls. And he took me out back to his house. He spent over a grand on different wine aswell

exobio111 karma

How many guys have you had sex with?

[deleted]181 karma

I would hate to think... Ive had over 200 bookings so I wouldn't have a clue.

Lazeeboy2003107 karma

Did you enjoy giving blowjobs? I ask because the difference between getting head from a girl who's just doing it, and getting head from a girl who really likes giving head is quite stark.

[deleted]226 karma

If its small no because pubes go into my nose and eyes... But I do love giving blowjobs.

SledgehammerSev102 karma

lol this is a random question but did you have anyone come in that you thought might be gay? or any other awkward/similar situations

[deleted]208 karma

Yess!! A few actually. It's quite funny how they act and say things then after say "oh but I'm not gay "

SledgehammerSev67 karma

hahaha noway! do you think they are trying to prove something to themselves? like they are in the closet? lol any other awkward moments? like maybe a money shot? no erection? (sorry if I sound a little blunt)

[deleted]114 karma

A guy that was not all there came into the room and I took my clothes off and he came in his pants. He was real embarased and I just said take a shower and lay on the bed

amap100101 karma

what was the tipping point that made you stop?

[deleted]218 karma

I finished studying and went home. No horrible reason why I left. Just wanted to go home

lovelysiren98 karma

Did you get along with the other girls?

[deleted]158 karma

Most. There are groups. The druggy girls. The mummas.(they are usually together) The young new girls. It's kinda scary if you get in people's way OR if you do better then them

cleos93 karma

Have you ever had any female clients?

[deleted]144 karma

Nope. I do bi doubles etc. but no girl ever has booked me.

WhatsInANayme90 karma

How do you feel when you have to have sex with someone who is very unattractive? Are you repulsed? Or do you normally reject these guys?

[deleted]224 karma

I've rejected once. It was this nice white guy who wanted to book me. Then he asked his friend (biiiig fat black guy with his crack showing that smelled like shit) if he wanted to join.


ZackVixACD87 karma

What were/are the rates?

[deleted]169 karma

$290per hour. Girls get $120 of it. New Zealand currency.

Sagenhaf86 karma

Forgive me if this is too personal, but how much faith do you have in condoms? I have a lot of trouble trusting them as far as STIs go.

[deleted]148 karma

My biggest fair. I was always scared. But if you could see any sign on infection it's your right to ask questions etc and say no.

Edit: Fear

Strel0k85 karma

What are you doing now?

[deleted]156 karma

I was studying back then. Now I'm looking for a full time job, hope I don't get back into that line of work.

pileofbooks72 karma

How often do you use a condom? Do you normally suggest using it or does the client? Does the price increase if a condom isn't used?

[deleted]174 karma

I would NEVER not use a condom. We can also get fired. The first an last time I charged extra for oral without a condom he left and stole back the money and I couldn't get him banned because I broke the rules. Lesson learnt

underdoglady71 karma

I saw your post the other day, did you decide to share your secret with your boyfriend or your best friend? I was going to tell you not to share it with anyone but reddit btw.

[deleted]100 karma

I didn't. I just wouldn't know where to start. I've told one really good friend. But she was mature about it

samphillips957 karma

What does a legal hooker dress like?

[deleted]93 karma

I dress up for certain holidays etc. Most of the times just in dance club dresses. Or sometimes lingerie.

no_numbers46 karma

Did you ever fall in love?

[deleted]66 karma

With a client? If so, god no. I don't try to enjoy it just incase I get feelings with regular clients or something.