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How has this changed your life? How do you feel about Breivik and how they are choosing to punish him? Do they have capital punishment in Norway? What has helped you move on?

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So, what are your GOOD stories? Any more BAD ones?

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Baby don't hurt me.

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What do you think space agencies will look like in 10 years when kids and young adults who play space-related games now, and get into the subject of space, graduate and enter the work force? I am one of those people and I started playing Kerbal Space Program a few years ago. Now, I try to watch any rocket launches that are livestreamed and stay on top of all of this space stuff.

Another question I thought of during all of this Ukraine/Russia stuff: What do astronauts talk about on the Station? Politics, religion, girls, food? You spend 6 months up there with 8 different people; you're bound to run out of science stuff to talk about.

Now that you are on Reddit, there are a few subreddits that would love astronaut input. One of these is /r/space. Every week there is a "No Stupid Questions" thread where people can ask, you guessed it, any question they want that relates to space. Having you there would be awesome.