EDIT: Well I'm still replying haha so just post a question and i Will probably answer it.

PIC: Some people have been asking for a picture and I just took this one and fyi there was no snow here a few hours ago.

PIC2: Just took this one a few minutes ago, its beautiful here now

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My_Empty_Wallet1045 karma

What do you do on the weekend?

Are there hot females in kirkudfkffjfjfjfzawefgtrdv?

Do people line up for that 1 hour and stock up?

Lopaulpa576 karma

During the weekends I usually just sit around playing xbox and drink some beer hehe. there a no hot females here haha not during the winter but in the summer there are a few.. I assume you are talking about the liquor store? No they dont stock up but a lot of people come everyday :l

Blu3j4y803 karma

May I use your restroom, or do I have to buy something first?

Lopaulpa817 karma

You may use the restroom, no need to buy anything :P

kyleska710 karma

When you're eating salad, do you use a Bjork?

Lopaulpa442 karma

haha what? I use a fork:P

serabragi559 karma

IAmA 27 year old guy who is in class @ the university of Iceland with 150+ people in Reykjavík, the capital of Iceland. AMA

p.s. the hot females you are looking for are here (70% of uni students are without penis)

Lopaulpa172 karma

True dat!

jontelang508 karma

Hey can you point on this map of Iceland where you live? http://imgs.sthlmsfinest.com/blogEntryImages/1069983.png

Lopaulpa323 karma

pretty much all over that map!

fxdx308 karma

Do you like Sigur Ros?

Lopaulpa486 karma

Yea i do actually, didn't at first but then I saw them live and loved them after that. When they play in Iceland they always have free concerts.

Xynium232 karma

Were you considered for a role in the supah-smash-hit movie 30 Days of Night?

Lopaulpa176 karma

hahah i laughed when i read this one!

TheGreenBastardUK216 karma

Is your job anything like this icelandic sitcom?


*first comment on reddit after a year of lurking.

Lopaulpa119 karma

Hahah well no there is no nightshift but we have a lot of regulars here that come every morning and drink coffee, I guess you can make a sitcom out of that!

I feel lucky being the first comment!:D

sugar127206 karma

What is the correct way to pronounce Kirkjubæjarklaustur? I get about five letters in and realize I'm probably doing it wrong. Also, thank you for doing this AmA.

Lopaulpa301 karma

Haha I don't really know how to explain how its pronounced but Kirkju-baejar-klaustur and the ae is said like one letter and also the au.. direct translation to english is Church-town-monastary :P And you are welcome.

Jota769161 karma

can i just say, i visited Iceland this past december and it was the most amazing, beautiful country I have been to. The people there are absolutely beautiful.

I stayed outside of Rekjavick in some cottage in the mountains. Also, Blue Lagoon was heaven on Earth.

Okay, enough gushing. Where is the best hot spring in Iceland??

Lopaulpa136 karma

Thank you! Its very beautiful I agree but i always recommend doing the ring road at summer time, as for the best hot springs I would say that Landmannalaugar is definitely up there.

Lamingtons130 karma

How cold does it get in the middle of winter there? Being Australian, I'm always intrigued by countries that actually have... seasons. And how warm is it during the summer?

Lopaulpa192 karma

Well it can go down to maybe -10°C, -20°C depending how hard the winter is this year its been very cold.. but summers it can go as high as °25C but usually hangs around °15C

CaptainDisplayBook94 karma

How much do you get paid? How much does it cost you in terms of living expenses there?

Lopaulpa163 karma

I get paid around 1500$ per month and its not very expensive for me to live here as I live for free, my employer has a house for the summer staff and I am staying there but other people that live here have to play a lot of money in electric bills but houses here are much cheaper en rent is cheaper compared to the capital.

swight7493 karma

What do you think of the possibility that you'll be accepting Canadian currency in the (relatively) near future?

Lopaulpa115 karma

I really don't think that it will happen.. they have talked about the Euro and all this stuff but nothing ever happens, just all talk

Prosesskrift88 karma

Do you live there by choice, and if so, why?

Or do you dream of moving somewhere else, and if so, what do you want to do?

Lopaulpa159 karma

Yeah i live here by choice I came to work here last summer and I was offered to stay during the winter and stay for free so I decided to do that to pay off some bills and stuff and I am definitely not living here another winter haha I am originally from Reykjavík the capital

rawcaret79 karma

I'm a 25 year old guy who would still be working at my small town's gas station if I hadn't gotten very ill! Be careful with diesel fuel, and don't smoke cigarettes with it on your hands. (Not because it's combustible, which it is not, but because there is benzine in diesel fuel. Wash your hands!)

Lopaulpa61 karma

All the diesel and gas that is pumped here is self service so I'm rarely in contact with it.. but thanks!

MyGogglesDoNothing61 karma

Ertu á N1 þarna hjá þjóðveginum? Man eftir honum frá því ég var þarna í hittífyrra held ég... fékk mér hamborgara, hehe. :)

Kirkjubæjarklaustur er ekkert smá huggulegur staður.

Lopaulpa62 karma

Heheh já ég er þar :P það er kósy að vera hérna en held ég meiki ekki annann vetur!

ganonthesage54 karma

How has Iceland been after the last McDonalds closed?

Lopaulpa71 karma

its been fine haha another restaurant opened there called Metro and they have some similar hamburgers but with Icelandic meat but its not nearly as good!

My_Empty_Wallet52 karma

How busy does a town of 150 get in the summer? What is the big attraction? If there aren't any good lookin wome around, do you have to wait til summer to get laid?

Lopaulpa107 karma

It gets really busy, constant stream of tourists all day.

I sometimes go to Reykjavik and hook up haha but yeah if I wanna get laid here i will have to wait :/

BillBrasky_49 karma

Do girls in rural Iceland really believe there are Elves roaming the country side and try to have sex with them?


oops: nsfw, thanks dr_dom.. where I work there is no nsfw so I be forgetting.:)

Lopaulpa30 karma

Hahaha I don't have a response for that!

koncs48 karma

How much does Icelandic gasoline cost?

Lopaulpa94 karma

One liter of gasonline(1 US gallon = 3.78541178 liters) is about two dollars.. so its very expensive.

titsofterror38 karma

Are Canadians and Icelandic people going to become best friends forever if you adopt our currency?

Lopaulpa84 karma

I really don't think that we will adopt your currency, we can still be friends!

Djinn3638 karma

I'm thinking of visiting Iceland later this year. So where do all the hot Icelandic chicks that love American men live?

Lopaulpa55 karma

In Reykjavik for sure, but everybody is always camping around Iceland during the summer so you should definitely take a week or something and go around Iceland, you'll find chicks all over

Djinn3631 karma

Ah, camping. A good idea. Maybe I'll just rent a camper van and cruise around.

Lopaulpa34 karma

Yeah its the best thing to do here!

Frunzle32 karma

Have you ever seen the show Corner Gas? If not, does this scene seem familiar to you?

Lopaulpa12 karma

Haha I haven't seen it but I think I will watch it now but yeah a lot of people ask me what there is to see here!

My_Empty_Wallet26 karma

Is Reykjavik properly pronounced "RAY-juh-VIC" or "RAKE-juh-VIC" or "RAY-yuh-vik"?

[deleted]64 karma


English pronunciation, dont stop between the hyphens..

Lopaulpa36 karma

week is definitely the best one for vik haha

Lopaulpa32 karma

Its closest to the last one but Rayk-yah-vik is the best one I think.

[deleted]23 karma

What was it like for you when Eyjafjallajökull erupted?

Lopaulpa23 karma

I actually didn't live here when that happened but that didn't effect this town so much however the volcanic eruption in Grímsvötn had a huge effect here, ash everywhere and business was slow but that's all cleared up now and we hope for a great summer.

[deleted]19 karma

Was there last summer, beautiful place :)

Lopaulpa29 karma

It definitely is a beautiful place =) Love it here during the summer and its okay now but its lonely sometimes hehe

TwoThreeSkidoo17 karma

How many condoms do you sell on average in a week during the summer? How about during the winter?

Do frequent fliers look somewhat shy when they come to buy more?

Lopaulpa29 karma

I haven't sold any condoms this winter haha but summer people probably just bring their own :P

Einsteinsquared16 karma

Have you tried Hákarl?

If so, are you a viking... ?

Lopaulpa48 karma

I have't actually.. the smell is sooooo bad but I've eaten Sheep testicles and stuff and yeah I'm definitely a viking!!

imsolowkey13 karma

I was just there last week. Me and the girlfriend were driving the whole ring road (and everyone asked how crazy we were to be doing that at this time). Stopped by the small progressive looking church in town with the old graveyard/remains of another church next to it, but it was closed.

Do you go hiking or drive up on the highlands at all? And how many people are there in the summer (because last week 6 of our 9 guesthouses we were the only guests)?

Edit: Better question though, given how close you are to the volcanoes and are on the plate, how fast would you be driving to get away from there in the event something happened???

Lopaulpa13 karma

Hope you guys had fun. The remains hmm.. We have an old church floor here in town but its not closed at anytime so I'm not really sure what church you are talking about.

I don't really go hiking or go to the highlands but a lot of people here have superjeeps and do this all the time during winter, go up on the glaciers and stuff.

I can tell you that it gets veeery busy here, just in this small area here we have 5 or 6 hotels/guesthouses and they are all pretty much booked up all summer.

enihsnus12 karma

What is the most fun thing you have ever done or seen happen in your town? Also is there anything that happend that could only happen in your town?

Lopaulpa16 karma

Hmm the summer here is fantastic when its good and warm weather we go to a waterfall here and jump down it witch is really good fun but I don't think there is anything that could only happen here.

HeavyMetalLovar9 karma

Would you and could you live anywhere else? is this your home town?

Lopaulpa21 karma

I have always(except this past year) and will again go live in Reykjavik the capital, this is not my hometown but my grandfather grew up here and I have some relatives in the area.