I'm done for tonight - I got a curry here getting cold and I'm hungry!!

I'll pop back and have a go at any I missed later this week.

Thank you all for coming by and hope it was entertaining!

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sagapo385154 karma

I just want to say thanks for starting your site! Taught my brother and I how to play

justinguitardotcom41 karma

Cheers :)

lurkerinmyheart42 karma

Hey Justin! Thank you for all your great teaching!

Do you remember the circumstances behind your first guitar tutorial video. Which one is it? Why did you do it? Did you envision a ser of tutorials in the beginning?

Do you think there is no need to practice scales in thirds as long as you practice the arpeggios out of that scale i.e major pentatonic and major arp.

How does a typical solo go for you in terms of notes chosen? Do you particularly think in chords, arps, around notes, licks and melodic lines already in your pocket or all of the above? Which is the easiest way to achieve an "outside sound" without going into complicated scales?

Do you think it is a good idea to get down perfectly the major and minor pentatonic and then just fill in notes to get the major, the modes and everything else as far as scales, except for the diminished stuff.

If you could revive one guitarist(except Hendrix, who sadly died right before going into a prog phase of innovating electric guitar again), which one would it be?

Thank you for your time.

justinguitardotcom43 karma

You're welcome!

  1. First tutorial was a few filmed in one day... a string bending one, 12 Bar Blues and a few others. Most are now private, cos they were not very good. Think the first one we uploaded was the string bending, but I can't be certain.

I had a text based web site that I started a few years before, and knew video was going to be great, and my mate Jedi came by and he'd just made a short film, so he offered to come film and edit it.

I guess I knew there would be a few, but I never expected it to grow as big as it has!!

  1. 3rds are a great thing to practice - becase chords are built in 3rd, if you practice them until they become instinctive, it helps with good note choice. So yes, 3rds imho are the most important pattern study.

  2. I try not to think at all when I play. I'm trying to let the subconscious flow and not let thoughts get in the way. When I practice I think abotu whatever it is I'm working on!

Easy way to get outside is to play whatever you are doing up a semitone, and then move it back. It's easy but it works!!

  1. I think in stages. First be confident with the major and minor pentatonics. Then learn how to use the major scale in all 5 positions. Then add the notes of the major scales to the pentatonics to use them modally. I have a modes course coming soon!

  2. Joe Pass, just love his music and it really connects as pure expression.

justinguitardotcom21 karma

dunno what is up with the strange formatting, didn't look like that when I typed it :)

sup_bros33 karma

Hey Justin! I love your site and all that jazz. You seem like a cool guy too.

I've been playing for about 10 months, and I think I'm decent for how recently I started. However, I still don't feel like a real musician. I feel like a technician, if you know what I mean. I can learn a song and play it back perfectly. I can even figure some stuff out by ear now (thanks to your stress on the importance of ear-training), but I still don't have the feel that a real musician has. I can't express myself as I want.

I think what makes a real musician is the ability to just play anything that comes into your head, and not bother with scales, licks, etc... Just play from the heart.

Can this be learned over time, or do you think it's something that is either in someone or not? When did you notice for the first time that you were not just a "technician" anymore, but rather a true musician?

justinguitardotcom29 karma

you seem like you got a whole lot of vibe - just keep doing it and the magic will come!!

rincewind12326 karma

Hey justin! I love your site! You are sort of my inspiration because I just started a guitar practice site where you enter how much time you have to practice and it gives you exercises that fill the alotted time. I also plan to run it on donations.

I wanted to ask you if you live off the website or have some other profession as well. If your website is your job, could you tell me how long it took you from starting the website to being able to live from it?

justinguitardotcom61 karma

I make a living from the web site, all the income streams are small, but when combined I can live pretty well. Took maybe 5 years before I could stop doing private lessons and work mostly on the web site and my own projects.

ItsIllak23 karma

What are the characteristics of a great guitar teacher (IRL).

justinguitardotcom43 karma

Someone who knows there is no right or wrong way... have a way of their own but encourage you to question it.

soupforthesoul23 karma

When are you going to tell reddit about your cats?

justinguitardotcom48 karma

? I have two stupid adorable cats, Smokey and The Bandit. They are bro and sis and are 8 month old rascals :) pix on facebook.

GGfpc12 karma

If you intend to continue redditing you should whore them out for karma.

We love our cat pictures

justinguitardotcom34 karma

where do I add pictures of them?

tdunn1222 karma

I noticed you tweeted about the Dirac Delta function yesterday. Have you studied math?

justinguitardotcom56 karma

I did advanced math at college, but I dropped out, but I only know about the Dirac Delta function cos I started writing a song with that title... the infinite spike of love in a sea of false starts... but I didn't understand enough math to make it work in the song, so it went by the by.

dispatcher_8320 karma

  1. if you could write any song in history, what would it be?

  2. if you could play with any 3 artists or bands, who would they be?

  3. favorite go-to song to play anytime, no matter what?

Thanks for your site, it has helped me more times than any other instructor, you are truly an awesome person for doing it!

justinguitardotcom34 karma

  1. Into Temptation - Crowded House

  2. Neil Young, Miles Davis, AC/DC.

  3. Unknown Legend, Neil Young.

Cheers, ur welcome!

ltlevim20 karma

How did you begin to play guitar yourself? Was there someone that was inspirational to you or did you do it out of your own interest? Also, do you play anything besides guitar?

justinguitardotcom40 karma

I played since before I can remember. My parents tell me I used to get excited anytime someone came on TV with a guitar, so they got me one.

I remember my Dad taking me to see Tommy Emmanuel which was very inspiring.

I play harmonica ok, piano badly and enjoy squeaking on a clarinet that I inherited from an uncle!!

Ashikahotchu12 karma

This is the question I wanted to ask, so I'm upvoting to see if it gets answered. Also, what styles of music did you begin with? And what sorts of music do you enjoy now i.e., what's on your iPod?

Again, thank you Justin for all that you do. Your website has helped me enormously.

justinguitardotcom27 karma

I started playing mostly blues and rock, Rolling Stones, AC/DC, Status Quo, Chuck Berry then graduated into technical rock like Jeff Beck, Satch, Vai and Eric Johnson and co... and that somehow led me to jazz.

On my iPod these days... mostly jazz cos that's what I'm working on at the moment... Sco, Wes, Joe Pass, Jim Hall... those kinda cats!

jim_e17 karma

How to extend my abilities as a guitarist? I can improvise to almost any song using pentatonic, I'm able to play most of the songs I want. What would be my next step?

justinguitardotcom29 karma

maybe you should aim to play ALL the songs you want?

or start writing your won material?

or listen to wider types of music and discover some new stuff to learn?

I have LOADS I have to learn and I doubt learning will ever end, it's just chosing what to do in what order that I find difficult!

jim_e16 karma

One thing: thanks Justin!

justinguitardotcom17 karma


kenneth41515 karma

What compelled you to have a completely free website?

justinguitardotcom25 karma

I already made a good living as a guitar player by touring, writing and sessions and music is better shared :) plus I was seeing a lot of people getting bad lessons and poor advice online, and figured I could help with that :) AT the time I started I was teaching at The Guitar Institute and was doing a LOT of private lessons, so I think I figured out some good ways to explain stuff..

BeardedAxWound14 karma

Who is our favorite guitarist? Why?

justinguitardotcom23 karma

I think you mean my fave guitarist...

Jeff Beck, cos he never stops exploring and is the real deal. I think he is probably the greatest guitar player of all time - he taught Hendrix how to do the feedback thing!!!

bexter13 karma

Hi Justin, in two sentences please can you motivate me to pick-up my guitar again and actually learn to play it?

justinguitardotcom97 karma

playing well will get you laid more.

well that is what you wanted to hear right??


kalebima13 karma

  • What are you currently trying to learn and master?
  • Where do you see your website going in a few years from now?
  • What made you begin learning the guitar, and what keeps you going?
  • Some of your favorite things to do other than play/teach? Ever wanted to learn another instrument?

Thanks, you've been a huge help in getting me from being someone who just noodled in pentatonic endlessly to someone who is starting to know what he's doing. Well, at least more so than before ;)

justinguitardotcom20 karma

  1. I'm working on my jazz vocabulary and exploring modern blues. But mostly I'm trying to write material for an album!

  2. I'm hoping it will just keep going. I have plans for over 500 more lessons, so it's just a matter of time and energy to make it all happen.

  3. I don't remember, and it's all I know :)

  4. I'd love to take a year out and work on my piano playing but I don't see that happening any time soon... I answered the hobbies question earlier!

LifeIsATireSwing12 karma

Tell us about your "number one" guitar, how you found it, and why you love it.

justinguitardotcom31 karma

Hmmmm - which is #1??

I have 3 I guess.

My red start I bought when I was 17 after Aussie legend Simon Patterson came to see me play and said that the Jackson I was playing didn't have great tone and I shoudl get a strat. So the next day I did, and started my quest for great tone!!

My Maton Court Jester was sent to me on tour with Melua, it's my fave acoustic, I'd not played it when I bought it, but I'm not sure there is such a thing as a bad Maton!!

My 1966 Telecaster I got last year in Hollywood... I asked them to get out all the 60's Telecasters out with rosewood fingerboards and take off the price tags. I played them all, settled on the one I connected with, and luckily I could afford it :)

Small-Paul12 karma

How can I keep myself motivated

justinguitardotcom25 karma

Tell me and we'll both know!!

I've been struggling with motivation the last few weeks myself, so I sure don't know the answer :)

Keeping a practice schedule sure helps though, and I still try and do an hour a day just to keep my hand in....

Tatystardust11 karma

Hi Justin. I was wondering if you can give some advice on how to better improvise ... I have memorised many scales but I don't know how to apply them... seriously, it may be easy but I just can't get it.

justinguitardotcom26 karma

you have to learn vocabulary!!

scales are just the alphabet, you gotta make words, which for us are licks. Learn licks, and practice putting them together.

All explained on the Blues Lead Guitar course on the web site - check it out!!

[deleted]11 karma

I started guitar about 6 years ago and learned exclusively off of your lessons and playing with friends. You helped me so much, thank you!

justinguitardotcom12 karma

ur welcome :)

captureMMstature11 karma

How are you enjoying Beemer? I was glad to see you went for it. You planning any big trips on it?

I love the site BTW.

justinguitardotcom14 karma

Loving the GS, yes :)

If I can I want to do a European Teaching Tour this summer, but on the bike!! But just not sure if logistics will work out or not.

In a few years i might try the London -> Beijing but it's just a dream at this stage....

SalsaShark10 karma

Any tips for remembering lyrics or improving singing while playing? Memorizing in general is tough for me and I don't learn how to play entire songs as a result

justinguitardotcom12 karma

remember to start with one bit - memorise one line first... then add to it... you have two lines memorised... then add a 3rd. Keep going until you have the whole song.

Also re-visiting stuff helps... I often memorise things by learning it and re-visiting it a day later, a week later, a month later and a year later. I did that when studying classical guitar and I still remember most of the tunes and that was over 15 years ago!!

aeropagitica10 karma

Justin, if you can divide one hour of practice time up to make it 100% effective, how much time would you allocate to picking techniques; strumming/rhythmic practice; sight reading; backing track practice; music theory?

justinguitardotcom21 karma

Yeah - it's the 1 hour workout. It works... and slightly more possible than the Steve Vai 10 hour one ;)

brucix10 karma

Justin, your stuff is great, keep it up!

What jobs/hobbies do you have when you aren't playing/teaching guitar?

Who are your favorite new musicians, i.e. what new music is in your playlist/CD player?

justinguitardotcom21 karma

These days when I'm not doing guitar or writing or web site... I'm riding by motorbike, a BMW R1200 GS. I'm growing veg in my garden at home, so I'm into that too... I'm into Wing Tsun Kung Fu but not been training for 6 months cos I just got too busy, but will be starting again very soon.

New music... tough one... I love Kelli Scarr's last album, Jim Campilongo... mostly I listen to old stuff, Neil Young, Crowded House and Neil Finn, Elliott Smith, Joni, Dylan... folky songwriter kinda stuff...

jim_e9 karma

What's your typical day, and how many hours do you practice daily?

justinguitardotcom13 karma

I try and do at least an hour a day, but in reality some days I do 5 hours, then I'l have 3 or 4 days without touching the guitar!

I don't have a typical day really, every day is different, which I really like!

[deleted]9 karma

Thanks for sitting down, and doing an AMA, very cool of you.

My question comes from someone whose had the desire to learn how to play, but has never done it for one reason or another. Recently I've been interested by the bass guitar, and noticing the flavor it adds to music. Do you have any tips and/or recommendations about it? I'm curious about it, but not really sure where to start.

justinguitardotcom14 karma

I play a little bass, but not well enough to teach it - google a mate of mine called Dave Marks - he has some awesome lessons!

EricClaptons8 karma

hey justin, how long did it take you to be able to play guitar by ear and how do i train my ear. ive been using your trainer on your site but it hasn't been helping much.

justinguitardotcom14 karma

I started playing by ear, so I'm not sure.

Perhaps the transcribing course I have coming very soon will help :)

Freewheelin_8 karma

I'd just like to thank you Justin for your massive contribution to all of us guitar-players. I have learned so much and will be playing Sultans of Swing for my Music (in school) exam in a month all thanks to you.

justinguitardotcom13 karma

good luck with your exam dude!!

omizzle4shizzle7 karma

Dude, you truly don't know how much you've helped me. I wish I could make this up, but I was literally on your site a few hours ago trying to nail a couple new chords I'm trying to learn.

I don't have any questions to ask you, but want to thank you for allowing university students like me that don't have 30-40$/hr to spend on private lessons to still learn the guitar.

justinguitardotcom7 karma

ur welcome dude. I was in your shoes once too!!

Joewl457 karma

Hi Justin, thank you very much for taking the time out to do this AMA! I was wondering when you were at the height of your guitar practicing, what was your practice timetable like? How long did you spend practicing a day and did you put more emphasis on certain aspects over others i.e technique, learning songs, theory etc.

Also thanks for all the terrific free lessons, particularly the advice on transcribing, I feel that that has really transformed the way I play.

justinguitardotcom19 karma

At the height of my practice I was doing 6-8 hours a day, 6 days a week. I did that for nearly 4 years. I was obsessed, and got pretty sick from not eating or sleeping enough. I used pretty much the same breakdown as the Intermediate 1 hour routine on the web site but multiplied up!! Lots of transcribing too... and playing a gig or two pretty much every night!!

Ashikahotchu6 karma

Hi Justin. Just thought of another question for you: What guitar(s) do you currently covet?

justinguitardotcom7 karma

I have enough guitars, but I do have my eye on a late 60's Gibson 335...

jim_e5 karma

What do you play to chill out? Is playing the guitar still something you do to relax, or you do other things to get some rest?

justinguitardotcom6 karma

I don't really play to relax... I play a lot cos I love it, but it's not relaxing for me really... I get too into it.

To relax I take my bike out, or go for a great meal...

Bret165 karma

Is there a guitar that you don't like? Style and stuff like that.

justinguitardotcom26 karma

I'll never own a BC Rich Warlock ;)

aeropagitica5 karma

Justin, what is your opinion of grades for guitar from organisations such as Trinity Guildhall for classical/acoustic and Rockschool for electric guitar?

Where is it useful to say "I am grade 8 at guitar/theory" when looking for guitar-related employment?

justinguitardotcom13 karma

I'm not a fan of grade systems in general because they are forced to conform to government "learning outcomes" and there for influenced by bureaucrats who don't know shit about music or guitar.

That said, as a motivational tool, some people dig them, so for that they are cool.

I think Rockschool are the best of them, at least the focus is on playing and they just tag the rubbish on the end. I did rock school grade 8 back in '96 when I studied at Guitar Institute!

Auggie90005 karma

As an improviser, how do you keep ideas fresh; how do you keep out of a rut of repeating yourself?

justinguitardotcom11 karma

I have as much trouble with this as everyone else - the only solution I find to feeling stale is learning a bunch of new licks and trying to use them. Often that sparks off some new ideas!

wintremute4 karma

No question, I just wanted to say thanks and that your videos are great. I've been playing for over 20 years and I hadn't quite realized just how sloppy my fundamentals had become until I watched some of your vids.

justinguitardotcom3 karma

ur welcome. :)

uipo4 karma

Some of your techniques really helped me to develop my unique style. Thanks man.

justinguitardotcom8 karma

ur welcome!

jim_e4 karma

How to improvise using chords, not only single notes?

justinguitardotcom9 karma

you have to know the chords in a key real well, and small chord grips too. Best way to learn it is to transcribe some chord solos by Joe Pass or Wes Montgomery.

cbriggsmason4 karma

How do you stop your fingers from hurting, if I don't play for a few days they're sore. Can I do anything on rest days?

justinguitardotcom8 karma

a little music thoery can be a good thing on rest days. Also picturing the chords in your mind is good practice!!

ItsIllak4 karma


I have flirted with learning guitar a few times and never really gotten beyond being able to strum through chords (though I've never quite managed to fluidly work through Barre chords).

On one of my attempts I used some of your videos, they're REALLY great and I love your presenting style.

However, It's never really stuck. I just end up being slightly better at strumming. There are two problems I hit.

1/ It doesn't sound like rock guitar. I've got a pedal which allows me to synth most pedals but honestly have little idea how to use it. Have you considered some tutorials on what ones to use to sound like the guitar gods?

2/ I can't sing along (OK, I also can't sing in tune, but that's over-rated). My problem is that I just can't keep guitar time and synch with singing time. Any advice on that?

justinguitardotcom4 karma

I did a whole 1 hour ustream session 2 days ago on singing and playing at the same time - check it out - all will be explained!!

I do plan more lessons on getting sounds, but they might be some way off, so much to do, so little time!!

buzzken774 karma

Quick question on playing modes. If you want to play phyrigian for example over chords in key of C would you basically have a Em vibe with the chords and play the c major scale over it all with a focus on the E note? Or would you change the scale for each chord, each time focusing on the third note of the major scale of the chord you are playing over? Hope that made sense

justinguitardotcom9 karma

modes happen over a single chord, so you would play E Phrgian over E minor, which would be C Major with a tonal centre of E.

kbl50003 karma

Hey Justin, just came here to say thanks. Love your site and I truly enjoy learning from you.

justinguitardotcom8 karma


KioshiRawk3 karma

I want to get a degree in guitar performance. What is the best way to prepare? I won't be starting for another year or two, and after this summer i'll have a lot less time time to practice than I do now.

justinguitardotcom9 karma

only thing you can do is practice dude, sorry, but that's the truth!

JonathonButterworth2 karma

Hi Justin, I have been following your site for a few months now and I think you provide a fantastic service! I have been having guitar lessons with my teacher for about over a year now and soon I will have to give it up because i'm moving to University soon. What advice would you give to someone who has been having lessons and now going on the road to self teaching?

justinguitardotcom2 karma

make sure you are clear about where you are going and what you are doing X for... question everything you read or see and join the forum where there are many people in the same boat who can give you advice!

EmotionalMillionaire2 karma

Hi Justin, great that you're doing this AMA!

Same question as Small-Paul, how can I keep myself motivated?

I was also wondering if there was any specific band/artist that made you interested in playing guitar? Or did you just randomly decide to try it out?

What are some of your favorite artists around these days?

justinguitardotcom4 karma

I think I answered these already somewhere...

narsingha892 karma

Hey Justin. Been playing for about 3 years now and have just started trying to play along with backing tracks. However I can't seem to get it. I play the licks that fit the key but it never sounds right. Any advice on how to play a blues solo? Thanks.

justinguitardotcom2 karma

try learning (transcribing) some old Albert King solos, then play along and change the order of the licks. Try and copy the way there are gaps between the words...

Have you checked out the Blues Lead Course on my web site??

edrowley2 karma

Hey Justin! I just wanted to say thanks for all you do for the community. There are a ton of people out there that benefit from your stuff each and every day!

My Question: Being that I approach guitar playing as a hobby, what's the best way to balance guitar playing with family and work obligations so that you get the most "bang for the buck" when trying to develop your technique?

Thanks in advance!

justinguitardotcom2 karma

If it's fun, do the things you most enjoy and only work on a technique if it's going to help you do something you want to do - not because me or anyone else said it's important!

And most of all - enjoy the journey, don't let anything stress you about it - do what you love!

patright2 karma

Hi, I don't watch your videos, but I thought I'd stop in and say my father does, and he loves them. Always talks about how he wants to fly over and play guitar with you if he ever gets rich. He thinks you're an awesome guy.

justinguitardotcom2 karma

Thanks, tell him Hi from me!!

anahola8082 karma

I can read music and play other instruments besides guitar, but never have been any good at reading music (much less sight reading) on guitar. Any tips for making a breakthrough on this?

justinguitardotcom4 karma

No secret for reading - just doing it!! I used the Berkee Series of books and lots of classical stuff.

buzzken772 karma

Hi Justin,

Thanks for all the lessons, ustream etc.

I'm trying to find new ways to add chords to the standard 7 in a key. Can add all the sevenths, change the iii to a major and make the diminished a flattened major. Any other tips to giving more options to a progression?

justinguitardotcom2 karma

Look up secondary dominants.

When I'm writing I try and let my ear lead, so I find a melody note and then try and hear different chords with that melody note.

You can think about it too - the melody note E can have any bass note and will function differently each time - could be the 3rd of C, the #5 of Ab7, the 5th of Amin, the #11 of Bb....

It's real good fun if you get into it and is the cornerstone of re-harmonisation!

dez1822 karma

Thanks for all you do! I just finished the beginner course.

Do you think someone can become a great player through your program alone, or do you think formal lessons are required at some point?

justinguitardotcom3 karma

I think if someone mastered everything on the site, they would be pretty good, and if they add a load of practice and lots of transcribing they will be great.

A great personal teacher is always going to be a good thing!!

CallumDylan2 karma

Hey justin, great job on the lessons!!

i find hard keeping stable rhythm when practicing.

how is the best way to practice with metronome, ex: pulling tabs of ultimate-guitar without tempo markings?

keep up the greatness, awesome work dude!!!

justinguitardotcom5 karma

I have lessons on using a metronome coming soon, I have a new rhythm tariner app about to be released - that will help for sure!

undecaffeinated2 karma

Justin, first off - thanks for all the great things you do!

Playing with Katie Melua, how did that come about? Do you still keep in touch?

justinguitardotcom2 karma

I was teaching her for a year and then her guitarist left so I got the gig.

We stayed in touch for a long while, but not seen her in a year now...

jewart2 karma

Hey Justin I've been watching your videos for a few years and they are just great! I've been wondering if you are planning to do any slide guitar lessons in the future? Maybe in sort of a series like some other styles you've taught?

justinguitardotcom7 karma

I love slide, but I'm not good enough to teach it. If I find time to study it myself and get confident enough I'll do some lessons on it!

[deleted]2 karma


justinguitardotcom2 karma

probably rock, but a few other things to do first (transcribing course and modes). I'm not metal enough these days to deliver it convincingly!!

TBR19911 karma

Hello Justin! First of all I'd like to say thank you for all the hard work you put on the site! I wish you the best.

Now for some questions:

1) When was the last time you listened to new music and thought: "Wow, this is brilliant". Who and which song?

2) Can you list the greatest live shows that you have been to?

3) Everyone asks if learning many scales and how to use them is essential, but what about chords and chords voicings? Shouldn't that be even more important?

And that's all, thank you again!

justinguitardotcom3 karma

  1. Ed Sheeran, The A Team. Totally blew my mind. Fab song and fab video.

  2. Neil Young at Hammersmith Appollo changed my life. Tommy Emmanuel every show. Always awesome. James Taylor at the O2.

  3. Both are equally important - just depends on what you want to do!

aerodit1 karma

Do you do neo-classical metal-ish stuff?

justinguitardotcom7 karma

nope. Not my thing at all.

Gelphin1 karma

No question really, just want to say thank you for getting me back into guitar and enjoying playing. And realising I need to put the time in! But really just enjoying myself with music again :-)

Thank You!!

justinguitardotcom7 karma


lah20111 karma

Hey Justin, I have an Epiphone Les Paul Ultra. When I'm playing it in the Treble pickup position it is fine but when I move the selector to Rhythm no sound comes through. My lead is quite old and it buzzes sometimes so is it the guitar or the lead?

P.S. I've only had the guitar for about 3 months

justinguitardotcom2 karma

it's the guitar - take it to the shop you bought it from!

shivam71 karma

Hey justin, love the way you teach!

i had completed the intermediate module 3 months ago and i am playing guitar form year.

i am confused were to go now i love every thing on your site so i keep messing around with everything you have on site. i know some scales and sometimes when i play with my friends i come up with some cool improvisations which even i can not believe. what should i go for more scale or modes, arpeggios or blues.

thank you, and yes there is a request if you can come to india for guitar education tour or something it be great. i will love to meet you.

justinguitardotcom1 karma

You have decide where to go - what journey to make! Have a look at the goal setting lessons in Practice Time area, that might help!

jbrooks7721 karma

Hey really love your site. Very helpful to a somewhat beginner like me. My question is what are your favorite songs or riffs to play. What is it that you play for warming up. Also, what are your favorite guitar/amp companies or brand (i.e. Fender, Ibanez, etc.)?

justinguitardotcom1 karma

Fav songs to play are probably my own!!

For my warm up I usually just play for 10 minutes whatever I feel like, nothing hard, maybe some chords in the looper and just jam on them a bit, but it's very free. I don't have a set warm up.

I play only Maton Acoustic Guitars, I have lots of Fenders and Gibsons, lots of amps, current fave amp is a Suhr Badger 30 into a Dr. Z Best cab, but I love old Fender amps too.

MrJinx1 karma

What is it that you look for in a guitar?

justinguitardotcom1 karma

love at first sight!! :)

SuperSaiyanNoob1 karma

Do you take requests on which songs to learn? I'll admit I just discovered you about 20 minutes ago and I've been perusing your site. You are legendary. The organization is unbelievable.

justinguitardotcom2 karma

not really - to do list is long already with great songs!

thanks for the good vibe, glad u dig :)

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justinguitardotcom2 karma

I don't know much about Gypsy Jazz, I'm not good at it at all!

I don't clean my fingerboard either really, except when I change strings I normally give it a little lemon oil and wipe off any gunk!

GitRHero1 karma

Can you describe how you visualize the fretboard? What are the first things that you see when you look at it (or imagine it in your head, if you're not looking)? What are the main shapes and geometric ideas that you utilize, especially when improvising?

justinguitardotcom2 karma

When improvising I don't want to think. If I'm having an off day, I'll be thinking like I'm practicing, but on a good day I won't be thinking about anything other than the sound I'm making!

When practicing I see everything around the chord shapes, I try and relate all the notes around the chord shape to the sound they make...

LoveKebab1 karma

Justin thanks for this!

I'm having a really hard time telling what chord is being played when listening to a song when I'm trying to work one out myself. Do you have any tips on improving this trait?

justinguitardotcom2 karma

listen to the bass first then try and figure if it's major or minor. There is a lesson on this in the transcribing area of the site - try it out... song tips for "listen to the bass" or something like that...

jazzcigarettes1 karma

So you said most of your money comes from working as a musician and not your website. Any advice on breaking in the business on that end?

justinguitardotcom2 karma

no, most of my income these days is web related, or sales of books, dvds and all that.

The business is very hard these days, and getting harder. And I got no idea what to suggest for getting into it now... would scare me if I was trying!!