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creator of justinguitar.com, offering guitar lessons as a sample to promote private one on one lessons.

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playing well will get you laid more.

well that is what you wanted to hear right??


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I make a living from the web site, all the income streams are small, but when combined I can live pretty well. Took maybe 5 years before I could stop doing private lessons and work mostly on the web site and my own projects.

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I did advanced math at college, but I dropped out, but I only know about the Dirac Delta function cos I started writing a song with that title... the infinite spike of love in a sea of false starts... but I didn't understand enough math to make it work in the song, so it went by the by.

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? I have two stupid adorable cats, Smokey and The Bandit. They are bro and sis and are 8 month old rascals :) pix on facebook.

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You're welcome!

  1. First tutorial was a few filmed in one day... a string bending one, 12 Bar Blues and a few others. Most are now private, cos they were not very good. Think the first one we uploaded was the string bending, but I can't be certain.

I had a text based web site that I started a few years before, and knew video was going to be great, and my mate Jedi came by and he'd just made a short film, so he offered to come film and edit it.

I guess I knew there would be a few, but I never expected it to grow as big as it has!!

  1. 3rds are a great thing to practice - becase chords are built in 3rd, if you practice them until they become instinctive, it helps with good note choice. So yes, 3rds imho are the most important pattern study.

  2. I try not to think at all when I play. I'm trying to let the subconscious flow and not let thoughts get in the way. When I practice I think abotu whatever it is I'm working on!

Easy way to get outside is to play whatever you are doing up a semitone, and then move it back. It's easy but it works!!

  1. I think in stages. First be confident with the major and minor pentatonics. Then learn how to use the major scale in all 5 positions. Then add the notes of the major scales to the pentatonics to use them modally. I have a modes course coming soon!

  2. Joe Pass, just love his music and it really connects as pure expression.

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Someone who knows there is no right or wrong way... have a way of their own but encourage you to question it.

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Cheers :)

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I played since before I can remember. My parents tell me I used to get excited anytime someone came on TV with a guitar, so they got me one.

I remember my Dad taking me to see Tommy Emmanuel which was very inspiring.

I play harmonica ok, piano badly and enjoy squeaking on a clarinet that I inherited from an uncle!!

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where do I add pictures of them?

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  1. Into Temptation - Crowded House

  2. Neil Young, Miles Davis, AC/DC.

  3. Unknown Legend, Neil Young.

Cheers, ur welcome!