Back in 91, I was struck by lightning as I was waiting for my parents to take me to teeball practice. I have lost the majority of my memories from childhood. Before I was struck by lightning I was right handed. Now I am ambidextrous because I had to learn how to use my left hand until my correct function returned to the right side of my body. If you have any questions please let me know!

Edit: Scars by request : Edit: Thank you everybody! Sorry for the late replies. Edit: Here is some email's from my mother explaining everything a little better than I and also an update with some pictures. - They are huge pictures but I have not the time to resize them even though it takes only a couple of minutes. Hey just to let you know you were in the intensive care unit for 2 weeks on the pediatrics floor for 4 weeks and then you went straight to rehab where you were there for 4 more weeks. Then after that you got to come home and then had to go to rehab 4 times a week for several weeks and then it backed down to a 2 times a week then 1 time a week. You had IV's in the intensive care unit and treatment to your burns two times a day and it was Silvadene they used. I still have your original jar. Well not the first one but the last one they had to use on you. You had to learn how to walk all over again as your balance was off terrible and you would fall. Your fingertips were the first to feel and get movement and that wasn't till you were in the pediatrics floor. Contrary to what the doctors told us that you would start feeling from the shoulder down to fingertips you did the opposite. You were the first lightning pediatric patient they had ever kept there and had not shipped out to Denver. Which scared the shit out of me!!!!!!!!!! I had to keep a gait belt on you at all times cause you kept tipping over to the side. When you got home the doctor said just put him on the soft lawn and let him go and if he falls it's okay we kept a bicycle helmet on you to protect your head. You would go to walk and go puf on the grass I was scared to death you would hurt yourself. You also had to have your eyes checked ever so often as cataracts are a result of lightning. You also developed a terrible horrid sinus infection not long after coming home and were on antibiotics for one month with decongestants. You're right hand was always shaky after that especially for the fine motor things which is what it affected with your hand. Your temperature would skyrocket in a matter of seconds as the doctor felt it had affected you hypothalmus you would be 99 and then 104 in a matter of minutes. You could not stand the heat of summer and would just wilt and winter you were fine. If I think of more I will let you know.

Also, I wanted to post this email because my mother was so awesome helping me recuperate. Hi they had thrown your shirt away I am pretty sure cause all I got was your cap and the jeans but I can look some more some other time. I have three copies of the article if you want one I can bring you one when I come down okay? I know you probably want your lightning clothes too I have a terrible attachment to them and cry every time I see them. I think of all you went through along with your daddy and I. It was a terrible time that I don't wish on any parent. I am so glad you came out of it and thank God every day for you baby. That's why I am so overprotective of you even when you are the age you are. Until you actually have children of your own a person doesn't realize what the parent goes through in something like this. I died a thousand deaths that day and wished it could have been me instead of you who had this happen. My love for you just got stronger and stronger and stronger even though I didn't think it could and now it totally envelops my heart and mind. I LOVE YOU BABY! You will always be that special boy of mine no matter how old you get.

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uncle_frosty84566 karma

What's it like being ambidextrous? Must be pretty handy.

Techttz240 karma


[deleted]29 karma

Do you have a dominant hand ? Example: What would you use for writing and fapping ?

Techttz45 karma

Majority of the time my left hand has become the more dominant hand. Before I was struck by lightning I was right handed.

graffplaysgod21 karma

Which one is your fapping hand, and which one is your mouse hand?

Techttz66 karma

Ambidextrous good sir, switching up has a new meaning.

Interlope495 karma

Now I am ambidextrous...


because I had to learn how to use my right hand until my correct function returned to the right side of my body.


Now for the question. Are you artistic at all? I've read that some people gain amazing artistic abilities after a brain injury.

Techttz243 karma

I have heard this as well. No I am not artistic in the least bit.

[deleted]39 karma

What did you have on your person when lightning struck?

Any magnet, mobile (were there mobiles in 1991?), radio, metallic objects?

Were you in a car, bicycle, bike?

Did you flatline? Did you see the white light?

Techttz5 karma

I did not really have anything as I was 7 just shirt jeans and a cap. I was in the back of a pickup. No. I do not remember as to whether there was a white light or not.

tuckidge255 karma

I was also hit by lighting once. Different experience and outcome. I was 16 and climbing a 14,000ft mountain in Colorado. We got to the top only to look over the other side of the mountain (which we were blind to heading up) to see a storm right on top of us. And at 14,000 feet, we were literally IN THE STORM. Our instructors had us separate several feet apart and squat down on our foam sleeping pads to "ground us" in the event of a strike. The scariest part (which I remember clearly to this day) was the sound that started happening. The cloud started building up its charge against the mountain. For what seemed like an hour, but was probably only a few mins, a "buzzing noise" started blaring. The sound started out in a low pitch but grew higher and higher in pitch over the few mins until it eventually became un-audiable to our ears. After some silence and looking around at each other, our instructors had us "get down the mountain as fast as you fucking can safely". I stood up and then BAMMMN!!! White light took up my entire field of view and the force of what felt like a sledge hammer hitting me in the front of my head (I was wearing a climbing helmet). I pretty much thought for an instant I was dead. Quickly tho I stood back up and saw the girl in front of me trying to get up as well.

What happened according to the climbing instructor who was watching from fifty feet away was, the lighting hit the mountain (presumably grounding the charge) then bounced of it and hit me square in the head. Then bounced of my head and hit the girl in front of me in the ass. I wasn't electrocuted and neither was the girl. I was shaken but injury free. The lighting burnt a sizable hole in the girls pants and she had some light burns on her butt. After we got to safety many jokes and laughs were had. And I still haven't won the lottery. Although my odds of getting hit were much higher considering I was in the mother fucking cloud. Sorry OP, didn't mean to steal any of your thunder (pardon the pun) of your AMA, just thought I'd share my story.

Techttz72 karma

I enjoyed the story! Thank you for sharing.

Boojoo23183 karma

Are you terrified when a storm begins, can you sit by a window and watch the lightning, or do your scars begin to hurt?

Techttz547 karma

I now respect mother nature. I am not frightened in the least bit when a storm rolls in. It's like I've mastered this bitch. =p

awkwardpanda64ad132 karma

Did you feel his Noodleyness's(sp?) gentle caress from the realm beyond?


Techttz95 karma

Can't say I felt a thing. Until I woke up in a hospital that is. I was basically blinked out of existence until I woke up.

Bayoublaster131 karma

  • Do you ever wish it gave you super powers?
  • Did it destroy anything you had in your pockets?
  • Did it leave any permanent scars?

Techttz188 karma

Never really thought about any super powers. My uncle always used to tease me with a poke on the shoulder and go ZZZT. I did not have anything in my pockets (I was about 7). But it did destroy my teeball hat and torched my pants. I have a scar underneath my armpit and on my hip where the lightning exited. Edit: Spelling

dodli26 karma

Would you please post photos of the scars?

gregsmith9324 karma

Yer! show us yur scars

Techttz55 karma


alliebp22 karma

I can't help but wonder what you're covering in the bottom picture......

Techttz69 karma

Well that is my hip. So you would not be too far off.

JustAWonderfulMan14 karma

Or photos of your teeball hat, if you kept it?

Techttz49 karma

I will have pictures of the newspaper article and teeball hat uploaded later this afternoon.

NikkoE82118 karma

Is your scar lightning shaped?

Can you defeat He Who Must Not Be Named?

Techttz68 karma

No it is more like somebody took a branding iron to me. Forgive me, but I am unsure of this reference.

DeathByCarousel97 karma

Do you remember how it felt? Were you conscious when they found you?

Techttz189 karma

I have no idea how it felt. One second I was playing outside and the next was nothing. I was unconscious and not breathing when my mother found me. She flipped me over and I started to breath again.

gaffney201057 karma

How did they figure out it was lightening then?

Valendr0s432 karma

When she rolled him over, he was dressed like this

Techttz148 karma

That made me laugh my ass off.

Lucid-Pasta97 karma

Did you die?

Techttz148 karma

I died a little inside reading this comment. =p

Techttz78 karma

My apologies I'm not sure if you were serious or not. But what I am told is I was not breathing until my mother flipped me over. So I suppose it is a good possibility I was technically not alive for a few seconds.

Tim_Messenger92 karma

Describe your perfect Sunday.

Techttz54 karma

My perfect Sunday is...

JMA1364 karma

Is it true that before you get struck by lightning, you feel all your hair stand up?

Techttz65 karma

I have heard this from many people that do remember what happened after they were struck by lightning. They say it is true but I do not remember a thing about whether my hair was standing up or not.

THECapedCaper49 karma

How long did the recovery take

Do you think Fate owes you a winning lottery ticket at some point in your life?

Techttz126 karma

Ultimately, it took about a year to get back into the groove of things. My mother is religious and believes god saved me. I however think it was just luck or maybe just the fact that she flipped me over when she found me.

bastard_thought37 karma

Well damn, you've lost your childhood memories? How awful. Do you remember how being struck felt and could you give more information on your recovery? Burns, trauma, etc?

I can imagine being ambidextrous is quite helpful. Not quite an excellent tradeoff, but at least you've got some compensation. haha

Techttz60 karma

I cannot remember exactly how it felt, all I remember is how bad it burnt and how awful it was getting the burn cream (do not remember exactly what it was called) applied twice a day. I spent about a 2 weeks in the hospital and had therapy for about 2 months. I had burns all the way down my right side of my body. I was struck on the right side of my head and it exited through my right hip.

imbe32 karma

Are you able to dodge lightings nowadays ?

Techttz52 karma

Well from what I have heard I am twice as likely to get struck by lightning now. I don't fear lightning in the least bit now though. I respect mother nature more than ever. But you won't catch me running in a house and hiding under a bed.

MikeVoldemort23 karma

Why are you more likely to be struck by lightning now?

Techttz28 karma

It is just what I have been told. I am not sure if it is true or not as I have not really researched that part of the subject.

Ocho829 karma

how has it affected your sex life?

Techttz81 karma

It hasn't really effected my sex life at all. Keeping a relationship is a little difficult though. The majority of people do not understand the fact that I can't remember some things. Or they think that I am trying to not remember what I was supposed to do for them and so on.

cannedmath27 karma

Did you got enlightened?

Techttz175 karma

I got en-lightnined. =p

Music-Chicky2524 karma

Shocking... (had to) (lol forgive me) glad you survived, some have not been so lucky!!

Since the incident Have you had any weird instances with extra static electricity or weird tastes since? (has happened to others so I'm curious)

Techttz36 karma

Yes, actually. I seem to be a little bit more "staticy". It doesn't take a whole lot for me to zap myself or others.

tonkers22 karma

Did you have the patterns on your skin that I've seen so many pictures of online?

Techttz37 karma

Not really a pattern more of just burns. I do know what you are talking about though. The feather patterns are freaking awesome.

ezekiel25-1711 karma

Also, are you Harry Potter?

Techttz26 karma

I'm really thinking I'm going to have to watch those movies now.

[deleted]20 karma

Have you received any lasting disabilities as a result of the stike?

Techttz39 karma

Yes. I have short/long term mild amnesia. It makes relationships very difficult. =p Also, not really a disability but I am mostly deaf in my right ear. My right hand is still shakey after all this time.

fourthbrn19 karma

When you were struck...did you suddenly become small and start driving all slowly?

Techttz13 karma

The worst part about it was the spin out.

swampskater16 karma

What are people's reaction when they find out you've been struck by lightning? Also, who is your favorite superhero (please say Thor)?

Techttz30 karma

I get the "Wow, you are so lucky!" a lot. As for the younger generation I get "Bad ass!" Sorry to disappoint you but Iron Man is my favorite.

manskies8 karma

Can you now shoot lightning out of your finger tips like darth sidious?

Techttz19 karma

I zap the kitty every now and then and bust out giggling.

advicewhore7 karma

When you lost childhood memories did you forget how to do any simple things too? Walking, chewing, talking, etc.

Techttz15 karma

I had to go through a few months of rehab. I don't think I started walking again for at least a month. I believe I still knew how to talk though my mother brought me a bunch of child games for learning that she would go through with me every day to help me recuperate. Edit:Spelling

griffith126 karma

Can you feel an electrical storm coming now?

Techttz28 karma

Sometimes I feel indifferent when one rolls in. I wouldn't say my spidey sense is tingling or anything but I can definitely feel something.

[deleted]3 karma

What's your favorite kind of pie?

Techttz3 karma