Note from my great grandson: Ask my 101 year old great grandma anything! I'll read her the questions and type her answers exactly as given. I reserve the right to ignore any questions that I feel are inappropriate. We will start answering questions at 12:30 GMT ASK AWAY!

EDIT: Proof I'll also be posting a picture and a video later.

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Video (I didn't record with sound. Sorry)

Its now 3:15 and my wonderful grandma is getting tired. We are sorry if we couldn't get to your question, but she is getting ready for one of her famous naps!

I'll try to do this again to answer more of your questions

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She had such a fantastic time doing this today. I'm trying to tell her how big a deal the front page is. She wants to thank you for your questions!

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this_time_i_mean_it1479 karma

What's the craziest, most far-fetched thing you never thought would happen in your lifetime, that actually did?

fthflyer1900 karma

Traveling to china! Oh my it used to seem unreachable when I lived in Kansas!

fthflyer1469 karma

Traveling to china! Oh my it used to seem unreachable when I lived in Kansas! When I was in china I had a python wrapped around me on the streets of singapore by a snake handler.

Edit: She meant to say shanghai! Shes got a photo from this I'll try to upload

fthflyer1414 karma

Oh yes. This has been great! I think its marvelous that someone could invent something like that. The amount of infomation that you kids have is just... great. I never dreamed of having something thats capable of telling you anything you want.

From my grandson: She still isn't quite sure what reddit is.

wetanwild991226 karma

  1. What do you feel was the most important thing that you witnessed in your lifetime?
  2. With all the advances technology has made in the last 100 years how do you feel trying to keep up with this almost constant change?
  3. If you had the power to relive any moment in your life again what would you choose?
  4. Any advice on making it past 100?

haha thanks for doing this. Ive always had these questions for someone who has been able to witness so much in their lifetime.

fthflyer1821 karma

  1. The Moon landing
  2. Very lost. Its not easy. Keep an open mind and things seem less strange.
  3. Truthfully, any day with my husband. He was the best man I ever met.
  4. Always listen to the other person. You'll learn something. Try to sit back, because you will learn a lot more listening to others than telling them what you know

TwoCatsGrinding1128 karma

What were you doing:

*When Japan bombed Pearl Harbor? *When Kennedy was assassinated? *When we landed on the moon?

fthflyer1936 karma

Pearl harbor, i woke up to a frantic home. I remember my family trying to hide in the cellar... We thought the attack was going to continue to us. We were all glued to the radio.

JFK - I was at work at a printing press. (the hustler printing company in Denver) a coworker came in an told me and my husband. I called the rest of my family and told them to turn on their radios. We couldn't afford a tv.

Moon- I will Never ever forget that feeling. We were silent around the tv as the man stepped out of the plane onto the moon. I remember feeling so hopeful for us a race. I remember how dead quiet the whole family was.

Hougaiidesu1088 karma

I'm walking on your lawn. What do you do about it?

fthflyer1569 karma

hahahah. I would say in a very nice voice, "excuse me, but that right there is a sidewalk that you are supposed to use."

Pickletoez1036 karma

Do you feel a lot of the current teenagers are a waste of time, or do you think they have potential? (With their heads being stuck in computers and cell phones all the time, etc.)

fthflyer2342 karma

I'll always have faith in kids. They know so much more than I did. Kids are as smart as they ever were. One of my favorite lines from a song is, They'll learn much more, than I'll ever know. And I think to myself, what a wonderful world.

DTMFA1018 karma

What advice can you give to a young single mother? How do you teach young children to respect their elders?

fthflyer1691 karma

Bless you. What a beautiful question. I would say, just live right! You are your children's role model, so if you live right, they will too. Live a life you are not ashamed of. Trust your children and don't EVER lie.

thekruton998 karma

What was Christmas like in the forties?

fthflyer1612 karma

Things were much simpler. It meant SO much to us. Most of our gifts were homemade. Since my mother was a seamstress, she would make us the most beautiful dresses

presencegirl971 karma

How did you meet your husband?

fthflyer1843 karma

Oh this is great. Thank you, kid! :) I thought about this just yesterday. I used to work with his best friend. He told my husband to come over for dinner one night to meet me. He said we were going to play bridge. I told him I knew how to play, even though I didn't. I went home and asked everyone I knew to teach me how to play bridge so I could make a good first impression. My friend taught me in a few hours and I went to dinner. After dinner and bridge, my husband Julian asked if I needed a ride home. He had a brand new Pontiac coupe. He took me home, asked me for another date, and asked to kiss me. I said no, but agreed to go out with him again. On the next date he kissed me right away, and said with a smile, "see what you have been missing." I saw him once a week from then, and married two and half years later.

[deleted]892 karma

What is one piece of advice you wish to pass down on someone in their 20's?

fthflyer1877 karma

Don't ever give up. You are young and there will be hard times ahead. Don't give up. Don't ever

TightSweetBox839 karma

did she ever live in Arvada? She looks a lot like a lady my mom used to sell Avon to.

fthflyer797 karma

She did! Her name is Mildred.

furrytoothpick807 karma

What was the most shocking technological invention/advancement in your life?

fthflyer1742 karma

Running water. We used to use a cistern or a well to gather water. I remember the first time my father installed a faucet and oh my goodness, I felt like we had won the lottery!

idontwantnokarma763 karma

What do you think is the stupidest thing that ever happened?

fthflyer1648 karma

Ohhhhh haha. What a question. I don't know. I lived through two world wars, so I thought our war against Vietnam was unnecessary.

nn30732 karma

What was the culture like when you were younger (20's/30's) compared to now?

What things were weird then and considered normal now?

fthflyer1522 karma

Hmm. Great question! I should have been more prepared for this. For me personally... women's rights. We were seen as companions more than individuals.

skillet056720 karma

What is it like seeing how much everything has changed in the last 100 years?

fthflyer1556 karma

Its marvelous. I used to have to pump my own water. Turning on a faucet for fresh water anytime you need it still amazes me. I am so thankful

grumbledum706 karma

I'm sure you get asked this alot, and we've all heard the answers, but what's the secret to life? What tips would you give all people to live a long, happy life?

fthflyer1664 karma

Take a nap everyday! Really, a good nap can turn even the worst days around.


How much has politics changed over the years?

fthflyer1350 karma

Well, quite a bit! I used to work in local politics in my 20's. It sure seems more corrupt now. I fear for this country's future now, and It never used to be that way. I think people were more honest back then

smnokey578 karma

How did your community adjust to the issues of civil rights? We live in a less homogeneous society (gays, race, culture, sexual mores). Did the people you know: change there minds over time? stay the same? care about it in the first place?

fthflyer1088 karma

Now thats a difficult question because I was raised in a small town in Kansas. Living out in the country, we didn't get a lot of "exposure" to things like that. In fact, we had no colored people in my town. In 1929 I went to visit my cousin in another small town. There was one black family there. It was the first time I had ever seen someone of color before. So I didn't see any discrimination growing up, but that might be due to the fact that there wasn't a chance for it. I'm a practicing methodist, so most of my friends were in the church, and we have always been accepting of everyone. Thats one of the reasons I chose it.

TLDR: Didn't get to see it much living in a small town in Kansas

ImACracka533 karma

What was it like witnessing Beatlemania, and do you like The Beatles.

fthflyer874 karma

You mean the music group? Well its music, so its good. But I'm not crazy about it. I'll tolerate anything if its musical

Medfever508 karma

1) where are you from? 2) Where you affected by any political wars?

fthflyer1037 karma

I was born in Kansas. My family owned a wheat farm. We moved to Denver in 1924 because my mother got a job as a seamstress. She was beautiful at her craft.

I was most affected by world war I because the government rationing on flour, sugar, and gasoline. We grew everything, but we couldnt bake without sugar or flour. I developed quite a sweet tooth for baked things!

aboredredditor494 karma

Just a few questions random questions, please don't be offended by any I'm just curious.

  • Have you ever smoked before? If so, what did you smoke?
  • If you have smoked, do you have any regrets?
  • Have you ever tried any "illegal" substances? If so, was it common when you used it?
  • Do you believe in climate change?
  • What was your lowest point in life? Highest?
  • How many children have you got through the generations?
  • What is something you wish to do while still alive?
  • What is your opinion in the United State's government/political spectrum? Do you think this country is getting better or worse?

fthflyer1188 karma

-I tried smoking once and I HATED IT! I felt like I was choking and I promised myself never again

  • I drank alcohol during the prohibition, does that count? :)

  • I hear all about it on the news. I don't get to excited about it, but I do believe it is happening. I used to be able to ice skate on a lake in the 30's in denver around this time of year. We could never do that sort of thing now.

  • Lowest point was the death of my husband. and the highest point was the day I married my husband.

  • 2 Kids, 8 grandchildren, 16 great grandchildren. 2 great great grandchildren

  • I've lived a very full life. No one thing in particular. I'm very happy though

  • It has gotten worse, but as long as I keep get my social security check, I'm a happy gal!

[deleted]495 karma

You have great great grandchildren. I don't even... It is kinda hard to fathom

fthflyer476 karma

Right?! as of 5 months ago, she has 2.

NigelMK490 karma

How do you handle memory lapses?

I'm 20 and already there's things I forget from the last few years, I imagine that at 101, that a lot of your past when you try to recall would like one giant blur.

Congrats on the great genes to both of you btw.

fthflyer1041 karma

You just leave it alone for a little bit. Things will come back when you are not trying to remember them. I also try to do the crossword everyday but its getting harder to see. Bless you and good luck!

sweetjosephne468 karma

In the past 101 years, what would you say was your favorite time period/decade? Did you find it hard to deal with the different changes from 1911 to 2012?

fthflyer853 karma

Oh dear... Its hard to say a specific decade, but things were just...easier back in the day. I traveled around in the 50s and 60s. so probably then

Ya_Dingus448 karma

What do you think about modern music?

fthflyer909 karma

hahaha. (shes cracking up! thank you for that question) I don't understand anything thats going on with music now a days. I think all music is just wonderful, but some is a little "far out." I made all my kids learn an instrument.

SneakyJowie444 karma

A quick ctrl+f and I didn't find a question similar, however I am sorry if this has been asked before. What is one experience you would recommend to absolutely everyone that they must do once in their lifetime?

fthflyer912 karma

Traveling to China was very enjoyable and educational. See as much of the world as you can!

[deleted]439 karma

Do you have any general advice for those of us just getting into the "real world"?

fthflyer1027 karma

You have to love what you do. If you find a job you love, you will never have to work a day in your life. Also, be honest. Lying will not get you very far. The best people I knew were the ones I could trust

dmol424 karma

Whats the best thing we have now that we didnt have when you were a girl.

fthflyer891 karma

Financial stability. I used to be unsure if we were going to make it.

amberthecat329 karma

If you were on your deathbed and had time to listen to one more song/piece of music, what would it be?

fthflyer699 karma

hmm. What a fantastic qeustion. its a religious song called "Abide with me"

HotDogBuns324 karma

  1. Who was the best and worst president you have seen?
  2. Do you have any stories about any celebrities you may have run into?

fthflyer654 karma

  1. No favorite president. Any president that presided over a peaceful time is just fine in my book!
  2. I ran into 1st lady Ladybird Johnson once. I used to be a press woman for a small newspaper company my husband and I owned, so that was fun seeing her!

Nefara310 karma

What's something you miss doing that a younger person will never get a chance to try?

fthflyer781 karma

Swimming in rivers or ponds! There is so much pollution now.

Disgruntled_Old_Trot299 karma

Have you ever told some kids to get off your lawn?

fthflyer695 karma

Yes. They used to walk on my lawn all the time because I lived downtown. My husband and I didn't worry to much about it. There are more important things

DubiousCertainty294 karma

What is in your opinion the best way to live life so that when you are older you do not have any regrets (or at least less regrets)?

fthflyer618 karma

Be honest. And keep a positive attitude about everything. I don't get discouraged often, and I love life. Its hard to regret something when you try to enjoy the little things in life

slutty_mc_slutterson290 karma

How would you sum up life in one sentence? If you had the power to change ONE thing in your past would you? And if so what would it be?

I think it's cool that you're doing this, my granddad is 91, and I don't think I could explain reddit to him if I tried :')

fthflyer541 karma

1 sentence - I've had a good life :)

  1. That takes a lot of thought, and I'm not sure I can give it the appropriate amount... So I guess no. I regret nothing because I am so so happy now

Canbot286 karma

What was your first job; and what was your first car?

fthflyer549 karma

First car: A Oldsmobile Colombia. My first job was picking wheat in my family wheat fields

THEBillcosby277 karma

What would you say are the biggest difficulties of your every day life that you normally wouldn't think twice about when you were younger?

fthflyer472 karma

Doing laundry and cooking my own meals. I love cooking.

wiserjuan273 karma

What is the greatest lesson that you have learned?

fthflyer751 karma

Be honest. I've rarely lied. And when you are honest with people it comes back to you and they are honest with you. Its to much work keeping up with a lie, you don't need the extra stress.

Dean364214 karma

How do you feel about having witnessed all the wars of the 20th Century? Do you think there is any hope for humanity?

fthflyer614 karma

Yes. There is always hope. Hope comes from trust and love. But it is like anything, and you have to work at it.

deshabble212 karma

Do you think the quality of food has degraded over time?

Oh, and what about 50's fashion? Do you miss older clothes?

fthflyer532 karma

Yes. I remember McDonalds being very good, and I won't go near it now. I think they are trying to make food better though. I don't know if its working, but they are trying.

Fashion- I've always been very moderate with how I dress, but I really don't like the way kids are dressing now a days. I liked wearing dresses and there were some beautiful dresses in the 50's

ajs14185 karma

  1. What do you think is the on thing which has contributed to a long life
  2. Are you regretting your long age (is life just painful and boring at this stage)?
  3. They say time goes faster when you get older, does time seem to be going by faster for you now, or does it slow down again? Thanks a lot

fthflyer492 karma

  1. I love taking naps.
  2. Never for a second
  3. I don't think it goes any faster. I try to take the time to look at the and appreciate the smaller things that make this life beautiful. When I do that, time slows.

Dymn180 karma

What was your occupation before you retired?

How good are your typing skills?

fthflyer401 karma

My husband and I owned a printing company called Hustler Printing Company in Denver, Colorado. So my typing skills are very good. I took typying in high school, and I was the fastest in my glass. One time, a company called my school looking for the fastest typist, and since I was it, I got a part time job downtown. I don't use a computer though

SilentBreezy178 karma

What advice would you give to a family who is undergoing difficult hardships.

fthflyer524 karma

Stick together. You get one family, so stick with them. But it depends if these hardships are financial or emotional or other types. Stick it out. Some days are worse than others, and you have to be ok with that. The night is darkest right before dawn.

netpastor178 karma

who is your favorite actor and actress

what is your favorite movie/show/event that you've seen?

thank you!

fthflyer475 karma

Well I don't have any current ones, but I enjoyed Clark Gable!

Its a wonderful life is my favorite movie! I havent seen one in about 10 years though!

W3dn3sday177 karma

How do you feel about the current course of humanity and its direction?

fthflyer387 karma

Hopeful, mostly. Kids can learn whatever they want now.

kookfreestyle128 karma

What type of cookies do you most enjoy baking?

Edit: Realized I typed "to you" instead of "do you"

fthflyer292 karma

Oh kid, I love cookies. Plain sugar cookies were my favorite!

j_tracy93 karma

What is your most favourite modern invention that you wished you'd had as a young woman?

fthflyer205 karma

Radio or Television is so nice. Microwaves and things like pressure cookers make things so much easier. Cooking was NOT easy in those days

woofiegrrl92 karma

How is your health? Your sight and hearing? Thank you!,

fthflyer218 karma

My hearing is perfect. My sight isn't very good. I have to get shots in my eye once a month for a condition. But at 100, no one has good sight, so I consider myself lucky.

2danimm89 karma

what were the best years of your life?

fthflyer196 karma

Raising my children and traveling with my husband


Are you a war veteran? If not, what was living in America during the second World War like?

fthflyer195 karma

I was very young, but it was hard because of rationing. Coffee, flour, sugar were rationed VERY strictly. We didn't drive very much either because there were rations on gas. We had a couple victory gardens! we grew everything from corn to rhubarb.

HangingOutHere60 karma

Any secrets you can share, health wise, that you think may have helped you achieve living such a long life (diet, exercise, genetics, etc.)?

fthflyer170 karma

Take naps everyday! :)

CaptainSombrero58 karma

How does it feel too have lived so long? Is it satisfying? Was there an event that happened that you thought would never happen? (Example: the moon landing) Can you give me an idea of how much things have changed? This one may sound silly, but what was history class like when you were in school? What was the happiest moment you had? I'm only fifteen, and to me, life seems to go by extremely faster than when I was eight. As you age, does time go by faster, slower? Is there anything that you always wanted to do but never did? Can you tell me a few jokes people would tell back then? (By back then I mean pre-1970) What do you think about how much technology had progressed? EDIT: I thought of another question just after I submitted: What did you do for fun as a child/teen?

fthflyer161 karma

  1. Its very satisfying.
  2. Many, but The moon landing sticks out. Modern day living is quite unbelievable
  3. Contagious diseases used to be so very scary. I had two sisters who died of turbuculouses. My dad had to sell his farm and we moved to denver because medical care was better there. The trip took a week to drive. Since there were no hotels, we had to camp along the way. When it rained we sat in the car.

  4. I never liked history. But i do remember studying lots about the Roman empire and the civil war.

  5. My wedding day

  6. Time goes by about the same. But Simple things take longer to do now.

  7. No. I've lived a very full life.

  8. I can't remember any jokes from way back in the day, but the jokes used to be less vulgar.