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1.Do you tell them the same jokes they love over and over?
2. Are there any therapies that they do to promote brain health?
3. Do they just deteriorate to the point of staring off into the distance?
4. If you were in their shoes would you want to end it?
5. Do you ever mess with them, like calling them Mom/Dad?

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What was your first job; and what was your first car?

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Germs are everywhere. EVERYWHERE

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A big contributing factor in this is the ISPs use of geographic market allocation, or the way they have divided up territories to prevent competition and drive up prices. Congress has allowed these practices for decades despite the fact that the majority of Americans are opposed to them.

Is there really any hope that Congress will help when they have a history of acting against the people in these matters? Should we not focus on building alternatives to the monopolies?

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Jewelers can buy up used diamonds and sell them as new. No one would ever know.