Hai internet. I am the SwedishMealTime chef, Niclas Lundberg (pLoLock @ Twitter). You might have seen me on YouTube cooking swedish dishes for the greater good: www.youtube.com/swedishmealtime . I wanted to inform you of our current situation, how I feel about what we are doing, how it is to run a YouTube show, and what the future have in store for us. Fire away. It's good for you! Proof: http://imgur.com/7d2aQ Edit: After answering (i hope) every question so far, I will have to leave now, since I have a dental appointment in the morning, and its getting late! Thank you everyone for your love and interest in our show! SwedishMealTime have always been, and will always be about the entertainment, and not about the cash. We do this for you. And we will explore if we can expand into other fields that need swedish expertise. SwedishDatingTime? SwedishBuildingTime? Who knows! Thank you so much. We love you.

Edit: So many new questions! Will answer them later today! Promise!

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Aldir308 karma

You made me love Sweden even more than Opeth.

plolock340 karma

Well, obviously it's because its good for you!

AzureBlu126 karma

Hey, whattabout In Flames, Amon Amarth, At The Gates.. (and so on..)?!

plolock189 karma

Yeah, totally enjoy those bands!

kingshigh291 karma

What started the rivalry between you and Mr. Fox?

plolock455 karma

He cheated while we were playing cards.

kingshigh142 karma

Have he touched any of the mayo??

plolock265 karma

I sure as hell hope not!

kingshigh99 karma

I hope you'll never find any foxhair in your mayo.

plolock139 karma

Yeah me too... Or else....

kingshigh60 karma

A hot foxroast with mayo on the side. Awesome channel you got on the tube. Always sweet when fellow Scandinavians are ranking up the views. Mayo love från en danska.

plolock72 karma

Yeah, we love that! <3

3ducksinamancostume270 karma

Börk Börk Börk?

plolock195 karma

Bork Bork Bork?

angryragtimer225 karma

Have you had any interaction with the guys at Epic Meal Time?

plolock364 karma

Yes, and quite recently as well!

Agent_S1150 karma

Please, continue.

plolock310 karma

Top secret!

MustStopMasturbating237 karma

My guess it's going to be a Viking styled battle. But with a lot of food.

plolock351 karma

Thats.. genius!

fswmacguy146 karma

Not much of a battle, honestly. EpicMealTime is going to make, as usual, a pile of meat and cheese; whereas SwedishMealTime will make something exquisite.

jonnichols208 karma

You say "pile of meat and cheese" like it's a bad thing...

plolock132 karma

Its epic. Its meant to be! <3

kilroyfortehwin21 karma

What kind of interaction? What do they say about ROSMT, do they like it? Do you plan any kind of collaboration in the future?

Agent_S173 karma

Imagine the ultimate collaboration: Epic Meal Time, ROSMT and FPS Russia.

I doubt the internet could withstand so much awesome.

plolock162 karma

Question is.. is the world ready?

AzureBlu38 karma

Bacon strips-rolled deep fried RPG (Carl Gustaf, duh) with Mayo rockets(*)?

(* Like, normal rpg rounds, but with mayo instead of the explosive stuff!)

plolock57 karma

Too much awsome. The internet would implode. Probably, I guess.

plolock44 karma

My impression of a chat we had with them recently was that they enjoy and support what we do. Regarding your second question, I can't give you an answer right now.

TheJungleVIP178 karma

How can get sexy Swedish lady?

plolock542 karma

Eat mayo, pillage and destroy stuff. They shall come when you are ready.

AzureBlu68 karma

Oi, dont forget the helm!

plolock155 karma

Yeah, preferably with big ass horns!

Tufty89132 karma

big-ass horns or big ass-horns?

PsychoMan121 karma

When you will be ready, you will know.

plolock165 karma

Much like puberty.

plolock203 karma

Aa, thats great! :3

Emtochka89 karma

Didn't expect you to make a cute face :3

plolock99 karma

Well, its qute isnt it?! :3

kilroyfortehwin170 karma

How much money have you made on the Swedish Meal Time series?

plolock767 karma

Only enough to not having to pay for the food we buy, and also buy extra props if needed (an axe, or license for music etc). But one really important thing, which have been important from day one, and still is: We are not in it for the cash. We have turned down LOTS of offers to make money on this in different ways (like real much money) but its not about that. We are doing this to entertain. I am more afraid to make you boored than making less money.

clonetek168 karma

thats awesome man

plolock327 karma

It's the truth, brother!

plolock400 karma

(Or sister) derp

clonetek109 karma

brother! :D

plolock188 karma


cwischerth76 karma

I thought the King of Sweden funded you!

Seriously though, love the show! My question is if Surströmming would make an appearance sometime, or if its not regular or ordinary enough. I know you said in another post that EpicMealTime stuff is top secret, but I would loooove to see their reaction to Mr. Fox tricking them to open a fresh tin of them.

plolock74 karma

Yeah, but its more of a summer dish! And people wouldnt know how it smells. ITS THE SMELL!!!!! Oh and btw, I love it, its delicious <3

KaptenHolk162 karma


plolock315 karma

Sorry, my better half wouldnt approve!

Cogwork248 karma

Violent and faithful!

plolock141 karma


GSKashmir154 karma

How long have you been studying the Swenglish language?

plolock408 karma

I was born this way.

ReticentEvil934 karma

björn this way

plolock289 karma

I actually lold

origami_rock152 karma

Does Swedish Mayo taste better than American Mayo?

plolock502 karma

I definitely think so. (I have experience)

Ro11ingThund3r161 karma

Upvoted for experience.

plolock112 karma

I expect nothing less.

v4ndalist116 karma

Great show!

How much time do you spend cleaning shooting each video?

plolock242 karma

From idea to finished video = around 12 hours

GSKashmir105 karma

When you make all of those dishes, I notice you tend to do things that normal chefs do not. Eggshells in the dishes, biting the skins off of potatoes, etc. And a lot of those things are unsanitary. I was wondering, do you have two separate sets of ingredients? Like one for destroying and then one for actually making the dish?

plolock146 karma

We have only had that kind of setup 2 times, during the pancake episode and for flying jacob (where the chicken was on the floor).

Brammelam77 karma

So you mean that the vegitables you smashed with the door were actually used in your final dish?

xmnstr299 karma

Lite skit rensar magen. You need to learn this to understand swedes.

plolock162 karma


pppjurac90 karma

Could you cook food spiced with gunpowder ?

plolock174 karma

Is that illegal? If not, fire it up!

bobbybusche85 karma

Ez good for you.

plolock81 karma

Ez, aight?

clonetek85 karma

Do people from your country see you as a celebrity, or do they even know about your show?

plolock476 karma

People that actually have seen and enjoy it really do. Others just see me as a bearded loud scary potential-rapist man.

bananaseepeep203 karma

bearded loud scary potential-rapist man


plolock170 karma

There goes my identity!

Unbirth50 karma

As a large, bearded man in America I fear we have "potential-rapist" in common.

plolock37 karma

I agreez

thelehmanlip80 karma

Where did you get the idea to eat mayo straight up? I've never seen anyone do that before. Perfectly disgusting.

plolock400 karma

Well, its much like riding a bike. Only its mayo. (This made sense in my brain)

Andergard104 karma

In the sense that once you learn it, you never forget how to do it? And just like bicycling, "It's good for you!"

plolock161 karma

Nailed it!

CrixMorshully79 karma

I'll just get this one out of the way early: When will you be releasing new episodes?

plolock199 karma

You might have seen, or not, that me and Niklas are studying at a masters program in Skellefteå, Sweden, called crossmedia interaction design, and it is really hard work and a lot of time is spent at the uni. Thats the main reason we arent releasing episodes, we don't have time. Either way, we are really aiming to have something for you guys soon, I'd say within 2-3 weeks hopefully!

Sorix25 karma

Campus Skellefte FTW!

Fluffy_Fleshwall14 karma

Best campus ever. Also best student pub ever :D

plolock12 karma

Oh yeah, I really enjoy it! Small and friendly! :D

deathhouse21677 karma

How did you get the idea for the channel?

plolock186 karma

Isak, the co-founder, actually asked me if we could film me cooking some food violently (as an homage/parody on EpicMealTime), so in the end its his idea basically.

amishrefugee67 karma

on a scale from 1 to LAME, how lame would Regular Ordinary Danish Meal Time be?

plolock227 karma

Drunk I guess? (No offense!) :3

naturalmanofgolf212 karma

Dane here.

This is the correct answer.

plolock76 karma

Pjuh! <3

TastyCarcass67 karma

How much money does the King of Sweden give to fund each of these children's cultural education videos?

plolock142 karma

Just enough! (lagom)

AgentKittenMittens60 karma

Are you seeing any one?

plolock161 karma

I have a better half since 6 years

AgentKittenMittens103 karma

I hope she appreciates the sheer testosterone exhibited in your cooking.

plolock548 karma

She was born from my rage.

pterodactylogram53 karma

is she the princess of mayoland?

plolock133 karma

She could be. If she wanted to. She is THAT powerful.

pterodactylogram39 karma

i think you should crown her the princess of mayo. it'd be beautiful.

plolock45 karma

I shall see if she approves!

mat15959 karma

Do you like mayonnaise?

plolock100 karma

Of course! ( no joke! )

Dheak58 karma

Is good for you!

plolock280 karma


gburnaman57 karma

From your perspective, why are Swedish people building up such a reputation for being awesome?


Andreas "ruMpel" Rönnberg



Why are you people so damn cool?


PewDiePie, because I'M A BRO.

Paradox Interactive.

Frictional Games.

EDIT 2: The Editing:

Mikael Åkerfeldt

DICE Software.

plolock121 karma

It's the blood. And mayo. And moose. And the king is obviously involved somehow!

WoodzEX56 karma

Is it a coincidence that Mr. Fox is Mayo-colored?

plolock145 karma

Now that you say it... Mother of God.....

almostsecretaccount54 karma

Who was that finnish guy in one of the episodes and wheres he from? I almost cried when heard some finnish <3

plolock69 karma

Niklas' ex-roomie Anton Hjort!

pppjurac52 karma

Do you plan to integrate Mr. Fox into one of recipes? Like a..... ingredient ?

plolock104 karma

That would be interesting. And fiendish!

Schele_Sjakie49 karma

How come you haven't made a Tunnbrödsrulle yet?

plolock69 karma

Aaaaw, now you made me SO hungry thinking about that! Hmm... Actually...

mat15948 karma

Did anyone attack you for wasting food?

plolock90 karma

Not really. The other way around!

Citizen_Sn1ps275 karma

The food attacked you for wasting people?

plolock117 karma

Naa, but people are attacking us for not "wasting" enough food! But I guess food attacking us is inevitable..

Morgothal47 karma

Who owns Mr. Fox and where did you get him?

plolock85 karma

Tom's parents. And I don't know!

petecoopNR46 karma

Are you a gamer? If so what games do you play? and have you ever been to a big LAN event like Dreamhack?

plolock144 karma

Oh yes, definitely! At the moment, I am playing A LOT of Dota 2, as well as BF3 and Tera Online (the beta atm etc). I am also much into retro style games, like Attack of the Titans etc.

Waldheri43 karma

How do you prepare for your shows? Or are you just nucking futs to begin with?

plolock121 karma

50/50! Careful planning, and devoted rage.

jaffacakesmmm43 karma

Kebab or moose meat?

plolock81 karma

Both really!

bobsteaman74 karma

Moosekebab. I like the sound of that.

plolock111 karma

It exists actually!

s0n1c_9339 karma

You guys are awesome :)

plolock87 karma

YOU are awsome!

NapoleanD37 karma

Do you fear someday that your content will get stale?

And if so have you had any ideas for changes with your videos that may keep things interesting? (not that I think they aren't, but EpicMealTime is getting to that point really.)

plolock114 karma

Yes, every time I upload the latest episode. And yes, we would want to explore other areas expect cooking. So its more like: SwedishTime. We make everything extreme and swedish. Imagine the possibilities!

Grumpuff133 karma

Welcome to SwedishHuntTime, today we are hunting ice bears with our fists.

plolock65 karma

That could totally be of interest<3

favorite_joke37 karma

What is your favorite Swedish joke?

plolock212 karma

Ett träd föll på en kvinna. Frågan är vad fan en skog gjorde i köket.

Sorry! :D

zebbiz32 karma

I was hoping for:

Det var en gång, som nu är en väg.

plolock15 karma

Flawless jokes? ;)

OhEmGeee35 karma

How's the beard?

plolock165 karma

Growing.. Waiting...

calfonso34 karma

Would you ever consider putting up recipes for what you make?I really want to make the sticky cake.

plolock46 karma

We could discuss it, totally!

BobTheSCV31 karma

Are you guys still at UMU? I used to see you in the MIT-building cafeteria before I graduated last summer. Do they still serve rat poison flavored coffee in those awful paper cups?

plolock47 karma

Yes, but in Skellefteå at a masters. And yes, the coffee there isnt swedish at all.

Sonicus31 karma

The Stomachless Sticky Cake told us you'd be speaking Finnish in the next episode. What happened?

plolock57 karma

Well, we've said a lot of "next time" etc. But people keep reminding us of this one... brain activates

clonetek30 karma

who cleans up the mess you make? :o

plolock73 karma

We all do it together

Raveneau28 karma

Do you actually listen to metal? What bands?!

plolock59 karma

Yes! In Flames are great, and other than that, I'm an "all-consumer"!

clonetek27 karma

Hey, if you are ever in Louisiana, I'll show you how to really cook crawfish!

plolock35 karma

Sounds interesting!

UsernameOfFourWords27 karma

What does your mother think about your videos?

plolock86 karma

Well, she think its great that we have received such attention, but she denies me as her son. (as a joke ofc)

Coccinelle625 karma

I just want to say that I'm impressed with how you're doing this IAMA. You're really answering every question, including questions that have been asked several times, and you're not getting irritable and jerky about it. Good Guy Swedish Chef!!!

plolock29 karma

I love you all, that is all.

bobsteaman23 karma

No questions, It'll only keep you from your pre-dinner snacks.

plolock24 karma

I understand!

Izlandi21 karma

Did you expect this kind of response when you first posted the first video online? Also, what episode was the most fun to film?

plolock55 karma

Absolutely not! Its been great receiving (not much) but devoted attention. We really think all our subscribers are awsome <3

henkizh21 karma

How much money do you spend for the ingridients for each episode?

plolock44 karma

As much as you would for a normal dinner for a couple of people; 20-40 Euros

UtterCreep21 karma

Do you plan on covering foods from outside Sweden?

Do you browse old cook-books to find more swedish cuisines?

Flera timmer när jag kokar nånting, skrika jag "UGN!" när jag slämmer mat in. Spektakulär.

Tack för shown, det är en av de bästa serien i youtube!

plolock27 karma

We will have to see how long we can punish the swedish food culture! Not really, more like browsing google lol! Thanks! :)

3dAndersson20 karma

What's your favourite dish?

plolock80 karma

In our show: Superior Smörgåscake http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aYBkDxao3wg . IRL: Spaghetti Bolognese, the one mom makes, hehe!

origami_rock18 karma

The Smorgascake was the most delicious looking dish!

plolock29 karma

Yeah, it was SOOOOO good....!

Rexland20 karma

Do you have any special fettisdagsbulle-/semla-episode coming up?

plolock33 karma

Not this time, sorry. I just have too much studies and projects to attend to. We'll make up for it!

derSarge20 karma

Were there ever injuries or painful accidents while filming an episode?

plolock39 karma

Not yet! Except my knuckles bleeding after the live show and the last thing we did for Nordsken with the warhammer terrain.

Compard_Shepmander18 karma

Can we get a video that shows the cleanup?

Also has anyone gotten sick from eating something you made in the show?

plolock38 karma

I think you can see some in the behind the scenes videos actually! And no, all food have been delicious!

viramola16 karma

You are a Swedish role model. I haven't seen all the vids yet (but I will!) so forgive me if it's already been made, but have you epically made any palt?

A raw swede, grinding raw potatoes angrily. I can only see positive things coming out of this. If you like palt that is.

Lycka till med allt!

plolock21 karma

We have discussed it, but its a lot of hard and tricky work doing it from scratch! We'll see in the future! Thanks!

[deleted]12 karma

Have you thought of making a video with the guys from EpicMealTime?

plolock31 karma

Can't really give up any information about that at the time!

E-13812 karma

Favorite episode so far?

plolock41 karma

Hmm.. I'd have to say Fishdicks actually. It was a blast filming it!