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How long have you been studying the Swenglish language?

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according to Wikipedia Will Smith's dad did not actually abandon him in real life. His parents separated when he was 13, and officially divorced in the year 2000.

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When you make all of those dishes, I notice you tend to do things that normal chefs do not. Eggshells in the dishes, biting the skins off of potatoes, etc. And a lot of those things are unsanitary. I was wondering, do you have two separate sets of ingredients? Like one for destroying and then one for actually making the dish?

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Is there any chance that you might appear on Vh1 Classic's "That Metal Show"? They have been dying to have you on since the show started, every one of those guys is a huge KISS fan, and I know I'd watch the shit out of that episode.

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I'm currently getting off Xanax. Try tapering very very slowly. Like legit, just grind off a sliver of a pill every night. It's worked for me so far.