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Lite skit rensar magen. You need to learn this to understand swedes.

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Kind of makes you wonder if it really is her first day.

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Discussing it is legal. Harassing people isn't.

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Swede here, taking the opportunity to answer this one from my perspective.

They are often homeless because the social assistance strategy currently used has failed. There is a overrepresentation of substance abuse and mental disorders in the homeless population in Sweden. We need better substance dependence and psychiatric treatment, for sure. And better mechanisms to make sure that people don't just end up on the streets when they are in obvious need of help.

Another perspective is that some parts of the homeless population are notoriously hard to help due to the huge social problems. There doesn't seem to be any obvious way to improve this.

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Stimulants don't really calm people with ADHD down as such, it's more a matter of gaining more inhibitions which in turn leads to less restlessness and racing thoughts. We do get the stimulant effect other people do too, especially when we're new to a medication or dose, but tolerance to that develops over a couple of weeks. Just like it does for people without ADHD.