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ShitPostGuy817 karma

Has your boss ever walked in and caught you looking at spreadsheets instead of naked people?

Damnit Alekos! That better be a graph of dick length to girth ratios or your fucking fired!

alekos_xfree193 karma

Hi u/ShitPostGuy. Thanks for your question! No, that did not happen, but trust me, we also do graphs! Just not focused on dick size. :D


Does everybody in your life know what to do? Like do you sit down to dinner at grandma's house and she says, "So how's it going on 'Stepsister's Anal Gangbang 3'"?

focusmycarry436 karma

Well, his sister is porn actress Nessa Devil, so the dinners at grandma's must be fun!

alekos_xfree193 karma

You know how it is in porn. It's always a "STEP". :D

alekos_xfree244 karma

Hi u/WTFNSFWFTW. Funny question! People in porn get this question a lot. It might sound embarassing at first sometimes, but we don't really discuss any details about what I currently work on. Still, my family knows about some projects so I keep them in touch. Thanks for your question!

jorgeeborgee574 karma

Did you ever do a shoot with an actress and think they were being exploited or were uncomfortable about what was going on?

alekos_xfree273 karma

Hello u/jorgeeborgee. Thanks for your question. Before the set, there is always an agreement/contract about the scene with list of stuff what is going to happen. People I have been working with are professionals and did acting before. We try to be as transparent as we can.

mewfour-24 karma

will never be answered, this ama is just advertising for them, and anything that makes them look bad won't be touched

alekos_xfree17 karma

Hi u/mewfour. I have just answered this question, have a look! Thanks

Gandos123225 karma

Does it get old? Do you get tired of it

alekos_xfree253 karma

To be completely honest, it's a job I like to do. Every job can eventually get tiring, but we always try something new, like filminig story based movies - horrors and other interesting stuff. Thanks for your question!

Luder09192 karma

What's the worst thing you've ever seen on set?

alekos_xfree217 karma

Hi u/Luder09. Bad hygiene. Always. There is nothing worse than bad hygiene. Shower, people!

EntropyKC84 karma

Have you become desensitised? If so has it had an impact on your personal life?

alekos_xfree43 karma

Hi u/EntropyKC. I might be lucky, but it did not make me desensitised. But I know some that do suffer from this. Thanks for your question!

gringoesai75 karma

Do relationships form from filming? Either type

alekos_xfree101 karma

Hi u/gringoesai! A great question. Yes, they do. I actually know a lot of people that create content with their partner that they met with in a scene.

RedPanda118873 karma

What do the rooms smell like?

alekos_xfree21 karma

u/RedPanda1188 Just like sex. :D It depends on the location as well. It's better outside. Thanks for your question.

Dedushka_shubin65 karma

Do you take part in lighting setup? If yes, how it is done? Is it dynamic, following the camera, or you place all lights before the shooting?

(I am a cameraman in another realm, so I am curious)

alekos_xfree53 karma

Hello u/Dedushka_shubin. Thanks for your question. There are people in the production that take care of the lightning. If the scene is "movie-like" or very dynamic, I do follow the camera and try to make some nice moves with it. It all depends on the scene. But sometimes it's similar to classic movies.

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alekos_xfree25 karma

An actress called Ornella Morgen. She has nice content and is lovely. On the site as well. Check her out! Thanks for your question.

Nuclayer23 karma

Do you also film gay porn, weird porn? Do you film other things? Do you get any say in the direction of the film/video?

alekos_xfree45 karma

Hello u/Nuclayer! Thanks for the question. The word "weird" is very subjective. Everyone likes different things, so I cannot tell what weird means. But yes, I have filmed gay porn and a lot of fetishes as well!

LasagnaFarts9219 karma

You’re stuck between your mom and dad and you’re all naked. If you move foreword you enter your mom. If you move back your dad enters you. Which way are you moving to get out?

LittleGlaze50 karma

Sideways, bruh

alekos_xfree3 karma

A good answer. Nailed it.

Diet_Coke14 karma

What's the worst thing you've ever smelled on set?

alekos_xfree12 karma

Hi u/Diet_Coke. That would definitely be feces. Thanks for your question!

nim_opet5 karma

Why are you wearing a Gucci belt?

alekos_xfree2 karma

People always ask me about my Gucci belt. They might not like the Gucci belt, so I just wear the Gucci belt. :D Thanks for the question!

thisisrat5 karma

How do I apply for the job?

alekos_xfree7 karma

Hello u/thisisrat. I am happy that some people would also like to hold the camera in such scenario. Look around your local productions. They might be searching for someone. Also if there are bigger movies being filmed, more camera guys are required as it's similar to filming classic movies. Thanks for the question!


what’s the sexiest sex you’ve ever sexed?

alekos_xfree7 karma

The sexiest sex I've ever sexed was when I sexed with someone who sexed with me.

Shroomsdale2 karma

How did you first get into the industry?

What are your thoughts on sites like OnlyFans?( Does the professional industry feel the impact of the amateur sites?)

What are common misconceptions about the industry that suprise people?

How did the job impact your personal sex life?

Thanks for the AMA :)

alekos_xfree3 karma

I feel like Onlyfans is a great way for newcomers to make their way in the industry. Lately it’s really a big boom. Misconceptions? I guess most about the bad things you hear everyday. In reality, people are really professional. And sex life? Still amazing. Thanks for your great question!