My short bio: Hey everyone, I am Candice Dare! I started my adult film career in 2014 and flourished ever since. I am originally from the Pacific Northwest, and now live in LA. I love cooking, playing & sports, and creating naughty content!

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lettertoelhizb902 karma

What is your take on the current inflationary pressures we are seeing?

realCandiceDare468 karma

I 100% need more information...

Pinewood26854 karma

There does to be an ongoing situation with faulty appliance's within the adult film industry, by my numbers handymen seem to have an abundance of available jobs. What is the main reason for so many malfunctions in you opinion is it simply user error?

realCandiceDare637 karma

Haha, that's hilarious. I think it's a fun scenario and maybe bored housewives think of men coming to their house to help them is hot!

windysan627 karma

Do you have a good scalloped potatoes recipe ?

realCandiceDare1812 karma

I do! So, on a mandoline, I slice potatoes, sweet potatoes and yams. Layer gruyere cheese, thyme, and salt and pepper. Layer the three different types of potatoes, and you put heavy cream, another layer of cheese and bake them.

hudsonmayberight465 karma

Have you been double jabbed?

realCandiceDare694 karma

Yes, I have had double penetration 😈

t4thfavor980 karma

AstraZenica of Pfizer?

realCandiceDare660 karma

Ooh missed that, but my answer works. hehe.

Sad-Yak-5434376 karma

You have been in the industry for quite sometime. Do you see yourself going away professionally and only doing your own content like onlyfans pretty soon?

realCandiceDare404 karma

I do create my own content with my boyfriend now on Onlyfans + Camsoda!

Cremacious314 karma

Do you have any tips on how to fix cupping in hardwood floors?

realCandiceDare179 karma

I have no idea.

MrToasty267 karma

Serious question: Apologies however, if it is rude in any way. I assume there is always pressure for women in the adult industry to have big boobs. Is that something you've faced? Do you feel that you've missed our on work because of that?

On a personal note, I am a big fan of your work. I feel like you really make scenes feel 'natural' and not forced. And also personally, I'm super glad you haven't had work done on your boobs but I'm curious to hear your thoughts about this.

realCandiceDare428 karma

Thank you so much for your kind comments! I've thought about it, but it's not something I want. I am 100% comfortable with my body, I love it!

chalky331233 karma

Are showers provided after a filiming?

realCandiceDare353 karma

95% of the time they are!

duck4you212 karma

How often do you orgasm during the shoot are all those eyerolling fake?

realCandiceDare400 karma

I would say on average 1 time across all shoots!

laughtale0162 karma

How big is too big and how small is too small? Talkin' about dick size of course

realCandiceDare275 karma

I've had from 3" to 10". My preference is somewhere in between there. Probably 7" range.

spiritfiend158 karma

What are your thoughts on Onlyfans deciding to ban explicit material? Do you trust their platform or would you consider an alternative?

realCandiceDare296 karma

I understand why they want to, but I think the decision is ridiculous. I will be on OnlyFans until the wheels fall off. They of courser reversed the decision, but I will still be on there while pursuing other options.

shameless_n_nameless153 karma

What is your hair removal routine and do you do it just before scenes or are you able to maintain it? How do you maintain without constant shaving bumps and ingrowns?

Coconut oil is great, what’s your favorite way to shine?

realCandiceDare222 karma

I just shave and I basically tidy up before I work! Well I used tend skin and it's an after shave and that helps there is no bacteria.

OOohhh! I do love coconut oil! It is more natural than baby oil so I would use that.

Dontdothatfucker645 karma

Plus it’s made of coconuts instead of babies, so it’s sustainable

realCandiceDare134 karma


pytotherider114 karma

Have you ever shot a bow before? if not any interest in learning archery 🏹 ?

realCandiceDare167 karma

Yes! Growing up we actually had some bows so we did it in backyard.

caj198692 karma

Which is ur fav tourist destination? What do u fancy about it? Which are the most nicest & rudest countries u ever encountered whenever u traveled?

realCandiceDare144 karma

My favorite destination so far has been Mexico, Puerto Vallarta! I haven't been to Whistler in a while but that was also a favorite growing up. Malibu is always fun too!

mordecai9886 karma

What browser do you use?

realCandiceDare124 karma

Google Chrome.

degradeanddominateg85 karma


realCandiceDare242 karma

There is a lot! I'll give one example, I was 21 in Seattle and I had some friends visiting and we went to a few gay bars. They had a friend visiting and he took me into the bathroom and ate me out in the men's restroom! It was crazy!

NorthShields83 karma

Do you enjoy your job?

realCandiceDare138 karma

I do! I've always liked attention and I like being in front of the camera and challenging myself to be better. I love acting (even though i'm not the best at it, hehe!), but it's SO fun!

truerites80 karma

what would you suggest someone new who wants to join adult film work as a career?

realCandiceDare251 karma

I think it's just important to think about how your family is going to receive the news. Most families won't like it, but we worked through it.

Think about when you are done with it, what career you would want after that and if porn will affect it.

don_juan_here80 karma

Do you orgasm more from clitoral stimulation or PIV sex?

realCandiceDare147 karma

Clitoral for sure.

thatguy7747957 karma

Does pineapple go on pizza and why not?

realCandiceDare100 karma

I don't care either way! My favorite type of pizza is cheese pizza.

wizard63753 karma

Do you have any advice for a married couple trying to spice up their sex life?

realCandiceDare104 karma

My answer would be different depending upon who is asking (Wife or Husband). Toys, vibrators, trying DP with a toy and the guys' dick! Watch some porn!

chaotichamster946 karma

What is your current booty measurement? And have you always been blessed in that department?

realCandiceDare137 karma

Hang on let me measure it!! (I'm seriously using a measuring tape). Currently I am 43" all around!

Sad-Yak-543444 karma

Your top or favorite scene(s) shot professionally?

realCandiceDare121 karma

I knew this question would be asked! I did a five guy gangbang scene that was really fun! Can't go wrong with that. Sometimes as a performer you do a really good scene and it might not be as appreciated as you would like, but I can't forget that chemistry!

Sad-Yak-543437 karma

Will you ever be part of Buttwoman series from Elegant Angel? Alexis Texas, Jada Stevens, and Briana Love did a great job.

realCandiceDare54 karma

I would love to, but it's not my choice!

LaLaLaRogue36 karma

Hello! What do you think about the current state of VR adult content? If you've done some, was it an enjoyable experience?

realCandiceDare59 karma

Hmm, I think it's a lot a fun! It can be a little more difficult but it's a lot fun!

Barney-Dalton33 karma

The PNW is the best! I'm from over the border in BC. 🇨🇦 Have you visited Canada?

realCandiceDare55 karma

Yes, Whistler is my favorite!!!

bigtex200329 karma

what sports do you like?

realCandiceDare82 karma

Football is fun to watch either at TV or at the game. Baseball I love going to games! Basketball occasionally. Seahawks are my squad.

Dilly-27511 karma

Would you ever chill/hang out with a fan?

realCandiceDare85 karma

I have before, and it just happened organically. The more a fan asks the less I want to. If it happens it happens!

bangsteve9 karma

if your bf could fight the most evil wrestler and destroy them, across any organization, who would it be? inverse-who would be your favorite that you would be the most sad that he could beat?

realCandiceDare18 karma

I don't know a lot of wrestlers! He just got into the shower so i'll ask him! He does WWE style, hulk hogan style.

WisdomSea-1 karma

Did you know the my people have a special meaning for 'Candice Dare'?

realCandiceDare2 karma

I am sure what that means! Candice came from my favorite Victoria Secret model and my agents came up with Dare.