I saw this posting and was like I do that all the time.

*Pics of the slides. link http://imgur.com/a/39reF

**I'll upload a movie at 150 upvotes.

***Here's the video http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RsHW-BW_32I&feature=youtu.be (I fell coming out of the first slide:)

****Just made it to front page:) I'd like to say thank you to everyone who believed it was possible and upvoted. Reddit rocks!

*****And finally a picture of our pool that has a slide. It's the third slide http://imgur.com/jc5xF

******I just showed my mom this post. Her reaction, word for word: "Why did you do that? The house is so messy!"

*******My friend just texted me that he saw the video on youtube. Haha anyways another cool aspect. I sleep in an area we call a "Secret space" here's the pics starting with my little bro's room then going into my sleeping area. (someone requested) http://imgur.com/a/y7hET

********K so final update. Some douchebag decided to take my video and reupload it on youtube. I wouldn't be mad but it ranks higher on the search list for "slides" than mine does. I don't think I can get youtubes attention on my own.

*********I apologize for saying that was it. Apparently, this individual also posted this to his twitter account https://twitter.com/#!/iTalkAboutVideo. Which I thank ImmaCanadian for pointing out to me. Thank you all for disliking his video and reporting it. Please do what you will to his twitter account as well. Maybe we can get people like this to stop doing what they are doing...

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bulletm1415 karma

does it feel weird to take a slide when you're in a bad mood or having a fight with someone?

me0123802 karma

haha we do have stairs as well. Otherwise how would you get to the top floor?

bulletm1401 karma

one of those suction tubes like at the bank drive-thru.

me0123641 karma

now that would be pretty awesome

me0123659 karma

oh and to the original question. yes

fuckshitwank409 karma

Not quite the same when you say "wheeee!" when you're storming off.

me0123168 karma

too true:)

HULK-SMASH934 karma

at 18, you should think about calling yourself a guy/dude/bloke/man e.t.c.

As a 27 year old boy, i find your title weird!

me0123882 karma

I didn't think of that. Thanks bloke

an_illiterate_ox714 karma

Do you have pets? Do they slide? If not, then you have to just for this reason. I'd fucking lose it every time if I were just hanging out in the basement and my dog slides down like it's business as usual.

me0123483 karma

dogs don't like it. neither do babies. or birds.

Ringmaster187640 karma

Have you ever gotten bored of the slides? or even angry? has there been a situation where someone was upstairs, having a heated argument, then they got so pissed off they stormed off and slid downstairs?

me0123865 karma

Haha no that would look kinda comical I think. I did sleep in one of the slides when I was pissed at my parents so that they couldn't find me though.

balbc460 karma

Do you get bad static electricity shocks after you come off the slide and touch something metal? My fear of shocks is what prevented me from enjoying McDonald's slides.

me0123416 karma

yes yes I do you can hear it in the video

pabloe168352 karma

So I think this pretty much means you are batman, there's no other way around it.

me0123463 karma


poeman327 karma

Who decided on building it? Why?

me0123555 karma

My parents planned the whole thing themselves. For fun I guess? They put in a pool and basketball court too. I think it was honestly just to be over the top:)

poeman324 karma

Follow-up question now, are you wealthy?

me0123753 karma

Me? I'm broke. My parents? Yes. I'm in college now...

razihk267 karma

What do your parents do?

me0123653 karma

Dad's a businessman. Mom's a mom.

razihk151 karma

What kind of business dude? and how big is the house? Rooms? bathrooms? It's pretty baller to have slides in the house! :)

me0123234 karma

I think thirteen bedroom and 5 and one half baths. 2 more baths at the pool

lakerswiz284 karma

So many bedrooms you aren't sure.

me012352 karma


illskillz117 karma

And what major corporation is he a c-level executive at so we can protest this ?! And what's his bank account number?

me012336 karma

He's not like that. all start ups

[deleted]236 karma


me0123278 karma

LOL never thought of that! totally gonna do that today!

ihaveacalculator217 karma

Have you ever been injured sliding down one of them at a particularly high speed?

me0123500 karma

we greased it with pledge once. Yeah. My head hurt bad.

UpStageMe141 karma

How does this pass fire code? They usually don't like breaches that spans across fire zones. They don't allow laundry chutes in some areas for this reason.

me0123446 karma

we have a laundry shoot too. screw fire codes?

grabmyeye588 karma

Fireman here. The reason behind that is because the chutes act as a chimney if there is a fire in a lower level, allowing heat and flame to spread quickly. Unlike many other laws, fire codes exist to protect you. As fun as they are, I'd suggest doing a little bit of research. Maybe putting a swinging door on the top?

Also, I'd hate to be searching your house in zero visibility and fall through and slide straight to the fire floor. Although, with our fire hoses, we can turn it into a water slide!

me0123231 karma

lol that would be epic. you're invited here any day:)

[deleted]131 karma

We need to see pics of your slides.

me0123145 karma

k they're coming one sec

me0123124 karma

they're up.

andrewsmith1986130 karma

Is it only 1 slide?

Do your friends and family use it?

Do you use it every day?

me0123179 karma

two slides. Yes. No. *sorry we have a slide to our pool as well so three

andrewsmith1986158 karma

If your mom wanted something and was on the first floor, would you send said item down the slide?

me0123193 karma

yes:) we use them mostly to put toys in the toy room

andrewsmith1986132 karma

Do you have younger siblings?

What kind of toys in the toy room?

Sex toys?

me0123251 karma

regular toys bro. yes I have 7 siblings

me012365 karma

yeah we do that all the time

andrewsmith198650 karma

What is the greatest thing you have sent down?

Any pets?

me0123152 karma

my douchebag friend went down with a banana and smeared it all over!

a_lot_of_fish333 karma

If you need any new friends we'd be happy to oblidge. You seem like you have a cool slide personality.

me0123206 karma

story of my life bro

babyharpseal251 karma

firstworldproblems: my friends only like me for my slides.

me0123147 karma

Believe it or not it happens to me a lot... Lol I know that sounds stupid though.

andrewsmith198648 karma

Also, has anyone ever been hurt from it?

me0123108 karma

not seriously

loveisfornerds30 karma

Wait. You have a slide to your pool...so can you just get suited up and just slide in?

me012378 karma

its more like a waterslide.

tardpole114 karma

18!? Your voice in that video sounds more like 30.

me0123119 karma

I get that all the time... it really is just super deep for my age. It's actually sounded like that since I was 13. Yeah middle school was awkward.

Chipsticks169 karma

I dont believe for a second that Middle School was awkward when you were the kid with slides in his fucking house

me012324 karma

You're right. It was pretty fun:)

lurch0098 karma

Has you mom ever sent hotpockets from the kitchen to your toy room via the slide?

me012331 karma

No both our microwaves are upstairs. We eat top ramen mainly...

cehak95 karma

The slide that goes in to your pool: is it discreet?

What I'm really asking is have you ever tricked a friend into thinking it was a normal slide like your other 2 and then laughed as he plummeted into your pool.

edit: discreet, not discrete

me012374 karma

no its big and epic I'll just upload a photo of it.

MaxChaplin90 karma

Were they installed in a preexisting house or constructed along with it? Does the manufacturer make house slides regularly? If not, how did he react to the order?

me0123170 karma

we actually built them out of sewage pipe lol. I remember getting them together it was hard work...

halerzy79 karma

Have you ever tried to hide from your parents by stopping half way down a slide? Are you the only one in the house that uses the slides?

me0123132 karma

yeah i slept halfway down the top one. no everyone does at some point

IronCawk72 karma

How many chicks pants have you gotten into because you told them you had a slide at your house and got them to come over?

me0123174 karma

I'm a virgin. Truly. By choice of course

planification348 karma

I used to tell people that I was a virgin by choice too, just not my choice.

me012398 karma

that's a good one:)

delta_epsilon_zeta68 karma

Ever thrown a bunch of objects down your slides? Liquids? What awesome things have you done with them?

me0123248 karma

I put milk down it once (don't ask why) it broke and spilled everywhere. Sometimes we clog the bottom with bean bags so you can go down but then you're stuck:)

unknownfy2467 karma

Any games you have played with the slides?

me0123124 karma

tag. Hide and go seek? we aren't that creative

synflood57 karma

what if someone tries to murder you by blocking the exit until you die of dehydration?

me012394 karma

lol we can climb up the slide in case of emergency

Imalostmerchant165 karma

HA! you have failed to acknowledge the forward thinking of the crook. He has lubricated the last eight feet of the slide with a solid lubricant such as grease. Now you are dead and covered in disgusting grease.

me012389 karma

we've done that before haha. good times.

k-weezy30 karma

Well, tell us how you came to have slides in your house? Were they already there when you moved. Did you remodel to have them, were they designed into the initial building?

How often do they actually get used? What percentage of the time do you use them vs. stairs?

me0123108 karma

We built the house we've had it for a couple years now. Little kids use them all the time. When we first moved in for like a year it was 75% slide 25% stairs. Now it's like 99% stairs 1% slide

Escmymind68 karma

wait, so you went down more at first than you went up?

me0123109 karma

yes. I'm not sure how though...