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at 18, you should think about calling yourself a guy/dude/bloke/man e.t.c.

As a 27 year old boy, i find your title weird!

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"Mental Health Issues" I think it's more a case of 2 people who shouldn't be together. He goes from "My wife is pretty vanilla in the bedroom" to "She's not open to my searching for another partner even though I am open to the idea of an open relationship"

What the fuck, If I married a girl and they dropped that on me I'd wonder why this didn't come up in a conversation beforehand. I mean I'm into having plenty of partners, that's why I'm single, if I get married it's because I've found the one person I wanna spend my time with.

If they're idea of sexuality is more fluid, that's great, but don't include me in that equation.

Their sex life was great at the beginning and adventurous, but isn't everyone's? That's how almost every relationship is at the start.

If the guy has kinks and she doesn't that's a lot of pressure on her, and if he's frequently bringing it up then she's probably thinking whatever she does in the bedroom isn't enough, not a great feeling right? That thought probably started effecting her labido, and then he's dropped the "Well maybe I should fuck other people", I'm sure he didn't say it like that but I bet that's what she heard.

Sexual Chemistry is a big part of relationships, it's just as important to get that right as anything else and I definitely believe there is such things as mismatched chemistry out there.

"Go get your head fixed by the head doctor women, this is your fault, I'll be out back thinking about how I can get you to let me fuck the neighbour" is a real aphrodisiac.

edit: Well thank you kindly sir/madam, I tip my hat to you thusly

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Camp when used to describe a show usually implies that it's flamboyantly theatrical and light hearted, like the 60s batman show would be considered camp.

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After reading through much of this thread I can only assume that this guy is a little bit harmlessly mental, or a comic genius.

Either way, im sure eating nothing but oatmeal for 99 days is bad for you haha

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Hang on, torrenting can get you 10 years in prison? So I hit someone in my car and kill them and it's less severe than sharing a movie. Do we need any more proof that the world is made for the rich.