My name is Luis Miguel Cadiz I am a 30 year old, my team and I have been treating covid patients since the beginning of the pandemic, we've been on a roller coaster, where everything has happened and there is much to come, feel free to ask me anything.

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My3rdTesticle14 karma

Is burnout/fatigue still an impact from Covid, and if so, how do you manage it?

SomeoneCallDoctor10 karma

Fatigue is a normal reaction to fighting a viral infection, the best way is not to over exert yourself, perform small tasks and make little progress.

My3rdTesticle11 karma

I meant for you, as a nurse. The "roller coaster" isn't taking its toll on you?

SomeoneCallDoctor32 karma

Oh I understood, my fault, At first it took a toll on me, nightmares, I vomited, I cried, the lack of sleep hours, I manage it by ventilatingmy emotions, I also ate a lot of sweets, sharing my experiences with my colleagues, my grandfather also helped me a lot

FLAlex11110 karma

Thank you for your work so far, and for sharing your experience with this sub. What's the biggest thing you've learned going through the pandemic in your position?

SomeoneCallDoctor18 karma

You can't save everyone but you can give it your all to try.

dav0d9 karma

What aspects of your country's approach to Covid, do you appreciate and what aspects frustrate you?

SomeoneCallDoctor15 karma

I appreciate that we are not such a big country but I hate that people disparage the covid and do not take precautions, causing it to be transmitted to more people than if they try to prevent.

Rolpando9 karma

What has your hospital done to prepare for any future pandemics and surge of patients.

SomeoneCallDoctor12 karma

More staff and enable more rooms.

noshore4me8 karma

What's the survival rate of the patients you tended to?

SomeoneCallDoctor9 karma

if i'm not bad, 96%.

miles_allan7 karma

What's the biggest difference in treatment procedures now compared to at the beginning of the panic? And when was your most critical time period, i.e.: most patients or most severe cases at one time?

SomeoneCallDoctor10 karma

Adaptation and correction of some treatments, at the beginning of the pandemic, not having basic experience to take measures against covid, how can you treat something that has never happened before?

The flexible quarantine periods, the numbers of infected were skyrocketing and it was horrible.

Red13A6 karma

I had the variant of concern? A few weeks ago. I received the Pfizer vaccine last week. All I want to know is if I can still get and carry the virus to transmit to others?

SomeoneCallDoctor-21 karma

It is like using an umbrella in a rain, your immune system has received a weaker version of the virus, your body will create antibodies, that will help you the moment you are in contact with the virus, If you are in contact with other people who have not received the vaccine, yes.

bottleboy846 karma

your immune system has received a weaker version of the virus

None of the covid vaccines work this way. MRNA vaccines teach our cells how to make certain proteins that trigger an immune response. The MRNA vaccines do not contain covid virus, not even a weaker version.

SomeoneCallDoctor18 karma

Thank you for this, we do not have much information about vaccines, since here there is still a long way to go before they arrive, most of all it is basic information or examples.

bottleboy811 karma

Thank you for all your help combating the virus. You are a true hero.

SomeoneCallDoctor8 karma

Thank you very much, I appreciate it.

Yourstruly754 karma

How are you coping?

SomeoneCallDoctor8 karma

Coffee, a lot of coffee.

_the_yellow_peril_3 karma

How can we encourage staff to continue to wear masks in the hospital?

SomeoneCallDoctor3 karma

Isn't it supposed to be mandatory? staff people go without masks?

Tru3insanity3 karma

How often do you see people who survive but with lasting damage?

Like most ppl i know this occurs but its really hard to get a grasp of what is really going on with long haulers.

SomeoneCallDoctor2 karma

Quite often, it's like surviving being hit by a truck.

Claud65683 karma

I’d like to know your opinion on the tiktok dancing nurses and all that.

SomeoneCallDoctor5 karma

As long as it does not interfere with work and is in free time, I do not see the problem.

Chouken2 karma

How many patients did you meet per day? I'd assume around 10?

SomeoneCallDoctor3 karma

With covid? yesterday 19, today 9.

Peoniesinthegarden2 karma

I’ve seen your answer with 96% survival rate of patients. What kind of patients are the other 4%? In terms of age, health... etc

SomeoneCallDoctor6 karma

Older people mostly, people with a weakened immune system from another disease.

Goatzinger2 karma

Do you consider a hot dog a sandwich?

SomeoneCallDoctor2 karma

I think not, they both have different ingredients and are nothing alike.

SpitfireGamer7772 karma

Hi! How difficult is to work in an hospital right now because COVID-19? BTW thank you for your service!

SomeoneCallDoctor2 karma

Thank you, quite a bit, shift hours are long, many patients do not cooperate and you cannot hit them for behaving like children, many believe they are right and want to tell you how to do your job, the unnecessarily racist insults of some patients.

clariannagrindelwald2 karma

What do you wish you could tell the patients ( like to the whole lot of us) before they get corona?

SomeoneCallDoctor3 karma

Take the necessary precautions to avoid getting infected and ignore the idiots who say that all this does not exist and is some kind of government conspiracy, many patients are this way, by people who have minimized the risk of the virus.

constant83722 karma

how are things otherwise? venezuela's had a pretty rough ride lately

SomeoneCallDoctor3 karma

Venezuela is a disaster and I lack hands to tell where to start, unfortunately, very few people comply with the quarantine, If they do not work, they starve and ask to stay at home for a week or more, they would end up with nothing to eat in less than the same week.

Grimlock_12 karma

What's the most heart breaking thing you've seen? Also have you dealt with any deniers who caught covid? What happened ?

SomeoneCallDoctor2 karma

A mother and her 13 year old daughter.

Most of those who denied the virus, appear crying at the doors of the hospital, asking for help, the same virus brings them back to reality.

Grimlock_12 karma

A mother and daughter dying ?

SomeoneCallDoctor2 karma

Sadly yes, it's something that hit me pretty hard.

justscottaustin0 karma

Didcha get it?

SomeoneCallDoctor5 karma


justscottaustin1 karma

Did you catch it?

SomeoneCallDoctor2 karma

u mean covid? still not and hope I don't catch it

bluntxblade0 karma

I hope you and your team have been able to properly take care of yourselves and each other, this shit is exhaustingly brutal.

What's the role of a Nurse Leader? Are you essentially the manager of the unit, or more of the head nurse that creates assignments and helps with the most critical patients?

SomeoneCallDoctor3 karma

Thank you very much, due to lack of staff i do both and wherever help is needed.

conrad1102-1 karma

Venezuela? Who's your President?

SomeoneCallDoctor3 karma


Earlwii67-1 karma

Can a person who is COVID-19 positive request the Dr. give them Ivermecton? Is it against any protocol for the Dr. to prescribe it for COVID-19? Seen a nurse on Utube that said she treated herself with for 3 days and it worked against Covid.

SomeoneCallDoctor4 karma

I cannot answer this, sorry, self-medication in cases of covid is not one of the best choices that can be made, the best thing someone can do is go to the nearest hospital.

Earlwii67-7 karma

I have a pacemaker. Have you had any one with COVID-19 that had a Pacemaker? My wife, daughter and grandchildren had it but I never did. I think the pacemaker low voltage/current pulses keep me from getting it. Back in 1992 they had used low voltage/current against HIV to lower the replicating prosses by as much as 95% after only 6 minutes of treatment. The story was in the New York Times. The voltage and current used was the same as a pacemaker. The blood had to run between two electrodes.

SomeoneCallDoctor3 karma

Sorry, I don't have any information that can help you on that.

About patients with pacemakers, I think so but we have not seen any difference, take care.

amypalgreen87-7 karma

Now that trump is not president do you think under President Biden will this pandemic will end? Has other diseases popping up at the same time as coronavirus?

SomeoneCallDoctor13 karma

I don't think changing the president makes any difference, If people don't take the proper steps to prevent the virus from spreading, we can change the president as many times as necessary and we will still keep the virus with us.

With other diseases, do you mean new or old? there is not much difference with the other diseases, simply today, the focus of attention is the covid.

amypalgreen87-3 karma

Old diseases like measles scarlet fever etc

SomeoneCallDoctor5 karma

People will continue to get sick but almost no one is paying attention to them because of the covid, if that's what you mean.

rxneutrino-8 karma

How is the provided "proof" supposed to verify the claim in the title?

SomeoneCallDoctor9 karma

Have you tried to pretend to be a doctor? you know what happens right? I don't know if it is in your country but here it is illegal.

iusedtobeafry-8 karma

Do you administer vaccines? How long does it take before the microchip takes over control of my brain?

SomeoneCallDoctor35 karma

It depends how close to a 5G antenna you are.