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In cannabis-legal states like yours, the industry has created many jobs. If legalization on the federal level occurs do you feel those small businesses will be forced out of the market by a small handful of large corporations?

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...and if your "razor" has a built-in rechargable battery, put it in your carry-on. If you end up on one of those flights where the plane sits on the tarmac for hours, you have the added benefit of being able to go to the bathroom to "shave" while you wait for take-off.

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Is burnout/fatigue still an impact from Covid, and if so, how do you manage it?

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I meant for you, as a nurse. The "roller coaster" isn't taking its toll on you?

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Another option may be TMS. I did Ketamine therapy for a bit. It was helpful, but it's expensive and needs to be ongoing for most people.

TMS is the only thing I haven't tried yet because of my schedule. Treatments are 60 minutes daily (business days) for five weeks. If someone offered it outside of business hours I'd sign up in a heartbeat.