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I_like_butholes1351 karma

All men love blowjobs, but whats is like getting one from a porn star? they look pretty talented! Also, weirdest thing you have been asked to do. Cheers dude.

taddnolen67 karma

It depends on the porn star, but most are really really talented. it's the king of blowjobs.

Weirdest thing I've ever been asked to do was probably when I went on sex survivor. That whole experience was fun, weird, surreal and I won so that was cool.

As far as sex act goes, i don't find any of it weird but now that i'm a real dad, I do have to say one of the "weirdest" things in porn is girls who like to call you daddy or talk in a baby voice.

Like I said before a lot of girls in porn are really masochistic. I've been asked to punch (off screen) threaten etc etc. Most of this is all off screen because violence (even if it's simulated) is illegal in American pornography, but yeah, dating girls in the industry outside of the porn set, I find a lot have daddy issues, rape fantasies, or if they've experienced those types of things in real life, feel a need to continuosly relive those scenarios.

your_penis820 karma

So... How big am I?

taddnolen641 karma

haha. I am only really 7 inches but very very wide. My porn stats say 10 but that is an outright lie. I am just very very thick. Saying a guy is 7 but thick isn't as impressive as saying a guy is 10. So porn publicists usually have me listed as a 10 incher and people don't question it because of how huge it looks. But it's all girth.

whatever_idc817 karma

What would you say if your daughter, let's say in 7 years, wants to be in the porn business? Would you talk her out of it or support her?

taddnolen1632 karma

I honestly do not know how to answer that at all.

smells_like_fish681 karma

Just wanted to let you know I've seen your penis many times Tad. No homo.

taddnolen835 karma

I'm really used to it. 90% of the people who recognize me are men. I'd say 70 % straight 30% gay. I'm pulling those numbers out of my ass but I'm guessing.

zylo47657 karma

You'd probably only have to pull 30% of those numbers out of your ass

taddnolen507 karma


Johnny_Kilroy475 karma

You have been in a number of scenes with Anais Alexander, whose videos are considered by some to be the holy grail of porn, due in most part to their scarcity and her undeniable beauty. Were you in a relationship with A. Alexander outside of porn? What was A. Alexander like as a person? In that one terrific scene in which she made you come twice, was the first instance an accident? Do you regard that as a particularly enjoyable or memorable scene, or was it just another day at the office for you? Thank you in advance for your responses, Billy.

taddnolen792 karma

I came three times! Twice on camera one internal. Man I already answered who are the best five in porn and didn't list her. We only did 3 videos together all within a year period. And yeah she was really stunning.

Part of the reason I came so much was that this was my first time with a female director. The director was Suze Randall and no she is not hot, and she is very old, but having sex with a hot woman in front of a much much older woman was at that time something really kinky. It was like having sex in front of the old lady across the street. There's no way to explain all this without sounding like a big ass pervert but when you do porn, the more you do particular things the more boring and routine they become. So anytime you can try something new or be in a new situation or do something slightly fucked up or kinky it's like doing it for the first time all over again. This does not mean i want to bang grandmas but being directed by a mature woman was something I had never done before then and it was so weird that it got me pretty excited. That and of course Anais was gorgeous. We dated for about a minute. She's very hot but very closed off and too bossy for my tastes. She definitely had a diva complex

cespinal470 karma

Is sex in movies as good as depicted? and also: do the girls really enjoy it or is it just acting?

taddnolen856 karma

I came at a time when the porn industry was sort of transforming into what it is now.

If you wanted to do straight porn it was almost impossible to get in. It was a really closed tight knit mans club and nobody wanted to let newbies in. Everyone was kind of out of shape, except for the few top guys and it was impossible to get in.

There was a lot going on politically though with Cal Osha doing raids and AIM was being reformed and a few veterans had started setting up cousneling for the girls and therapy sessions. So I got in when the industry was starting to be more regulated and more money and investment was coming into the business.

It's gone up and down since then. The sex was awesome in the beginning because I was doing something out of the ordinary that a lot of guys dream of. But after awhile it started to feel like a job.

When you do a porn scene there is not just the camera guy there but also a photographer who is taking still shots so you have to freeze fream in the middle of positions. You have to keep yourself hard for long hours (this was before Viagra when i first started) and then cum quick when you're told. At the beginning I was able to work, pop, and then recover fast because I was just so into it. But later it got harder to keep it up and harder do more than one scene a day.

The girls it's mixed. When i first started there where a lot of the leftover girls from the early 90s that didn't seem like they where into it. The guys where big jerks too. I became popular fast because I always tried to be nice and talk to the girls first and they weren't used to that. In the 2000's though the girls for the most part had way better attitudes.

robertson13994 karma

I came at a time..


taddnolen683 karma

Too hilarious.

vahishta716 karma

"It's gone up and down since then"


taddnolen849 karma

All intentional.

bink180too411 karma

Does your daughter know?

taddnolen776 karma

Her mom told her I was in jail for most of her life. Then changed her story to me being a pimp. When I got to meet my daughter though she knew me as a security gaurd.

As we started hanging out more in public she started to get suspicious because people would come up to me and ask for a picture or autograph and I would tell her it was because I was in an old commercial and used to yell out hey I'm with my kid before they'd say anything. But she is in JR High and some boys at her school told her what I did. I am pretty sure she has no seen porn because her computer has been blocked from all that but you never know. She thinks its cool but I don't think she knows what it is really yet. There are actually a lot of us out there with kids and she has 3 close girlfriends around her age who all are in the same position she is in. And they have a tight group.

BrawndoTTM402 karma

Do you chuckle every time you hear some say "fuck bitches, get money" because you actually get to fuck women AND get money for it?

taddnolen744 karma

There is this big black guy named Tyrun (that's how its spelled but he pronounces it Tyrone) in my complex who says stuff like that to me and announces me whenever i come out into the spa or pool area. Doesn't get old.

pixieshit395 karma

Would you rather have a fish head or a fishtail body?

taddnolen476 karma

Fish head. All the way.

Miora359 karma

Dude your name -Thaddeus- is so freakin epic!!! Why did your parents name you that?? Does it have some awesome special meaning???

taddnolen493 karma

Named after my grandpa. Glad you think it's cool. I hated that name. Having a weird name was not considered cool when I was a little kid in elementary school. But the reaction I get today is that people love my name.

Miora136 karma

My names a number so i feel your pain. :D But oh man when I saw your name i couldnt help but imagine you as some awesome viking.

taddnolen154 karma

Too much Italian blood in me to be a viking haha. But thanks.

thorneyinak86 karma

A kid named Thaddeus robbed my house.


Did you ever do gay porn though?

taddnolen176 karma

No. When i started modeling I did a photo shoot for Advocate Men that was a solo shoot. The photographer told me that he was straight and just doing a job which made me more comfortable, but in hindsight I'm pretty sure now that it was a total lie and he was indeed gay. So that qualifies as the closest thing to gay porn that I have done.

taddnolen97 karma

No never

frozencoke359 karma

Any tips for the men out there wanting to please their woman?

taddnolen1242 karma

Don't learn from porn. Porn is visual. The sex is crazy. It's meant to look cool. But that doesn't mean that a woman wants that with her guy.

Unless you tell me what areas you want advice in the best advice I can give any guy is to be really into her. Make lots of eye contact. Don't give her the impression you'd stick it in anything with a hole. But look at her like she is all that you want at that very moment.

If you are a smaller guy down there, this advice comes from one of my best friends who is a little under average but is quite the ladies man, never ever say sorry during sex. Or fumble nervously. You have to have confidence. If you are not that endowed don't dread the big reveal, pretend like its 13 inches.

the_kurious_kat319 karma

Who is the best lay in porn? If thats hard to answer, give a top 5

taddnolen516 karma

Of all time or currently? I'm just going to answer as far as my favorites that I have worked with.

  1. Naudia Styles 2 Cassie Young 3 Kobe Tai 4 Venus 5 Taylor Rain

[deleted]332 karma


taddnolen559 karma

That's all on you bro haha.

[deleted]66 karma


taddnolen196 karma

I have no idea. The last time I spoke to her she said she was going to be in some mainstream movies but a lot of people say that when they reitre from porn and it's not usually true.

imasickcunt298 karma

How many people have you had sex with?

taddnolen745 karma

All women, and when I started at 26 years old I had already had sex with 276 women since the age of 14 and by 2000 when i was 31 and still counting I reached the 500 mark.

marshall007135 karma

Have you ever participated in some form of group sex where other males were present? If so, was it weird?

[edit: grammar]

taddnolen350 karma

Yes gangbangs. All porn is with other men present. Because there is a cameraman there. We have a lot of women now in the industry in the executive level and directing but still have yet to encounter a female camera person.

cespinal258 karma


taddnolen351 karma

You've got to be pretty secure in yourself to be in porn. haha

reluctantsalesperson277 karma

How common is it for a straight male in the industry to go gay for pay?

taddnolen537 karma

Today very. It used to be a big no no. Because of AIDS but also because it was always a very hetero alpha male type business. But today it's just a business. Women are the largest growing segment of the porn demographic and a lot of gay men like watching straight porn.

So today there are a lot of cross over guys. I feel ike i could get in trouble for talking about this. It's an open secret. You can easily google gay for pay or straight for pay and find out who has done what but you're not really supposed to ever talk about.

[deleted]245 karma

a lot of people in the industry end up regretting getting into it. do you?

taddnolen474 karma

I regret missing out on my daughter growing up. I was old enough when I got in to sort of know what I was signing up for. The "dudes" of my particular porn generation are all like close brothers to me. The industry kind of sucks now for various complicated reasons nobody would really want to listen to me go on about, but it's partly because of the economy. I don't regret it. It's very hard for me to be around the women in my family, sister mom aunts etc having them know what I do. It creeps me out. So because of my own hang ups I don't get to see my family as much as I would like. I see them about as much as people who live across the country get to see their family and my family live in the same city I do.

PagingCraig235 karma

Ever have problems having sex with non-porn women with such a large penis?

taddnolen504 karma

Yes. I tell my friends all the time very few women actually love huge penises. My sex numbers before joining porn where a little inflated because I consider being naked with a girl and having each others genitals in your mouth or penetrating her with a finger as sex. The girls who have liked my size out of the industry I'd say about close to half only wanted to try oral with it and two just gave up and gave me a hand job

Morphix007223 karma

will pineapple juice make it taste good for the laaadddiiies?

taddnolen457 karma

That is actually true. Drinking sweet drinks makes your cum thinner and sweeter. But porn is still made for men, and market research (like any other business) actually shows that men would rather see thicker gooeer money shots than liquidy sweet ones. But we all smoke in the industry. So that takes care of that.

And I'm not joking. It's a business.

baloneyjoe192 karma

The only reason that I never worked in porn myself was that I was afraid that if I had to take a dump during a shoot, it would kill the mood. Obviously you have overcome this and I'd like to hear how you did it.

taddnolen899 karma

There's no romance on a porn set. I say this with the utmost affection but porn people are trashy. And especially porn girls they like being "shocking" for some reason. It's part of the porn girl personality.

One of the girls i worked with recently posted on twitter "i finally got to take a shit after the last time you fucked me in the ass." that's just the character of the girls. So it never ruins the mood if you have to go to the bathroom.

As for me personally, since you're fishing for a story, I body build, and if you do so yourself, or you have ever had a roomate who is a body builder you will know that because of what we eat, and all those squats and hard rock buns come with a price. We tend to destroy toilets.

There was one video I did where I did take a bathroom break and i took so long and it was so noisey that everyone on set started writing notes and passing them under the door. I had eaten McDonalds the day before on my cheat day so all the notes where McDonald's related.

Like "Mmm I want to watch you Grimmace" or "Ronald watches you when you poop."

Morphix007186 karma

In "POV scenes" who is holding the camera, or how does someone else lean into the actors space to take the footage.

taddnolen267 karma

The performer holds the camera during the blowjob and usually an assistant or someone on set will take the camera and angle it during sex scenes.

[deleted]177 karma

Who convinced Evan Stone to finally cut his hair?

taddnolen356 karma

Everyone he's ever known since the year 2000. But he actually used to play tarzan at Disneyland and he would get a lot of girls phone numbers because of it. He was like samson. By the way one of the nicest guys in the business.

[deleted]134 karma

Let me try and say this in the straightest way possible. You're one of the few male pornstars that I see in a lot of porn that I honestly don't mind.


What's with the close up shot when you guys are finishing? Fuck, do they do this on purpose?

taddnolen260 karma

Again going to say market research here and being totally straight faced and serious.

The reason they call it the money shot, is because in the old old days people wanted to know the actors where having real sex and real orgasms and not faking it.

Women fake orgasms but the guy also has to do his cum face so the guy watching at home knows that everyone had fun doing the scene. This is actually true. Especially because a lot of guys can't cum inside a woman or by a woman a lot of guys can only cum from their own stroke. So if a guy is finishing himself off on a girl, he has to make that face to let the viewer know subconciously he's having a good time and not just doing a job or going through the motions.

cubicleninja131 karma


"Directed at least 3 movies". Accurate? Are you trying to move towards becoming a full time director?

taddnolen292 karma

I directed my first feature in 98 and only directed 3 after that. And had my own production company from 2000 to 2005 and it went under. Mostly due to internet porn becoming better and better and the demand for DVD's failing.

I took over a site called Mr Big Dicks Hot Chicks in 2008 but it has been on hiatus since 2010. Nobody wants to pay for porn anymore. So mostly have been working for Naughty America lately.

robertson13124 karma

What has it been like raising a daughter while working in this industry?

taddnolen215 karma

I never really had a chance to raise her. Me and her mom where not married and she had full custody up until 6 months ago.

oracle2b117 karma

Have you ever encountered a female fan while going about your daily life and if so what occurred?

Has there been any fallout in your personal life as a result of your job?

If you could choose the background music to your videos, what would you play?

taddnolen237 karma

I hardly date outside the industry. When I have dated girls outside the industry they are either completely turned off by the idea or completely obsessive. Background music? What's that song on the Boogie Nights soundrack? That's all funky. Sounds like a UFO or a tilt a whirl. I like that song. haha

cubicleninja116 karma

Craziest scene?

taddnolen246 karma

Craziest is always gangbang scenes. Which are hard to control so everyone pretty much improvises. I remember doing a video in the Squirting Illustrated series that was probably one of the most fun times I've had.

GDbest100 karma

Is it not really awkward talking to the girls you will be "working" with before and after you get down and dirty?

taddnolen332 karma

No it's essential. It was in the beginning. But I came at a time when girls weren't treated that well and always being nice and friendly paid off big time with having girls request me.

Very few people watch straight porn for the guy so if you want a lot of work you have to have personal relationships and a good and comfortable repore (spelling) with the girls you're working with.

Also it's important to talk to the girls after, especially if they are new because not every girl is hard as nails or thick skinned. Some girls get shaken afte rthey do a sex scene if there new and you need to make them comfortable. You can't just walk out and ignore them. I've seen too many girls on drugs, battling depression etc to contribute to that.

rabba1100 karma

You did that bathtub scene with Jenaveve Jolie...which seemed pretty awesome.

What is she like off set? What about Kayden Kross?

Also, what happens immediately after shooting? Is there any awkwardness or is it strictly business?

taddnolen264 karma

I've worked with her a lot on video and web only. She is very cool. This is kind of a harsh reality about the porn biz but the more beautiful a girl is the better she is treated, the more money she makes etc. So they tend to like what they do and have a lot of say in what they do. (this isn't a bad thing but the bad thing is women who are not as pretty don't make as much and don't have as much say in what they do)

Kayden Kross is probably the smartest woman besides Nina Hartley and Asia Carerra to ever work in porn. This isn't a job that attracts very smart girls or guys. Intelligence is not a turn off for me but it does make you scratch your head when you meet women like Asia, Kayden and Nina and also Bobbi Star who are incredibly talented, well read, politicaly active aware individuals who chose to do a job that most women do because it's the most amount of money they can make and have no other real talents.

Kayden is a good writer. I can tell she's playing the industry. She writes a lot of blogs, has a huge following...I'm sure the reddit crowd loves her. Bobbie is a classically trained musician. Nina is a feminist writer and still chooses to stay close to the industry and loves it. Asia got out. Don't know what happened to her but she was very odd and didn't get along with any of the girls because she was too smart for most of the people on set. So yeah.

That was a little bit of a rant on Kayden. But her parents from what I know are wealthy politicians in Sacramento and she has 3 university degrees. And I'm too big for her. She wants to keep her vagina looking nice for her fans and so she tends to perform with guys who are long but much thinner.

Depressing_Thoughts88 karma

Have you had penis enlargement surgery?

taddnolen235 karma

There really is no such thing. As far as I know. What i have heard is the success rate is not so high and that they either can make you long and skinny or really fat. But no my penis is my penis. haha

Ijustdoeyes81 karma

Do you watch porn yourself? If so which kind? When you and other porn actors get together and talk shop has there ever been something that someone has done in a film that has made you all go "what the fuck?". Finally with the internet as a medium the most popular type of porn being amateur, pay porn seems to be getting more extreme, where do you see porn in ten years?

taddnolen231 karma

I do watch a form of porn. I guess, I used to be really into getting girls to do things on webcam for me and doing cam shows back and forth which is kind of like interactive porn. Tom Byron and Rod Fontana have both been "pegged" in a scene. Which is they where penetrated by a girl with a strap on dildo. That made us kind of say what the fuck but to be honest, nothing really shocks me anymore.

I'd disagree that pay porn is getting more extreme. Pay porn can't compte with the internet so it's all right now going to Blue Ray, pay per view and cable markets around the world. So right now porn is becoming more like the in old days. About story and production value.

A lot of people would hear that and say waht the fuck who the hell watches porno for the plots or acting but the largest growing demographic in porn viewership is women, and the only place where pay porn makes money nowadays (if you're not Brazzers) is for people with huge LCD TV's who wuld rather watch high def porn on a giant screen than SD porn on a small comptuer screen or phone screen.

Porn is also going more towards contract girls vs free agents. It's harder to find contract girl stuff online because they work exclusively with their studio and don't sell their content to other sites. Try finding videos online of Riley Steele or Kayden Kross or any of the Digital Playground girls. Sure you'll find stuff, but you'll have to search harder than you would with a girl who's a free agent. So that's the draw. If you really want to see the most beautiful girls you're going to have to get the blu ray or the HD pay per view etc.

But you fuckers probably all get shit from torrents anyways haha. But yeah thats where the industry is going now. The mainstream industry at least.

In 10 years I bet vivid, wicked, dp and adam and eve will all become one company. Thats just my guess.

Orlandofitz74 karma

Was this guy lying?

taddnolen137 karma

No. Since it's been available most guys today especially the young ones rely heavily on it. Why I thihk porns gotten so boring nowadays.

Itsonlyzero68 karma

Does Sex still feel good?

taddnolen207 karma

Suprisingly yes. And the weirdest thing is that so does masturbation. It's just the fantasy that has to keep evolving

hoodis43 karma

I don't think i have ever seen an AMA with so much up front straight forward hold nothing back answers. This is what AMA was made for. Thank you OP.

taddnolen86 karma

Well see i'm not a scientist working long hours in a lab. I have a lot of free time haha. I'm not neal degrass tyson.

GALACTICA-Actual33 karma

In the immortal words of Amber Waves: "That's a giant cock!"

That said; it appears that a lot of the small-time outfits now days are just plain abusive pricks. How do you think the rising level of misogyny by these guys is effecting the business, compared to how much more professional it seemed to be up until the early to mid 2000s?

taddnolen50 karma

It's still pretty professional. I would say there where more pricks in the early 90s and then after the net started there where more pricks doing rough sites.

I dont' know of any of those rough sites that is stil producing content on a weekly basis in this economy though. Maybe I'm wrong though.

littlefatman27 karma

You had A LOT of sex before you got into the porn industry. Any tips for us mortals?

taddnolen190 karma

Low standards and count blow jobs and hand jobs as sex