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I don't think i have ever seen an AMA with so much up front straight forward hold nothing back answers. This is what AMA was made for. Thank you OP.

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That's like 5 years in internet time. Ancient.

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Well he said 3k a scene for 20 scenes. So 60k total at the max if he went bareback every single time. He also said he did it to get through school so i will assume a 4 year bachelors. That is 15k a year. That is right at pretax minimum wage. The main difference though is he probably worked closer to 80 hours total rather than 8000.

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Once you've done 20000 of them i would imagine you get pretty damn efficient. Hell, your more practiced at this than i am at masturbating.

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There is always a back story and it usually isn't "oh he just wanted to kill him".