Hey guys, ask me whatever you want. I posted a pic to my twitter account saying "Hi Reddit!" and if you still don't believe it's me, then I don't give a shit. twitter@mattjonesisdead

I had a great time! I'm exhausted and I'm out. I'll check back in and try to finish some off tomorrow. If you're into it, watch my one man show "Matt Jonestown Massacre" for free on Vimeo. http://vimeo.com/30762822

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Nodnarb5181270 karma

What happened to Combo was messed up yo

mattjonesisdead1134 karma

fo real kid

maxxl807 karma

Remember when a kid ran up to you in your car last month while you were driving in Pasadena and said you were awesome? That was me. Also I told the lady you were with she's awesome too...

mattjonesisdead1001 karma

Thanks. That girl that was with you was hot. Nice... My fiance agreed.

TigerWizard573 karma

I truly hope your fiancée gives the green light for that foursome to happen, for maxxl

mattjonesisdead652 karma

I'll try!

rage_erection793 karma

Did you do any voices for the game Rage? I swear there's a dude outside the mayor's office in Subway Town that sounds exactly like you.

mattjonesisdead1044 karma

I did 4 voices. Good ear.

eppix269 karma

Wasn't Jesse playing Rage in his house on the TV show? Coincidence or did you make this happen?

mattjonesisdead412 karma


mattjonesisdead707 karma

If you want to watch my one man show. http://vimeo.com/30762822

juca5056681 karma

Once, I went up to you at a friend's house party and asked "Did anyone ever tell you you look like Badger from Breaking Bad?" and you said "Well... I am him."

Just wanted you to know I felt like an idiot for the rest of the night.

EDIT: I feel like I should add that this was not meant to call out Matt. He laughed it off and was cool about it. I just felt the need to recount my own thick-headedness.

mattjonesisdead512 karma

You're not an idiot. I am. Seriously.

flyryan504 karma


mattjonesisdead451 karma


bojdal502 karma

What are the top 3 most played songs in your Itunes library, if you dont own Itunes what are the top 3 songs you listen to most at this current moment in your life.

How has working on Breaking Bad been for your career and has it pigeonholed you into acting a certain type of character or getting offers to play certain types of characters?

Favorite film of 2011?


mattjonesisdead1020 karma


According to my itunes, my three most listened to bands are Arctic Monkeys, Arcade Fire, and Frightened Rabbit.

I get pigeon holed nonstop. I'm considered "weird looking" so I can't be a lead or anything like that. I have to play the weird best friends for years until Jonah Hill drops dead.

I loved Martha Marcy Mare Marlene.


ImaginaryJ496 karma

Fill in the blank. If Aaron Paul doesn't win an emmy for his portrayal of Jesse Pinkman in season 4, then ________________________.

mattjonesisdead1206 karma

I'll blow you

[deleted]477 karma

No questions from me, I just want to say you really do a great job side by side with some heavyweight actors on BB. You have had some very funny moments that you executed nicely.

I salute you.

mattjonesisdead389 karma

I salute back.

berserker87363 karma

I used to hate you because of that commercial where you drove a car through a wall. You would come on every commercial break that football season and I developed a seething hatred of your distinct voice that I heard a thousand times.

Other than that you are pretty awesome.

mattjonesisdead1594 karma

HAHAHA! I hated me too. You're not alone. But that one commerical paid me more than every BB episode I've ever done combined.

So you can suck it.

dcux343 karma

What is the blue meth prop? Rock candy?

mattjonesisdead699 karma

Blue Rock candy that we sometimes actually sniff up our nose for affect.

rawrina286 karma

What was your favorite episode to film?

mattjonesisdead755 karma

By far, Better Call Saul. Bob Odenkirk is one of my idols (from Mr. Show days) and I got to be in his first episode and do a nine page opening. Fucking awesome.

chickfilaisgood162 karma

with DJ Qualls! That scene is one of the best in the entire run.

[deleted]125 karma

No way that dude would ever be a cop haha

mattjonesisdead389 karma

I starred in a pilot where I played a cop. They said that I wasn't "believable"

ericksinha271 karma

What kind of research did you do to better portray a meth addict?

mattjonesisdead754 karma

lots of really depressing you tube videos.

AbbyMoriah258 karma

  • What are you working on when you're not doing Breaking Bad?
  • Who do you like working with the most on the set of Breaking Bad, and why?
  • How did you get into acting?
  • Are you like your character?
  • What's your favorite TV Show?
  • What's your favorite food?

mattjonesisdead908 karma

Wow. Ok.

I've sold two scripts in the past year to different networks so I've worked primarily as a writer lately. But I also do a lead voice on Disney XDs cartoon Kick Buttowski and was in Kevin Smiths Red State and some upcoming episodes on NCIS as new agent.

I like Aaron Paul the most because we're friends.

I got into acting cause I like girls and wanted more sex.

Nothing like my character at all. Except I do smoke weed and play video games from time to time.

My favorite TV besides BB is Louie on FX.

Favorite food is anything spicy.

xJaneenx171 karma

I fucking love Louie. Annnddd we should smoke together

furrytoothpick169 karma

Ok Matt Jones, if you're unfamiliar with Reddit, you are are pretty much contractually obligated to smoke with xJaneenx now... it's just the Reddit way.

mattjonesisdead310 karma


ilikejello248 karma

I just wanted to say that the whole "pass the savings on to you" bit was probably my favorite moment with your character. You were on fire that episode. Looking forward to seeing you in Season 5!

mattjonesisdead477 karma

I improvised all the stuff I was saying while I was twirling the sign. So much fun.

CummingOnKittens184 karma

Which foot do you start with when putting on your socks?

mattjonesisdead245 karma


CummingOnKittens307 karma


mattjonesisdead975 karma

not as fascinating as cumming on kittens. Stop doing that.

Raaaaaaaaaandy163 karma

I haven't seen the new season yet, but absolutely love the show.
I kinda figured you'd be dead by now. Congrats on staying alive!

mattjonesisdead238 karma

Me too! Thanks!

Fist_Pimp162 karma

How many takes did it take to do the "helicopter bitch!" scene?

and here's to hoping you get more appearances in Season 5.

mattjonesisdead305 karma

Like 5 takes. I had to keep throwing Aaron against the wall over and over again. But I had been chugging fake malt liquor and cheetos in the previous scene, so I went in the bathroom and puked.

Reno_D29 karma

I love the show, and this scene made laugh so hard I almost puked as well....though my malt liquor is usually real. What does the fake stuff taste like???

mattjonesisdead60 karma

Real malt liquor, just no alcohol. Booo.

mikepostalakis152 karma

Is team pregnancy ever gonna do a show again?

mattjonesisdead232 karma

HAHAHAHA! Make it fucking happen and I'm there! P.S. My band has a show at Hotel Cafe Nov 23rd and you just help me promote it.

mattjonesisdead149 karma

I had a great time! I'm exhausted and I'm out. I'll check back in and try to finish some off tomorrow. If you're into it, watch my one man show "Matt Jonestown Massacre" for free on Vimeo. http://vimeo.com/30762822

shmoopy87146 karma

Aaron Paul as awesome/dreamy in real life? Is Hank really funny?

Also do actors google themselves and read what people say about them?

mattjonesisdead357 karma

Seriously, Aaron's a great guy and we hang out, so dreamy. Charles (skinny) lives in Texas so I don't get to see him as much.

YES, I google the shit out of myself. TERRIBLE idea.

eramos54 karma

How do you feel about the Bengals guy kicking your ass in the Google rankings?

mattjonesisdead363 karma

He's on his way down. Can't get caught with coke THAT many times, dumb motherfucker.

gloomis120140 karma

Craziest run in with a fan?

mattjonesisdead518 karma

Giant scary man in a dark alley while I was drunk. Thought I was going to die, ended up getting a hug.

SmurferPenguin139 karma

you also made a few appearances in Community. care to shed any light on that experience?

mattjonesisdead235 karma

I'm friends with the creators and they asked me to come on and do cameos in my spare time a couple times. Another really great set with funny people.

apostrophie135 karma

Do you follow the show regularly/are you a fan? How is the chemistry on the set? Any major off-screen drama?

mattjonesisdead384 karma

People always ask if it's an intense set. But it's not at all. Everyone is super funny and loose for the most part.

I don't watch any scenes or read scripts that I'm not in BECAUSE i love the show so much. I like to be surprised and watch it with everyone. YES, I realize I'm on one of the best shows ever.

[deleted]322 karma


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burnzkid127 karma


  • Who was your favorite character to work with on the show?
  • What was Sky Blue actually made out of for filming?
  • Where do you actually live?
  • How much money did you make off the show?
  • At the beginning, how surprised were you that the show became so popular?

mattjonesisdead352 karma

I already answered the first two but here's the rest.

I actually live on the border of Echo Park and Silverlake in Los Angeles. Down the street from Dodgers stadium and a million taco trucks (best part of LA).

How much money did I make off the show? HAHAHAHA! OK AMA! Not enough. People think that ANYTHING on TV makes tons of money. If you are on cable you don't make much. If you're just a GUEST STAR like me, you make less than that. Let's just say this.... I shot a commercial for MIDAS once and made more on that than I've made total on every episode of Breaking Bad I've ever done (including residuals). But's cable and the best show ever, so I'd do it for free.

Not surprised at all.

[deleted]88 karma

I shot a commercial for MIDAS once and made more on that than I've made total on every episode of Breaking Bad I've ever done (including residuals).

That's a harsh reality. I'm considering going to film school for writing, but I've pledged not to go unless I get a scholarship. Writing is fun; being a writer is not fun when you have loans.

Since you said you've been selling scripts, can I ask what that process is like? Does your stuff sell and then just disappear, never to be heard from again?

Thanks for doing this!

dabears554137 karma

I knew I recognized you from somewhere else! Trust the Midas touch

AbsoluterZero529 karma

Wow! His car certainly was braking bad in that commercial.

mattjonesisdead252 karma

I enjoyed that too much.

thunkamunk123 karma

Since you say you occasionally smoke herb and play video games, I'm curious, did you have anything to do with writing the scene where you and pete are methed out arguing about Left 4 Dead and Call of Duty?

mattjonesisdead293 karma

Nothing to do with that. But I do stand by what I said. I'm more of an Assassin's Creed guy anyway. (which I'm not playing because I'm on here)

OLD_JAMON121 karma

Oh Sweet Jesus, I just have to say that the cold opening when you get busted for selling to a cop is comedy gold. I want to know how many times you had to film that and rehearse to get it just right.

mattjonesisdead161 karma

We rehearsed it the day before in a hotel. Then the day of we only ran it on camera twice. And what they used was the first take.

SwineHerald116 karma

Who do you think would win in a fight, Badger from Breaking Bad or Badger from Firefly?

mattjonesisdead452 karma

Me motherfucker. I'm 6'4".

BreakingBadger83 karma

I made this account yesterday and haven't posted from it yet. I feel like this is a sign. I have no idea what to ask. Breaking Bad is my favorite show. What are your thoughts on Community being pulled from NBC's mid season schedule?

mattjonesisdead97 karma

I'm not surprised. Network TV is so fucking stupid and boring. LONG LIVE CABLE TV!

Sgt_Cortez80 karma

I remember hearing Bryan Cranston with Adam Carolla doing some very good improve on stage for his podcast, how much of the show is improve versus great writing?

mattjonesisdead355 karma

99% great writing. 1% improv. They actually write out all those "Yo's"

[deleted]79 karma

What's your favourite subject in school?

mattjonesisdead318 karma

history. I should go back. THANKS MOM

Matlock_78 karma

What's your favorite Matlock episode?

mattjonesisdead790 karma

The one where he's old and then figures everything out.

candycoatedbullshit78 karma

have you ever tried meth in real life?

how'd you get the gig on breaking bad?

what do they use as an analog for the meth on the show?

is bryan cranston cool in real life or is he kinda full of himself?

mattjonesisdead296 karma

and Bryan Cranston is one of the coolest guys I've ever met. A LOT of people in the business are terrible but he is genuine.

nofilmincamera78 karma

Now that you have more exposure, is there any type of role or genre you would like to do in the future outside of BB?

mattjonesisdead291 karma

I want to be a dirty villain in a western or something like that.

kosmox71 karma

I saw on your twitter that you're a Bears fan. Who would win in a race: Ditka, or Devin Hester?

mattjonesisdead297 karma

ditkas stache

chickfilaisgood68 karma

When the last season wraps is there anything from the set you really want to take home as a keepsake?

And why would a party pizza be uncut?

mattjonesisdead175 karma

I've already stolen tons of things from set.

Pizza was uncut as an inside joke of the dumb promotion that Peter Gould had heard about in real life.

MeleeIslandTM66 karma

Any cool acting stories or being in LA? Was your voice ever not like that? Do you think having such a unique voice gets you more work?

mattjonesisdead271 karma

Heres an acting story. I sat in between three cast members from "The Sandlot" at a commercial audition once as they bitched about DVD residuals. Ech.

My voice used to be like a young lady, then I got a job touring in Europe for three years with a theatre and I lost it over and over again until it stuck like this. WHICH, gets me WAY more work than before.

matunter62 karma


mattjonesisdead261 karma

I love the story that Jesse tells in rehab about making the box.

Bauderman58 karma

Is that the way you talk in real life? I mean your inflections and stuff. Because if so, i want to hang out with you

mattjonesisdead235 karma

Yes, thats my raspy voice, but no, I don't say "yo" and "bitch" that much. I'm actually pretty intelligent which surprises people. Can we still hang out?

[deleted]55 karma

is all the filming done in new mexico?

mattjonesisdead95 karma


smardiamond55 karma

I have not seen the show yet. I have about 5 close friends telling me to watch it all the time. What is your favorite thing about working on this show? Any perks?

mattjonesisdead372 karma

I love that people get SO MAD at their friends for not watching. Thats my favorite part.

doubtfuldude50 karma

You are the best crying mountain I've ever seen. Also, you keep popping up in the things I'm seeing/playing: Red State, Adventure Time, Rage.

Any other notable roles we should watch out for?

mattjonesisdead185 karma

I'm going to play a new agent on NCIS starting soonish. CBS money!

[deleted]34 karma


mattjonesisdead108 karma

The Boo Hoo Mountain

sylvesterstaboner49 karma

Favorite bar in Albuquerque?

mattjonesisdead108 karma

Two Fools in Nob Hill.

[deleted]44 karma

What part did you originally audition for in Breaking Bad? I think you'd have made a pretty good Jesse.

mattjonesisdead219 karma

I got the part I auditioned for. But originally I was supposed to do a TWO EP part and then die. The writers strike happened, season got cut short, and Vince didn't want me to die. Nice

george-bob43 karma

youve been in my two favourite shows (breaking bad and community [even though it was only a cameo]) are the cast in both those shows are cool and fun as i imagine?

also, brian cranston seems like he would be a really cool, friendly guy when he is off camera, is he?

Thanks for doing an AMA :D

mattjonesisdead169 karma

Bryan is so laid back and cool because he's been doing it for forever. I mean, he met his wife on the set of AIRWOLF. Jesus...

papillon2441 karma


Do people confuse you with your character and offer you meth all the time?

and two-

Are you a regular redditor?

mattjonesisdead132 karma

one - People who confuse me with my character are frightening because they're so fucking dumb and I then assume are crazy (IE may kill me)


First time

CalvinLawson63 karma

Who gave you the idea to do an AMA?

I'm just curious because we've been getting a lot of good ones recently.

mattjonesisdead102 karma

I got the idea from my friend. Brendan McGovern. I don't know his handle but he's on here a lot. GIANT WEIRDO.

paa7959435 karma

What other shows do you find yourself watching?

mattjonesisdead195 karma

I love, Louie, Walking Dead, Boardwalk Empire, Community, Parks and Rec, Freaks and Geeks, Six Feet Under, theres more I'm forgetting....

JohnMorgens33 karma


mattjonesisdead104 karma


I proposed to my fiance in the spot where she and I had talked about where I should have kissed her for the first time on our first date. Chicago river in Chicago on the waterfront near du sable bridge.

Favorite comedian is a very difficult question, but I'd say Louie CK right now.

dakaroni32 karma

Was that jig that you did at jesse's after you hit the blue written in or was that all you? Either way you made it your own.

mattjonesisdead78 karma

Written in. It said something like. "Badger does a stupid dance" and then I made something up.

gwatson8629 karma

Please convince my girlfriend that she should like your character. Because she doesn't and she's wrong.

mattjonesisdead120 karma

Tell her that she's a bad person and that you don't love her anymore because she's stupid. Maybe that will work.

zeewillew29 karma

Did you do anything to help you get into the role of Badger?

mattjonesisdead94 karma

I always drink a lot when I'm on location, so I looked washed out and a little sick.

ec2xs28 karma

What was the hardest scene to film?

Any good stories from the set?

mattjonesisdead68 karma

Whenever I'm in ABQ and I go out with Aaron, we get into some pretty stupid shit.

shutupcrime_please24 karma

i just finished watching an episode of Breaking Bad before opening this. This was meant to be. Also, Matt Jones, how many times do you find yourself speaking like a druggie (Dat sheet ain't right, yo!) after acting?

mattjonesisdead84 karma

Never. I over compensate and try to sound smarter than I am. Like reading Chandler on set and dumb shit like that.

thebeardsman20 karma

I don't know who you are but can you give me some professional advice on growing my beard?

mattjonesisdead43 karma

Don't touch it. IT grows best when you don't fuck with it too much.

[deleted]18 karma


mattjonesisdead80 karma

I've never been on the UNM campus because I'm not in NM much. I'm in LA all the time. With my dog and my fiance.

People stop me everywhere but its never pretty girls. Always weird dorky guys (like me).

comfty_numb16 karma

What was the funniest on set moment you've witnessed so far? saddest?

mattjonesisdead43 karma

Funniest was me throwing up after chugging forties.

Saddest, when the ABQ casting director Shari Rhodes died of breast cancer.