Matt L. Jones

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best known for his recurring role as Badger on Breaking Bad and for voicing Gunther on the animated series Kick Buttowski: Suburban Daredevil.

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HAHAHA! I hated me too. You're not alone. But that one commerical paid me more than every BB episode I've ever done combined.

So you can suck it.

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I'll blow you

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fo real kid

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I did 4 voices. Good ear.

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According to my itunes, my three most listened to bands are Arctic Monkeys, Arcade Fire, and Frightened Rabbit.

I get pigeon holed nonstop. I'm considered "weird looking" so I can't be a lead or anything like that. I have to play the weird best friends for years until Jonah Hill drops dead.

I loved Martha Marcy Mare Marlene.


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Thanks. That girl that was with you was hot. Nice... My fiance agreed.

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not as fascinating as cumming on kittens. Stop doing that.

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Wow. Ok.

I've sold two scripts in the past year to different networks so I've worked primarily as a writer lately. But I also do a lead voice on Disney XDs cartoon Kick Buttowski and was in Kevin Smiths Red State and some upcoming episodes on NCIS as new agent.

I like Aaron Paul the most because we're friends.

I got into acting cause I like girls and wanted more sex.

Nothing like my character at all. Except I do smoke weed and play video games from time to time.

My favorite TV besides BB is Louie on FX.

Favorite food is anything spicy.

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The one where he's old and then figures everything out.

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By far, Better Call Saul. Bob Odenkirk is one of my idols (from Mr. Show days) and I got to be in his first episode and do a nine page opening. Fucking awesome.