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We’re John Oates and Saxsquatch. One of us is ½ of the legendary rock duo Daryl Hall & John Oates, and the other is one of the biggest livestreaming musicians in the US who happens to be a saxophone-playing sasquatch. We recently teamed up to turn the certified-Gold hit single, “Maneater” into an electro-spun classic.

We’re also co-hosting Oates Song Fest 7908, a charity livestream benefitting Feeding America on March 20 via nugs.tv. Make sure to tune in and see us and some of our friends like Dave Grohl, Bob Weir, Sammy Hagar, Jewel and more!

We’re here to answer any questions you might have for us about our new version of “Maneater,” sasquatches, our careers, anything goes!

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ChudBomB14 karma

Hey man! Awesome to see you guys on reddit.

My question; I'm a tall ass dude at 6ft 4" and, my lower back is a massive pain in the... Well, back. So I was wondering with all your jamming and what not on stage, how do you take care your back, or physical self in general?

TheRealSaxsquatch20 karma

"I actually had a minor injury before my last tour. Went to a squatch doctor and they said it's really important to stretch. I wake up every morning in the woods and do 30 minutes of squatch stretches to start my day." - Saxsquatch

Tomcat28812 karma

Is there any chance in the future we could see other spins on other Hall & Oates classics, like "I Can't Go For That," "Rich Girl," or "She's Gone?" I love the concept of making spins off classic songs, especially things from the classic duo Hall & Oates!

TheRealSaxsquatch13 karma

"Never say never! It is a great idea. I will have to see what we can come up with. Tune in tomorrow, Saturday night, to hear all kinds of classic songs during Oates Fest. Saxsquatch and I will be co-hosting. Might be a good place to scout potential spins" - John Oates

"We should do Rich Girl AKA Rich Squatch" - Saxsquatch

halfanorangeofficial11 karma

What’s the toughest part about performing in all that fur? Doesn’t seem like squatches are designed for all that heat on stage 🔥

TheRealSaxsquatch12 karma

"It gets really hot on stage. Most venues are designed for humans not squatches. When I did my "Saxual Healing" tour I had a bunch of huge fans behind me blowing cold air on my back. Keeps the fur nice and breezy." - Saxsquatch

smegmainception6 karma

I wish I was one of those huge fans...

TheRealSaxsquatch9 karma

"I do offer fan internships" - Saxsquatch

tekn60411 karma

How did you guys meet? What's the story behind this song?

TheRealSaxsquatch21 karma

"My wife Aimee grew up on a farm and has a sense for wild animals. She sniffed him out on Instagram. We direct messaged and got a response. We were like, "Wow, what’s going on?" Once you see what Saxsquatch is doing and all the cool videos he’s posting you become obsessed with it. When we found out Maneater was one of Saxsquatch's favorite songs we knew we'd have to do it." - John Oates

FIimbosQuest8 karma

Out Of Touch always make me think of Grand Theft Auto: Vice City. Did having the song in the game soundtrack boost your sales significantly at the time?

TheRealSaxsquatch17 karma

"Having that song in Grand Theft Auto was a cool experience. My son told me the song was in the game. I was blown away. It was 20 years after the song originally released. He had just gotten into video games and it was a nice experience to share together." - John Oates

impala_ss8 karma

Saxsquatch, how did you first acquire a saxophone and how long have you been playing? Do you have a type of saxophone that you prefer? I'm a bari man myself!

John, did you have anything to do with the Call and Oates phone helpline?

TheRealSaxsquatch9 karma

"Bought one at a pawn shop. No one believed the owner. My favorite saxophone is a tenor conn new wonder from 1922. I like playing my Mark vi alto too. John is calling the helpline to see if it's still up haha." - Saxsquatch

bladegmn6 karma

Where is your favorite place to eat when you are back in the North Penn area?

TheRealSaxsquatch10 karma

"That would have to be a cheesesteak hoagie at Pat's. That and a soft pretzel with mustard." - John Oates

Radikost5 karma

Hi guys! I’m a big fan of the label you released this cover on!

John: How’s Hall doing and what is it like to still be well known and relevant even after 40 years?

Saxsquatch: How did a forest cryptid like you become a saxophone player? Also can we expect more releases from you on Monstercat?

TheRealSaxsquatch6 karma

"He is doing a song on Oates Fest (tomorrow, link in description). Come check it out! He's also preparing for our tour in August." - John Oates

"I got my first saxophone by walking into a pawn shop and buying one. No one believed the owner. And yes, hopefully more Monstercat songs very soon. Excited to be part of the Monstercat family." - Saxsquatch

"It's a real honor to see our music still being liked after all these years." - John Oates

Frajer4 karma

Saxsquatch- what do you do in the woods besides play sax?

John- what is your favorite song to play?

TheRealSaxsquatch11 karma

"I love to play the game hide and seek. I also love to eat fruit and steal your mom's wifi" - Saxsquatch

"My favorite song to play, that's a hard one! I would say "I Can't Go for That". It's a funky song to play." - John Oates

flymikei3 karma

John, what’s your favorite pizza in Nashville?

TheRealSaxsquatch6 karma

"This is random, but organic cauliflower crust pizza from Whole Foods" - John Oates

"What is pizza? I want some" - Saxsquatch

Tato70692 karma

I know this rich girl, she's gone too far. Does it matter?

TheRealSaxsquatch9 karma

"Doesn't matter anyway" - John Oates

spiesoflife2 karma

What's up ?? John, I was wondering what your workout routine was during the 80s & 90s? I've always wondered how to gain those cool muscles haha. Also Saxsquatch do you do anything of the sort? You look pretty fit , it would probably be hard to push you over , not that I want to lol 😂 hope you guys are doing great! 👍

TheRealSaxsquatch2 karma

"I get a lot of exercise roaming through the woods. I'm close to 7ft tall and very thicc. No human is pushing me over without the help of a couple squatches" - Saxsquatch

CattoTheCat642 karma

do you guys preffer cats or dogs?

TheRealSaxsquatch1 karma

"Squatches. Dogs are nice though" - Saxsquatch

Monsur_Ausuhnom2 karma

Do you know where sasquatches are primarily located in the US?

TheRealSaxsquatch3 karma

"I can't share that info. Too many squatches want to stay hidden. This squatch is from North Carolina. I travel around a lot though. If you hear saxophone in the woods it is probably me" - Saxsquatch

KazooeyBloo1 karma

So do you have internet down there in the forest Saxsquatch?

TheRealSaxsquatch1 karma

“5G and blazing fast wifi” - Saxsquatch

_GlitchWraith1 karma

If you guys had to rename potatoes, what would you call them?
Epic track, by the way!

TheRealSaxsquatch8 karma

"Yumlums because they're the yummiest treat in the woods" - Saxsquatch

"Editable earth rocks" - John Oates

"Oh I like that one!" - Saxsquatch

DrJawn1 karma

John, huge fan, Philadelphia resident and native, love your work

How come you have never released a clothing line called Ballin' Oates? These clothes would be for ballers only.

TheRealSaxsquatch4 karma

"The Alabama basketball team currently uses that tag for their merchandise. They beat me to the punch haha" - John Oates

NinsMCD1 karma

Hey John Oates and Saxsquatch! Thank you for doing this AMA <3

I've been a big fan of the Hall & Oates tunes for more than 10 years, was so much fun to listen to them on the radio while growing up, hearing this retake of this legendary tunes on my favorite label, feels like my life has come full cirlce haha

What was the thought process behind the original (more dedicated to John) and the newer version of it? Maneater has to be one of the more mysterious and slower songs from Hall & Oates and so it's really interesting hearing this happy, upbeat retake of it!

How long did it take you guys to finish the song in its entirity?

What was the inspiration behind the video clip? The blend of some flower power clothing and location mixed with some new school 3D animation seems to blend into one wonderful track!

Thanks again for holding this AMA! Have fun tomorrow with the Oates Song Fest and can't wait for next week's Saxual streaming <3

TheRealSaxsquatch6 karma

"The original Maneater was inspired by a gal but the actual lyrics are really about the city of New York. It's the city that will chew you up and spit you out" - John Oates

"It took most of quarantine to finish the song. Kept us both very entertained" - Saxsquatch

"For the video we wanted something fun and uplifting to help people have a good time and dance. The animation was done by the duo Half an Orange. We filmed at Addiction Sound Studio in Nashville Tennessee" - John Oates

yeh_1 karma

Hi! Loving the song. How did Half an Orange get involved in this?

TheRealSaxsquatch1 karma

“They met me in Nashville to help produce alongside John, myself, and Addicted Sound Studio. We filmed the music video with them down there too. When we finished they introduce John and I to Monstercat” - Saxsquatch

yeh_2 karma

Haven't you appeared on Monstercat with Around The World? Or did you make Maneater before that?

TheRealSaxsquatch1 karma

“Yes I featured on their Around the World cover but music releases don’t always happen in the order the songs themselves were made. Sometimes songs stay hidden for a while before they’re shown to the public. Just like Bigfoot” - Saxsquatch

WindCorridor1 karma

Hi! Do you guys have any tips for aspiring musicians? I'm a huge fan and I'd love to know !

TheRealSaxsquatch1 karma

"Believe in yourself even when no one else does" - Saxsquatch