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"My wife Aimee grew up on a farm and has a sense for wild animals. She sniffed him out on Instagram. We direct messaged and got a response. We were like, "Wow, what’s going on?" Once you see what Saxsquatch is doing and all the cool videos he’s posting you become obsessed with it. When we found out Maneater was one of Saxsquatch's favorite songs we knew we'd have to do it." - John Oates

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"I actually had a minor injury before my last tour. Went to a squatch doctor and they said it's really important to stretch. I wake up every morning in the woods and do 30 minutes of squatch stretches to start my day." - Saxsquatch

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"Having that song in Grand Theft Auto was a cool experience. My son told me the song was in the game. I was blown away. It was 20 years after the song originally released. He had just gotten into video games and it was a nice experience to share together." - John Oates

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"Never say never! It is a great idea. I will have to see what we can come up with. Tune in tomorrow, Saturday night, to hear all kinds of classic songs during Oates Fest. Saxsquatch and I will be co-hosting. Might be a good place to scout potential spins" - John Oates

"We should do Rich Girl AKA Rich Squatch" - Saxsquatch

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"It gets really hot on stage. Most venues are designed for humans not squatches. When I did my "Saxual Healing" tour I had a bunch of huge fans behind me blowing cold air on my back. Keeps the fur nice and breezy." - Saxsquatch