FINAL UPDATE: A Big Thank you to Reddit!.

I was Producer and Creative Director of The Batman. I draw things. I started a new mobile games company. This explains everything: AMA and I'll respond with a drawing. Will do as many as I can today. Shameless self-promo, we launched an iPhone game: it's what we'd like to think a Rock Paper Scissors game would be like if Michael Bay made it. We also did a press release, I think it turned out well:

UPDATE: WOW! Front page! Thank you guys! Keep the requests coming. I'll do as many as I can get to. Please upvote ones you guys like so I can like, harness the power of the crowd to help me be lazy, I mean, prioritize which ones I work on.

UPDATE 2: Overwhelming response people. Thank you for all the kind words. Will draw until my hand falls off.

UPDATE 3: Sorry folks, so many good requests. Will try to knock out a few more.

tl;dr version of this thread:

Breaking Batman:

Spock/Batman HIGHFIVE!

Why so serious?

Hard to explain:

Time for p90x:






Lost track:


Sketch art from show:

Dinosaur Whisperer:

Batman Don't Care:

More sketch art:

Alfred and Batman playing frisbee:

Album of a few more sketches:

Occupy Gotham:

MittyMandi's tortoise named Bruce Wayne:

Penguin Attacks! sketch:

Alfred, what does AMA mean?


UPDATE 4: OK, redditors, this has been insanely fun. You guys are the weirdest, geekiest, awesomest people on the internet. Thanks for all the kind words. If you'll have me back hopefully we'll do this again sometime. In the meantime, more shameless self promotion - download our iPhone app: and follow us on Facebook!

Thanks again Reddit, you guys are the best!!!!

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Thasc568 karma

Walter White as Batman. Jesse Pinkman as Robin.

massivejoe977 karma

"Oh, hey, nerdiest old dude I know, you wanna come cook crystal?"

massivejoe192 karma

"Oh, hey, nerdiest old dude I know, you wanna come cook crystal?"

XinRamen504 karma

Hey Mr. Matsuda!

I'm also in the animation industry, a character designer at Cartoon Network! It's awesome to see more artists here.

I would love to see a drawing of my favorite pairing Harley-Quinn and Poison Ivy.

Edit: Decided to give it a go after lunch.

massivejoe77 karma

wow! that is incredible! thank God i didn't try to draw that, that looks amazing!!!

getborn416 karma

Guys...I think we've found the source...


massivejoe250 karma

caught...this is embarassing

[deleted]254 karma

Were you a fan of Batman growing up?

Also, please draw a picture of Batman high-fiving Spock.

massivejoe709 karma

massivejoe208 karma

huge fan. him and the flash were my favorite characters, so needless to say i was one lucky bastard to actually grow up and work on one of my favorite shows.

TehBigDortyShnakeh214 karma

Can you draw batman hi-fiving will smith sitting on a unicorn or giraffe with an explosion in the background and gary coleman on a bear.

massivejoe665 karma

ok, that one is really hard....

poopeater22213 karma

can you draw batman strolling along merrily with a bunch of balloons?

massivejoe580 karma

why so serious? (you know i couldn't go all day without saying that at least once right?)

Fordy_Oz191 karma

Draw what batman would look like if he really let himself go, and was portrayed by John Goodman

massivejoe500 karma

time for some p90x:

CompC169 karma

Reddit Alien Batman.

massivejoe350 karma

this ones for you, reddit:

flatgrape142 karma

Could you please draw batman sitting on the joker's shoulders and have batman smiling smoking a cigar holding a big lollipop.

Thanks :-D

massivejoe482 karma

i drink your lollipop:

andersoncoopersboner135 karma

I was/am a huge fan of your show. I loved the reinvention of all the old characters. If you have the time, would you draw me as a villain in The Batman's World?

fenney135 karma

If you draw me Batman riding a T-Rex then I will draw you any picture back.

massivejoe148 karma

this is batman riding a t-rex, close enough?

stormshadow2400132 karma

Can you draw Batman and the Joker as zombies please?

massivejoe448 karma


[deleted]124 karma


massivejoe88 karma

i have no idea what seth looks like. my version of seth can be either white or asian, but if he's neither, then maybe find a kid named seth to give this to? HAPPY BIRTHDAY SETH!!!

fazdogg108 karma

How about batman browsing the internet in this pose:

Edit: Thanks for the pic Jeff!

massivejoe123 karma

Alfred, what does AMA mean?

Yazim100 karma

Dang, any chance for an Android version in the near future?

If so (or if not) can you draw me a Batman Android?

massivejoe396 karma

massivejoe55 karma

for those of you wondering what it looks like to see me drawing in action (and i know you do!!), wonder no more! should we cross post this picture in /r/gonewild?

wInt3rgr33n53 karma

What is your favorite thing you have drawn?

massivejoe156 karma

this was one that comes to mind that i had the most fun with. was for cover of Play magazine:

also, the spock and batman high five that kerblo requested coming up is going to be up there as well.

n0xi341 karma

any chance of some pics from your sketch book? or maybe model sheets? I love looking at that stuff. I am an aspiring storyboard artist

massivejoe91 karma

here's some sketches from a while back. i do everything on computer now, so harder to dig up recent stuff:

strike0541 karma

Who do YOU think would win in a fight honestly: Batman or Superman?

massivejoe189 karma

that's a tough one. batman has no fatal flaw like kryptonite. but superman could just like toss a bulldozer from like a mile away and hit him before he could get within range of kryptonite. so i'd have to go with superman, even though batman paid my bills for a while.

gogoshanny36 karma

Could you draw Batman playing frisbee with Alfred?

massivejoe57 karma

two_words_only34 karma

favorite artist(s)?

massivejoe71 karma

1) Michael Golden 2) Alex Toth 3) Mike Mignola 4) Arthur Adams

geoffevans40 karma

Your answers are the correct ones.

massivejoe76 karma

whew! i copied someone else's answers (joking)(no i'm not)(yes i am)

massivejoe41 karma

whew! i copied someone else's answers (joking)(no i'm not)(yes i am)

massivejoe30 karma

another drawing from the wayback machine:

shaunzi28 karma

What animal best describes you?

massivejoe102 karma


the_answer_is_NO24 karma

Any chance I could get a drunk Batman?

massivejoe86 karma

can we pretend John Goodman batman is drunk? he's a happy drunk:

massivejoe8 karma

sorry, had to grab dinner. here are a few more sketches to make up for my absence:

henryhuguenot4 karma


massivejoe3 karma

not easy. that show is awesome.