On this thread, I said my secret desire was internet fame, and poof! Reddit granted me fame! People have been awesome! They made me a subreddit r/forthewolfx, I have gotten reddit gold twice! AMA guys! Also, SCREAMING AT ME TO AUTOGRAPH SOMETHING OR SIGN ONE OF YOUR CHILDREN OR BODY PARTS IS NOT A QUESTION!!!

EDIT: Verified on twitter, for the lolz

EDIT: This is caught in the spam filer, as usual. But I messaged the mods, and hopefully it will be public soon!

EDIT: I'm back! For a bit.... I'll try to answer as much as posible.

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McStrauss1621 karma

I was an early investor in this man. I am so proud to see what he has blossomed into.

Forthewolfx1296 karma

McStrauss!!! You are the best!! What's up???

34enjoythelilthings361 karma

Are you still planning on naming your first born son after him?

Forthewolfx608 karma


FoxtrotBeta6180 karma

Ah yes, I remember your early days. Bet you didn't expect anything to come out of your wish, but look at you now. I am proud to see how much you have grown.

Don't forget my advice from a week back: being famous is not all flowers and sunshine. Use your fame wisely, my good friend.

Forthewolfx271 karma

Thank you.

Sithishade1145 karma

I made this for you. Draco always knows just what smug thing to say.

Forthewolfx863 karma

Thank you. I am posting this on my twitter, you are awesome. Go on to pigfarts now.

[deleted]389 karma

I can't go to pigfarts. It's ON MARS. You need a rocket ship. Do you have a rocketship, Forthewolfx? I bet you do. You know not all of us inherited enough money to buy out NASA when our parents died.

Forthewolfx676 karma

Rolls around on floor

Deanowitz727 karma

Can I be friends with you? It's been my secret desire to be friends with someone who is internet famous.

Forthewolfx990 karma

We are now friends. Does super secret handshake with Deanowitz

Sir_Ploops726 karma

Would you rather have a snake that farts really loud but doesn't smell or a duck that can spit watermelon seeds really far but poops on your bed?

Forthewolfx801 karma


Joshpho677 karma

Does having the first comment make me famous, too?

Forthewolfx667 karma

Why yes it does. Also how did you find this? I think it got in the spam filter.

Joshpho660 karma

It's actually a pretty funny story: I was browsing the cheesiest pickup line thread and saw that people were going full retard at you. Curious, I clicked your username and saw that you posted this 7 seconds ago. And here we are now.

Forthewolfx956 karma

Cool. Coolcoolcool.

redsoxhk390 karma

Abed. AbedAbedAbed

Forthewolfx582 karma


Monkeymom633 karma

Just last night I told my husband about you. You're so famous, I talked about you in bed. It's 52 degrees here too. I think we have a lot in common and should be friends.

Forthewolfx725 karma

Wow. I am honored you told your husband about me. We are now friends.

t0mbstone377 karma

How many of these facts about you are actually true?

Forthewolfx459 karma

HAHAH THIS IS AWESOME!!! I think one or two are true, the rest are slightly re worded.

ijoinedforthis44 karma

It takes 14 puppeteers to make Forthewolfx smile, but only 2 to make him destroy an orphanage.

So what are your feelings on puppets?

Forthewolfx99 karma

I like the muppets.

Stangzorz364 karma

do you think that all the attention will ever get too annoying, and you won't want to deal with it anymore?

Forthewolfx1007 karma

I personally don't think so, but I believe it will get annoying for everyone else

MrJoeBlow185 karma

I have you tagged in RES. Apparently I've upvoted you 50 times.

I'm a big fan of your work.


Forthewolfx850 karma

Woah. 50 times??

Forthewolfx_Fever254 karma

Also, will this does this account (and others like it) annoy you?

Forthewolfx473 karma

Nope! They make my day.

made_your_day337 karma

How about me?

Forthewolfx321 karma

Of course.

KeepSwinging183 karma

What are some of your favorite hobbies? It's my New Year's resolution to be more like you, and I know I'll need to start 3 months early to have a shot.

Forthewolfx476 karma

I run a lot, and play the guitar, drums, and piano.

lulalai144 karma


Forthewolfx512 karma

Yes. It is one of my greatest fears.

koobaxion130 karma

Why did you choose Forthewolfx as your username? Any backstory to it?

Forthewolfx456 karma

This was the inspiration see if you can find it! You can. Just wait a bit.

DreadlockShrew112 karma

Do you have a collar?

Forthewolfx409 karma


StigNasti126 karma

Do you have a throwaway for when you want to be taken seriously, and not just blasted with orangereds saying "OMG it's forthewolfx!11!"?

Forthewolfx397 karma

Yes I do.

StigNasti79 karma

Figured as much. Is this your 1st account here?

Forthewolfx304 karma


StigNasti83 karma

What do you spend your karma on? Hookers & blow or.. ?

Forthewolfx632 karma

Slide whistles.

seeemdee111 karma


Forthewolfx499 karma

Tell him not to be jealous. He is a wonderful man, and is lucky to have you.

JimRaynor56104 karma

Now that you have internet fame what will you do?

Forthewolfx575 karma

I'm going to disney world!!!

ErikT4585 karma


Any tips on how to be famous?

Forthewolfx325 karma

Be lucky. And never give up.

ErikT4574 karma

Never let down?

orijinal63 karma

Never run around and desert you?

Forthewolfx140 karma

Never make you cry?

Goeatabagofdicks81 karma

By doing this AMA you have solved the riddle for me lol, I was always like, why does everyone know him. Lol

What's your favorite subatomic particle?

Forthewolfx270 karma

Protons. Is that wrong? I went and did some research.

Goeatabagofdicks197 karma

Good choice, sounds positive. HA!

Forthewolfx302 karma

rim shot

freshwest78 karma

What made you confess to the world that you wanted to be internet famous?

What kind of creepy things have people messaged you/called you about?

Who do you most admire on Reddit?

Forthewolfx302 karma

Well, It was a secret desire, so I just put it, I never knew how it would turn out

Well people say creepy things every hour, I honestly think it is sarcasm. I always have genitalia related responses

Hmm... I have talked to Pmarie, and she was reallly nice, I admire Sure_Ill_Draw_Thats talent.... So many people that I cant think of right now...

krenoten70 karma

How do you like THIS?

Forthewolfx249 karma

That is pretty awesome.

InTrueRedditFashion69 karma

Favorite Jelly for a Peanut butter sandwich?

hawkke83 karma

Can't be anything but grape.

Forthewolfx323 karma


couchiexperience62 karma

From now on I'm spelling 'agreed' as 'agreeed'.

Forthewolfx154 karma

Thaank you.

PrideDemon64 karma

Well Mr. Forthewolfx it's about time, we've got an IAMA from you :D. I seen you play guitar in an earlier comment. What music do you play? Fellow guitarist here

Forthewolfx286 karma

I play nirvana, the black keys, foo fighters, and the strokes. I also play the classics like the beatles and the doors.

BadPoetryGirl56 karma

Forthewolfx is his name
He has achieved, Red-dit fame
Harpoons baby seals
eats dead eels
And he cheats at ev'ry game.

Drinks shrimp scampi smoothies
Not a fan of campy movies
Doesn't own a boat
Doesn't need to vote
Girls: PM him pics of boobies.

Hardly noticed nine eleven
thinks transvestites go to heaven
Ate a cat
how about that?
His real name might be Kevin?

Forthewolfx36 karma

Not kevin.. close though. Actually not close, its joe.

Hitchcock_Blonde56 karma

Who would you choose to play you in the movie of your life?

Forthewolfx326 karma

Morgan freeman. Or bret mckenzie ( from Flight of the conchords )

thisisfake12353 karma

I'd like to buy this man a drink.

Forthewolfx248 karma

Sorry dude, I am underage. I will take your offer up in 7 years.

za1nsta117 karma

Forthewolfx211 karma

Thank you for that. This gif is now saved on my computer for sad times.

Yoren50 karma

You are famous because you have excellent calves, stop spreading this lie

Forthewolfx185 karma

Well... I do run a lot.. So yes.

nyrfan31747 karma

  1. Do you wish it didn't happen?

  2. When you meet someone who is a redditor, do you mention who you are?

Forthewolfx174 karma

Never. Nope.

I have not gotten to this point yet unfortuanatley

missyoon45 karma

Favorite ice cream flavor?

Forthewolfx263 karma

Half Baked. BRB, gonna get some.

Dalek_of_Metal61 karma

Holy fuck, I seriously just got some from my freezer. I don't care if anyone believes me, I bought 3 containers today and 2 of them were half baked.

Forthewolfx180 karma

Have fun eating them.

mdelow45 karma

what do you plan to do with your newly acquired fame - will you use it for evil?

Forthewolfx279 karma

I will never use it for evil. With great power comes great responsibility

Forthewolfx_Fever45 karma

Also also, when can I expect your autobiography to be published?

Forthewolfx257 karma

Not for a couple of years. You know how editors are.

scratches39 karma

  • What advice do you have for us lowly non internet famous people?

  • Pancakes or Waffles?

  • Coca-Cola or Pepsi?

Forthewolfx223 karma

Just stay awesome!!

That is hard. Umm... Waffles


xdundurox96 karma

Don't you mean carrots? AHAHAHAHAHHAA ahahahaahah hee hee hoo hoo ah hee hoo...

Forthewolfx164 karma

Good one.... I have been on reddit for too long.

BlazeEminENT36 karma

This is your second AMA on reddit, how do you feel?

Forthewolfx208 karma

I feel pretty good. Pretty good.

MediumPace20 karma

Now I know everyone has their favorite, but which reddit celebs can you not stand? I hate
to to have to put you on the spot but these are the things redditors need to know. Almost
every famous redditor I know of has at least one equally famous arch-enemy. All of them
try to be pros when dealing with one another but you can sense the tension. Including you
amongst the list of ultra redditors is a true honor. Thanks for finally doing an AMA.

Forthewolfx66 karma

I love all reddit celebs. They may hate me, but they have done nothing wrong in my book.