Biscuitt1791 karma

How much planning went into this proposal, ?

zachinoz1737 karma

Ha. This is so awesome. Everyone who loves Scrubs should see this. I was really nervous!!!

DanielLarusso1631 karma

What does Natalie Portman smell like?

shnuffy1622 karma

Welcome to reddit, Zach.

zachinoz2618 karma

Like a beautiful Jewish Goddess.

zachinoz1616 karma

I have to go to set now. I will try to finish answering these later. Thank you all for supporting me so much over the years. Please follow me on twitter and facebook so I can continue to try to entertain you. xoxo zb

9kenny51500 karma


zachinoz2076 karma

Yes. Rob is really that guy. I had to tell him to chill the fuck out.

flabbergasted11145 karma

Wait, so you and Donald Faison are actually best friends, and The Todd's high fives are actually painful? Was the show just the result of putting all of you in a hospital and filming what happened?

zachinoz1832 karma

There came a point when the characters and the people playing them kind of merged. Only Ken Jenkins who played Dr. Kelso is unlike his role. Nicest guy on the planet.

flabbergasted1701 karma

That's excellent to hear. Does John C. McGinley really hate Hugh Jackman, then?

zachinoz1349 karma

Dude... he's Wolverine. No one really hates Wolverine.

MustStopMasturbating1484 karma

Do you still have this shirt?

zachinoz1503 karma

Yes. I think it's in my garage...

emcoffey3765 karma

What about this shirt?

zachinoz632 karma

That's funny. Can't really wear that shirt anywhere but a tv set.

Inoffensive_Account1470 karma

Go call Dan Harmon, tell him you want to do a guest spot on Community. NOW.

zachinoz1940 karma

BTW, 2 of our best Scrubs writers are the head writers of that show.

mynameisacoolname1342 karma

Zach Braff! I went to school with you alllllll the way from 6th to 12th. I shall not say who I am except to say I did the morning announcements with you st SOMS and I am not a famous singer. :)

When you drove by CHS in Garden State it was so unexpected that I damn near fell out of my seat. I started yelling and pointing at the screen. I was in Ocean County though so no one understood what I was going on about.

ChickenTenders682 karma

You did the morning announcements with Zach Braff and a future famous singer? Please share with the class.

mynameisacoolname1161 karma

It might have been afternoon. It was a long time ago. Him and Lauryn Hill - that's pretty easily verifiable, though. No big secret they went to the same high school.

We were on the PA crew. There were tryouts and, another girl, Lauryn and Zach.

So, basically 50% of the people who did that are now famous and 25% is sitting at their computers drinking wine watching "Ringer."

zachinoz1580 karma

This is funny and true. Lauryn Hill and I (and this person) did the announcements over the PA in middle school. So if that doesn't give me nerd/geek cred on reddit: nothing will!

ilikebluepens1186 karma

Who was a better kisser: Sara Chalk or Natalie Portman? I must know.

zachinoz1438 karma

They were both wonderful. Both very pretty ladies. :) Kissing Natalie is the question I get asked most btw. But no judgements; i understand the curiosity. I am human.

[deleted]534 karma

To expand: Who was your best on-screen kiss?

zachinoz1489 karma

Amy Smart. TCW. Answered.

Dean3641037 karma

Is it annoying when someone sees you in public and calls you JD?

zachinoz1797 karma

No. SO grateful and appreciative. People are 99.9% respectful.

thescience1818 karma The .1%

zachinoz1451 karma

Ha. That's funny.

rantandrage764 karma


chortiz11474 karma

... would you mind if anybody actually did try it?

zachinoz1631 karma

If you see me, please don't Eagle me without permission. I heard Donald has Eagled several people. But he is strong like bull.

Cantgooglethis977 karma

What song do you recommend I rollerblade to?

zachinoz1676 karma


alexisnotonfire961 karma

Do you and Donald have a real life close bromance? I feel that life would be worth living if this were true.

zachinoz1704 karma

He is my best brown best friend. Josh Radin is my best white best friend. We are all going on vacation together soon.

guest321928 karma

I once saw you in a Coffee Bean but I didn't come up to say hi. I didn't have anything to say besides "Hey, you're Zach Braff." Still, it feels like a missed opportunity. In the future, how can I make interesting small talk with people who I'm sure would just like to be left alone?

zachinoz1302 karma

A smile is always nice. No creative person ever minds being told that you're a fan. The pictures with the mom who can't operate a cell phone camera... that can be tricky...

detales566 karma

I once saw you drinking a 40 oz of beer (I assume) in a brown paper bag on the street in NYC, close to the Union Sq movie theatre (I think it's 13th st and Broadway). You were with a girl and my buddy and I said "Hey that's Zach Braff drinking a 40!" and you turned back and gave some wry smile.

This is a god-honest true story. How do you explain yourself?!?!

zachinoz807 karma

Haven't had a forty since high school. Maybe it was a root bear from Dos Torros.

RDandersen387 karma

I'm guessing something along the lines of "Beer is nice. Ladies are nice."

zachinoz427 karma

You know what, this is a way better answer than mine.

DustyDGAF882 karma

When you got punk'd, did you punch that kid for painting on your car? Because I'm pretty good friends with him and when he tells the story he said you were (very reasonably) pissed.

zachinoz1837 karma

I punched him in the stomach (as I recall). Who amongst you wouldn't have? They edited it out though. You're not allowed to punch little kids on MTV. Lame.

Swishbuckler841 karma

Any chance of a return to TV in a lead role? You really made Scrubs what it is.

zachinoz1344 karma

Thanks. Yes one day. I love TV. People always shit talk TV, but I love it. I like the freedom right now to write, act in movies, travel. The ONLY downside at all to TV is that you sign a contract for 7 years that limits your life a smidge.

meagherh825 karma

who was your favorite scrubs guest star?

zachinoz1653 karma

John Ritter. He was/is a hero of mine. He was supposed to shoot his second episode the week he died. I think about him often.

spark_ey330 karma

If you don't mind saying, do you know what the second episode was supposed to be story-wise?

zachinoz620 karma

Not sure. I know it had something to do with he and my brother though.

vroom18809 karma

Do you really drink appletinis?

zachinoz1307 karma

No. I'm sorry. They do not make me feel fancy like JD.

down_vote_magnet585 karma

Do you browse Reddit normally under a different account?

zachinoz1501 karma

I just discovered it. So I've been exploring a bit. I find it funny sometimes. Sometimes a bit mean for my taste. But there is plenty on here that has made me laugh.

breglerusmc789 karma

Where did "EAGLE!!!!!" come from??? Also: you rock.

zachinoz1415 karma

Never in my wildest dreams would I have imagined this would become so popular. I was once in Israel in the middle of nowhere and this beautiful Israeli girl came up to me and said "Eagle?" like she was asking a question. So bizarre. Brendon Frasier was swinging me around and I thought it would be funny if JD couldn't help but enjoy it. He felt free like an Eagle. Made me laugh. Guess it made some others laugh too. Eaaaaagllleeeee!

vossi1225 karma

A friend of mine died while beachclimbing of an undiagnosed heart condition earlier this years. Last thing he screamed while jumping into the water was "EAAAGLEEEEE". We agreed that he's beat us to the best last words.

unclejohnsbearhugs684 karma

Wait, so he jumped off a cliff, yelled eagle, and then died? Wtf?

GregLoire534 karma

And there was a heart condition or something? I'm struggling to piece this together as well.

TheDeanMan198 karma

It sounds like he had a stroke or heart attack while climbing beaches, and fell to his death screaming eagle...

zachinoz660 karma

This is why I love this site when it's good, you don't know whether to cry or laugh. So sometimes you do both.

cloudatlas93741 karma

Reappearance in the Arrested Development movie?

zachinoz921 karma

I would love to if they ask me. But don't know if my one episode role will be worked in to the movie. :)

Aequorea740 karma

What happened to Rowdy?

zachinoz1828 karma

They promised me Rowdy, but then some executive henchman came and took him and put him in a storage closet. One day, I'll get him back.... one day... I should make a short film where me and Donald try to break into the studio to steal Rowdy back.

Omnipotent420712 karma

Can I be your new personal assistant I'll work for cheap.

zachinoz1579 karma

How fast can you skin a squirrel?

byproxxy681 karma

Zach Braff! One time I was at a club in Vegas and you and Donald walked in. My friend was super excited so she danced her way over to you and grabbed your ass. Apparently she grabbed you pretty hard. Then she took off running.

I don't really have a question, I just wanted to apologize for my friend. She's a silly woman.

zachinoz1283 karma

Ass cheek still hurts.

Fr0zenBanana645 karma

Why would you put a penny in the door?

zachinoz243 karma

I don't think he ever put the penny in the door. (But I don't know what Bill really thought.)

Riddicrash634 karma

What do you feel has been your proudest moment in life?

zachinoz1575 karma

Standing at Sundance in the back of the theater when GS screened for the first time. No one had seen it. Not one person in my whole family. The room was filled with SO many people who had passed on the script. (Some multiple times.) I cried. And a few hours later Harvey Weinstein called me on my cell phone.

KingN605 karma

What are your thoughts on Season 9?

zachinoz1232 karma

I'm glad we tried to keep the show going. You have to try things. No matter what you do: some people are gonna hate it, others are gonna love it. But if you haven't gone out on a limb and taken brave shots at achieving your goals.. what are you doing? You can't be an artist and get too caught up by what everyone thinks. I'm not saying that's easy, but you have to try.

ApollosEpiphany605 karma

Have you still been writing scripts? Garden State has been one of my most personal films and I'd love to see some of your writing talent on the big screen again.

zachinoz758 karma

Yes. Written several since GS. But 3 have fallen apart. I also had to balance that with Scrubs. So now that the show is over I hope to direct soon. But I just got this super cool part in the prequel to "Oz" so I'm writing something here during my downtime...

kevin0606561 karma

What is your favorite episode of scrubs?

zachinoz1145 karma

I'm biased. The one's I directed. :) Love the one where Donald and I go on a quest to give the note to Molly that gives me permission to have sex with her. That ep was everything I loved about Scrubs. Also love Wizard of Oz ep (a theme in my life I guess) and My Old Lady. third one we ever did. (i didn't direct that one...)

sp00ny552 karma

Did you, in fact, tell all over Donald's face?

zachinoz786 karma

HA! not yet. Gotta wait till I get to LA. Then the telling will happen all over him.

DanTheRip418 karma

How much shit did you give Donald for Homie spumoni?

zachinoz537 karma

You just reminded me. I have to do much more of this. Thanks.

themysteriouschicken538 karma

What is a Never Nude convention really like? What goes on/is discussed?

zachinoz1060 karma

So honored to be a never nude. We basically share thoughts on chafing, how best to deal with jean short fringe.

lukey19524 karma

What made you decide to become an actor?

zachinoz839 karma

My dad did community theater when I was a kid. It was so much fun. Never got into sports, just took to trying to make people laugh. I was a class clown in school. Enjoyed the feeling of making people laugh.

ahunt1518 karma

How did you get the role of JD, what were the auditions like? and when did you first meet everyone?

zachinoz1059 karma

I auditioned 6 times. In the end I was up against 4 guys. One was kinda famous. I knew Bill wanted me, but sometimes the network disagrees. I wore the same outfit every audition and listened to Radiohead's "Stop Whispering" and Blind Melon's "Change" to get me pumped up too.

samtheredditman397 karma

Does wearing the same outfit make it easier to be remembered or something?

zachinoz838 karma

No, I think it was just weird nervous superstition.

learn2fly87442 karma

What was your favorite moment on the set of Scrubs? Favorite episode?

zachinoz835 karma

Neil Flynn could make me laugh harder than anyone. So my scenes with him were some of my faves. And directing was awesome. Felt like they gave the kids the keys to the candy shop.

jbayne2440 karma

How do you get your hair so perfect?

zachinoz1174 karma

Mousse... and twist

spaceinvadersyunodie432 karma

I really liked the Soundtrack of your Movies, is this your music taste or did some kind of "council" chose this?

Also your fav. Album?

zachinoz775 karma

I have a lot of friends who know a lot more about music than I do. So they recommend songs. Joshua Radin for example intro'd me to Nick Drake. And I love to listen to Pandora and now Spotify and itunes. I just kind of stumble upon things. But I've always said the GS and LAst Kiss soundtracks were just kind of mix tapes me and my friends were listening to. If I'm decent at anyting, perhaps its placing the right song with the right moment. And maybe this comes from growing up on musicals.

That_Weird_Kid404 karma

Do you find yourself missing Scrubs? I would imagine in particular other cast members...

I read you and Donald Faison are good friends. Did that happen because of the show?

Really enjoyed that show. Thanks for all the laughs.

zachinoz725 karma

I miss laughing everyday. Just watched the doc about Conan's live show tour. Made me nostalgic. That's what it was like at Scrubs: we laughed all day with our friends. Dead legs, fart jokes; it was like you never had to grow up. So I miss my friends the most. But I see Bill and Donald. The 2 I was closest with.

ryguy314386 karma

Hi Zach,

I just wanted to let you know that Garden State is one of the main reasons why I pursue and love independent movies. That being said, I have some questions relating to the movie.

  1. What was it like taking on all of the major filmmaking roles (writing/directing/producing) for the first time?
  2. Were there any major influences from other movies or people that helped you write and direct the film?
  3. What were the biggest hurdles you had to face in getting Garden State from a dream to a reality?
  4. Do you think your television work and experience gave you some leverage in getting GS made?

Thanks so much for doing this IAMA!

zachinoz595 karma

Wow, this is a lot. Let me pick one part. I was very inspired by Hal Ashby. "Harold and Maude" is one of my favorite movies. It was an early quirky love story. I love the style and music and the fact that it's a story about lonely-ass people, but you've got smile on your face the whole time. I like sad movies that make you laugh. That's my favorite genre.

tyhoward346 karma

How long will it take you to answer all of these questions?

zachinoz1046 karma

I won't eat or sleep tonight.

sch1sm344 karma

Is it true you were incredibly drunk filming this scene? Any other drunken appearances?

zachinoz641 karma

I wasn't drunk, but Donald and I had been up partying all night. So I was sooooooo hungover. One of those times when you can't leave bed... I had to act like Fonzie.

j_fletch342 karma

Zach Braff, Thank you for creating Garden State, it is truly an incredible film.

zachinoz332 karma


totaldonut330 karma

If you hadn't done Scrubs, where do you think your career would be right now?

P.S. I love you.

zachinoz638 karma

I'd still be making movies. But might not be known around the world... Who knows? Isn't it crazy how our lives unfold. I wanted to be cast in an off-broadway play so badly. Didn't even get a callback. Had I gotten it, I wouldn't have been free to audition for Scrubs.

Ize_Of_The_World319 karma

What is your fondest memory of filming Garden State? I love that movie.

zachinoz569 karma

Every second of it was surreal. I kept thinking I was gonna wake up.

iseewhtudidthar310 karma

What has been the most challenging thing you've done as a writer, actor and director - out of any project?

zachinoz1160 karma

I find writing the hardest. When it turns out good, there's nothing better. But it's SO easy to procrastinate. Like going on reddit when you should be writing, for example.

Admiral_Marx279 karma

How long did it take you to get your pilots licences. How worth it has it been so far. I am thinking about getting one.

zachinoz509 karma

It took me a long time, cause my schedule changes. To do it quickly you have to go regularly like 3 times a week. I couldn't do that. But I stuck with it. I love it. It's not an inexpensive hobby. Which is too bad. I wish there was a way for more people to experience it.

aronskylar268 karma

can you publically share your music playlist?

zachinoz391 karma

I do little by little on facebook and twitter.

prabhbhambra13268 karma

if you could have 1 role from any tv show or film which would it be?

zachinoz757 karma

Right now I'm acting in Sam Raimi's prequel to The Wizard of OZ. It's called "Oz". It stars James Franco, Mila Kunis, Michelle Williams, Rachel Weisz and myself. It's epic! I'm here till December. Such an honor as a film geek and techno geek to be a part of filmmaking on this scale.

Rowlf_the_Dog264 karma

I thought your cameo role on Arrested Development was hilarious. How did you find your way to that part?

zachinoz451 karma

Just loved that show. Let them know I'd do anything to be a part of it.

Clairebwear231 karma

Will you ever consider doing theatre in either lead role or directing in the West End (London?)

zachinoz509 karma

Working on bringing the play I've written "All New People" to the west end next year. We have an offer, and I'm trying to work out the logistics. I would play the lead. :)

browneyedgal00220 karma

If you had a chance to be a guest star on any current tv show, which one would you pick, and why?

zachinoz707 karma

Maybe Zooey D's new show, cause i love her. I also like Mad Men.