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beefjerkybandit22 karma

How often do you get a negative response from people because of the job you hold?

TS_takasho2 karma

I often get a negative message every time I post on social media :(

SNSでは投稿する度に否定的なメッセージを頂きます :(

Matttous12 karma

Who was your favourite male pornstar to work with?

TS_takasho4 karma

I really like working with Oshima Jo (大島丈さん)~💕

remixisrule11 karma

are breast implants common in Japan? I’ve noticed a lot of Japanese models with huge boobs but in my experience Asian girls don’t really have large breasts

TS_takasho2 karma

Sorry, I don't really know much about breast implants


yostietostie10 karma

How are you? Do you like your work?

TS_takasho-2 karma

I'm good! Work is fun♪

ValorMortis8 karma

Does it weird you out to think about how many women and men have gotten off to you? Always seems strange to me.

Also, how are you? Are you ok?

TS_takasho5 karma

I don't really know~ but either way I love my work and I'm doing great everyday! 😊

TS_takasho6 karma

To everyone on Reddit.

I am sorry that I wasn't able to answer all your questions and that my answer is late. This is my first AMA and doing it in english is harder than I thought.

Thank you for the question. I really want to answer all of them but there are questions that are hard and takes time for me to answer especially in english which is difficult for me.

I hope you understand and I promise I will do better next time by picking a better time or getting more help with english.


CypripediumCalceolus3 karma


osi_layer_one1 karma

Tots inapprops dude.

But you did make me laugh.

TS_takasho3 karma

Some men taste bitter but some men taste sweet too!


TS_takasho3 karma

Also, I'm not thinking of marrying anytime soon!


Uchiaro2 karma

Hi Shoko-san, love you here

Q1. Is there any place that you'd like to go ? Or that gave you a wonderful memory?

Q2. What is the quality in a man that you think attracts you the most?

Q3. Do you watch porn? If so, how often do you do?

Q4. Any wild story of yours that you would like to share?

Thank you.

TS_takasho2 karma

I'm sorry I can't answer all questions but I really like man who have a manly quality!


byeontaeoppa2 karma

Hi Shoko. Besides music, have you found any new hobbies during COVID times?

TS_takasho2 karma

I like YouTube and Netflix ♪ I also started cooking at home more often!

YouTubeやNetflixが好きです♪ 家で料理する事も増えました!

MeDahMann1 karma

What's a typical day like for you currently (as waking up at _, eating at _, etc)?

TS_takasho2 karma

Take a shower at the beginning of the day After going to work and coming home in the evening Play the guitar and drink at night! I cook, take a bath and sleep ♪

1日の始まりにシャワーを浴びて 仕事に行って夕方に帰宅してから ギターを弾いて、夜はお酒を飲みます! 料理を作って、お風呂に入って寝てます♪

ILoveShoko1 karma

  1. ⁠⁠Would you consider coming to USA to do AV like with Vixen, Brazzers?
  2. ⁠⁠Would you open an OnlyFans account?
  3. ⁠⁠Are you planning do more cards releases with Juicy Honey or Jyutoku(Cj sexy)?
  4. ⁠⁠Would you ever come to AEE expo in USA? (There are a lot fans of Shoko takahashi in USA).

Thank you, I love your photobooks, juicy honey, jyutoku cards. Keep up the good work.

TS_takasho3 karma

I want to try as much as I can like OnlyFans in the future! I'm grateful for this kind of opinion ♡ Also, I have no plan to go to AEE, but I would like to participate someday!