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ArchieBunkerWasRight840 karma

What is the extension # you dial to get on the intercom.

I would like to be able to call the store, ask to be connected with extension xxx, then be live over the intercom.

Hilarity ensues.

SaveMoneyDieBetter1017 karma

You're supposed to be trying not to get me fired today.

doctor_lawyer637 karma

Why are your vegetables so shitty? do you only take in vegetables from abusive farmers or something? And how come there is always pieces of bone in the ground beef? Don't you guys know which part of a cow is inedible?

SaveMoneyDieBetter341 karma

Upvote for you anyway. (customers are always right)

seekanddstry183 karma

I work retail as well, and you know very well thats not true.

SaveMoneyDieBetter498 karma

Upvote for you (customers are always right).

SaveMoneyDieBetter160 karma

Unfortunately we don't buy the product at store level we just do our best with what we receive. Not trying to pass the buck but the buck must be passed here.

drivebyjustin492 karma

How slimey do you feel doing that Walmart chant thing every morning?

SaveMoneyDieBetter695 karma

I hate it. The associates hate it. I would get rid of it (if I was trying to get fired today).

thejournalizer193 karma

As a previous unloader we managed to always get away without doing any of that shit. The crew also played catch with HDTV's on days where the truck would come late... so, you know..

SaveMoneyDieBetter239 karma

here is an honest unloader.

KJEcho88230 karma

When I worked there, I would stand in the back with my poker face during the chant. Then I figured out as an associate, nobody would notice if I just walked away slowly.

SaveMoneyDieBetter571 karma

I remember you

MrsOfdenson130 karma

As a previous manager at walmart, I'd always suddenly have an important phone call or report review/print.

SaveMoneyDieBetter283 karma

I might have trained you.

Frag_out11434 karma

Why do you have 20+ open registers and only 3 of them actually open and there are usually more than 15 people in the line? That drives me crazy.

SaveMoneyDieBetter419 karma

I'm sure everyone understands the low prices come from low expenses and how that is managed. Most issues I see in WM stores are that the attandance for terrible jobs like cashiering / cart pushing / unloading trucks is very poor. Lots of managers fail to do anything about it and the 6 registers that should be open turn in to the 3 that you see.

comFive233 karma

I loved being a cart pusher back in the day... before the machine came in.

SaveMoneyDieBetter342 karma

Freakin rise of the machines in its infancy.

AnyelevNokova125 karma

Also -- I could be wrong about this -- Black Friday. When that rolls around, you bet they need those 20 registers.

SaveMoneyDieBetter297 karma

It's like your car. Do you use it 24hrs a day? No. But when you need it - it's there.

[deleted]78 karma

Speaking of Black Friday...what's your highest grossing day? I worked at a small retail chain and we usually do $45,000 on Black Friday as a small store with at most 8 employees working that day.

SaveMoneyDieBetter93 karma

We have a lot of stores that do over $1mill on BF (we call it "the event")

[deleted]419 karma

What's the worst thing you've ever seen happen in your store?

SaveMoneyDieBetter954 karma

A customer threw a home made chemical bomb in our vestibule which exploded on a couple of customers. Every one was ok after medical attention. Makes you kinda hate people a little.

AmberHeartsDisney363 karma

I was a CSM what a shitty job!

SaveMoneyDieBetter314 karma

Upboat for you. You know why.

AmberHeartsDisney186 karma

I got paid 9$ an hour to do alllll the stuff the managers did and made bank!

Remember when there was "lay a way" sigh i dont miss that place.

SaveMoneyDieBetter301 karma

I get asked EVERY. SINGLE. DAY. if we're going to bring it back.

kr61372 karma

What's that?

SaveMoneyDieBetter107 karma

I heart you.

Vlayden312 karma

Every time I leave walmart I'm slightly depressed about humanity. How do you deal with this on a daily basis? I commend you sir. (or ma'am)

SaveMoneyDieBetter379 karma

You should try working there for 50hrs a week. <Insert sad face here>

[deleted]292 karma

Walmart store managers can land some hefty bonuses. What was your largest yearly bonus?

SaveMoneyDieBetter570 karma

Largest bonus was $122k

[deleted]463 karma

And this, children, is why working at Walmart is not a joke if you're willing to climb that corporate ladder.

SaveMoneyDieBetter408 karma

Those were the good ol days. Hard to get one that big now. But yes it has been a blessing financially.

withoutregard268 karma

How do you feel about the website, How are the customers in your store - would any of them make the cut?

SaveMoneyDieBetter524 karma

I think it's hilarious. Probably most of those customers are standing in line at my store right now. Bless their hearts.

[deleted]196 karma

why is it that, every-fucking-time i find something i like at walmart, they stop selling it?

SaveMoneyDieBetter246 karma

Product availability is very complex. Either the item didn't perform well for the chain, or a manufacturer stps making it, or they can't keep up with the demand falling below the instock % goal, or there isn't room for it on our "modulars".

FantasticBastard444 karma

Ooorrrrr, the maker refused to drop the price as far as Walmart was demanding so you pulled it from your shelves.

SaveMoneyDieBetter392 karma

You sir are not only a fantastic bastard, but correct as well. I'm sure there are other reasons. I'm not privy to the interwebs of haggle admin in the corporate office unfortunately.

mlo787161 karma

Why does it take 45 minutes to find someone to unlock the video game case?

SaveMoneyDieBetter138 karma

Most stores are required to leave the video game cases unlocked.

berkley78144 karma

Do you just hire anyone? The staff I have had interactions with are some special kind of stupid and have no idea what is going on. Maybe it is just the Walmart near me.

SaveMoneyDieBetter198 karma

We do background and drug screens on all applicants these days. But we are mostly looking at people's availability to work. Can you work evenings and weekends? If so, you're usually in as long as you can pass the screens.

Nkogneeto132 karma

Is it true that WalMart takes a life insurance policy out on every employee, not for the employee, but for the company?

SaveMoneyDieBetter194 karma

I read an article some where about how they take out policies on salaried managers and collect it after we die without us even knowing. I know there is a lawsuit out there somewhere on it. Not 100% on that tho.

TimMitchell123 karma

Have you reached the pinnacle of your career or are you gunning for district manager or corporate gig?

SaveMoneyDieBetter215 karma

Most of us are trapped by the money. I think as bad as it all is - most of us still want to move up. It's crazy I know.

ChipWhip155 karma

My dad has spent most of his life working in grocery stores. When I was born, he was an assistant store manager, and he slowly moved up to store manager, district department manager, district store manager, regional manager and now to some top-tier executive position within the company. My whole childhood he was stressed out beyond belief and just an angry, angry man. But with the position he has now, he says it's a tenth of the stress he had and twice the pay. So, if you're lucky and keep climbing, you might one day actually get to a rung on that ladder that isn't so bad.

And FWIW, I was in the First in Line program in college but gave it up for journalism when I graduated college. Sometimes I look back and still kind of miss that satisfaction I got from seeing a customer who was completely wrong go apeshit or the joy of catching a scummy family using their children to shoplift.

SaveMoneyDieBetter147 karma

Your dad must be a good man. Glad he made it over the wall.

fivre114 karma

Do the overnight managers actually expect zoning to get done? I can't recall more than two or three times when I actually had time enough to do even a half-assed job of bringing one row up to the front.

SaveMoneyDieBetter118 karma

Depends on the store and the managers. I expect it. My boss expects it. His boss expects it. It does look nice for the customers. Just work hard and do your best.

kifler103 karma

Is it true that Walmart trucks don't use pallets in order to cram the largest amount possible into them?

SaveMoneyDieBetter195 karma

Our grocery trucks come on pallets. But everything else is stacked from floor to the ceiling. Hand stacked on / Hand stacked off.

HazeBot300093 karma

Have you watched Walmart: The High Cost of Low prices? What are you thoughts and feelings about the issues they brought up in it? Such as cost of insurance and putting businesses out of business.

SaveMoneyDieBetter94 karma

Honestly I've never watched it. It is in my Netflix Queue. I'll try to watch it and report back later.

[deleted]93 karma

When my mother worked at Walmart, one day a man shit in his pants and shook the turds down his pant leg on to the floor and left them there. Have you ever dealt with a situation like this? How was it handled?

SaveMoneyDieBetter73 karma

I think that's happened in every WM in America. Sad to say, worse to see. Honestly you do your best to not embarrass anyone and get it cleaned up the best you can.

awkwardquestionss77 karma

How good is your LP security? In my youth I took a cart, a bunch of walmart bags, and put a majority of the liquor section into said bags, and carted myself out, without a single glance from an employee. Is it just lack of personnel?

SaveMoneyDieBetter68 karma

Depends on the store. Some do great job with LP and some don't. Every store is unique depends on the overall leadership.

kifler76 karma

Did you start as an associate and climb your way up the ladder?

SaveMoneyDieBetter133 karma

I did. I was hired as Christmas help. Stayed on - loved it for years. Here we are.

grabmol76 karma

You loved it? What did you love about it? What other jobs did you have before you started there?

SaveMoneyDieBetter162 karma

It used to be fun. It was like a family in those small stores. Everyone knew each other and took care of each other. We only worried about filling shelves, taking care of customers - it was great.

isignedupforthis179 karma

Yeah, lack of drug tests did miracles back in the day.

SaveMoneyDieBetter143 karma

Ha never thought about that.

jakreitz57 karma

Do you ever have to kick people out?

SaveMoneyDieBetter100 karma

I have. More than I care to remember. I hate that part.

DaveDowner57 karma

What region/state/city are you in? Feel free to answer any/all of those.

SaveMoneyDieBetter105 karma


muttleee30 karma

How many of your staff have health coverage?

SaveMoneyDieBetter79 karma

My store is around 40%. Everyone has an opportunity (even part time associates). Most that don't are either covered under a spouse or parent from other jobs - or they simply can't afford it.

serrimo24 karma

Perks for working in Walmart? From the lowly cleaner to manager level?

SaveMoneyDieBetter41 karma

Promotion potential and money. Great 3 on 3 off schedules for ASM's and shift managers now. 10% discount. Company matching $ for $ up to 6% of your 401k. Job security as long as you come to work and do your job.

Bloodnofsky23 karma

Any advice for a part-timer trying to jump to full-time?

SaveMoneyDieBetter26 karma

Get promoted. One of the only ways right now.

lotusflower1622 karma

At times like Black Friday, what kind of stuff seems to be running out the fastest?

SaveMoneyDieBetter41 karma

We always forever and ever sell out of the cheap cheap appliances like clockwork. The laptops are a freaking nightmare. We always miss the boat on a couple of items not even coming in to the store.