Hello friends. You ARE my friends, aren't you? My name is Bill Corbett, and I'm a writer, actor and general nuisance. I'm one of the guys who writes and babbles for RiffTrax, along with partners in crime Michael J. Nelson and Kevin Murphy, also formerly of MST3K. We just celebrated 5 years of Rifftrax. Woo-hoo! I've also written and acted in other stuff, and have even taught for a living. (I KNOW, doesn't seem like a good idea for a place to hire me to do that... nonetheless it's true!) I'd be delighted to answer your questions.


Dear Reddit friends, thank you! I have to go attend to my life, my family, my burning house for a while. I'll try to come back later and answer some more Qs if there are still some unaddressed. In any case, thanks so much for chatting with me. You're awesome. I had a blast.


Back. Going to hang around for another hour or so and answer a few last questions. My answers will be beautiful, as will our time together. I'll say goodbye before I hit the road!


I am flattered beyond belief by this response. Flatterers! Really, thank you so much. Gotta go back to my civilian, non-IAmA life now, but I answered as many questions as I could. Hope you had as much fun as I did. Very grateful, thanks pals. Goodnight.

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MentalStampede238 karma

No question. Just wanted to say: Thanks.

BillCorbett124 karma

You are kind to an old hermit. Thank you back.

Doink1194 karma

Is Bonesaw ready?

BillCorbett121 karma

Ready for HEAVEN. [weeps]

bludstone82 karma

This may seem odd, but your work has gotten me through some powerfully negative times in my life. I wont go into detail but I wouldnt be the same person I am today if it wasnt for you guys.

Thanks for helping me through the more difficult times. You've done more then you realize.

BillCorbett55 karma

Thank you, friend. Glad to hear it. I'm humbled.

iluvurkidz39 karma

Not odd at all. I've had some difficult times as well, and after a few minutes of MST3K/RT I felt the sorrow slowly vanish.

You've done more then you realize

Can't upvote that enough. Plus one here.

BillCorbett48 karma

Thanks, that makes my day.

Rtrock81 karma

Is it possible for you to watch a movie in a theater like a regular citizen anymore? Or are you always (for lack of a better word) "writing?"

BillCorbett318 karma

Yes, it is. Though sometimes less possible with everyday events. My wife turned me to me recently and said kindly, but seriously: "Honey, stop riffing breakfast."

Graphospasms64 karma

Whether at conventions or on the street, what have some of your strangest fan-related experiences been?

BillCorbett260 karma

I am much more likely to be recognized in context, like at conventions. Otherwise, not so much. And this is right and good in the order of All That Is.

But my single strangest was last year, during relentless snow here in Minneapolis, I saw someone was trying to get his car un-stuck from the snow and decided to help out the two guys pushing it. As we're pushing on it with all our might, getting snow kicked back up in our faces from the wheel, the guy next to me turns and says "Holy crap, you're Bill Corbett from RiffTrax!"

...And then I knew I could ask him for three dollars.

ironiridis41 karma

Oh wow, you're still in the metro? Holy crap, you know about /r/twincitiessocial right?

BillCorbett64 karma

I do now!

SilverMaskman56 karma

Are there any films you've had to make fun of (with Rifftrax or MST3K) that you actually thought were pretty good, or at least entertaining?

BillCorbett128 karma

Yes! Right off the top of my head: JAWS, RAIDERS OF THE LOST ARK, the LOTR series. And we actually did a "RiffTrax Challenge" where we tried to riff one of the best movies of all time, CASABLANCA. I thought it was pretty successful, all in all.

When we riff a movie we're not necessarily saying "this is a piece of dookie." Many of the movies we riff ARE, of course, and we're not shy about being opinionated. But for others that have some redeeming value, it's more of a comedy roast, as Kevin Murphy has said. We don't always agree among ourselves which have redeeming value however, and that's when it gets interesting and the katanas are drawn.

WingsOfTin54 karma

When I was but a wee lass who watched MST3K every Saturday with my father, I would often day dream that Crow and Tom Servo were new students at my school. I would show them (you?) around, and we always turned out to be the best of friends, wouldn'tcha know? I also truly believed, in my six-year old heart of hearts that I would someday marry Mr. Nelson. This obviously coincided beautifully with my other ambition: to travel to space.

I seem to remember you writing about your daughter's imaginary canine companions a few years back on the RiffTrax blog. Are they still hanging around? Thanks for everything!

BillCorbett91 karma


Yes, my daughter did go through a time where she had imaginary dogs. She's either outgrown them, or learned to stay silent. And wait. Wait for the right time.

My son's a bit younger, and his obsession is (without a bit of prompting on our part, I swear): ROBOTS.

crandamaniac50 karma

First of all, proof from the man himself


And second, you've probably answered this in the past, what's your favorite MST3K episode?

BillCorbett117 karma

No one favorite above all, but among them: SPACE MUTINY, WEREWOLF, MERLIN'S SHOP OF MYSTICAL WONDERS. Also strangely partial to JACK FROST, though I don't think that's a favorite! (Except for Russo-Finnish witches.)

JoshPerson48 karma

You're one of my favorite people. How do you feel about that?

BillCorbett100 karma

I feel certain that I can talk you out of that.

(More seriouswise: thank you, that's kind.)

Turdworm48 karma

Bill, long time fan. Are you or are you not the one true Rowsdower?

BillCorbett62 karma

I'm getting there. Man's gotta have a goal! [urp]

kittykittycolberg45 karma

Do you ever get nostalgic and smear Clown White all over your face?

BillCorbett116 karma

Only after Memorial Day. The rest of the year: Clown BLACK.

spfan7945 karma

Do you know Trace Beaulieu at all? How did you feel when you first took over for Crow?

BillCorbett57 karma

Yes, I do! Trace is a great guy and we've gotten to hang out a bit since he moved back to the Minneapolis area from L.A. We have also done some events together at DragonCon. When I first took over for him I was properly good and scared, because he is awesomely talented.

soundthegong25 karma

How do you think Crow changed when you took over - what stayed the same? (thanks for doing this, one of my favorite shows ever)

BillCorbett40 karma

Hm. Well, not knowing what else to do I started out doing a sorta-imitation of Trace. But little by little it defaulted more back to my voice -- and to Mike and Kevin's credit, they encouraged that.

How the character changed? Not much, I think, but I'm not an objective reporter! I hear from time to time that Crow got angrier, but if true, it might have been a product of the writing evolving too. Or a natural Brooklyn NY wiseass sound to my voice. I dunno. I thought he was always a love-muffin.

hawklineroar18 karma

I've been thinking about getting vanity plates that say "CROOOOW." If that's okay with you.

BillCorbett43 karma

Add one more "O" and we'll be fine.

indiegeek41 karma

Would you rather never be able to watch a movie outside of the Twilight series ever again, or have all your future interactions with Kevin involve him wearing the sexy santa outfit?

BillCorbett83 karma

That is a terrible choice you've given me.

Death is not an option? (PLEASE?)

cruelladekill40 karma

Me and my dad really connected over MST3K when I was little. Thank you.

BillCorbett37 karma


revdj40 karma

When you do Rifftrax, are you being yourself, or are you still kind of doing the puppet character?

BillCorbett93 karma

I don't know anymore! [HELP ME.]

More serious answer: Crow wound up being a heightened version of my own voice, and I think that's often true for Rifftrax performing too

LeatherBelt438 karma

how did you guys find out about the nugget of cinematic gold known as "santa claus and the icecream bunny"?

BillCorbett56 karma

We did a bad thing, a very bad thing, and it was our court-ordered punishment.

...Trying to remember who first found it. I think it was Conor Lastowka, one of our Rifftrax writers. As I recall, we weren't sure it could be used at first, being as cracked as it is. But eventually we were all glad we did.

sparkybrak13 karma

How about Birdemic: Shock and Terror?

BillCorbett30 karma

We'd been hearing about that one as soon as it was made. Like, the first person who ever saw it came to us and said: "You MUST check this movie out." It really is a seeing-is-believing flick, especially the jpeg birdies.

AmazingSyco32 karma

Hey Bill. Thanks for all the work you, Kevin, and Michael have done for Rifftrax, and for doing an AMA! Just two questions for you:

How much prep goes into a full riff?

Do you guys have any plans to do a Rifftrax subscription? I'd love to pay a few bucks a month to get access to the whole library of content.

Thanks again!

edit: turned a ? into a !

BillCorbett45 karma

Thanks for the kind words! Much appreciated. We do a fair amount of writing for a full riff. That's where the really hard slog is -- line by line, joke by joke. And we try to be pretty detailed, just like at MST3K. But once we are recording, it's mostly fun. And beer. Beer-fun.

As for subscription -- that has been in the works for a while, and was overtaken by some other stuff for a while on the to-do list (notably, developing a Rifftrax player). But we're still planning to do it.

shredGNAR29 karma

Where is the one place you've always wanted to go, but haven't? Also thanks for all the great years of entertainment!

BillCorbett123 karma

You're welcome! I'd love to go to Japan. To eat sushi, and get vending machine panties.

StompleB29 karma

Any chance of a collaborative effort with RedLetterMedia?

BillCorbett44 karma

Nothing in the works at present, but one never knows.

("One" = ME. I never know. Anything, ever.)

Tarantulas26 karma

Bill, is it safe to cash this check, or should I wait till Monday? I mean, it's not a hassle or anything... I'm not broke, I don't need the money right away, It's just that my wife has been asking me... Lord knows how she even heard about all this... and she's going to her sisters this weekend and wants to completely balance the checkbook.

I know it's only $15, so I feel silly even bringing this up now, just forget I asked.

BillCorbett31 karma

It is NOT SAFE. You will be thrown in irons if you even try to cash my check.

I apologize, but fair warning. Oh, and I stole your car. Again, sorry.

Daveyo52024 karma

How come Kevin gets to sing all the time and not you?

BillCorbett44 karma

I sing occasionally, as does Mike. And we're OK. But Kevin is a GREAT singer, so we often give him the singin' stuff. And the fart-noise-makin' stuff.

novemberletango24 karma

Are you guys planning to continue Rifftrax Live? I think it's a fantastic event each time, and I look forward to it as soon as the most recent one is over.

BillCorbett47 karma

Thank you for the pimp-assist!

BillCorbett36 karma

Thanks, we love doing them. And see our friend's reply below...

KnavishSprite23 karma

If you could go back in time and place yourself into one historical event in such a way as to not actually significantly affect the outcome, but still get into the history books as being associated with it, what event would it be?

BillCorbett92 karma

I would photobomb Nixon's "Checkers" speech.

mcelectricchair21 karma

I just wanted to let you know that I almost choked following the "will you carry me?" line from "The Final Sacrifice." Had I actually died, would you have attended my funeral?

BillCorbett40 karma

Yes. And riffed it, as you would have wanted. sniff!

mcelectricchair12 karma

Bill Corbett, you fill up my senses like a walk in the god damned forest. Your reply has made my day. May Bonesaw watch over and protect you.

BillCorbett14 karma

"May Bonesaw watch over and protect you."

He is, my friend. Protecting ALL of us. He is.

noahks21 karma

I think the movies you pick are great, but I was wondering if you would consider more classic movies. I watched Frankenstein last night and I couldn't keep riffs from jumping into my head. In addition to watching "good" movies, you would help bring these movies to people who might never get around to them otherwise. Basically, Casablanca was a good start, but I want more!

BillCorbett39 karma

That is an excellent idea. I like it. LIKE IT.

We've learned over the first few years of RiffTrax that we're somewhat constrained in the types of movies we can do -- we did some great 80s movies that just didn't sell well. The movies that do sell well: 1) for MP3, the huge blockbusters that people own or have easy access to 2) video on demand stuff that is public domain -- or that we can buy -- and put the audio and movie together. Stuff that's not either of the above often falls through the cracks, and not enough people buy it to keep us going. HOWEVER -- we do like to keep flexible even given that, and a little experiment with what you said might be well worth it.

Fffffffriend, by the way.

aleksalynn21 karma

Is your job as fun as it looks?

BillCorbett58 karma

Yes, I am lucky.

Except when I have to see Kevin in a dress, then I am the unluckiest person in the world.

ghostofasmile21 karma

What movie that's out in theaters now would you most like to riff?

BillCorbett92 karma

Maybe a few weeks old, but... THOR. (Anthony Hopkins as ODIN = thank you for the assist, Hollywood!)

shaffersan29 karma

Drink every time Anthony Hopkins growls like a bear in this movie. You will be wasted.

BillCorbett41 karma

Sounds like a perfect night to me.

yrtseprat20 karma

you guys rock, but I have to admit the rifftax website looks like its stuck in the nineties. It's a pain to look through and see everything that is offered.

torgospizza55 karma

RiffTrax Web Guy here. I totally feel you, in fact I'm working on a major redesign and upgrade as we speak, to bring it into at least the aughts.

BillCorbett71 karma

Erik, you're fired.

...and re-hired! Were you SCARED STRAIGHT?

ErbilT20 karma

Will we ever see a Cinematic Titanic/RiffTrax collaboration/confrontation?

BillCorbett48 karma

I'd never say never, but we both kind of have our own thing now. And there are already more than enough funny people in each.

I'd consider a dance-off / arm wrestle competition with Mary Jo for $$$ though, if anyone wants to bankroll it.

veeveemarie17 karma

I've got $10 on Mary Jo.

BillCorbett29 karma

Me too.

GhostSeed20 karma

How do you overcome writer’s block? Do you ever get stumped while attempting to Riff a film?

BillCorbett63 karma

Not to be overly serious, but -- to me, what's called writer's block is just part of the work. Sometimes it flows easier than other times, but you just keep going. And know that you can revise. My best way to beat it is to keep writing even when I know it's not ingenious, and sometimes put a clock on it: i.e., i'm gonna write for a half-hour nonstop, good or bad. Then I'll assess from there.

Advice! Everyone loves giving it!

GhostSeed12 karma

Advice! This gal was seeking it! Thank you kindly, Bill!

BillCorbett33 karma

You are most welcome. Best of luck!

(P.S. Oh, and seek out everything Neil Gaiman has ever said about writing. He is most wise in that area, and immensely practical.)

darthcorvus18 karma

After five years of Rifftrax, would you ever consider doing MST3K again if a company made the offer? Also, has anyone tried to hassle you guys about copyrights and such, despite your clever workaround?

And thank you for everything. I started watching MST when I was 8, and I owe you guys my entire life. My wife loves me because she thinks I'm clever and funny; really I just have ten seasons of MST quotes memorized. Please don't tell her.

BillCorbett20 karma

I'd have mixed feelings about doing MST3K again. The conditions would have to be right, or I fear it might seem like a cheap retread. It's such a great show, and would deserve better. And we've gotten pretty happy doing RiffTrax. So -- not sure.

Nobody has seriously tried to hassle us about copyright, though a few misunderstood and threatened to sue at first [COUGHCOUGHTommy WiseauCOUGHCOUGH]. But there's really no case to be made.

And thank YOU.

Turdworm17 karma

I love you, Bill. You guys have brought so much joy into my life with your antics. Ya got me though some tough times.

BillCorbett46 karma

I love you too, um... Turdworm.

More seriouswise, I am very glad life is better for you and could not be happier that we've brought you a little joy. For you -- you, Turdworm! -- you deserve joy.

MrMammon15 karma

Do you have nightmares/flashbacks about being the "Observer in Gold Boots" and the tiny gold bikini?

BillCorbett25 karma

I do. Oh, I do. And yet I know in my heart of hearts that I CAUSED far more nightmares. Mea culpa, world.

rohanstanthejellyman15 karma

Do you get tired of just being known for all the riffing you do? Any hobbies people should know about?

BillCorbett24 karma

Hobbies, yes. But none civilized people should ever, EVER know about it.

[Hint: involves crustaceans, ninja throwing stars, and an 8 by 10 glossy of Tom Brokaw.]

decode613 karma

Having watched Santa and Ice Cream Bunny/Thumbelina/Pirates World promo just last night I'd like to ask how many times do you usually watch a film or short?

BillCorbett32 karma

I am glad you survived a bit of the madness that is Santa and the Ice Cream Bunny. Please ladies and gentlemen, do not go into that movie without our assistance!

I'd say the times we watch a film or short hovers at about five-six times, but we have to go over sometimes individual moments roughly 7000 X to find something funny. Yes, we have created our own punishment!

uragaaru13 karma

Are you currently working on any new plays? I really enjoyed Hate Mail as well as The Big Slam (Haven't read/seen The Stuff of Dreams yet)!

How has writing for riffs and relatively short sketches in the Rifftrax set pieces changed the way you write longer form fiction, if it has at all?

Regarding Rifftrax in general, are Conor Lastowka or Mike "Beard Guy" Thomason going to make appearances in the booth outside of Disembaudio and the calendar short?

Thank you very much. I enjoy your work and all of the Rifftrax's writer's work.

BillCorbett29 karma

Wow, someone who knows my theater-nerd life! You are rare. And probably gay.

Great writing question. Not sure if I have an answer except that good sketch or joke writing is as demanding as anything else I've ever done, and it's made me appreciate economy, brevity, and general don't-take-too-long-to-get-the-point-ness.

Not sure if Conor or Sean will make any more appearances. They appear to me sometime when I'm not ready, in apparition form. Nice guys, talented guys, but creepy!

Thanks for acknowledging the other writers. (They are invaluable. But creepy!)

Optimash_Prime13 karma

What's your most embaressing moment ever?

BillCorbett43 karma

This could turn out to be it. Stay tuned!

vincentpriceisdead12 karma

Hi Bill! Are the Live shows huge stresses to prepare for, or are they really fun to do (or both, I guess)?

And also, is corn grass?

BillCorbett16 karma

They are work, but they're mostly fun. The FIRST one (Plan 9) was a tad stressful, not knowing what to expect. We've learned how to do 'em now.

Corn IS a type of grass. Tell it on the mountain! The mountain, which has grass, which is not necessarily a type of corn, though the reverse might be true! Put on your fancy headdress and TELL THE WORLD!

awdedit10 karma

I was going to ask you something, but then I realized I already got a response at Comic Con... I'm Sorry

BillCorbett30 karma

Dammit! This whole thread is ruined.

sta-puft10 karma

Lately, I've been putting on a riff when I go to sleep. Like a lullaby. What do you do to help you fall asleep?

BillCorbett22 karma

A tape loop of Tommy Wiseau saying "You are tearing me apaaarrhhtt!"

...Makes me feel like a newborn babe again.

exjentric10 karma

No questions. I just wanted to make you aware that I can hear your voice in your answers; it's quite distinct.

BillCorbett24 karma

I am beaming it directly into your mind, so that helps too.

drarkanex10 karma


BillCorbett25 karma

Another Reb Brown movie?! Be still my heart. The return of Blast Hardcheese!!

Uguu9 karma

How much are you on Reddit?

BillCorbett28 karma

Not much until recently, but liking it more and more.

Shamus_Sam9 karma

Thanks for the opportunity to ask you questions!

Disappointingly, I don't have any from the top of my head... Other than you mentioned you taught. What did you taught and what grade?

Thanks for the laughs and fun over the years. Continue to be awesome, sir!

BillCorbett18 karma

Thanks you for the kind words. I taught for a semester at Kenyon College as a visiting professor, but never got serious about academia. Done a lot of guest residency teaching gigs at colleges and high schools. None anytime recently, though. I'd have to invest in some serious tweed to get back into that game.

sircrowbar9 karma

I got to see you and Trace read "My Monster" at Dragon*Con last year, which was a highlight of the con for me. Got any other writings/skits/things-not-RiffTrax in the works?

(Also, if you're not confirmed, you should totally come to Dragon*Con again. You know we've stolen all the booze in the south for this event alone! And it's the south! That's a lot of booze!)

BillCorbett13 karma

I will be back at Con de los Dragon this year! (Just announced yesterday I think.)

Yeah, reading MY MONSTER with Trace was a blast. I wrote that with writer / actor Joseph Scrimshaw, who also produced and starred in a comic book-based Christmas play I wrote last year. Currently seeing who else might be interested in that. Also working on a new screenplay. And an epic poem about dung beetles. (One of those may not be true, even if it should be.)

Garbuckle9 karma

What else have you written for?

BillCorbett25 karma

Written a lot of plays, sketch comedy (which is mostly what I was doing before MST3K), screenplays (optioned but not made), some journalism / essays, and a rather terrible Hollywood movie starring Eddie Murphy.

LeatherBelt412 karma

you guys should RiffTrax Meet Dave

BillCorbett17 karma

I'd love to do that in theory. Our educated guess is that no one would buy it. Also: tough to riff comedy, even failed comedy.

mywowtoonnname8 karma

Bill, you are amazing. Thanks for all the laughs and especially making the Twilight series bearable.

I grew up watching MST3k, and as a child would not get most of the people references. Now that I'm grown up, I still don't get them. Do you worry about your references being set in pop culture and therefore dated?

BillCorbett14 karma

Thank you! As for pop culture refs -- you're right. They get dated very very fast. You can't and shouldn't avoid them completely, but the more you rely on them, the greater chance you take that it'll be lost to time. On the other hand, we have a LOT of jokes / riffs per movie. So we don't sweat it too much if not everybody gets every single reference. We also do (and always have done) references that are dated in real time, too -- like refs to the 1930s, pre-dated! One size doesn't fit all.

Tui7178 karma

Would like to, first of all, thank you for all the quotes you've given me that I've thrown out in groups of friends, even if they don't catch the reference, it's provided me with much amusement.

Do you think there will ever be a show in a similar format that will break through to the mainstream or do you believe, as I do, that you set the bar too high for anyone to even attempt it? I find that if there isn't an MST3K connection, that it's a cheap knock off of anything you guys did. Are there any comedy groups that we should be keeping our eyes out for?

BillCorbett16 karma

Great questions. I think MST3K was brilliant, and everyone involved was unusually funny and talented. It also benefitted from other factor -- good timing in the world of cable; a filming location where the show wasn't bothered as much by the studios, maybe, so could get a little more idiosyncratic. As to what's coming up like that -- not sure, but I think it will probably find its way to you differently. Online, not TV. Or some combination.

[Bear in mind, I know NOTHING.]

slash1788 karma



BillCorbett8 karma


rereedrumr7 karma

What is your favorite John Daker moment?

BillCorbett13 karma

P.S. In the unlikely event that you any of you online-savvy people haven't seen John Daker: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Zi8beYR1iBQ

BillCorbett8 karma

The moment when I watch it 370 times straight and still laugh myself silly over it. THAT one.

Yeeaaaarrrgh7 karma

Bill, I love Rifftrax and MST3K. What has been your favorite episode of each and what line drove it home for you?

BillCorbett33 karma

Answered that for MST3K upthread. For Rifftrax, it's hard to beat the Twilight movies as fodder since they take themselves so seriously, and are ultimately so dopey. I also love the older ones in public domain like PLAN 9, DINOSAUR PLANET, and our short films. And I do love our riff of "300." ...if for no other line then "THIS IS SPARTof a balanced breakfast!"

linlorienelen6 karma

Will you guys promise to be at every w00tstock ever?


BillCorbett39 karma

Yes! If not onstage, then certainly up in the rafters, my face half-hidden by a mask, ready to MURDER those who wouldn't let me back in the spotlight!

That is in no way a pre-confession, so chillax FBI.

Bulwarky6 karma

Hey Bill, where do you guys find all the shorts you riff on? Is there some sort of really-bad-short-film graveyard you sift through?

BillCorbett12 karma

Combination of places. There's a site called archive.org where we get some public domain stuff. But we also buy collections and sift through 'em. Lots o' dust!

Chris8666 karma

Hey Bill! Can you describe the process of making a rifftrax? Are some jokes improvised and some written beforehand?

BillCorbett5 karma

Almost all written in the end, but some of it from improv-ed lines in the writing room.

JetWolf5 karma

Hey Bill. First, thanks for doing what you do. Between MST3K, Rifftrax and just being yourself Twitter, you manage to make me smile every day; I can't tell you much I sometimes need those smiles.

Enough soppy nonsense, the question! Which, if any, of the pre-you MST movies (that are not MANOS) do you wish you could go back and destroy in your own particular way?

BillCorbett14 karma

Thank you thank you thank you. That makes MY day.

I have always wanted to riff a 70s movie called BILLY JACK, because I loved it as a shallow young man. I want revenge on my young self! Which is sick!!

sheinow4 karma

I know rarely from time there are some inside jokes or references, any favorites?

Thanks for being awesome, and you are definitely in my top two favorite Crow T. Robot performers.

BillCorbett13 karma

Thanks, I'm not there with you on the "top two" thing yet, but I might be convinced someday.

As for inside jokes -- not so many that somewhere, someone who wasn't us wouldn't know what we're talking about. But I do remember there was one in (I THINK) Agent for H.A.R.M. where we simply said of an actor "Hey, it's Patrick!" referring to our art director / 2nd voice of Gypsy Patrick Brantseg. Then I think we decided to pull back on those a tad -- if it was only inside baseball, then maybe not. That said, we have some running jokes in RiffTrax that some people like, and drives others (including some of us) a little crazy. I.E. SCNAPPI.

revdj3 karma

What is Joe Scrimshaw like in real life?

BillCorbett19 karma

Joseph Scrimshaw is the kindest, bravest, warmest, most wonderful human being I've ever known in my life. He is not at all a brainwashed and programmed assassin. Why would you accuse him of that?!

...heh. Joseph is a great guy and a pal, as funny and creative as anyone I've ever met.