Bill Corbett

writer and performer on the cult television show Mystery Science Theater 3000 (MST3K), for which he voiced the robot Crow T. Robot during the show's later seasons on the Sci Fi Channel and played the character Observer and other minor roles.

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Can only speak personally: yes. I wanted to riff TITANIC just to show off the Captain saying "I'm gonna sink this bitch."

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Not often at all! But I got recognized at the weirdest time a few winters ago, when I was helping push a guy's car which was stuck in the snow. Guy next to me, while pushing and dying with effort: "Holy crap, you're Bill Corbett." In response, I had a heart attack.

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They are still owned by Best Brains, the company that produced MST3K . It's my hope that they'll be in the Smithsonian one day, wreaking havoc.

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I think so, though that might have been a raccoon.

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Yes, it is. Though sometimes less possible with everyday events. My wife turned me to me recently and said kindly, but seriously: "Honey, stop riffing breakfast."

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Not that anyone was trying to make us do them, but we will always avoid movies about big tragedies like Schindler's List or Hotel Rwanda, especially if they're generally effective movies. Making quippy remarks in the face of those scenes would seem sociopathic. Not to say there's not a lot of gray area between that and some movies with uncomfortable scenes, but at that extreme level we'd never not go near them. We also GENERALLY avoid: 1) comedies -- harder to riff because you keep having to say, essentially, "that's not funny." And stuff that doesn't give us a way in, for other reasons: too talky, too boring, too SOMETHING. Case-by-case basis.

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I am as humanistic as any homo sapiens types like yourselves let's have a barbecue and then a war and sex want a Coke

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Re enjoying movies: this may mean I'm not well, but I'm pretty good at compartmentalizing and enjoying stuff when I'm not on duty. Though my wife once did tell me to "stop riffing breakfast."

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I am much more likely to be recognized in context, like at conventions. Otherwise, not so much. And this is right and good in the order of All That Is.

But my single strangest was last year, during relentless snow here in Minneapolis, I saw someone was trying to get his car un-stuck from the snow and decided to help out the two guys pushing it. As we're pushing on it with all our might, getting snow kicked back up in our faces from the wheel, the guy next to me turns and says "Holy crap, you're Bill Corbett from RiffTrax!"

...And then I knew I could ask him for three dollars.

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I can enjoy movies for their own sake, and love to do just that. My wife keeps me in check when I get too riff-y though. It can be obnoxious, I know. But it's sometimes hard to turn off!