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TIL Grandpa = Homer

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If you get the right tenants, you'd be just fine. For example, if you could rent out the space to Mormon missionaries, your rent would be practically guaranteed since it's handled by the church, and you'd never hear them after 10:30pm. You'd probably get bike marks on your walls though.

Source: I was a Mormon missionary in Baltimore.

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Bill, you are amazing. Thanks for all the laughs and especially making the Twilight series bearable.

I grew up watching MST3k, and as a child would not get most of the people references. Now that I'm grown up, I still don't get them. Do you worry about your references being set in pop culture and therefore dated?

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Greg, why doesn't Tumbleweed have a legit website/presskit() yet? It looks great and I can't share!

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Alright, fair enough. I knew it was Tumbleseed, autocorrect got to it without me noticing.